Sunday, August 13, 2017

Creating Cards & Mailing...

I have been using my random supplies to create some cards, envelopes and postcards.  I mail so many each week and my stock was running low.  I like to have a variety to choose from when I am doing my Random Acts of Kindness and other weekly mailings.  You never know who or what or why about the person until you receive their information and I like to select something appropriate for each.  My Grandmother always said I choose the best cards.  That was long ago when I bought cards and Grandma wasn't able to get to the store and she would have me select cards for her friends.

Fortunately I had everything I needed in my supplies.  You all know I am trying...really trying to downsize.  So, after donating tons of my supplies, I realized I still had lots to work with.  I had so much fun pulling out a baggie of letters and then forming them into fun cards.  I had to get creative so when I had no L, I used the exclamation and as you can see above I think it looks fun.

I have already mailed several out to people.  And...if I happen to use all of these cards...Well I do have more supplies!  Shocking what an amount of supplies one person can hoard! Yes, that is what I do.  I gather and I save.  Hoard is such a harsh word.  I might be a Boarder Hoarder...just on the line of enough vs. too much.  I do hope you are laughing or at least smiling.  With all my downsizing I am definitely not hoarding stuff.  I am sentimental and have some things I can't let go of...yet, but I am working on myself.  Mr. C is quite the opposite and can throw everything the trash.  I truly must guard my stuff! 
August is here and going quickly.  Too quickly for my likes.  This week we are having some wonderful mid-80's temperatures.  Not as triple digit hot as it had been for over a month.  I have been getting up very early and going outside to hand water and keep those weeds tidy and picked up. 
On the home front, I am very grateful for all of your encouragement. In the meantime while NO one is looking or offering to purchase our home, I remain positive and patient.  I am enjoying my home and property and will continue to do so as long as I am able to do so.  Having to live like no one lives here is exhausting but I am able to make cards, envelopes and postcards on my wonderful studio table and then clean it all up.  I won't be doing any long term messy projects or sewing because it is all packed up but at least I can enjoy something creative and useful.  Now I better get back to purging stuff and downsizing other supplies.
Summer Sunshine Smiles (Winter to my friends down under) and always Do What You enJOY...<3


  1. What FUN!!! I keep wanting to make quilted cards like the paper ones you've made. There just isn't enough time in the week to complete all of the projects I want to do. Happy crafting!!

  2. Wow, what an awesome assortment of cards!! I love your creative L!! It looks fabulous!! I have to admit that I am not a Boarder Hoarder, but a full-blown one!! I hoard everything!! I can't throw the smallest scrap of paper away, thinking I might use it. Thus, my craft room looks like a disaster area :)

    We have been having un-summer like weather, too. In the 70-80's and down in the 50's at night. Unbelievable for August. Haven't had to turn the air conditioner on in quite a few days!! Praying that the right buyer comes to you very soon. Have a great day, my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. You are a great inspiration to the rest of us Boarder Hoarders! You so kindly remind us to use what we already have once in awhile too. I'm glad you've still got enough supplies to continue to be creative and playful.

  4. you have been mighty productive with all these cards. Shame you are unable to do a major project maybe if you unpack it would bring a buyer! Mind you your home is so lovely it is a shame you are down sizing but it is understandable too

  5. My friend MC was here for a week and we managed to fill up her SUV for donation and again for her to take home and share with her friends. Felt really good to be able to let go of some of the things from my past creative life (mostly fabrics). Glad you found time to create. Always helps my mood. thanks as always for sharing.

  6. Boarder Hoarder, lol!!!! I guess I fall into that category! Mr. C and my Mr. P. sound like 2 peas in a pod when it comes to throwing stuff out! So glad you can take the time to create some lovely cards.

  7. A wonder bunch of cards, oh you made so many , dear Sherry, your fingers must feel tired. And YES I`m smiling over you and your saving / hoarding, lol- you know me, too :-)
    And Sherry I have to tell you , that when we after two years of waiting ,for someone to buy the house, -started really living in our home again, ( and dropped the price a bit ) first then we sold :-)
    Hugs to you, brave lady .
    Dorthe, xxx

  8. I like that! I'm a Gatherer not a Hoarder. I need a new door sign!! Lol. Thanks for the inspiration. The exclamation mark makes a neat i too. Hugs Mrs A.

  9. You got so much done, and the cards look wonderful. And all with supplies on hand- now that is impressive and a good goal for all of us who "collect" stuff. Enjoy the rest of summer- it's ticking right along quickly.

  10. Sounds l8ke you are making lots of sweet lemonade from the lemons life has thrown you. You can certainly bloom where you are planted, especially in your beautiful setting!

  11. It's surprising what we do manage to keep and store that never sees the light of day. Getting rid of 'stuff' feels so good, but there are times when you end up wanting that very thing that you just purged. Can't count how many times I've turned my sewing room upside down looking for something I know I had and then remember that it's gone out in the latest get-rid-of fit. Pretty sure that's one of Mr. Murphy's Laws! Glad your extreme heat seems to have lessened.


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