Sunday, November 27, 2016

Family, Food, Fun...

Over Thanksgiving weekend we were invited to spend time with our extended family.  This is Mr. C and Brad.  They are always bonding and solving the problems of the world.  Here they are taking time out to watch extreme vehicle rock climbing...something Brad loves to do.

This is Amy, Brad's wife and she is our favorite daughter-in-love (okay she is our only).

Amy fixed a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.  Each dish was truly yummy and extra special.

I managed to mix and serve "Cookie Dough Dip" with graham crackers and apple slices.  Thanks to Pinterest it was so easy and everyone loved it. 

This was also courtesy of Pinterest.  Mr. C actually made these.  And with the leftover bits of crust he formed a tiny apple pie.  So yummy and not heavy after a full meal.  I actually ate mine for breakfast the next morning.  Warmed in the oven and very tasty.

Pallets were all the rage this year for yard decorations.  Amy cut and stained these trees.  There were also Snowmen and candy cane fences which I neglected to get photos of. 

This is a new addition to Brad and Amy's home and I LOVE the little carved holding down the ladder and the other one peeking into the window.

Here are the decorations lit up at night.  Friday night the entire street was lit up and decorated in honor of the tiny town parade.  I didn't get any photos because I was too busy cheering on each float and entrant.  Small town USA at its finest!
I trust you and your family enjoyed a wonderful warm weekend with family and/or friends. 
Now we are on to Christmas which is right around the corner.  I shall be writing and addressing cards and checking my list.  This year I am focusing on time with family and friends and not so much on gifts.  So many of us do not need material things and therefore our time with others is the most precious gift of all.  Embracing all the Magic of this Wonderful Season.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Oficially Listed For Sale...

I really haven't been ignoring my blog.  I have been very busy.  Mr. C and I have officially listed our home and property For Sale.  This is a very big step for us.  We have lived here almost twenty years.
When we bought this place it was a brand new mess.  Construction ground everywhere with no landscaping.  The house was only finished about 2/3 of the way due to the divorce of the couple having this custom home built.  It was builder beige and boring.  Along came Mr. C and I...

We were getting married, we are do-overs.  Mr. C was selling his computer company in Southern California, we were getting married out of country (that is an entire story of its own) and we were moving to Northern California all while our baby kitty was ill and in the hospital in an oxygen tent (thankfully she was saved and we shared our lives for 18 years together). We do have an exciting life.

We have poured our hearts and souls into this home and property...not to mention the enormous amount of money and work.  Mr. C has done most of the work along with contracted specialists.

It would take me days to tell all the tales we have shared in building this place we call home.  We love it here, however it is time to move on.  Mr. C wants to move out of California even though we are both natives.

This is where we like to sit and enjoy our beautiful home in the trees.  It is very peaceful here.  We have been extremely happy.  It has been a dream come true for us.  Now we are ready for our Sunset chapter of life.
Our weather was warm and beautiful for Autumn.  Then we got some very welcome rain.  Snow fell over Donner Pass and in the higher Tahoe ski mountains.  The temperatures have turned chilly and Winter is on its way.  More snow is predicted for the Thanksgiving weekend.
We will be celebrating with family and being mindful of all the things we are so very grateful for.  May you and your families and friends enjoy a truly wonderful Thanksgiving. 
Christmas is just around the corner.  Fa la la la la...

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Feeling Very Accomplished...

Today, Yes it is November 1st, I had a task to do and normally I am just too overwhelmed to begin.  However in my new state of being, I am finding ways to tackle even the hardest of jobs.  I know I have talked about the fact that Mr. C wants to move out of California.  Well in order to do so we must list and sell this home and property in order to begin anew in another state.  With that in mind...I am trying my best to make my home look like no one lives in it and for certain that no one makes any chaos out of any room...including a craft studio.  So...This is what I accomplished today.  Clearing my studio table which is approximately 5' x 9' in size.  I didn't take any before photos because I believe you have all seen it piled to the highest peaks.

Due to the size and weight of my desk and table I will not be able to take it with me.  I am hoping the new buyers will want to keep it enough to add a little money to the deal.  Mr. C made it and it took 6 strong men to carry it in and place it on the desk.  I have loved it and used it to cut out fabrics for Dress A Girl Around the World, make cards for Random Acts of Mail, make postcards for Love Notes, Angel charms for giving and a myriad of other assorted crafts and such.  Even Mr. C has  used this table for making cardboard templates and fixtures for his car building projects.  Mr. C built this room especially for me including the shelves to hold my bins of ephemera and treasures.  I will miss this room but I do believe I shall have another equally wonderful space for my Creative Bliss.

Here you can see the large oak cabinets that currently house too much stuff (where else was I going to put things?)!  These cabinets, total of 3, are not moving with us either. 

We have gotten an estimate from the local family run moving company (83 years in business) and it was higher than we thought.  Of course the last time we moved was 18 years ago.  So every ounce and box and piece of furniture has to be carefully selected for making the trip.  My bead podium with the printer drawers is going with us...except...I must put every little bin of beads in zip bags.  Now this will be a project.
We are not moving yet.  We have no idea when we will be able to sell and move.  We also have no idea what home will be available for us when we can move.  There are only two developments we want to live in and homes are rarely offered for sale.  We still entertain the thought of building our home, however, with the Real Estate market dead for our home here in rural Northern California we are not hopeful we will have sufficient funds to build. 
So I am here in limbo and not able to sew or craft or make a lovely mess of my rooms for who knows how long.  I have done all of this in preparation of the listing photo shoot.
Mother Nature has delayed our schedule due to lots of rain.  We need to remove 21 Rosey Glo shrubs from the front slope and yet it is too muddy to attempt yet.  Then we need a nice sunny day for the photos.  Somehow all will work out.  I am doing my best to visualize, "A Full Price Cash Offer with a 45 Day Escrow."  Yes, Please.  I know things will work out eventually and everything will be fine.  I just need to try to do my very best and not get overly stressed.  After all this is the busiest time of year for holidays and get-togethers with family and friends.  I shall EMBRACE all that Mr. C and I have worked so hard for in this life we share.  I am truly GRATEFUL beyond words. 
I wish for everyone lots of LOVE and BLISS...

Monday, October 24, 2016

Autumn Colors & Family...

When you live in the forest there aren't many naturally occurring Fall colors.  Mr. C and I planted these Crimson King Maple trees sixteen years ago.  They are a riot of colors and today Mr. C captured them in full splendor.  We had a little rain overnight so everything is fresh and happy.

I took time off my house chores on Saturday and drove "down the hill" to visit with my sister Marie and her daughter Meg.  My niece lives in Michigan so we don't get to see her very often.  We three ladies enjoyed a good visit while having lunch. Marie is vegetarian and Meg is vegan.  I am happy with eating just as they do so we all ordered butternut squash Panini and white chocolate chai to drink.  I did add avocado to my Panini and it was quite yummy.

It was such a nice day for a family visit.  Meg is on the train back to Michigan now.
Upon leaving the ladies I did a little shopping.  It is always wise to make the trip down the hill account for more than just one reason.  All the stores are fully into Christmas with displays and merchandise.  It is almost Halloween so I suppose Christmas is right around the corner.  Yikes!
Still preparing the homestead for listing...or not.  It seems our rural community has not recovered from the Real Estate Bubble Burst and being rural has not allowed progress.  Our beautiful home and property are in the exact price level that is dead.  We are down at least $300,000 and that was not our plan.  In our Sunset years we want to enjoy our lives and not have to stress over money.  All of this just makes Mr. C want out of California even more.  I am merely trying to remain calm. 
Autumn is turning chilly and leaves are falling fast. 
I am happy to take time each week and visit each of you. I am enjoying seeing your lovely decorating and your wonderful creative projects.  Autumn Bliss to all...

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Closet Before and After...

Several months ago Mr. C told me to empty my closet because he needed to work on it and paint it fresh.  We have lived in this home for 18 years and I confess my closet was a disaster.  I did not take any before photos with clothes because it was just too embarrassing.  I admit to a slight tendancy towards "hoarder" status.  I hate to eliminate things even though I always donate to Hospice.

It took me six weeks to take everything out.  I was overwhelmed with how much I had stuffed into this space.  Oh by-the-way I was so shocked at the size of my closet when I did get it emptied that I measured the floor alone.  It is 7 feet x 13 feet and I am embarrassed because that is the size of some bedrooms I have had in my past. 

It is nice and bright and I do enjoy having a window.  I had to cover that window though because the wonderful sunshine would stream in and fade only the one side depending on how clothes were hung.

So where did I put all that stuff?  Well, the library across the hall.  Mr. C had the audacity one day to ask, "What is all that stuff in here now?"  That man should be silent!  I did take loads downstairs and hang them in the guest closets.  Then I was talking via telephone to our good friend, Mr. Larry, who recently moved and rebuilt closets.  Well...

Brilliant Larry suggested two ladders with poles across.  So Mr. C got to hang all of his clothes nice and neat.  He did take over the dining room.  Thank you Mr. Larry.

So for a solid week Mr. C and his super helper, John, worked in both closets and routed every edge of every shelf, straightened my sagging brackets and rods, and sanded and painted.  Two gallons of expensive Benjamin Moore paint and five hours later I could move back in.  But..."don't clutter or overload!  Remember we are listing the house and buyers need to see a spacious closet."

Now I have donated another truckload of clothes, shoes, boots and hats to Hospice.  I just hope I have clothes and shoes left for me to wear.

 Now you have seen the after photos and I admit I am so giddy with the transformation.  I love to be able to see just what I have and am able to actually wear.  Oh, you ask if I kept anything downstairs in the guests closets?  Yes, just a wee bit.  I have one garment bag in each closet with specialty pieces that aren't for everyday.  Mr. C did approve of this.

One last photo to share with you and Thank You for staying with me this long.  This is the niche just before entering my closet and I love to display special treasures of family vintage hats and "handbags".  Not all are vintage but they are lots of fun. 
This entire closet project almost killed me and I am so thankful it is now completed.  Now on to more sorting and donating and packing in my craft room downstairs. 
Our weather is just right and hopefully we might get some much needed rain this coming weekend. 
I am content and finding JOY in each and every day.  I did take a day "off" and meet my sister.  We spent some lovely hours making beaded charms.  She was learning and she did extremely well!  I was very proud of her.
Embracing Creative Bliss...