Monday, October 5, 2015

Stitchery Pinbook Swap...

I participated in Jenny of elefantz swap for a Pinbook or Needlebook using a simple book design and one of Jenny's adorable embroidery designs.  Because I belong to her monthly Stitchery Club it was very easy to select one of my favorites of her designs.  My swap partner Lydia of Chalk Outlines likes green and purple so that is the color scheme I went with.  The photo above is what I created.

This is the sweet Pinbook Lydia created for me.  She hand stitched a heart with flowers and a bee.  She also added a pink heart button.  I adore this and thank you Lydia.

This is the inside of her Pinbook with a nice felt bed for the pins and needles to reside upon.

Jenny had a couple of added goodies we were to include with our Pinbooks and Lydia nailed it perfectly with what she included for me.  Butterflies on fabric and buttons and embroidery threads all in my very favorite blues. Great job Lydia.

Here is another view of my Pinbook I created for Lydia and sent along. This is the front and back view.  Jenny's designs are so adorable and easy to transfer and stitch.

Here is the inside view of the Pinbook. I included a green butterfly beaded pin and another beaded pin in purples.  As for the required buttons, fabrics and floss I included I neglected to get any photos of the packages I sent.  I was sew excited about the Pinbook I totally forgot to snap the rest.

These Pinbooks are quick and easy to create and would make great gifts for any time of year and for any occasion.  Thank you Jenny for a wonderful Stitchery Swap.
As a side note I have enjoyed belonging to Jenny's first inaugural Stitchery Club and now I have joined her second year club which will have even more goodies for us.  It is a gift I give to myself and even though life gets in my way of stitching everything I at least have lots of inspiration for future use.  Just click the link above to find out more from Jenny herself.  I am not affliated or compensated but merely a completely satisfied customer.
Big wind storms here and that results in pine needles covering everything.  The roads are so full and when cars and trucks go whizzing by the pine needles get clumped in the center of the roadway and look like large animals/deer.  I never drive over any of the bundles because I never know what might be inside of them.  Some people have tumbleweeds and we have rolling pine needle bundles.
October Falling Into Autumn Bliss and Halloween Happiness to you...

Saturday, October 3, 2015

World Card Making Day...

Hello.  Did you know today is World Card Making Day?  I didn't until my emails sent me this...
Now I make a lot of cards for my weekly mailings of Random Acts of Mail Kindness however my cards are not at all fancy or fabulous.  I keep them simple but sincere.
My friend Theresa (no blog) makes the most amazing and beautiful cards and I am so happy to be the recipient of many she makes.  Thank you Theresa Dear.

The top photo is the front of this card.  When you open it up it has a pop-out rose.  I love butterflies and this one is gorgeous. When you open an envelope and see such a special handmade card how could you not feel extra special knowing it was created with love and care just for you?!!

This is another recent card I received from Theresa.  The depth of colors just doesn't show in the photo as beautifully as they are in person.  Theresa recently made it onto a design team and they are so fortunate to have her creative style.  Here is a link to Laura Denison Designs. Theresa and I have never met in person. We found one another through a swap of ATC's if I remember correctly and we have continued our swapping and friendship. 

This is an ICAD that Theresa created and also sent to me.  ICAD is a challenge of creating an Index Card A Day (ICAD).  This has such great texture and layers and of course my favorite beautiful butterfly is included.  I feel truly blessed to share Theresa and her fabulous art she creates and shares with me.  Thank you so very much Theresa Dear.   You are a real gem in this creative world.
On the weather front I wish to thank you all for your rain dancing.  We did get a little rain that watered our plants.  Nothing measurable for us but up the hill they had almost an inch at Donner Lake.  I was at my local Chamber of Commerce yesterday and I got the usual annual phone call with the question of the century..."We are thinking of coming to Nevada City next weekend and want to know if the Fall colors are showing?"  Every year hundreds of people call and ask that or a similar question regarding the Fall Colors.  I try to stay calm and polite which is not easy to do after 17 years of this same question.  No matter how I try to explain anything about the Fall Colors people just want the exact time that the colors will be the best to see.  Between you and I, I am not Mother Nature and I honestly have NO idea when the colors will be at their best.  Usually we need a good cold snap of weather to have the colors happen.  Some trees have already displayed their colors while other trees are completely green still.  And when the colors really begin to be at their very best we usually have a good wind and rain storm that knocks all the leaves to the ground where they are not very pretty to view.  And so it begins again...Ring, ring...Hello...We are thinking of coming...
I just have to smile and do my best.  After all we need and love tourists to come and visit our small historic town.
So today lets take a break and make a card to mail to someone we want to honor.
Creative Card Bliss my friends.  Thank you for visiting.  I always love your reading your comments and I do try to respond if I have your email.  Lovely Autumn (Spring) Days... 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Soft Preemie Hearts...

A short while back I shared about sewing fabric hearts for The Preemie Project and you can see my post here.  I have now sewn more hearts and mailed them to the foundation.  I used the softest vintage fabrics I owned that were appropriate.  This time I only made the 8 inch size. 

Here you can see the hearts I just mailed along with a hand written post card I received for the last batch of hearts.  Linda, the President took the time to let me know she got the hearts and how grateful the project is.  I have also heard from Linda via email that these hearts pictured have been received safe and sound.  She also let me know that they have had an overwhelming response and are well stocked with fabric hearts.  I can now put this project on the completed list as they are not in need of any additional hearts for a long time to come. 
As this is the very last day of September I am happy to report that we have just had a slight sprinkle of rain.  Nothing measurable once again and not even enough to wet all the ground.  However it shows that we are not forgotten by the rain gods.  Hopefully they are testing us before El Nino is released soon.  We are ready and able to soak up tons of rain water so let the heavens pour down on us.  Not Ark proportions but at least lakes and dams amounts.  Thank you Mother Nature.
Mr. C and I continue to slowly put the downstairs back in order which also involves the upstairs due to my loading up the Library with stuff.  We are tackling the bare walls down the freshly painted hall on the lower level.  Pictures are tricky.  I have decided all the orphan oil paintings I owned previously will not go back up as they really do date back to the 1970's and my lack of income and apartment living.  It will be interesting to see what we decide as we muddle through.  Our home is very traditional and we rather like it that way.  We are not chic or uber hip and definitely not trendy!
I think I see another large donation truck being called for pickup again.
With October 1st almost here I am feeling like I need to make a list and get busy prioritizing what needs to get accomplished.  From now right on through the end of the year time seems to go faster and faster like a run-a-way train.  I am already seeing count-downs to each holiday and it makes me feel rattled.  This year I would like to remain calm and carry on with my best ability put forward.  Creative Bliss My Friends.  P.S.  I do try to reply to each of your comments however many of you are "no reply" and I find it difficult to track down an email for you.  I am truly grateful for each of your visits and the time you take to leave me a comment.  Blessings and Sweet October Days...

Monday, September 28, 2015

Treasures From Denmark...

I am going to focus on some lovely hand crafted treasures I have received lately from friends.  If you follow Dorthe and her lovely blog denlillelade you will recognize her wonderful style she creates in.
If you are like me you love to get fun packages in the mail to offset all those bills and junk pieces.
The wrapping was fun with this floral wallpaper band and soft aqua ribbon.  Delicious!

This is a really fun ornament Dorthe created with a wooden heart and a metal piece she embellished with a lovely image and some lace.  The crystal dangle and S charm are perfect.

This tag is so Pretty in Pink.  The textures and dimension are amazing.  Dorthe's love of Nature is perfect with the bird.  Inspire is exactly what these treasures are for me...inspiration and gratitude.  Thank you so very much Dorthe Dear.  I am truly thankful for these treasures and for our friendship.
I have not been blogging very much due to still having learning issues with using Mr. C's laptop and my iPad.  Both are not the same and my programs and contents are not the same even though they should be the same.  I will try to catch up with sharing lots of beautiful treasures both received and given.  Thank you for indulging me and my slow learning curves with technology.  If only my granddaughters lived closer I would be able to learn so much from them with all the technology they use and know so well.  I have no smart phone...I have never texted...I have never used emojis...what ever is an old woman to do?!!
Enjoying our lovely Fall weather.  The Oak leaves are Falling and as they are drifting down to earth they seem to be swaying as if to some unheard music.  The Grey Squirrels are enjoying special Black Sunflower Seeds we put out for them.  And we seem to have an abundance of Praying Mantis this year.  Everywhere we look we see some...some green and some greyish brown.  They don't scare me however I certainly do not want one to land on me or near me. 
Creative Bliss to you all and I am enjoying everything you are creating.  Thank you so much for sharing so we can all enjoy Fall d├ęcor and Pumpkin Pleasures...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Coloring Can Calm...

Some days a girl just needs to color.  Whether you color inside the lines or outside the lines or all over the lines it is just such a calming way to spend a little time.  My friend Lindsay Ostrom created this drawing and if you check out her blog you will find a free page and lots more information on her wonderful artwork.  I feel blessed to be able to sit for a few minutes and just put color on paper.  Here I have used lots of colored pencils...different brands and types from the cheapest to expensive.
Now I am mailing this as a Random Act of Mail to someone as a surprise. 
Fires are still burning and rain is still NOT falling but for now containments are rising and the skies are blue once again. 
On this First Day of Autumn I feel a new sense of calm.  Watching the leaves and pine needles dropping from the trees and grey squirrels forage for acorns I am enjoying Mother Nature.  What are you enjoying on this first day of Fall?  Mr. C and I are going for a walk.  We need to do this more often and not let the demands of daily life get in our way.  I also recognize it is Spring for my friends across the ocean and how fresh and clean everything is after Winter has come and gone for you.
Creative Bliss and I do hope you do something that makes your heart happy...