Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paper Scraps, Notebook or Journal???

My desk is always a mess with scraps of paper and notes and cards and rips out of magazines. Everytime I make a note on a scrap of paper or anyplace likely to get lost or cause clutter I tell myself I should be making said note in my journal.
Do I have a journal? Why yes I do, in fact a number of journals. Some of my journals are for specific purposes and they are even labeled but do I ever use them for their intended purpose? Not usually as they are not handy to me at the time. I never sit in one place to write or tear out inspirations. Am I complaining? Not really. I am merely being honest that I am not the most organized person.
From time to time I go through my numerous journals and find interesting ideas. Things I like that I have saved. Quotes that are inspiring to me. Thoughts I have had and are still timely. As I review pages of my books I find it amusing at what I thought was important to write down or tear out.
I am certainly never without a writing pencil or pen as I keep them with each journal or notebook. You can see an example of this in the pockets I added to my journal cover.

This fabric was just too girly for me to pass up. It even has glitter and sparkle which doesn't show up in the photo. I find this totally girly fabric to be very inspiring and realize I should have purchased much more than just enough to cover this notebook.
So are you a paper scraps, notebook or journal kind of person?
I would love to hear how you control your ideas and thoughts before they slip away to never never land.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thank You Dear Bloggers...

I wish to thank you my dear blogger friends. Your ideas and advice have served me well. My days have been very unproductive in the crafting arena, however very full in all other life areas. Mr. C is finally scheduled for arthroscopic knee surgery later this week. He injured his knee about three months ago and has been in considerable pain and hobbling around all this time. Being impaired is definitely not what he likes and has a hard time allowing anything to slow him down. It even spoiled our recent trip to the South. So you can imagine how I have picked up some extra duties to help out. We both are looking forward to ending July 2010 on a healing note.
I have not stressed about blogging nor crafting. I do have a renewed vigor for creating and I shall be doing just that very soon. Meanwhile I picked up a roll of beautiful wallpaper at the thrift store last week. It is vinyl in texture and has a beautiful sheen to it (makes for a poor photo). I covered a manila file folder, splattered some walnut ink on the inside edges and then stitched up the sides with some lace. Next I merely affixed some butterfly stickers and now I have a beautiful file folder to place receipts in for safe keeping. I have it sitting on my desk and it reminds me to listen to my dear blogger friends wisdom.
Thank you each and every one. I am so blessed to be part of Bloglandia where magic is created.
Happy creating...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cloth endeavors...

Lately I have not been in a creative kind of mood. My ideas are lacking and my ability to focus and create is completely out of whack. What has happened? Are my skills on vacation? Have I gotten heat stroke and melted my brains so they won't think creatively? Am I piling up too many projects so I am feeling overwhelmed? If I am doing any or all of these things then why don't I stop and re-focus? I know what I like to create and what my focus should be.
Maybe I merely need to let myself take a break and enjoy whatever it is I spend my days doing for the time being.
What do you do when you have "creators block"?
In the meantime I have a project which is forming in the photos above and will be seen in the future as a finished endeavor. It is utilizing lots of fabrics. So for now the work table is full and calls my name.
Happy creating...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cool and Calm...

This is where I like to sit and enjoy the wonderful pond Mr. C built several years ago. It is so relaxing and cool and calm sitting here...well at least now that I have finished trimming for now.
Our pond that Mr. C built after going to "pond college" is probably my favorite and most relaxing part of our home and landscape. We had a lot of frogs and polliwogs this year and now we are having the tiny little baby frogs as a result. I had to take this photo since I had never seen two froggies sitting on the same lily pad side by side. They are so adorable.

Another photo of them with their own beautiful white lily to enjoy. I have gotten hours of enjoyment from watching the dragonflies, frogs, and other assorted pond critters.

This is just one half of our wonderful pond. I have shared photos in the past so not too many this post.

I do hope you are enjoying your summer and the days of living outside with friends and family and fun and games. And of course bbq food, watermelon, ice cream and lemonade.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creative Cutting...

These are a pair of my scissors that I use for outdoor cutting. These certainly are not my good fabric cutting scissors nor are they my good paper cutting scissors. These aren't even my good flower cutting scissors. Why am I cutting anything outdoors? Well you see I have whooly thyme on my pond patio and it is doing so well that it tends to grow and cover the stones.
This is a super close up to show the tiny tiny purple flowers. I wait for these to bloom and I let all of the assorted types of bees do their little happy dances all over them for at least a couple of weeks. Then I must begin the tedious task of cutting and shaping.

I spend days on my hands and knees locating each stone and then trimming the whooly thyme just so around each one. Sometimes I mis-judge and get too close to the roots but fortunately I have not lost any as a result. When I am done with each cutting session I carefully water and make certain that any seeds are washed right into the cracks between the stones. If I have done my job just right I get the distinct pleasure of enjoying my patio with the soft green fragrant smell while sitting by the pond.
Maybe I will post some photos of the pond next time.

I just love the shadow of my hands holding the camera as I am taking the photo. Some things should not be cropped out. What do you think?
Mr. C says this is like painting the Golden Gate Bridge...once I complete my task I need to start over again at the beginning. It does seem like it grows that fast but I so enjoy it I wouldn't want it any other way.
Happy cutting...maybe some fabric or lace tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Charming Creativity...

In my wonderful world of blogging and following other creative souls I found Michelle Palmer and her super creative pen and ink drawings. She does the most detailed and amazing tiny birds and nests and lots of other cuties. However it is her tiny little mice that I fell in love with.
One morning I got up early and was enjoying my blog reading when I saw this adorable little pink baby dress with the strawberry eating mouse. If you follow Michelle and her art you know it gets purchased as quickly as she can list it in her etsy shop
and therefore I had missed every previous mouse. I was determined I would not miss out on this little pink dress mouse. I ran upstairs for the plastic and whew! I didn't miss this one. I was so excited I was shaking.
Even Mr. C knew exactly what I bought when I said Michelle Palmer. He knew exactly where I would display my newly acquired treasure...on the line he made me in the laundry room. How cheery it is to do my chores with strawberry mouse watching over me.
Isn't this just the cutest?!! My patience paid off and now I have my very own adorable pen and ink drawing. Michelle is so well known and respected that people commission her work. Thank you Michelle for sharing your charming creativity.
I love my little strawberry mouse on the tiny pink dress. This is a true collectible.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Limoges Teacup...

This box was waiting for me yesterday when I returned home after a lovely day of lunching and laughter with wonderful friends. I had not been thinking of receiving any mail so this was a very pleasant surprise. I am continually amazed at the incredible world of blogging and the friends we gather along our journey.
Terri of Artful Affirmations very generously offered this lovely Limoges Teacup as one of her Friday giveaways. Please visit her blog if you are not currently doing so. She is bright, witty and talented. Recently her husband treated her to Paris and she is sharing her trip with all of us.

This beautiful teacup is dainty and feminine and so lovely. I have the perfect home for it and will enjoy it's beauty every day. The colors are as soft and delicate as the photo shows.

I have the perfect spot of peace and tranquility right in the corner of my kitchen. I just love my new teacup and think it is very at home here where it will receive loving care.
My deepest thank you Terri for being so generous and giving and for sharing your world with all of us in blogland.
I am truly blessed.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yummy Creativity...

Yummy creativity is this pie.
Being creative takes on all forms. For me it is with beads, fabrics, lace, ribbons and all things you might find in a sewing room.
This pie is also a form of being creative as it is made with loving hands using ingredients found in a kitchen. I do not bake therefore I did not make this pie. My friend baked this from scratch. It is a mix of berries...rasberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries.
Now this is creativity in the kitchen.
And super yummy especially when served with homemade, hand cranked vanilla ice cream!
I hope you have a wonderfully creative day no matter what medium you select.
Happy creating...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Caramel Cameo Choker...

I have been busy in the studio with needle and thread and beads and lace. I call this Caramel Cameo Choker. The color is between caramel and butterscotch. Vintage lace is handstitched to grossgrain ribbon. Some gold toned beads are added to embellish the lace flowers and encircle the cameo.
Ties in the back with gold toned satin ribbon so it fits all sizes.
The look is very vintage and very feminine. I can see this worn with so many different looks from jeans to velvet. It would look especially appropriate with a Victorian costume don't you think?
I am thinking I should make some cuffs as they are so popular right now. I could make a Caramel Cameo Cuff. What do you think?
There is so much joy in making something with my own hands and stitching loving thoughts into each and every piece.
Happy creating...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Brynwood Needleworks Giveaway...

This is an announcement for Brynwood Needleworks who is having a giveaway to celebrate her 400th Follower. Now that is quite the accomplishment. 400 is like an entire graduating class for all of 2010.
However if you are familiar with Donna and her blog then you will understand completely how she has come to be so followed. Her talents are endless.
I have been in awe of her amazing seamstress talents. Her work is detailed and incredible.
Therefore it isn't easy for me to share this giveaway information with all of you however I do not wish to be greedy. We should all have an opportunity at winning.
I am hoping my title has her link to her blog. I am so trying to learn how to do links in Blogger.
Best of Luck everyone.
Happy creating...

Happy Flowers...

Aren't these just the happiest flowers? I smile everytime I see them. It began with the petunias Mr. C gave me for Mother's Day along with some other potting flowers. I usually do not like to receive florist bouquets because they do not last and are sooo expensive. So the potting flowers were perfect as I can enjoy them for a really long time. The red geraniums and Royal Purple's are so vibrant and in the blue pot just look perfectly patriotic with the flag flying.
I do not know which geranium variety these are however I have never seen such a beautiful varigated color scheme. Oh Grandma I miss you as I should have paid more attention to your amazing knowledge of plants.

This little Saucy Chick is looking over her recently planted flower seeds. Hmmm...let's see if any of them sprout. She does have a couple of volunteer plants she watches over.
Flowers have always been such a bright and happy spot in my life. Here the critters eat everything that is planted so I have just a few on my upstairs deck for the season and they are doing a super good job of making me happy and smile.
I am off to bead in the studio. There is a necklace designing session waiting for me.
Which flower is your favorite or is it too hard to pick just one?!!
I do love them all.
Happy creating...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Red, White & Blue...

I am so proud to be an American and live my life with freedom.
Thank you to all those that make this good life possible.
Today is all about celebrating our beloved red, white and blue country.
Happy, Safe and Sparkly Fourth of July.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Personal Goal...

I have finally achieved a personal goal and it feels very exciting and inspiring and wonderful. Several years ago I made it my goal to have something I make with my own design and hands to be published in a magazine I admire and get inspiration from. I spent lots of time and money and frustration submitting to a major multi publication magazine and was consistently rejected. My items got returned in less than stellar condition after extremely lengthy waiting periods. I became dissapointed after several years of attempts. I never received any feedback or explanation of why my items were being rejected. After so many attempts I just stopped and felt sad.
One day at a major book store I found the most beautiful magazine I had ever seen for jewelry focus. I found it to be very expensive however you always get what you pay for...quality! I immediately subscribed so I won't miss an issue.
I have posted before about Bead Trends and here I am again. This is such an amazing publication and the people who work there are super nice as I came to find out.
This past February I decided to submit one of my necklaces. They do it so nicely that the entire process is easy and affordable.
I submitted "Mint Julep" and it was accepted for the July 2010 printing. Here is a photo of the two page spread it received. Just imagine how thrilled and over the moon I am with this beautiful photography and layout Bead Trends has done with my necklace.

This is the entire necklace as I submitted my photo to them.
I made this with Chalk Green Turquiose, Swarovski crystals and black lace. I do believe I have a very unique design and a lovely necklace. In person the colors are striking and beautiful.

Having set my goals and working hard to achieve them I find I am inspired to continue working hard and see where I go from here.
It is my true honor to be published in such a wonderful magazine.
The amount of confidence I have gained through this experience is priceless!
Thank you so very much.
Happy creating...