Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My treasures...

Here is a glimpse of my treasures. Since I was a very little girl I have always been in love with tiny things and therefore mice. Anyone who knows me knows I love mice and collect them.
These few sit on top of the Mouse House curio cabinet which resides in the library of our home.
The library is one of my favorite rooms as it is cozy and serene and I am surrounded by books and my mice.

This is the bottom section of the curio with the door open so I could get a better photo. It looks rather jumbled but I can assure you each mouse is carefully arranged to my liking the day I set them. From time to time I do rearrange them and of course clean everything, but not too often lest I disturb their happy play.
I certainly won't bore you with all my stories however I can tell you where or who or how I got each and every mouse I have.
A special note is when Mr. Createology and I decided it was time to cohabitate (we are mid-life do-overs) I wondered if I could bring my Mouse House to his house. He doesn't like any clutter or "dust collectors" (I have told you how opposite we are!). It was agreed I could bring my Mouse House along and put it in a back bedroom. Now mind you his house was about three times the size of my house so there should have been no issue of space.
To his credit when we moved the Mouse House across town and it was being placed I was most surprised and pleased when he chose to place my Mouse House curio on a focal wall in the entry foyer so that it greeted all guests as they arrived. It was then and there that I knew he loved me.

This is the top section and you can see how fully packed it is just like the bottom section. Years prior to moving it to Mr. C's he surprised me with five additional glass shelves so that I would have more room for my expansive collection. The only caveat is that I needed to edit some of them and keep the truly special ones. I was able to do so and now you see my more "mature" collection.
Now days I am always very careful to select any new additions by their size and ability to fit into the Mouse House cabinet. I really do not want to edit any out.
Shhh...there are some (read many) who are living in other areas of our home however they are super quiet and Mr. C is not bothered by them at all.
I do have plans for some artistic collages some day with my paper mouse items but no rush.
I also have some fabric pieces to work with but, once again, no rush.
When I was very little and about 2 years old we lived in a tiny little house I can still picture and everyone knew I named it the Mouse House. I did tell you I have been entranced with mice for a really long time.
When I was a young wife and mother I tried having three white mice in a cage to enjoy. That was fine until in a very short amount of time there were not three but twenty-one and counting. Well that was the end of my raising and herding mice days.
Now I merely stick to the collectibles and enjoy them fully.
Thank you very much for indulging me in my mouse fantasy world.
Happy collecting...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom...

As I sit here at my desk and take care of business details I am reminded of the date today.

This would have been the day to celebrate my mother's birthday.

However she has passed on and so no celebration. No cake. No gifts.

Merely a wonderful day to remember all that Mom meant to me.

So I wish her a Happy Birthday in memory and know that she is happy and enjoying herself.

I am grateful that I have her genes for creativity.

I am grateful I enjoy the wonder of the world.
Thank you Mom.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cherry day to you...

Cherry day to you...or I should say cheery day to you.
A card I made and sent to someone just because.
The cherry paper inspired the button cherries with the ribbon stems.
A glitter butterfly just because they bring happiness.
Time spent happily creating.
I do hope it brought a smile to the face of the recipient.
I would like to say thank you to everyone who is reading my blog and commenting. I think I am seriously addicted to reading any comments I may get. I learn from them.
I also get to know you and appreciate your blogs and what you create.
I feel so very blessed to be able to make the things I enjoy, give them to family and friends, and share them with all of blogland.
Each day I think of what I might post and decide if it is something interesting or helpful or entertaining. I have varied tastes and follow lots of interesting blogs that have hugely differing venues and find I learn from each of them.
Focus? My focus is merely to enjoy life and be happy. I am energized by people and events. I am fulfilled by those who appreciate who I am and what I do. I am so grateful for the family and friends I have and enjoy so much.
What fuels your creative happiness?
Happy creating...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Great day for accomplishing...

Good Morning Studio! Wait...who made this mess? Did I leave my workspace in this condition yesterday? I know I didn't finish all my projects but did I leave this mess? Let me check it out from the other end to be certain how it looks...
Oh my! It looks even worse from this view. What was I thinking? Oh well let's just begin and see what we get done today muse. What will we be making today?
Do you ever have something you know you need and can make for yourself but you never do it. You think you can always make it another day. Hmmm...
Let's see we need some wool felt.
No pattern? Okay we can just eyeball it.
Small piece of velcro and ribbon.
Sewing machine and away we go.
It's not very big as it doesn't need to be. Scraps will make it just fine.
This is the finished project. It is sort of rough. Not my best finishing job. Oh yes, it is for me and it is merely for practicality.
What is it for?

Here it is. It is for my Walkman and earbuds. I used to keep them in a small coin purse but this will be much softer for keeping it nice. It is durable and light weight.

I am just so thrilled that I finally accomplished making it. I will be using this and see how I like it.
I also completed another item that I am very pleased with but shall wait to show it another day.
Oh, the worktable in the studio? I did clean it off and it is ready for another day of being creative.
Does being productive give you energy? Does it make you feel more confident?
Happy creating...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good shopping visit...

In our small little town we have a wonderful Hospice Gift and Thrift shop. I like to visit it as I know I will usually find something I need for creating and that my purchases will help a very worthy cause.
This is an extremely popular place and lots of people shop it. If you see something you might want do not pass it up as it will certainly be gone by the next day. I have learned this by missing some key items.
I usually go with nothing in mind as that is when I find something I wasn't looking for. If I am looking for something specific then I seem to never find it and am disappointed.

The other day I was pretty much empty handed except for the little hanky and the brass Eiffel Tower and small book. I would have been very happy with these.
However I turned the corner and look at the bushel basket of vintage sewing trims I found. Seam bindings and hem laces. Each package was merely 25 cents. Being vintage some of the packages were marked 29 cents originally. Am I paying too much now? Not at all. I could not pass these up. I felt greedy trying to hold all of this in my hands. I did leave a few for others.
Now I am well stocked for some new projects. It will be fun to see what I make with these.
What do you like to find at the gift and thrift?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In Sight...

Empty bottles in a bin. Pretty things stuck away in bins. Why not combine them? Set them out so I can enjoy their beauty. When I see them then I can use them and my projects are more interesting.
These are silk hydrangea blossoms I removed from their ugly plastic stems. New life now.
Lavender buds that were stuck away in a Tupperware box that was not only plain but didn't let me enjoy the beauty of lavender, let alone the wonderful relaxing aroma. Now this is sitting on my studio table to give me inspiration.
Oh there is definitely a delicate balance of how much to have sitting around and "clutter" work space. However, I believe that if I enjoy seeing my things then I am happier and therefore I am much more productive.
Kind of like having the sun shine.
Happy creating...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Comfort Angels...

Another batch of Comfort Doll Angels are completed and on their way to be distributed to Battered Women Shelters. I like to make these fabric hearts as they are small enough to hold in your hand or put in a pocket. They can always be with you for the comfort and love they represent.
Fun vintage fabric, sewn and stuffed. A wooden painted face surrounded with beads and handstitched to the heart. This smile is so sweet.
This time I put angel wings using hydrangea silk leaves and a flower. Then a touch of glitter just for some sparkle.
I think I have finally found my favorite template for comfort dolls. This heart shape is truly what this project represents. Love and caring for others.
As you can tell I never tire of donating my time and materials. I feel so fortunate to be able to help others. I would like to think I give a smile to someone who needs one. :o)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Journal of papers...

Journal of papers is just that. I selected some random papers and cut them to approximately 5" x 7". Here you see some lined paper and some vintage Wilson Jones ledger paper.
This page is 1/4" graph paper on the left. The blue is an envelope to tuck in receipts or ticket stubs or candy wrappers (yes I am known to save everything!).

Some watercolor paper on the left and some vintage Vernon McMillan columnar paper which is now sideways.

The right is some note paper from a tablet. The left is some more vintage Wilson Jones ledger paper now sideways.
After cutting the paper to size I then punched holes in them with my vintage punch which is perfect spacing for old fashioned Acco fasteners.
For anyone who worked in an office or bookkeeping world I am certain you recognize all of this.
Two covers cut from some glossy paper in my favorite blue colors. Hole punched and then I tied fun ribbon through the holes. I left it loose so the pages will lie flat for journaling and gluing.
At first I put metal rings in the holes but felt they were too large and stiff. I much prefer the ribbon as it is flexible.
This is merely a journal of papers right now.
Ahhh...but in the future it shall hold many memories of a trip I shall take.
Happy journaling...

Sunday, May 16, 2010


This is another view from my Kitchen and Great Room deck. It is our pond Mr. Createology built himself. He went to pond college and then got busy creating this masterpiece. I can truly say that nothing gives me greater pleasure than this spot of nature and all it's wonder. As the summer progresses I will post better photos of it however for now this is a sneak peek.
Yesterday was the most relaxing day in a long time. It was also one of the busiest days. How could it be relaxing?
We visited with friends at a local open house for a super interesting business that just happens to have set the world land speed motorcycle record at Bonneville Salt Flats last fall. I had not seen the production plant and I love all the equipment and parts and what it takes to produce product.
Then we stopped by a local car show for Mini Cooper cars. They are so cute and quick. I just love seeing what people do to make theirs unique.
Then we went to town where all the super excitement is as Amgen preparations are in full swing. It begins here today in a few short hours. Lance Armstrong is here again folks.
Where are my pictures you ask? I forgot to take my camera along with me yesterday. How thoughtless of me. I do apologize.
Last evening we celebrated Mr. Createology's birthday with friends. We each bring food and that way no one person has all the burden. Dinner was delicious with BBQ Tri-tip, baked beans, potato salad (made from scratch!) and cibatta bread. YUM! Then we had birthday fudge brownies with home made vanilla ice cream. Yes, that would be Margaret who brings dessert. She is a master at desserts...especially chocolate. Lots of eating and lots of stories and lots of laughter with friends. It doesn't get much better than that.
Such a great day. I think we shall have another one today!
How are you relaxing this weekend?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Beautiful Nature...

This is my favorite flower. A simple Johnny Jump Up is the name I like for these. I believe there more mature name is Viola. As you probably already know my favorite color is always blue. I like all colors but blue is my hearthrob. So in my blue planter I had yellow daffodils that are long since done blooming and now to my pleasant surprise I have some volunteer Johnny Jump Ups. They just make me smile. You would have thought I had won the lottery when I saw these few flowers.
Mr. Createology wanted to surprise me for Mother's Day however he couldn't find any of these at the nursery. He thinks he didn't know what flowers to look for. LOL So cute he is.
Instead he bought me all of these:

So yesterday I was up to my elbows in planting soil while I was repotting them. I was so happy! I have these two little pots sitting on the step that is at the french doors of the kitchen. What a wonderful way to greet myself as I come and go. We usually don't ever use our front door unless company is arriving.

This plant stand is now sitting near the kitchen bay window. The top planter is one my sister tole painted for me decades ago. Yes it is faded and chipped but I know how beautiful her painting is and I love to see it with beautiful flowers planted. The middle pot was given to me by one of my friends I have known forever. We used to work together and still stay in touch. Thank you Barbara. :o) The bottom planter is one that I painted in ceramics class. I love the shape of it and have had it for decades. On the deck floor is a small metal "birdbath" planter my friend Margaret gave me and I thought it would be super cute with Lobelia planted in it.

This is an old crock pot liner that I turned into a planter. I have daffodils in it along with some scruffy grassy thing. So for some color I added Lobelia and Alyssum. It sits in the corner which overlooks the back yard.

This plant stand and terra cotta tray sit in another corner which overlooks the driveway and the forrest. I am so tickled with how the flowers all look after I planted them. Once I had cleaned up my dirt mess and watered everything it was time for the big reveal to Mr. Createology.
Bless his heart. He really loves how they look. More importantly he understands how happy they make me. He actually said, "the flowers didn't go very far did they? I should have bought you more." Wow! For someone who never cared before when I whined about wanting flowers he sure has come around.
Did you ask why I don't plant them in the ground around the yard? Well, it is because after many years of doing so and always getting the same result I know better now. We have deer, racoons, huge wild rabbits (jackalopes), chipmunks, squirrels, coyotes, bear and lots of critters who literally eat my flowers overnight. It is heartbreaking so now I enjoy them only on my highest upstairs deck.
Flowers really do make me so happy. I love how beautiful nature makes them.
What are your favorite flowers?
P.S. I still have to stop and let the snapdragons sing and talk with their blossoms. You know what I mean. LOL

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Domesticity...

Today I am taking advantage of a beautiful sunny day and spending it inside my home doing domestic chores. I know this sounds backwards but I get so much more energy from just knowing the sun is shining. I could be outside however I am not so in love with pulling weeds by hand from bark and pine needles.
I am thankful I can do laundry in my Maytag machines and not have to trudge down to the stream and pound the clothes on rocks.
I am thankful I can dust the furniture with modern tools such as a feather duster and other assorted handy throw away lint and dust removers.
I spent time in my studio putting things away where they belong. How on earth does all that stuff get out of it's bins and all over the place? Do I really make that big of a mess when I am creating? Do I bring home that much stuff to add to my overloaded craft bins? It certainly does feel super good when I have everything put away and organized. But then I cannot be as creative until I drag it all out again. LOL
It is amazing all the things I find when I am putting stuff away. Oh my did I buy that? I wanted one of those. Ooh I need that. Wow I love this. These are just some of the things you can hear me saying while I am cleaning my studio and discovering what I really have to work with.
Birthdays are coming and I have some ideas for a few gifts so I better get busy soon.
My etsy shop is lonely and I have some ideas for some new listings so I need to get busy making those items.
For now I shall take a break and have some lunch. I think today will be avocado on toast which I totally love. And an apple will be good. And some iced tea.
Thank you for visiting me today in my little blogland. I adore reading your comments.
I get so much inspiration from reading what you have to say and from your blogs. Thank you!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome Sign...

This is a welcome sign I have hanging on the wall as guests enter their bedroom. I made this years ago and it has served our guest room quite well.
As I am reading other blogs I notice how popular skeleton keys are in not only jewelry but also home decor. I thought to myself how much I have always liked them and why don't I create with them. Aha! I remembered this and thought I would post it.
A nice frame I already had.
Mulberry paper background.
Welcome letter stickers from the local craft store.
Ribbon tied into a bow.
Skeleton key I paid too much for at a local antique shop.
Silk ribbon hangs the frame from the crown moulding at the ceiling.
I want our guests to feel at home when they stay with us. In all the years and all the guests, I have never gotten one comment on it. Hmmm. They love the room, the bed is comfortable, love the wallpaper, love the crown moulding along with the corner pieces and most everything else in the room. Many are surprised when they hear Mr. Createology did all the fabulous work in the room including hanging the wallpaper and the moulding. Don't they know how incredibly handy he is?!!
I suppose the fact that I like my welcome sign is enough for me and so it shall remain.

Monday, May 10, 2010

May Snow...

Yes hello this is May 10th the day after Mother's Day. We always seem to get snow in May and here we are this year. Granted it is not sticking or piling up on our ground as of yet. We are 3400 feet elevation and it has been cold and raining all last night and today. It is now late afternoon and snowing. Big fluffy white snowflakes. So pretty.
This is the view out my front door and looking to the East side. Yes, my house faces North. The builders didn't understand that is not a good idea but they did it before I came along. :o)
This is the same view direction but from my kitchen french doors overlooking the deck. Big fluffy white snowflakes falling everywhere.
The pond is quite full with all the rain. The plants and lawn are fully hydrated. The trees are happy with more water soaking into the earth for them to drink.
This is the perfect evening for baking with the oven on. I think chicken breasts coated with sour cream and crushed Chicken in a Biscuit crackers will be just right. Baked potatoes too. That will keep the oven on for a good while. Then I shall make some simple apple turnovers for dessert. Yum! What are you fixing for dinner tonight?

Fabric Giveaway...

Please go over to www.dianeknottsmusings.blogspot.com to enter her fabulous fabric giveaway. Diane is such a super talented artist. This fabric is actually her design and no longer available so what a wonderful opportunity to be able to get it.
Thank you Diane for such a generous giveaway.
I am off to organize my very busy week as I have a lot to get done.
FOCUS Sherry!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...

A very Happy Mother's Day today.
I am truly blessed with one daughter and two granddaughters.
We have a wonderful family relationship.
This fun and fabulous set of very pretty boxes is my gift from my daughter. I will be enjoying some yummy pears and nibbles. Aren't these colors super cheery and bright. She just knew I would love the boxes and be able to upcycle them after the fruits and treats are long gone. How very clever of her to know me and what I like. :o) Thank you honey.
May each and every one of you have a very wonderful day and spend it the best way possible.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mary Jane Shoes...

Remember last month when I joined an April challenge for Letter Writing Month? We were assigned one special Blog Pal to correspond with. Well, I was super lucky and my special Blog Pal was exactly that...SPECIAL. I still have yet to meet this wonderful lady but I am thrilled to call her friend just from our correspondence. This Mary Jane Shoes scrappy book is something she made and sent to me on the final days of April.
I actually had tears when I opened the package and look through this wonderful handmade book. For someone I have yet to meet to take the time to view my entire blog and realize I am infatuated with Mary Jane shoes and then to honor me with this treasure is quite overwhelming. She took the time to print out the numerous photos I had posted showing Mary Jane shoes. I didn't even realize how many I had shown. These are my green suede ones.

This photo on the left is my newest black pair. The little red Mary Jane is my daughter's from when she was little and I still have this shoe. My grandma had the other one and it sadly has gotten lost through the passage of time and lives.

These two pages of the book show my Mary Jane stamp I am in love with. My wonderful Blog Pal took the time to embellish each page with so many happy and cheerful things like hearts, flowers, lace and buttons. I love them all.

She even took the time to research the history of Mary Jane shoes and include that with the photos. I am truly amazed at how much effort, time and care she put into this book of mine.
Fortunately my wonderful Blog Pal signed this treasure and I shall keep it close to me forever.
Hopefully we will get to meet in person as she does not live too far from me.
Thank you so much for your time and talents and thoughtfulness Miss Blog Pal. I am eternally grateful.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Comfort Dolls...

Comfort dolls ready for mailing to Brenda.
I had been feeling neglectful because I had not made any for a couple of months. Inspiration had not come to me and I try to make new styles each time. The two in the middle back are similar to the previous bunch I made and donated.
Ahhh...thank you inspiration as I made the new heart shaped angels and are very pleased with how they turned out. A soft floral fabric cut and sewn into a heart and stuffed with super soft polyfill. The face is a wooden painted disk and I surrounded it with vintage pearls handstitched to the heart. Then I handstitched a ribbon bow on the back as the angel's wings.
Sew simple and sweet. I will definitely be making lots more of these.
Safe travels to your new homes. Comfort those who will be your new companions.
There are far too many battered women in shelters and I pray some day we will not need such shelters.
If you would like more information please click on the title to visit the Comfort Doll site.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This is a book titled Omiyage and I have owned it for several years. The author is Kumiko Sudo. She is also the extremely talented artist who makes the lovely fabric gifts. I have always been fascinated with small things that are handmade and on the intricate yet simple note.
This butterfly is one that I made several years ago. Beautiful fabrics cut into shapes and then sewn by hand. Each butterfly has hundreds of tiny little stitches holding it together. I tried to do my best tiny stitching even though none of it shows in the finished butterfly. However I know my stitches are beautiful. The green ties are to hold a small pocket closed. I have a glass heart in this pocket for good luck. Since butterflies are the bearers of 10,000 happinesses I made these and gave them to my sisters one year. I doubt they realize how much time and love went into making each and every one of them.

This is a fabric origami bird that is made with simple shapes and handstitched. Once again I made each tiny stitch as perfect as I possibly could just because. These small birds are so simple and elegant when complete. I placed each bird I made in a lovely little nest (purchased) and then gave them to my dear friends and sisters.
I have many more little fabric items I wish to make from this amazing book. The days of traveling and working on small hand projects while captive on a plane are long gone. I have had numerous little scissors, needles and pins confiscated merely because I never even thought of my lovely hand sewing projects being anything related to terrorism or causing harm to anyone. How sad. So now all those hours are spent mindlessly watching some idiot tv or listening to some music or reading until my eyes are too blurry to see through. I miss my tiny little stitches and the amazing finished fabric gifts. When I am home there never seems to be the time to sit and stitch as so many chores always need to be tended to. Yes, I hear the dryer calling me now to have me fold a load of clothes. Oh joy!
How do you like to spend your travel time when you are captive on a plane?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Simple bookmarks...

A new month and a new week.
The days are getting super busy.
The weather is finally nice and people and events are awakening from hibernation.
So much to do and so much to see.
Time must be managed carefully so all can get done.
Here are a few bookmarks I managed to complete.
Scraps of cardboard.
Trusty glue sticks.
Ivy themed wrapping paper.
Music paper.
Tape transfers.
Corner rounders and hole punch.
Butterfly stickers of course.
Pretty ribbon.
I like to have these on hand for the little tuck in gift to send with a card.
What is your favorite go to item when a small gift of thank you or hello or feel better is needed?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blushing Pinks Choker-Lampwork and Lace

Blushing Pinks Choker - Lampwork and Lace. This is my newest creation. Burgundy grosgrain ribbons with Italian lace ribbon and green leaf ribbon all hand stitched together. The lampwork button focal piece is artisan made by Carol Rose. I purchased it a few years ago at our local artisan boutique held Thanksgiving weekend not knowing what I wanted to do with such a special piece. The obvious was to use it as a button on a sweater or something but that never really interested me as I hardly ever wear sweaters. Then one day the choker vision came to me and I really like how it is the focal piece.
I like to hand stitch my pieces together as I believe it is so much more hand created than mass produced. This choker has a lot of dimension with the Italian lace ribbon that is ruffled and stitched atop the leaf ribbon. I also hand stitched some lovely 6.0 seed beads to add interest and dimension. The choker ties in back with soft grosgrain 1/2" ribbon so the size is adjustable.
This is listed in my etsy shop and I would love to have you pop over and take a look for yourselves.
I am so pleased with how this turned out. From my vision to a finished piece.
I see this being worn with everything from Prom dresses to bridesmaid dresses to sundresses to tank tops and of course with elegant Victorian costumes.
What would you wear this with?