Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Ends Quickly...

Today would have been my beloved Grandma's birthday.  She is now passed on but I will forever be grateful for her love and patience in teaching me so may valuable life's lessons and the love of sewing and creating crafts of many mediums.  Grandma is the one who taught me to "see things with different eyes".   I cherish my memories and love her always.

I was fortunate to participate in Kimberly's ArtJoyStuff Masked Beauty ATC swap and these are my goodies I received.  Kimberly always adds something wonderful to the package and I love her banner with the orange and black theme.  Polka dots, buttons and pom-poms make it super fun.  Thank you very much Kimberly and Michele and Peggy and Manuela.  Each ATC is so clever and beautiful!

I also received this wonderful package from Lynn of Trash to Treasure blog.  Her domino pendant is fabulous and the little owl charm is OWLdorable.  Thank you Lynn.  I feel so blessed.

I spent a tiny bit of time in my studio lately.   Household chores and other nuisances get in my way. I made some envelopes out of a roll of vintage gorgeous wall paper.

Here are some of the sizes I made.  The hold together very well with double sticky tape.  The orange envelope shows some fun striped and polka dotted washi tape.

I created a tri-fold card with an owl feature to send to my daughter for Halloween.  Grandma and she both love owls.  Grandma used to collect owl figurines and such.  Possibly the circle is complete with my daughter loving them just as her Great-Grandma loved them.
Our weather is turning very cold and there is snow predicted for Donner Summit this weekend.  Mr. C and I must travel over Donner Summit for a function we are attending.  The high is to be 46F. Brrr...  I am going to be very cold so out come the layers of clothes I shall be wearing.
Safe Halloween to all and may your Treats be many...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lucious Lace PinKeep...

This is the most delicious lucious Lace PinKeep.  My friend Judy of Judy's Fabrications makes these and so many more amazing things.   This one is my birthday present from Judy and her very generous, kind and giving heart.  I commented on the lace "needlekeeps" she was creating and I am so blessed to now have this one in my very grateful hands.  Thank you Judy!

Here is the book opened up to show front and back.  No it isn't angled but my camera shot is bad.
I am sew in love with all these laces and buttons and charms Judy has included.  All in yummy creams and ecru and white.

This is the inside front cover with lots more buttons, lace and a little sewing machine charm.  In the lace pocket Judy has included a little pincushion with pins and needles.

Now we are seeing the inside back cover with another lace pocket and some more beautiful buttons. Between the front and back cover are wool felt pages to hold lots of pins and such.  As I was swooning over this beautiful keepsake I decided what I would keep withing its lace covers.

Because Judy is such a wonderful Angel to so many with all her charity work and generosity to all I just knew I would keep my Angel pins in this lovely lucious pinkeep.    Here are a couple of my pins.

On another page I put two more angel pins.  The top pin is adorning a silk flower and this is how I usually wear this angel pin on my blazer.  Judy I hope you like how I am using my Lace Book.  I am truly grateful for our blogging friendship.  You are clearly an Angel Judy Dear.  Blessings My Friend.
Now with Judy's encouragement and this lovely lace keepsake in my hands I shall try to make one.  I have always wanted to make one but just didn't know how and where to begin.  When you visit Judy's blog you will find a wealth of links for so many things she is busy creating.  I shall post my progress soon.  I have some great least I think they are.
We got some rain yesterday and are so grateful for the moisture.  The heater is working to keep us warm.  Fall colors are fantastic.  I did get THE question at the Chamber many times Friday. Thankfully the weather was glorious and visiting people were overjoyed with our little town and beautiful surroundings.
Welcome to my newest followers.  Thank you to my faithful commenters.  I do cherish each and every one of you.  May you be doing exactly what makes you happiest.  Creative Bliss...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Christmas Children's Pillowcases...

This year I adopted a wonderful Pillowcase Project.  I have shared about this in previous posts.  As this year is drawing to a close I wanted to make some Christmas themed fabric pillowcases and get them mailed in time.   Here are the six I recently completed.

As I had done before I went to my cherished vintage fabric stash.  The softness of the fabric and charm of the motifs are unlike any of today.  Many of these fabrics I have had since my daughter was little and that was a very long time ago.

Here are some that I chose to work with.  Each standard size pillowcase takes one yard total.  Three coordinating fabrics of 27 inches, 9 inches and 3 inches.  Yes, I had just the right amounts.

Cutting them out is probably the most time consuming part.  I do enjoy selecting the coordinating fabrics for each pillowcase.

My very old Serger (actually belonged to my mother and now my sister has it on loan to me...Thank You Marie) was broken (again) and I had to thread it from scratch.  It is so old that it must be threaded in perfect four thread sequence.  Very time consuming.  I managed to do it (correctly) and surprised Mr. C when he saw me sewing the side seams on it.  He was leaving for an appointment and we joked I had 5 sewn and would it last for the 6th.  No sooner did he drive down the road and Serger completely went berserk.  Thread everywhere except to hold the seam together.  Alas it sits and waits (again) for my attention.  I finished pillowcase number 6 on my sewing machine instead. I must admit I would love to have kept the little happy mouse pillowcase for myself.  I have no more fabric for another.  It has made me proud and content to know that little children in the hospital will be getting their very own pillowcase this December.  I wish to thank Kelley of Kelley Highway blog and her wonderful mother-in-law for sharing this opportunity with us.
I already have an idea for next year that I may choose to participate in.  I need to do my homework.
Thank you each for your comments and help on my last post about Bowties and Suspenders.  I checked out each link and have a better idea of what I shall do.  I'll update when I have made some progress.  Mr. C may be my handsome "test" man.
We have very overcast weather and possibility of rain this weekend.  I shall be spending my day tomorrow at the Chamber of Commerce.  I fully expect to get the usual phone calls asking when visitor's should come to see the Fall colors.  I have gotten these phone calls for sixteen years and I still cannot know the answer.  I must put on my smiling face and be polite.  What I really want to say is, "Call Mother Nature as she is the only one who knows the best time for Fall colors!"  Fortunately we have trees that span days and weeks depending on the cold snap and rain or wind damage.  When some trees have fully put on their show then there may be other trees just getting ready to dazzle us with their brilliant colors.
Mr. C has some projects he is very busy with and I hope to share those soon.  Meanwhile I am behind in sharing and thanking some very generous and creative and wonderful blog friends.  I am truly blessed.  Please enjoy every moment and do what ever makes your heart happy.  Creative Bliss...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bowtie & Suspender Help???

I have been requested by a soon-to-be bride to sew bowties and suspenders for all the guys in the wedding party.  Sew...I am asking for any help you can give me.  I have never sewn these items.  As you can see the fabric is a lovely brocade.  I know it was expensive and there is no more available if I mess up.  Yikes!

The bride purchased the fabric with her mother.  She also provided the pellon interfacing.  I found a simple pattern online along with a how-to for a basic bowtie but no suspenders.  I bought this Simplicity pattern only to find out it is for a pre-tied bowtie and won't work.  It has no suspenders.  I haven't even been able to find anything about suspenders except elastic ones...not fabric.

As you can see the fabric is striped and very directional.  It is also very prone to ravelling.  Shall I interface the entire fabric and then cut out bowties and suspenders?  I am really nervous about this project and wonder how I got myself into such a bind.  I welcome any and all help you might have. Thank you in advance.

Here are the last of my pink hydrangeas and I am loving how beautiful they look with Fall decor and fresh fruit.  We are getting some tiny drops of rain but are told it won't be much at all.  At least it will water my plants.  Tomorrow back to sunshine and Fall colors.
Living my life with purpose and promise to enjoy every moment.  Creative Bliss to all...

Friday, October 17, 2014

Sewing Origami Bags...

Our weather is turning cooler and the daylight is getter shorter.  We had a glorious partial day of rain which gave us about 3/4 inch.  We need feet to end our drought however I am grateful for every drop. It did at least water our plants.  While it was raining I was lucky enough to sew.  I have made Origami Bags before  and shared them with the link to the tutorial I used.  This time I used this one from YouTube.  I adore this sunflower fabric and lined each bag with a different complimentary fabric.

When I ran away to spend time with my Sister I gave her this Origami Bag...just because.  I knew she would love it and she did.  I know the photo is blurry but you get the idea.

Here I tried to short-cut the sewing process.  I began with a linen napkin.  No lining.  Very fast however it is rather limp.

I do really like the feel and size.  It was very quick and simple to make.

I purposefully sewed it with the pockets on the inside.  This bag was put to good use recently.  It held my techy chargers and cords.  No extra weight from this bag and I could easily find what I needed.

Here is another Fall themed fabric and I really like this one as well.  Pockets on the outside and hand stitched buttons to give it more personality and shape.

Here is the Origami Bag flat without drawing the ribbons up.  You can see it is fun to pair fabrics and play with buttons and ribbons.  Yes, my ribbon rack is getting lots of excellent usage.  What a joy to see and access just the right ribbons.

This is my shortcut that the tutorial does not do.  I didn't like measuring and chalking sewing lines so I use tape (masking or painters) to mark my center line and a perfect one inch width to sew the bottom.  It works every time and I can even use the same tape numerous times.  I do enjoy sewing and filling my gift cupboard.  The holidays are upon us and I want to be prepared.  I think these Origami Bags would even make a wonderful hostess gift which would be unique.  I can even see these used as bread roll baskets.  What would you use one of these for?
I am seeing so many bloggers and emails and FaceBook and comments regarding how fast the time is going.  How busy everyone is and with that comes the stress of trying to do it all.  I, too, was feeling overwhelmed with so much to do and so little time.  I thought about it for a few days and then that little voice (totally sounds like Mr. C and his wisdom speaking to me) gave me the path I was seeking.  If I cannot do it all then I need to prioritize how and what I want to accomplish.  This is no simple task as you all know.  I made a few decisions and decided that I am going to pare down my tasks and how I spend my time.  First to eliminate was my French class and lessons I signed up for.  I will try to schedule French in 2015.  Next is to actually say NO to volunteering.  Not all of it...just too much of it.  Most importantly is to spend each day being grateful for every minute and all I am blessed with.  I shall truly give Thanks for every day.  I shall enjoy my journey.  As I write this I am realizing it is easy to say.  Now to actually live this...
I look forward to reading your comments and I am grateful for the time you take to read my blog.
Dare to Delight and Create What Makes You Happy...