Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thread & Bobbin Togetherness...

Without my sewing machine I have been spending time organizing.  Here you can see my threads and bobbins are together.  No more guessing which shade of ecru is on the bobbin.   Writing on my bobbins did not work for me.  I would like to give credit to the inventor however they are unknown to me.  My grandma used to do this sort of thing decades ago however without the fun buttons.

Because I buy the larger spools of thread more often than the small spools I did go and buy longer wooden golf tees.  I used to have a dentist who used wooden golf tees to set my tooth crown.  He would have me bite down on the tee while it laid sideways on the crown.  I trust the golf tee was not a used one.  LOL  Oh where was I...  Yes, the wooden golf tees.  I poked them into a used mailing box for steady holding.  These are some fun wooden floral buttons my friend Ana of Scrappy Pink Corner gifted me with.  Thank you very much Ana Dear.

Using Glossy Accents or any glue of your choice that would work merely affix the button onto the tee top. Let them dry until set.  I didn't add thread to these like the others in photo one.  If adding thread...do it before the gluing.  Now I am ready to keep bobbin and spool together in my sewing cabinet drawer.

I am not making a lot of progress on my Fellowship of the Flowers.  Instead I am enjoying the few I have already prepped for stitching.  Here is a finished project using one of my flowers.  I made a wool felt bag and added the flower for interest.  I blanket stitched it onto the finished bag.  Hearts and flowers are always in season in my world.
We are awaiting a storm which is supposed to bring us some good soaking rain and snow in the mountains. It is chilly and breezy so I can feel the storm coming.  It is time for me to go outside and do a little weeding while I can.  I have the perfect stretch to accomplish this afternoon.
I am enjoying lots of blog hopping.  Welcome to my new followers and comments.  I read and enjoy every one.  I will be busy in the studio when time allows.  I am currently going down memory lane as I sort through some things.  I save every bit of everything anyone sends to me.  I love it all.  I am honored to have such great blogging friends.  I will be surprising someone soon with something.  I do not like to have give-aways on my blog.  Instead I like to honor my faithful followers with a surprise from time to time.  If you have never shared your snail mail address with me and you would like to do so then please email it to me.  My email is in my profile.  You never know when I may send along a surprise bit of mail.  Hmmm...
Enjoy Creating and Making Your Joy Blissful Everyday...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Art Fabric Box...

Before my Pfaff decided to take a much needed rest and maintenance vacation I was able to sew another little fabric box.  I shared some others I made in this previous post.  Those of you who know me realize how much I go overboard when I like something.  I make and make and make.  This time I made one that I put my artsy pens into.  I love seeing them on my table.  They make me happy.  Yes, I am aware that they should be laying on their sides but somehow mine always prefer to be standing up tempting me to use them.

Here is the inside of the box.  I stitched the inside flaps so that they are little open spaces.  Each one can hold several pens where you see the printed fabric and another pen on each side.  And of course the entire inside space can hold lots of pens and fun drawing tools.  Do I draw?  I wish!!  Only in my imagination as I cannot seem to put my drawings down on paper.  I admire all of you who can draw such amazing things.

Here is a side corner view of my little. box. I think it turned out to be about 4" square.  It is pretty sturdy.

How fun it would be to make some more of these and fill them with lots of fun things for gift giving.  Art related goodies, snack food related items, office supply goodies, stationary supplies, and maybe even some fabric fat quarters or threads.  What would you fill one of these little fabric boxes with?  I still think they could be done in those fun masculine fabrics and solve gift giving for men and boys.  How about one filled with Legos or Match Box Cars?  Maybe some card games for the Senior residences.  Oh my brain is on a roll...Easter grass and Peeps...Oh My!!!  They really are quick and easy to make if you follow my previous post that has the link to an excellent tutorial.
I spent Friday at my local Chamber of Commerce and had so much fun meeting visitors and helping out.  I even got to "dress" a front window with Mardi Gras ephemera.  No photo to share though.  My bad.  Our little town does a wonderful Masquerade Ball and Mardi Gras Parade and Street Party.  Here is a link to see more about this fun event.
This coming week we are supposed to be getting a really good storm with rain and snow for the ski resorts. Maybe this will help alleviate some of the massive storms the rest of the country has been experiencing. Thank you everyone for your rain dancing and prayers.  California is still in an "exceptional drought" however we may be able to help at least the short term desperation.  Farmers are not able to plant their lands and that will affect everyone across the nation.
Creative Bliss to All...Lets make something we love!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sad Day in Sewville...

I have been sewing a lot lately.  My sewing bug bit and I have been taking full advantage.  A couple of days ago I found a few minutes and plugged in my Pfaff.  I keep it unplugged in case of storms and power outages even though I have it on a surge protector.  That aside...I was sewing a simple circle of fabric and got the entire way around to realize no stitches had sewn.  Oops!!!  Where was my top thread?  I couldn't find it.
I called Mr. C to rescue me and my Pfaff but several hours and no luck.  We agreed it really is time for service.  I thought it had been about three years.  When I looked up the purchase receipt...October 2004. Nine and a half years!  When did the time get away?  At any rate I called the excellent shop and set up the take in appointment.  March 1st is when we are going to deliver it down the hill.  I will be without for a total of about a month.  I cannot describe how sad I felt.

I do have my very old cheap Singer that I use to sew cardstock, paper, wax paper and other assorted ephemera.  I decided to finish my fabric circles on it.  I won't be doing any "good" sewing until I get my Pfaff back in working condition.  I thanked my Singer for its service through decades of use.

These are the circles I sewed on the Singer.  I am making spare ornaments (click for the tutorial link) for my gift cupboard.  These looked like a stack of crepes sitting there waiting for Nutella.  Oh I better go have some lunch...celery and peanut butter I think.
So this is a Sad Day in Sewville.  I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy.
No rain still.  The sun is shining even though it is chilly and breezy.  Daffodils are blooming.  Trees are blooming...white flowers and pink flowers.  Mother Nature is very confused here in Northern California.
Hope you are safe, warm, dry, and making things you enjoy.  Now I shall listen to my favorite song by Pharrell Williams...Happy, Clap Along.  It automatically brightens my mood and makes me smile.
Creative Bliss and Joy...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mother Nature's Address???

Does anyone have Mother Nature's address?  Or maybe the address for Father Snow?  Here in Northern California are still terribly under watered.  Our drought is extreme and there is no hope in sight.  We need RAIN right here and SNOW higher up in the mountains.  We have grey skies but nothing in the way of moisture.
So...I made some WINTER cards.  I figure my dancing isn't effective so maybe a nice handmade card to beg for water.

Here is a happy little snowman who needs more snow.  See...he is saying, "Let it Snow".

Here is another card that is trying to embrace snow...if we could get some.  Please...please...please...(this is me begging.)

My photos really do not do justice to these cards.  I used a lovely shade of blue vintage card stock.   Then some Winter themed stickers which I had in my stash.  Lots of foam snowflakes that I attached with some lovely snowflake glitter glue.

This was my first card that I created because I like what it says.  "Each day is like a snowflake...A gift from heaven with infinite possibilities."
Now I need those all important addresses...Please.  Pretty Please!  (More begging.)
I continue my prayers for all those across our world who are having extremely bad weather.  England looks like another ocean forming.  Stay safe and warm and dry no matter whether you have rain or snow or ice.
I spent time in my studio today and had lots of fun.  I am continuing to "use what I have".  It is a good thing because I really do have lots of supplies and I am kind of enjoying the treasure hunt finding things I had forgotten or not realized I have.  No plans...just let it flow.  Creativity is Bliss...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beauty Pin Success...

When I see something I really like then I just have to create one of my own if possible.  I had seen Deb of Mosaic Magpie share an adorable vintage safety pin that her Grandmother created and used to fasten on Deb's baby clothes.  Yes, we did survive sharp pins years ago.   My lucky day was when Deb shared a tutorial.  This top photo is one that I made and wore for Valentine's Day.  I can see where I will improve on future pins.

Here I gathered supplies and created some to adorn my little Valentine gifts for a "Ladies Who Lunch" get together.  These were very tricky to make as I crocheted them.  The pins are very tiny and the crochet hook was almost a non hook to capture the crochet thread.  Very tricky!  I should have used Deb's needle method that does not involve crocheting or a crochet hook.  Hmmm...I will try it next.

Here is a close up of my little Beauty Pin gifts.  Inside the organdy bag...See's Chocolate Bars!

Here is a photo (No this is not a black and white photo) of my black blazer with the silver and grey Beauty Pin.  I punched up the outfit with red slacks and a white blouse.  I will be making more of these Beauty Pins. Thank you very much Deb for sharing your heirloom.
We are awaiting a bit of rain that is due overnight.  Mr. C had to drive over Donner Pass today and the storm was blowing in.  Strong winds and lots of dust blowing across the roads.  Up there snow is due later tonight.  Mr. C is now safely home.
I have been spending considerable time sorting and purging stuff!  I just never understand where all the piles of stuff come from.  I seem to attract them to every horizontal surface around me.  It does feel good to fill the "dust bin" and donation bags.  I am also realizing that I will never be able to utilize everything I have and that makes it possible for me to share with others.
Blogging is Bliss and I welcome my new followers.  I enjoy following some blog hops and finding lots of inspiration. Along the way I also find more blogs I like to follow.   This is quite an amazing community.  We share so much creativity.   May you find your Creative Bliss and enjoy Peace and Joy...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Daisy, Tulip & Bluetiful Gifts...

As I shared in this post I am continuing to stitch my flowers.  This is the daisy from January.   Yes I am very behind however I am not worried.  I am taking my time.  Glad that I am because I stitch when the mood strikes me and I never know how I will stitch a flower until I put the needle and threads/yarns in my hands.  I really like this daisy.

Here is the tulip.  I like it however my feeling is that it needs something more.  With no end project in my mind I am not certain what I want to do.  This tulip makes me happy.

 Speaking of happy...this is some surprise mail I received recently.  I have found my "twin sister" through blogging.  She of course is much younger than I, however we must be twins.  Both our names begin with an S.  We share the exact same month and day for our birthdays.  And our husbands each have the very same first name.  Now what are the odds?  I am pretty sure you know Suz and follow her blog Suztats.
She hand created a beautiful card for me and wrapped everything in blue.  Suz has paid attention and knows blue is my heartthrob favorite color.

This is her gift to me.  Hand stitched and hand tatted Suz has lovingly spent so many hours I cannot imagine making me this shades of blue stitch sampler.  I am swooning and ever so grateful.  Finding friends far away that share a love of needle and thread is such a blessing.

The delicate rose fabric is the backing on the blues stitch sampler.  The gorgeous hand dyed blue silk with braiding and tatting is a bluetiful needlebook. The silver flower and butterfly are more of my favorites.  Suz has also added a very special Swarovski Crystal to the sampler and the needlebook.  Thank you sew very much from my heart Suz Dear.  You have spoiled me and I am blessed.
I continue to be amazed by the generosity of bloggers and can only hope I share and return as much as I receive.  
We have had no more rain but some may come in the next week.  Meanwhile magically our frogs have returned to our pond and are singing their unique songs of love.  Daffodils are blooming even though they took quite a beating down with our previous rain storms.  Life is good.  Safety and Warmth to those across this nation who are suffering more extreme snow and ice storms.  Britain is still flooding and we pray for them.  Sochi is wowing us all with amazing dedication of athletes from all over this world.
With Valentine's and Hearts and Love this month of February lets all feel loved and blessed.
You will still find me spending my time in my studio and sewing room.  I am blissfully being creative.  May you be doing what makes you happiest...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pfaff, Sew, La, Te, Da...

First and most important is the fact that it is RAINING here!!!  Lots of rain.  Our pond is full.  The ground is soaking up the rain as fast as it falls and there are very few puddles.  Our rain gauge has overflowed at 6 inches yesterday.  It is RAINING!  Glorious rain falling from the heavens.  Thank You!

I have been sewing and truly enjoying myself.  When I couldn't sleep the other night this title ran through my head.  Pfaff, Sew, La, Te, Da.  It amused me.  I am easily amused.  In my blog reading I saw Martha at Quilt to the Edge make some fabric boxes and I was smitten.  I knew I just had to make these.  Thank you Martha.   Martha also politely linked her source to Tina at Seaside Stitches.  Of course I visited her blog also and was inspired.  Here is my little box I made.  When I prepared my fabrics I cut three sandwiches all with my 12 1/2 square ruler.  Why would I try just one?

Since I made the first one and followed the ladies suggestions and my little fabric box came out very nicely I thought I would continue.  I already had cut three sets so on I sewed.  This time I shortened the sides.  On each of these I decided to use my inner flaps as extra little pockets by stitching the corners down.  Hmmm...I like this one also.

Now I did on purpose what I read was a mistake before.  I folded on the diagonal instead of the straight and got this tray effect instead of the box shape.  I also stitched my flaps on the outside to give more character.  I added buttons to the corners of this tray.  On the boxes I added buttons to the fold over flaps.
This is a very fun and easy project and I am very thankful to both Martha and Tina for generously sharing.

Here are my three little boxes/tray.  The bonus is that they nest...just in case they remain empty.  I have nested them for the time being and put them in my special gift cupboard.  I already know the recipient.
These are great uses for scraps or fat quarters.  The possibilities are endless.  Oh and Joy of Joys...using more manly fabrics I can make trays for those hard to satisfy gift recipients...men and boys!  Wouldn't it be fun to make a tray and include a key chain or wallet or hot rod model car for the enthusiast?!  These would also make wonderful hostess gifts when paired with some food item or bath soaps or ???
Pfaff, Sew, La, Te, Da and I am a very happy girl.
Thank you to my new followers.  May you continue to visit and enjoy my sharings.  Thank you to my faithful readers who comment and give me such wonderful feedback.
February is humming right along.  I hope you are creating and finding joy in all you do.  Creative Blissful Joy...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fellowship of the Flowers...

I would like to begin this post with Michelle of  The Raspberry Rabbits blog in Bunnyville.  If you will click her link she can explain much better than I what "Fellowship of the Flowers" consists of.  I was late to the party and I am still behind.  Part of me has NO idea what I am doing or supposed to be doing but the other part of me is on a treasure hunt and having lots of fun.  Let me explain a bit...

I signed up with Michelle and gathered my supplies.  Wool felt, fabric and some soft sparkle yarn.  I also have threads, beads, buttons and other such ephemera at my disposal.

These photos are completely out of sync but I shall try to show you what I am doing.  This is a cone flower I have completed and as you can see it is not perfect.  However I am fine with it as Nature is not perfect.

So this pile is a lot of time spent tracing my flower pieces onto the WRONG fusible.  I went to two different stores and the second one convinced me this was correct.  NOT!!!  It ruined my wool felt and would not separate from it after ironing per directions.  Lesson learned...use what Michelle so carefully calls out in her directions.  Once I ordered and got the correct "Soft Fuse" it was a dream to work with.  What will I do with all of this?  Well anyone who knows me would completely understand that they won't get thrown away.  In fact I see using them in mixed media...somehow!

Another lesson learned by me.  This is still the wrong fusible so not really terrible...but I ironed it to the "right" side of the fabric.  What was I thinking?  These too will be utilized in some artsy project. So not to worry.

The plan is to create one flower each week.  Well like I said I am behind.  I finally prepped these with the correct fusible and the correct right side of the fabric and the correct felt pieces.  Next I find time to stitch and embellish these.  When you visit Michelle (unless you are participating already) you will see the first project she completed and it is wonderful.  Think Downton Abbey.  Yes, now you want to go look don't you?  This is my first color way and I am liking it.  I have no plans for what I will do when they are finished. I just know I am enjoying catching up and stitching and being creative with my supplies.
Thank you Michelle of Bunnyville for Fellowship of the Flowers.   Your weekly inspiration is cheerful and making me smile with delight.
Our weather is very cold...like it should be for Winter.  However we have had no more rain or snow to speak of.  Tomorrow it is supposed to do both. I am hoping for rain here and snow in the ski resorts.
Making progress as the days rush right on by.  I spent lots of time trying to find my studio table and I actually found a good portion...and then...well we shall save that story for another day's post.
Busy making Happy happen.  Speaking of Happy...I am in love with Pharrell Williams and his song titled "HAPPY".  I don't know where I was when it came out and obviously I haven't seen the movie "Despicable Me 2" but now I can't stop listening to this positive message.  Clap Along...
If everyone just practiced Happy each and every day our world would be such a better place.  Now let's be HAPPY...Let's get creative and make beautiful things too...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fiskars, ATCs, Pillowcases...

Here is a follow-up on my Fiskars warranty claim for my blue handled broken Heart Punch.  In only about one week I received my brand new white handled Heart Punch.  Fiskars remains the excellent company with products and customer service that I appreciate.  Thank you Fiskars.

Here are my lovely ATC's I received in Kimberly's ArtJoyStuff Valentine swap.  I absolutely love my ATCs. Thank you very much Wendy, Liz and Kimberly.  I am never disappointed.

These are six pillowcases I have completed for the Pillowcase Project 2014.  Some of these fabrics are very vintage and extremely soft.  I have gathered my fabrics, cut them to size and stitched them with all the love and care and prayer for each child to know how loved they are and how these pillowcases are filled with healing energy for their safety and  health wellness.  I will continue to make more through the year.
Wow...February is here and we are still missing Winter.  Today there was the slightest drizzle for just a few minutes.  I honestly couldn't even see any rain drops.  Maybe later this week.  It is very cold but with no moisture we had no rain or snow.
Wonderful week to each of you.  May your Creative Bliss be inspired and flow forth.  Welcome to my new and faithful followers.  I read every comment and take them to heart.  Thank you very much.
I'll keep busy with lots of projects I have on the tables.  Maybe I will even finish something and get caught up on my January things I didn't complete.  Creative Joyful Bliss...