Friday, April 11, 2014

Pink, Black, Bling...

Another month has zoomed and gone by and with that I have received my wonderful surprise package from the lovely Kimberly of ArtJoyStuff blog.  The ATC swap theme was Pink, Black and Bling. This may have been my very favorite so far.  (What?  I say that all the time?)  This is the bonus wrapping Kimberly included and I love the tag with my S on it.  Thank you dear for always being the best and most organized hostess.

These are the three extraordinary ATCs I received.  Top left is from Wendy of Frog Princess blog.  Thank you very much.  Left bottom is from Manuela of Vintagesavonette blog.  Thank you so much.  On the right is from Amy who currently does not have her blog working.  Amy really went over-the-moon with her packaging and the back of her ATC.  Thank you bunches.  I am so thankful to be part of this swap.

These were my little ATCs.  I made each one different just to be fun.  I really enjoyed this Pink, Black, Bling!

I packaged them in a little Pink tulle bag I sewed and tied them with black thread with a butterfly stamped from the same striped paper.

For my readers who wanted to see the California Poppies!  I took a walk and brought my camera.  The sun was so bright I couldn't begin to see what was on the camera screen however this photo pretty much shows the gorgeous bright orange Poppy blossoms.  And to think these grow wild all over California...where there is land free from concrete and asphalt.  I had lots growing in my yard after planting some wildflower seeds many years ago...however they are no more.  Must have been pulled out as weeds when not in bloom.    I keep thinking I should buy some more and plant them.  They are truly beautiful and one of the few ways I enjoy the color orange.
This morning I got up extra early and saw the most beautiful sunrise.  The sky was layered in stripes of pinks and blues.  It looked at though an artist ran a giant paintbrush across the sky.  Of course I didn't get the camera.  Some sights are for our inner peace and I truly treasured that sunrise this morning.  It gave me time to reflect on how life gets too busy and overwhelming and it is up to us to reign it in and find the calm and peace in each day.  I hope you are finding your inner joy each day.  Creative Bliss Abounds...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NLWM Feature Blog...

As my regular readers know I am participating in National Letter Writing Month (NLWM) all of April.
Our wonderful cheerleader and Creator of Cuteness is Lindsay Ostrom.  She has kindly featured my blog on her blog this week.  I am honored.  Thank you Lindsay.  This photo is her blog banner.  Please visit her and say hello.

I welcome NLWM readers as Lindsay has offered a prize for those of you who comment on her blog and here on my blog.  You will recognize this photo which is featured.  I do love unique cars, fast cars, slow cars, pretty cars, trucks...  Yes, I do love car shows too.  This was a concourse Mr. C was invited to participate in and we had a wonderful day visiting with others and seeing their prized one-of-a-kind priceless vehicles.

Do you recognize what these hearts are created from?  This was a very large frameable birthday card for someone special.  Okay...stop guessing.  I used paint chips for the hearts.  Bakers twine for the bow and tails.  This is still one of my very favorite projects.  I mounted it on mat board for framing.
Thank you to each and every one of you for visiting and commenting.  I just may send along something special as a complete unknown.  I like to reward and surprise my followers for their loyalty as opposed to doing "give-aways".  Blogs I follow that do "gives" may have a very few faithful who comment and then the minute they announce a give-away they may have dozens or hundreds of comments.  I like to keep it personal and intimate.  I hope you understand.
I spotted the fields of poppies I will take photos of later this week and share.  I did not have my camera with me today.  They truly are spectacular.
Hoping you all are finally experiencing Spring and Sunshine and Flowers Blooming.  Creative Bliss...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Quilts of Valor Blocks...

I am thankful for blogging as it has allowed me to connect with like-minded souls in so many creative venues. Kevin the Quilter put out a request for Quilts of Valor blocks.  Kevin had specific criteria for size and colors. Not being a quilter myself I did not have the proper fabrics. to my local quilt fabrics store.  I purchased 1 yard each of the four colors you see.  A solid red was not to my liking so I stepped up to this lovely batik.  Batik's are my new found favorite fabrics.  They cut and sew very well.  They also do not ravel like other fabrics.

After very carefully measuring...twice at least...I cut all my pieces.  Whew!  Kevin selected to have all donated blocks be done very simply with a stripe of fabric within each block.  Hmmm...had to use my brain and math skills.

Eight blocks of the gold fabric.

Eight blocks of the white fabric.

Eight blocks of the blue fabric.

Eight blocks of the red fabric. 
Thirty-two blocks completed. 
Today I have packaged them carefully wrapped in white tissue and sealed in a padded envelope.  I included a hand written note to tell of my gratitude and love sewn into each stitch for every service man, woman and dog who have allowed us to have our freedom.  This was a rewarding project that I am blessed to have been a very tiny part in.  Kevin's block drive continues a couple more months however I must now focus on other commitments I have made.  Thank you Kevin for sharing your project.
Our weather is perfect Spring Sunshine.  I would love to have more rain however none is forecast. California Poppies are sprouting everywhere and they are so beautiful!  
Please stay tuned for my next post which will update National Letter Writing Month of April.
Welcome followers and your comments.  I appreciate that you take your time to visit and cheer me on. Creative Bliss and Spring Sunshine Smiles...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Peach Swap...

I joined A Swap For All Seasons and participated in the April Peach Swap.  This is an extra fun swap because Linda our wonderful leader compiles the list each month of who wants to join in the fun.  The actual swap is not with the same person.  I send to one person and an entirely different person sends to me.  How fun is this!  Thank you Linda.

Here are the workings of gathering my de-stash (part of the swap) to send along.  I did not take detailed photos of the package as I am certain my recipient will share what she received.  Hopefully I did okay.  This is only my second time to participate and I am still learning from what others post.

This is the package I received.  It came from Debbie of Kitten Creates blog.  Click on her link to see what she is up to.   So far I adore the packaging.  And as I am opening it Mr. C does not understand why I keep saying, "Wow, Wow, Wow!"  I feel like a very lucky girl!

Debbie really spoiled me with each and every treasure she included.  Her attention to detail and packaging is amazing.  I absolutely adore each and every item.  Thank you so very much Debbie.

As I have also shared I am participating in National Letter Writing Month in April.  Today I hand wrote and mailed 19 postcards.  They depict California and I sent them to participants in other states.  This is only the second day and I have mailed 32 pieces of mail to 22 different states.  I also must get busy with mail for Italy, the UK and lots of Canada's.  Follow us on Lindsay's blog to see the fun.  Lindsay is our wonderful Cheerleader and keeps us on track.  How could this not be fun.  When it becomes exhausting or stressful I merely take a break and do other laundry or cleaning or cooking...Oh let me get back to NLWM instead!  My desk is a disaster and it drives Mr. C crazy for its messiness however I feel it is organized and ready to write or color or mail something at any moment.  For me it is Creative Bliss!
Our snow continued on April Fool.  Then some more rain and now sunshine.  The snow is melting.  It got to a high of 48 degrees F today.  I prefer 80's myself.  Time to get busy...the days are rolling downhill very quickly.  What are you creating?  What would you like to be creating?  If not now...when?  That is my mantra.  It reminds me to stop and enjoy and be happy.  As Pharrell Williams sings, "Happy, Clap Along".

Monday, March 31, 2014

March Ends...

As March comes to an end we are currently receiving snow from the heavens.  In California where our drought has been labeled "exceptional" we are desperate for any moisture.  The last several days we have gotten glorious rain and welcome it with glee.  Now it is snowing and so ethereally beautiful.  I stepped outside just after 7 pm PST and this is my view.  Stunning!

We are not supposed to get much snow.  More rain is predicted.  Thankfully the ski resorts above us are getting lots of snow and they are thankful even though it is late in the ski season for them.  For our water table this is a real blessing.

This lovely blue fabric wallet was made by Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio.  She very generously offered give-aways to celebrate her six year Blogiversary and I won this.  Her sewing is amazing and this wallet is perfectly created.  I feel very blessed.  

Here is another view with the inside showing.  Daryl has included lots of card slots, a zippered section for change and the perfect space for either checkbook or coupons or love notes.  It also has a nice magnetic closure to keep everything safely contained.  Thank you sew very much Daryl for sharing your Creative Bliss with me.  I love the blue fabric she chose.  Blues are my heartthrob.

Here are some circles I prepared for those magic folded fabric ornaments I love.   I have been sending them to friends and family as little surprises.  Here is the link to my post on how to make them.  They are super easy to make.  The blue circle is actually some muslin that I created with fabric paint.  I needed just the right color and going to the fabric store was not an option.  Besides, when I go to the store I spend money and get distracted by shiny things.  I just might be a Magpie.  Spending money and buying more supplies does not fit in with my desire to "use what I have".  When you use what you have I believe it also allows you more creativity to alter or design on the fly and often times that works better.

Here is the folded fabric ornament all stitched.  Who knew a square comes from a circle?  I sent this to a blog friend who recently celebrated her birthday.  I included an extra piece of fabric as she loves to create and makes the most amazing things.  Have you guessed her name?  Terri of Artful Affirmations.  Tell her hello from me too when you visit please.
So as March comes to an end I am happy to say I am being a tiny bit creative.  I will share my progress on the Quilts of Valor blocks very soon.  Also tonight at midnight begins National Letter Writing Month of April.  I have been very busy with this.  I am seeing via FaceBook that this year's participants are very serious about sending and receiving mail.  Yikes!  I must really get busy.  After my post on NLWM I have some people who want to join in the fun next year since this year was closed at 137 participants.  Then along came the birthday list...and the children/grandchildren list...Oh Dear!  The post office ought to honor us for supporting them so well.  Alas, my local postal clerk never heard of NLWM.  Boy will he be surprised when the mail volume is ramped up beginning tonight!
What are you creating?  Easter is coming and I am seeing some wonderful inspirations for decorating and cooking.  Do you have any special traditions you honor?
I am very grateful for all of my followers and welcome to my newest followers.  I love to read your comments and they even help me in my creative journey of life.  Thank you sincerely.
Joyful Creative Bliss...