Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who knew???

"Count Your Buttons Day, October 21
If you’ve been out and about shopping recently, you’ve probably noticed a preponderance of small packaged candy lining the shelves. That’s right, we’re gearing up for Halloween! But before you start counting your sacks of sweets, get ready to count something else…your buttons!That’s right, October 21 is Count Your Buttons Day according to While the origins of this holiday appear to be unknown, the implications are clear to button collectors everyone – take some time to take stock of your collection! If you’d rather not count your buttons (or have too many to do so), why not reorganize them? Purchase a few new storage containers or display cases? Or maybe set a few aside to distribute in lieu of Halloween candy? You never know – maybe a future collector will be trick-or-treating at your door!"

This was found in the Button and Bead emails that we receive.

Oh too bad the picture of lots of buttons in bright cheery colors did not copy through.

What a fun idea…to have an entire day to just count your buttons. We already have days to count our blessings but now we have a day to count our buttons. Actually we Saucy Chicks just had occasion to need and use our buttons and thought how nice it would be to organize them better and really know what we have.

Shall we Saucy Chicks count our buttons? We certainly count our blessings for being creative!


  1. Oh yes, I think that we should count our blessings and buttons at the same time. I believe that a button counting day is called for! Let's plan on it. Saucy Chick Lorraine

  2. I think I have my own Google Blogger account...let's try it...!

  3. Only the Saucy Chicks could get excited and be unable to button up about trading candy on Halloween for handing out buttons! Crazy crafters!! :) Were do you come up with this stuff?

    Hugs, SCM


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