Friday, January 13, 2017

Discover Travel Memories...

As I am continuing to sort through stuff and organize my things I have finally taken on the task of documenting previous trips Mr. C and I have taken.  I am not a fan of scrapbooking so I always dread this after the trip chore.  I also save waaaaay too much. Every receipt, napkin, coaster, brochure, ticket stub, hotel card, map and even candy wrappers. I even save wine bottle corks and gelato spoons.  Mr. C saw all of this and promptly said, "Throw that stuff away".  Well I compromised and threw away 17 of the 18 gelato spoons. Then I threw away all receipts and most of every thing I have listed.  In these days of digital photography I don't even have photos to "scrapbook".  We save our digital photos on a DVD that we can play on our TV so we don't even print them out.

I had our 2004 trip to New York City and then on to Russia actually put together in a book.  This was done only because we had friends who were traveling to Russia and wanted hints and tips from our trip. Got it done!

I managed to sort through our 2009 trip to Italy...after throwing away most of my gelato spoons. Yes, I did eat all that gelato and probably lots more.  When I tackle this type of project, I always have to reminisce and go down memory lane and therefore it takes me far longer to accomplish a finished memory book.  I still have a small 2008 trip to British Columbia to document.  And I have a very large 2005 trip to Spain that needs organizing and saved.  Then I have our latest big trip in 2014 to England's Goodwood Festival of Speed and Provence and the Luberon regions of France and my dream-come-true Paris stay.  With our home life in possible transition we are not planning any major trip until 2018.  I'll be ready.  Mr. C already has serious wanderlust.
Today we are having SUNSHINE!!!  Since January 1st we have gotten over 18 inches of rain and almost 9 inches of snow and lots of hail and wind and drizzle.  We feel very fortunate after five terrible years of extreme drought.  Snow pack in the higher elevations is amazing.  Rivers and dams are full and flowing.  Central and Southern California still need lots more rain to offset their drought.  We will be happy with more rain.  Thankfully our huge tall forest trees are still standing far.  We do have more storms coming next week.
Life is good and we feel blessed.  May each of you be enjoying your January.  Discover is working for me and I shall continue to be open to new ideas, experiences and Creative Bliss.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Crazy Quilting Sampler...

In early 2016 I signed up for a free course on Crazy Quilting (CQ).  Free is always attention getting for me.  My "crafting" budget is rather small and I need to stretch it all year long. Kathy Shaw offered this course on her blog and you can merely click the link I have for you to read.  Bless Kathy and her amazing patience with me.  When I convinced myself to sign up I had every intention on doing the lessons in a timely manner.  However life took over and by August I was woefully behind and out of state without my project to work on. In the top photo you can see that I managed to get the ribbon embroidery completed recently per Kathy's instructions.  Thank you Kathy dear for extending my course timeline.  You have been an inspiration and excellent teacher.

I was committed to finishing what I had begun.  Here is a close up of my wandering ribbon vine and roses.  And because "Murphy" is always lurking, I ran out of the green ribbon on the vine leaves.  Of course I ordered what I had ordered before and wouldn't you know the die lot was not the same exact shade of green.  Since this is my learning sampler I decided to put perfection (which isn't reality) aside and use the green I received.  I am happy with the results and if you are astute and you look very closely you will see the two different shades of green. completed Crazy Quilting sampler.  I have added some buttons and a dragonfly charm and a few lace motifs and several shuttle tatted pieces.  The buttons and charm I already owned.  The lace motifs I had purchased along with my silk ribbons.  The shuttle tatted pieces are from my friend Diane of LaceLovinLibrarian blog. Thank you Diane dear for sharing your tatting with me and I am honored to place them on my sampler.  I am pretty happy with how this has turned out.  I purposefully left some errors as learning bits.  I will try CQ in the future as I have so many wonderful charms and bits and treasures to incorporate into this type of handwork.  The biggest shock was when I showed it to Mr. C and he actually liked it and complimented my work.  Rare indeed.  Mr. C says I need to get it framed and I am certainly going to pursue that idea. Thank you honey!
Well I know you all have seen us on the news/weather.  Nevada City is getting torrential rains and water levels not seen in many years.  Thankfully we live uphill and the water runs downhill.  Our pond is draining just as Mr. C designed and built it to do.  The water level is up to the surrounding border and swamping the bogs.  Our house gutters are all working the way they should after Mr. C worked long and hard redesigning and putting up larger new gutters where needed and repairing holes in current gutters.  He keeps them cleaned out all year long.  Our local Nevada City Deer Creek is flowing high and rapid.  The restaurant "Lefty's" which overlooks Deer Creek is flooded and closed for at least a week.  It was shared on World News.  Also the Yuba River has been shown and it is very full and has level 5 rapids.  It is continuing to rain in furious quantity.  We have received over 16 inches in just a few days...along with over 8 inches of snow.  After five years of extreme drought we welcome this rain and the snow further up.  Now it is a matter of safety for everyone.  Stay home and out of creeks, rivers etcetera.  Highway 80 over Donner Summit has been closed on and off as long as 24 hours to clear traffic accidents and an avalanche of mud and debris.  People please be safe and do not travel if you do not absolutely have to.   I feel very fortunate that I am able to stay home and be safe and dry. 
On another note...we will keep our home listed (click for link) for sale through Winter.  Our broker, Mimi" understands that Winter is an excellent time for staying home and surfing the internet for that dream location and home...ours could be it!  After all Mr. C and I did find this unfinished home on the internet way back in 1998 when the internet was very new and offered little.  And here we are nineteen years later.  Waiting patiently for the right buyer so we can move along on our journey.  St. George Utah continues to call out to us.  After all Discover is what 2017 holds for us.
Continued Happy New Year to each of you and may you be doing exactly what makes you happiest...

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Beginning 2017 Slowly...

To begin 2017 I realize I have to review 2016.  I do this to get a sense of what I hope for 2017.  I also audition words that I feel will suit my needs in this new year.  Many words come to mind and each one seems like it would fit and serve me well.  I thought to discuss my word choice with Mr. C and he really grilled me on each one and why I wanted to select it.  After all was said and done he accidently chose my perfect word for 2017.

We thought about how this word fit.  I looked it up in the old fashioned Miriam Webster Dictionary...I still love actual dictionary books.  Here is the online Google link.  For me the word Discover will also lend itself to learn, determine, ascertain, unearth and to see, find, or become aware of.  Well, for those of you who follow my blog you know Mr. C and I have considered selling our home and moving out of California.  We are both California Natives and I have always been very proud of that fact.  However, the California we have grown up with is no longer the California we are living in.  To summarize, taxes and politics are the biggest changes.  Now that we are in our Sunset years we want to enjoy our lives and all that we have worked so hard to attain. 
The photo above is one we took while at Tuachan theater in St. George, Utah.  This Snow Canyon (there is no snow) area is where we would like to relocate to.  St. George and surrounding area has everything we are looking for.  The infrastructure and amenities along with medium population and a University and excellent medical are things we want and need.  So...
Discover will be what we are doing in 2017.  I will also be trying to Discover what it is that I truly want to do with my remaining inches.  Oh let me remind you what I mean by inches.  Mr. C (my beloved engineer husband) took his "Man" ruler...the kind they wear on their belts and use to measure long distances...and he measured out to 80 inches.  Then he said to me, "See where you are? (65 then, 68 now) Look how many inches you have used up and how few you have left."  Well, after I yelled at him to never show me that again!!...the visual really put my life time into perspective.  None of us truly know how long we have on this earth, however we can hope to have the average years of a healthy person.  I am seriously going to Discover what I really want to do in my few remaining inches of life.  What do I want to do or be or whatever when I grow up!  So far I have aimlessly wandered through my life and never really found my calling.  I seem to have zero adventure in me.  My passion is yet to be Discovered.  I enjoy lots of things but are they what really make me happy?  So with this weighing on me I am beginning 2017 slowly. 
We have had lots of rain and considerable snow already this year.  Mr. C has been shoveling the driveway and decks for two days.  Now we are in for at least eight (8) days of rain.  Flood watches are predicted all over our area.  Thankfully we are uphill so we shall see what happens.  Our five year drought will be grateful for rain.  The ski resorts will be thankful for snow. 
I did sign up for an ATC swap.
I really enjoy Kim's swaps and was sorry to miss the 2016 Christmas swap.  I shall have to get my Pink Bliss happening.  I do hope my muse hasn't abandoned me.  She just might come out to play for Pretty in Pink. 
I do hope each of you are beginning your New Year with Wonderful Discoveries that bring you Happiness and JOY.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good-Bye 2016...

Saying Good-Bye to 2016 seems like a very good thing to do.  It has had its issues and so have I.  With the decision to list our home for sale has come a lot of added work and responsibilities.  It also added a lot of travel to find where we will relocate.  Nothing is certain and there are still many decisions to be made. 

I am busy auditioning words and meanings for my 2017 journey.  I have a few that I am pursuing and hopefully I will "focus" on one very soon.  Focus was my word a few years ago and to be truthful I am continuing my struggles with being able to focus.  I do get easily side-tracked. 

I wasn't able to do as many creative pursuits this year.  I am hoping to make my creative interests priority in 2017.  This photo is showing some Needle Tatted bracelets I was able to make for my girls for Christmas...daughter, daughter-in-love and two granddaughters.  I found this YouTube video by One Virtuous Woman and it was just the perfect help as I learn Needle Tatting.  Thank you very much OVW.  I wasn't able to be with my daughter or granddaughters this year so I can only hope they liked their bracelets.  My daughter-in-love put hers on right away and I know she liked it.  Her favorite color is purple and she loves copper.  I saw her actually smiling as she carefully looked at the tatting.  It warms my heart.  I shall continue to pursue Needle Tatting in 2017.  In fact Santa gave me an instruction book and I have read it once through.  I even ordered new threads.  I will share more on this in the future. 

For now I shall wish each of you a Wonderful New Year in 2017.  May you have Happiness and Love and Health and Creative Bliss.  Mr. C and I will be safely staying home and enjoying a nice dinner and conversation with our dear neighbor who watches over our home when we are gone.  We are not late revelers so I can assure you we will not be out and rowdy as midnight strikes...a second later than normal. 

Peace and Love and Health and Happiness for each of you and for everyone in our World.  XO

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Santa's Elf???

Just the other day I spied into my studio and there I saw what appeared to be Santa's Elf working.
He is very resourceful and somehow found my tools and my Ott light.  Note to self:  find better hiding places.  LOL

What could be that frown?  Oh those teeny tiny itsy bitsy parts and they are so hard to read.  It is critical that they be placed exactly in the correct order.

Nicely soldered and permanently installed.  Mr. C is back to his beginnings in the old days of radio and computer repairs.  Nice to know he still "has the magic touch".  What is he repairing?  Our home doorbell and intercom system.  Murphy's Law always reigns supreme and decided that since our home is For Sale the doorbell should quit working.  Murphy is fooled by Mr. C to the rescue!  Thank you for your engineering expertise.  And here I thought it was Santa's Elf working in his toyshop making gifts for...

Looks like Mr. C aka Santa's Elf is plum tuckered out.  It is very cold here with our Arctic Chill.  I know we do not have any minus digits but for us here in Sunny California 25 degrees F is just too cold for pleasure.  May everyone stay safe and warm all across our country.  Looks like it will be a very long Winter. 
Now for all you merchandisers who are inundating me with sales and promotions and specials...Could someone please put on sale what Mr. C needs?!!  I don't think it is too much to ask for a special sale on BMW Struts that he needs 2 pairs of.  I am not seeing any practical necessities on any sales.  Okay I am done with my little want rant.  Thank you for indulging me.
Christmas is almost here and I am enjoying all the beautiful decorations and the many wonderful hand crafted gifts you all are sharing. 
Merry Christmas Bliss and Jingle Bell Joys...