Monday, July 2, 2012

Honey, Company's Here...

If you will please also read Jillayne's blog she has said this story so much better than I possibly can.  I have followed Jillayne for some time now and I really admire her and her creative talents.  It just so happened that she and her husband Marc were traveling south quite near my town and I invited them to not only stop by but to stay with Mr. C and myself if they would like.  Having never actually met it seemed a little odd and I am not one to open my home to just anyone.  Somehow this seemed right.  They accepted and set the date.
Here are Jillayne, Marc and Mr. C.  It was a wonderful "chance" meeting.  
A while back Jillayne had made a little book with buttons and charm binding that I coveted.  Then she shared that she and another blogger (Deb) did a swap as each liked what the other had created.  I was emailing with Deb and told her to try and get Jillayne to do a class for this little book.  Deb sent my email to Jillayne and the rest is my good fortune.  Here are Jillayne and me in my studio late at night.  She very generously offered to teach me how to make my very own little book.  I am one very lucky lady!!!
 Here are Marc and Mr. C who got on so well together that we never saw them.  Mr. C took Marc to his "guys and cars" breakfast and then on to some favorite garages where Mr. C fine tunes electronics and fuel injections/carburetors/etcetera for hot rods and specialty vehicles.  Marc fit right in and enjoyed it very much I understand.

Here Jillayne is working on the paper signatures for my book.  She was super generous to bring some of her fabulous papers for me.  I also got to use a lot of my papers that I have been "saving" for a long time.  It is hard for me to "use the good stuff" but I did.  
And here is my beautiful very special little book complete with the buttons and charm binding.  Thank you so very much Jillayne Dear.  You are a superb teacher.  I must also thank Jillayne for spending her vacation time in my studio and helping me greatly with my Farmer's Wife blocks.  I had all but given up on them after having another good friend who quilts point out some major flaws (she was right to do so and very helpful!). I think now I will be able to salvage my quilting project and complete it once I can spend my time inside my sewing room. Thank you Catherine (no blog) and Jillayne.
Mr. C and I were so happy to meet Marc and Jillayne and have them stay with us.  Our time together was busy but also comfortable and relaxed.  We really packed a lot into a very short amount of time.  Amazing to find out you can trust your instincts and find wonderful people with common interests.  I expect to see this lovely couple again sometime in the future.
Our Summer weather is sunny, warm and wonderful.  I love Summer.
I think this is the very first Fourth of July that I did not create one single patriotic piece of red, white and blue.    Luckily I can enjoy the lovely items all of you have been busy making.
Happy and Safe Fourth of July to all...  


  1. you certainly had a good time with your guests and the book you made is delightful. Echoes of me when I read you do not like using your best things but save them!I am now using things but I find it hard.

  2. How lovely to have had such lovely people to stay, And a partner to play with!Glad the "boys" got along together too.
    That gorgeous sunshine looks divine!

  3. How fun and nice to meet people on line and actually have the opportunity to meet them in person one day. So happy that you were able to get your book done and super nice. Maybe you should do a tutorial. The button binding seems interesting.
    TFS. Ana
    Happy 4th to you and Mr.C and stay safe.

  4. BC! How cool. So glad you connected and it really was a fun time. You've helped me decide on what to do with a beautiful journal that I have received from a favourite blogger. Catch the wink! ;^) BTW yours is beautiful.

  5. Very cool...I USED to harrumph the notion of all these bloggers that said they make friends..I thought how pathetic...BUT THEN, I started getting serious with my own blog and people and new friendships starting forming...How wonderful that you and your blogger friend finally met. I am sure we will too, since we live nearby!! Have a Happy Fourth!!

  6. Isn't this a great merging of two souls! Or four souls! What a perfect holiday for you all!!

  7. What a great experience for you all. Your book looks lovely. How nice to be able to share some quality time together. Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. Can't wait to see the finished decking.

  8. I'll just bet you and Jillayne hit it off! Wonderful to have met and have some shared time creating.
    I'm so glad the guys got on well together, too.
    What a wonderful little book!
    Enjoy your sunshine.

  9. How fun! I hope we can meet one day... Please check your email for a note...and THANK YOU, SHERRY!!!!!

  10. Dear Sherry,
    What lovely hours you and dear Gillayne shared , talking ,working, and having fun.
    And so great that the husbonds could get on well also :-)
    I love seing the photoe of both of you.
    Hugs and a happy 4th of July to you and your husbond.

  11. Beautiful post Sherry!
    We had a wonderful visit, and I would say there was most definitely a good time had by all - so much sharing.
    You and Mr. C were the best hosts two strangers could ever ask for!

  12. How nice to meet a fellow blogger buddy in person :) Your book looks amazing and great she could teach you how! Fun stuff!!

  13. Isn't it great the friendships we form! Leaving comments for one another and sometimes having those wishes in comments, come true. I am so happy you 2 were able to spend time with each other and make a book to serve as a reminder of your time together....the only thing wrong with the whole thing is....I WAS NOT THERE!!!! LOL I am happy for you both, no make that the 4 of you as the DH's got along smashingly too!

  14. Beautiful book ! You seemed to have a great time with your guests Sherry :)It's lovely to connect to a blog friend in person,to invite them home is a different thing,am glad everything turned out great and you had fun...

  15. Just loved reading about your visitors and all you did! How wonderful that the two 'guys' got along so well too!!! What a lovely post!


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