Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Online CQ Class...

I honestly do not know what I was thinking!  I have always loved CQ...Crazy Quilting.  There is a wonderful lady named Kathy Shaw who does beautiful CQ work.  She also has classes available online from time to time.  I couldn't help myself this time and I signed up for her Basic Crazy Quilting Class...BCQC.  Here is the link to her website and you will want to see everything.
So here is my first assignment and I didn't have too much trouble.  Four neutral fabrics and a wrapped hoop.  Done.

Next came time to take those four neutral fabrics and cut them into pieces.  Oh...I needed a fifth fabric so off to the store I drove.  In my hundreds of fabrics do you think I had just one more neutral that would work?!!  Okay now I can relax and cut my pieces.

Well now it is time to sew those pieces back together again.  After all it is called Crazy Quilting.  Only quilters would take perfectly good fabric and cut it up only to put it back together again into one piece of fabric.  I will tell you that I did more seam ripping than normal.  I must have some sort of "spatial dyslexia" because my pieces kept getting sewn in the wrong direction. No matter how careful I was I kept sewing them wrong and only after sewing did I realize that my seams were not going to work out in straight lines.  Oh dear!  This is the correct pattern.  Whew!

I also discovered that my original Q-Snap frame was too small and would not fit my fabric piece.  DRAT!  No local stores to run to and buy another larger frame so Amazon came to my rescue.  Meanwhile days are rushing by and I am not keeping up!  Do not stress over this Sherry.  There is no deadline (is there?).  Breathe and just have fun with this.

Well here is my fabric block all sewn together in the proper class shape and size.  I have it hooped in my new larger frame.  Now what...
I must say that no matter how difficult I make this for myself, Kathy has been wonderful and very supportive.  She has a very comforting way of teaching and I am very grateful for this.  Thank you Kathy for offering your BCQC and for keeping it free.  Yes, I said free.  This is rare in our world.
Our weather is very cool and not at all Summer-like.  We are supposed to get rain tonight and tomorrow and it will be very much appreciated.  El Nino has not delivered nearly enough rain for us to get out of our drought.  And Fire season is upon us in full scary mode. 
Not much creative going on here as I am continuing my purging and donating in order to downsize.  Mr. C is busy with a plethora of projects both inside and outside.  We have lived here eighteen (18) years and soon it will be time to move.  Mr. C is restless and tired of all the maintenance of eight acres of property and a multi-story home that is bigger than we need.  The seasonal elements are hard on wood and paint and there is constant work for him to do.  Even hiring a helper is getting to be too much to manage.  So we search...  Mr. C wants to move out of California and that will be a challenge because we are both natives and love it here.  However progress will prevail and we will find our next community and home.  In the can find me making huge messes in most every room.  I am off to load up the truck with another array of boxes, bags and baskets full of goodies to donate to Hospice.  I am a frequent donator...
I do have my new BCQC to keep me busy too.  I shall share more next time. Summer Fun for All...
Winter Bliss to my friends across the world.  Embracing Creative Bliss...

Monday, June 6, 2016

Roses & Dress A Girl...

We are having Summer here and the temperatures are very hot.  Mr. C's Roses are blooming nicely.  With all this heat I need to clip them early in the morning so they don't wilt by evening.  The colors and blossoms are so beautiful. 

These light colored roses are the most fragrant and have the true old-world smell of roses as we knew growing up.  Mr. C is truly enjoying his beauties this year.

I am not doing well with keeping up daily.  The time is passing so quickly that I am way too behind.  I haven't sewn enough Dresses for Girls Around the World.  So far I only have four completed and two more in the works.  Our self-imposed deadline is coming quickly for this batch. 
This past weekend Mr. C and I enjoyed some local activities.  We attended our local airport's open house including our Cal Fire Attack Base planes and pilots/crews.  It is always so interesting to learn how they take such good care of us when fires are raging.  I am thankful to pay our double fire assessments that we have each year.  On Sunday we attended our local Soapbox Derby that happens at our local park.  The road is closed and the derby "cars" have gravity drags.  We have everything from Mr. Potato Head to Stanford built racers.  Here is a link to see images of entrants.  It was fun to see and cheer them on.  Oh but the heat just about did me in.  This is the first time Mr. C and I have been able to attend. 
I hope you are enjoying your Summer/Winter and doing all that you love.  Embracing Creative Bliss...

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Organized Threads & Flosses...

Today is a beautiful day.  Saturday of Memorial Weekend.  It is easy to get caught up in the idea of having a long weekend...for projects and fun and entertaining and BBQing...however I am reminded of the great sacrifices our service people and animals have made for us.  We have FREEDOM because of all they have done for us through the years.  I am humbled by the gratitude owed to so many who gave so much to keep us free.  Thank you all for your service.

I am thankful that during our recent Winter months I spent a lot of time organizing my threads and flosses for embroidery.  Have you ever purchased a skein of embroidery thread just because?  And then realized that you already had that color?

Now I am happy to find just the color I need or should buy next time I feel the urge to obtain a skein.


I still have other threads however they are more for crochet and crafts and are on their own larger sized ball skeins.  I have them located in a nice large tub on my shelves in the studio.
When I find a wayward skein that may or may not be with a forgotten project I now wind it and place it with it's cousins...all ready to party.
Blessings on this Memorial Weekend Holiday.  Safe Travels.  Embracing Creative Bliss...

Saturday, May 21, 2016

15,000 Tulips Outing...

In mid-April Mr. C and I went on an outing to see 15,000 tulips.  We merely needed to drive about 45 minutes from our home.  This is an annual event and yet we had never attended.  I am so thankful we did this year.  If you want more information just click this link.
I will let the photos speak for themselves.  I took these on my Canon Elph digital and never retouched them so you can imagine the glorious sight to behold in person.  Please enjoy as I will remain quiet.  If you click on a photo it will appear in a larger format to see the beauty more clearly.

Now you want to plant some tulips don't you!  This was such a beautiful outing and couldn't have been a more serene setting...even with lots of other visitors enjoying the tulips.
Our weather turned back to Winter and it is cold, rainy and even hailed yesterday.  Lots of fresh snow higher up in ski country Tahoe. 
I am busy catching up from another trip Mr. C and I recently took and I shall share that very soon.
Embracing Creative Bliss even though I have not spent any time creating anything.  Blessings...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Needle Tatting Envy...

Here are some amazing gifts I received from my "Sister" blogging friend Suztats.  I am so in love with tatting...both needle and shuttle.  Some day I will learn how to tat.  Of course when my Grandma and her friends tatted I never took the time to learn and now I am even more determined to know how to do this wonderful craft.  Suz does Needle Tatting and she has ever so generously made some and gifted them to me.  This first photo shows a Gelli Tag Suz created.  And two fabric ATC's.

I am in complete awe of this fabulous piece.  It is a very small ring that has been tatted with an edging.  In the center is the most beautiful and amazing Tree of French Knots to form the flowers.

Do you see the fabulous tatted Seahorse Suz created for me?  It is so amazing and reminds me of the time I was able to actually pet real Seahorses.  Of course you already know how I love the color blue!

This ATC is very tactile with all the fiber background and then the tatted floral bouquet complete with beaded centers.  How will I ever learn to create such wonderful tattings myself?  I do have a recently found source for Needle Tatting lessons and they will hopefully happen in June.  Yes, I have tried to learn to tat from DVD's, Books, and YouTube and all with no good results.  I am the type of person who needs to have someone show me in person and then hopefully I get the idea of how to do it myself.  Please visit Suztats in the link above to see her Creative Bliss.  Thank you so very much Suz Dear.  I shall cherish these pieces forever.
I know I said I would share a little outing Mr. C and I took, however I have not uploaded or edited any of the photos and the outing was all about the photos of what we saw.  Maybe next time I will have my act together. 
May is upon us and time is not standing still.  The days are running together faster and faster.  My little jobette at the Chamber is done for now but may have a few more days of helping and training later this month.  I already miss not being there everyday. 
The Sun is shining and the flowers are blooming and life is good.  I am Embracing Creative Bliss even though I have spent zero time in my studio or sewing room.  Soon I hope. 
Prayers for the Canadian fires to go out and allow rebirth and healing to so many who have endured unimaginable devastation. 
Do today what you really want to do and never put it off...