Saturday, September 13, 2014


This a test.  Learning to operate my new iPAD.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Paris Summer Bliss...

Fair Warning...Lots of photos!  I will let my photos share my extreme joy of being able to spend two weeks in Paris this summer.  I will try to keep my words to a minimum.  Iconic Eiffel Tower!  Mr. C and I celebrated his one year trauma accident recovery and  Summer Solstice at Sunset at the top.

View from our apartment.  How joyful to have a place all to ourselves.  

Open air market in the Bastille.  We love to visit and shop these.  Everything is so fresh!

Mr. C sharing with me the blessings of his life.

Our view was the Eiffel Tower.  Our delight was a chocolate and chantilly cream crepe.

The amazing architecture of Notre Dame.  We had such perfect weather.

Silly me swinging in the park near Notre Dame.  I do enjoy childhood fun.

An impromptu orchestra playing lovely music in the metro.  

The gorgeous glass dome at Gallery Lafayette.  The shopping was over-the-top.  Baby Versace!

Oh the glorious Amorino cornet of gelato shaped into flower petals.  Yes, I am that happy!

My very favorite beautiful blue sky with white puffy clouds overlooking the Seine.  

Fresh flowers in Rue Cler.

A bottle of wine for our picnic.

Le Marche des Enfants Rouges is the oldest covered open air market.  We enjoyed marvelous lunch,  

Another favorite of mine...Ile Flottante.  Meringue floating in cream.  This one has carmelized sugar.

Gare du Nord train station.  So beautiful.

I shall let the colors speak for themselves here in the open air market.  These colors sing!

I know how very fortunate I am to be able to spend time with Mr. C and explore such amazing destinations.  We did have a wonderful time in Paris, Provence and Luberon.  Traveling really broadens our horizons.  To be able to experience other places and cultures is truly a gift.  
Many of you are doing rain dances but so far we are still dry with not a drop in sight.  I do appreciate your offers and dancing.  I wonder if a "dome" of dryness has descended upon us.  
Thank you for indulging my photo heavy post.  We took over 2000 pictures and it is very hard to select just a few to share.  Creative Travel Bliss...  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

createology Bliss Gratitude...

Sometimes we do nothing at all. Sometimes we do something very small and insignificant.  Sometimes we receive far more than we give.  This is one of those times.  I would like to thank Madamm Samm of for doing something so generous and quite out of the blue (pun intended).  I received an email from Madamm Samm and in it she included this wonderful logo she made just for createology.
Thank you from my heart and soul Madamm Samm.  I am so happy with this createology bliss logo.  You know me so well with the blue flower and my favorite word bliss.  I have put it on my blog sidebar.
Each and every time I look at this it makes me happy and I smile.  You have brightened my days dear. Thank You sew very much.
I cannot imagine anyone not following Madamm Samm and her amazing blog and blog hops.  Right now is "See you in September" featuring Riley Blake Gingham.  I grew up in the era of gingham fabrics and to this day it still makes me smile.  Each year my mother would sew matching dresses for three girls and herself and a shirt for father.  One year we would all wear yellow gingham, another it would be red and so on.  She did this so when we all went to the fair everyone knew we were all together if any of us girls got separated. Pretty smart I think.  Seeing every participant's projects is pure inspiration.  What do you think of gingham fabric?
We are in the 90's here and still no rain.  Our well is really struggling and has run dry several times now.  Our neighbors are each having the same issues.  Water is such a precious commodity that we pay more money for designer bottled water than we do for fuel in our automobile tanks.  Praying for all of California to get really wet very soon.  Mr. C and I are removing many landscaping plants and shutting off lots of irrigation drip lines to cut down on water usage.  The town of Porterville in Central California has completely run dry and I cannot imagine how those families are getting by on the little bit that is being trucked in for them.  My little buddy Tag, Corgi Cutie, of Brynwood Needleworks has offered to do a rain dance for us.  I would even welcome his shake off drops from his daily swim in the pool.  Thank you Donna and Tag.
Many of you are getting back into your Fall routines now that school is back in session.  I hope you are having lots of crafty creative time and making what you love.  Creative createology bliss...

Monday, September 1, 2014

Halloween Swap Happenings...

This is the assortment of Halloween goodies I mailed to my swap partner Wendy of The Frog Palace.  This was the final swap this year for A Swap For All Seasons.  I have really enjoyed the months I was able to participate in this unique swap.  We send to one person and receive from another person.

Here is the package I received from Pam of Virginia Retro.   How much fun is this to open the box and find a cute orange skeleton wrapped with some vintage crochet and tissue?!  Thank you Pam.  I adore everything you sent me.

With the Halloween theme, the color was orange.  De-stash items included in the box of goodies.  Such great vintage pieces.

Here is some more orange de-stash and I adore them all.

Along with the de-stash we are to create and include one card and one tag.  These are adorable and just what I like.  Nothing super scarey or gorey.  Thank you very much Pam.  Well done.

While I was working on my swap package I also created some items to swap one-on-one with my blogging friend Ana of Scrappy Pink Corner.  Ana and I usually do at least one swap per year and this year we made it Halloween.  I thought these orange and black scissors looked Halloween so I attached black polka dot grosgrain ribbon with some orange buttons.  Very handy to hang around the neck while creating.

This bracelet will be fun for Ana to wear on her upcoming cruise.

These are some bubble wands I created and included in my swap packages.  I really love the relaxing way blowing bubbles calms down even the most hectic of days.  Sitting by the pond and blowing bubbles is where you may find me.

Last but not least I sent this to Linda of A Swap For All Seasons as a thank you for being a wonderful hostess for all of these monthly swaps.  I do hope I surprised her.  Fabulous Fun was had by all!!!
September has arrived and our weather continues to be Falling into Autumn.  Leaves are turning and acorns are dropping.
I am happy to say I have completed my ribbon sorting and love how they are displayed for me to see and use.  The colors are so inspiring as are the textures and sizes of ribbon.  Of course I did have the odd ones that had to stay in a container.  Thankfully it is much smaller and now resides in the sewing room.  I see lots of ribbons being used in future projects.
Mr. C and I are very busy this month so I should have lots to share.  I still haven't shared so much of our trip we took over the summer.  I better get caught up.
May you be enjoying your days and creating something beautiful you love.  Bliss to all...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August Favorite Month...

August is my favorite month of the year.  I love Summer and August is all Summer for me.  There are also eleven birthdays celebrated in this month of August.  My daughter is the very most special as she was the first person I ever knew with an August birthday...except me.  Happy Birthday Jenifer Michelle!    I know I have shared in past years that having an August birthday growing up was not much fun.  No cupcake school class parties...summer and school was out.  Now I know lots of August people and I am so happy to celebrate them.  I made this Peridot colored pearl and Swarovski crystals bracelet for my "twin" birthday sister...of course she is years younger than I.  Happy Birthday Suz.

I also made this fabric envelope and gifted it in August.  It has a little green bead zipper charm.

My neice is August born and I recently got to visit with her when she and her husband flew out here from Michigan for a West Coast vacation.  I created this blue bracelet with a very blingy skull bead just for her. Happy Birthday Meg.

This is one of those wonderful pocket cards I have been making and it contained a gift for someone else this month.

Now for a "little" project I am working on.  Most of my ribbons are jumbled in this container.  When I need a ribbon I either cannot find it, cannot untangle it, or I don't even bother to look.  I hate to stop what I am creating and run to the store for ribbon.  So I decided it is time to untangle this mess and see what I do and do not have in the ribbon department.

Of course I had a rack of hooks I paid 25 cents for at the thrift store one day.  Mr. C grumbled a lot but hung it up for me where I wanted it.  Thank goodness we agree this is MY room and I can close the door so it doesn't have to bother him with its artsy cluttered ways.  I even had the large binder rings to hang on the hooks.  Tiny investment for a big return.  This is just the beginning and now it is much fuller. I love how the colors and widths of ribbons look hanging where I can see and utilize them.  Note to self:  "Do not buy anymore ribbon for a really long time!"

And Happy Birthday to Sandy along with a huge Thank You for these beautiful pink roses, tulips and carnations she sent to me.  Happy Birthday Blessings to all August born.  Thank you to each of you who wished me Happy Birthday here and on FaceBook.  I am very blessed and grateful.  Mr. C was extra generous to me this year and I no longer have to want for an iPad Air, Invisible Glass Shield or Zagg Keyboard and cover.  (I normally do not announce gifts but this was such a surprise and now I shall no longer be whining about not having one!)  Thank you Mr. C so very much for such a wonderful surprise! He knows how terribly non-technical I am and couldn't imagine why I wanted such an item.  Now to learn how to use this amazing gift.  I know lots of you have iPads and know lots of tips so I am all ears.
Our weather continues to be Fall like and cooler than normal and still with no rain what-so-ever.  Today I saw trees that are already turning Fall colors.  School is back in full session around here.  Summer is over and so quickly I might add.  Now on to lots more as August comes to a close.  Creative Bliss and may you be enjoying your days to the fullest...