Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friends Are Blessings...

 Some people are true angels here on earth.  After my beloved Sasha BooBoo kitty had to go to heaven the loviest lady got busy and made me some wonderful gifts that I shall treasure forever.  These gifts came all the way from AUSTRALIA from Judy of Fabrications blog. 
This adorable wall hanging is a kitty angel.  This is bringing me Joy Joy Joy. 
 Judy even backed it with kitty fabric.  And do you see the wire hanger shaped like a kitty head.  So very clever.
 Included is a wonderful fabric tray.  I can honestly say I am so making these for some upcoming gifts.
Do you see the cat card, cat charms, angel and heart buttons, bookmark, cat note pad, tiny cupcake tote and beautiful beaded flower?  Miss Judy was so very generous.  I am truly touched. 
 And included are some articles, patterns and a scone recipe.  Plus a birthday card. 
Judy is such a dear and she really helped me deal with my huge loss and sadness.  Thank you my dear friend.  You are a blessing indeed. 
Thank you to all my commenting followers.  You did a great job sharing your stories of shopping...or NOT!  I do enjoy each of your comments and always look forward to reading them. 
Nothing creative from me as I am spending my time handwriting my Christmas cards and hand addressing each and every one of them.  In this day of technology I just really enjoy the time and effort I spend on each holiday card I mail.  Do you still hand address your cards or letters?
Jingle Bell Joys...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Finding Nemo Silhouette...

 I am linking with Memory Lane Monday hosted by Donna of Brynwood Needleworks.  A few days ago Donna did a post regarding her husband's silhouette and how she was able to display it. 
I was remembering I had my silhouette done when I was a young girl and I should get it out to view.
As you can see, I found it.  Mine however is in terrible condition.  My mother's home burned down years ago and therefore it has lots of smoke and water damage.  I feel extremely fortunate to even have it after all those years. 
I remember when it was done.  Our family was at a state fair and one of the vendors was hand cutting silhouettes.  I don't have any idea how much it cost but I know my mother got one of each of three of us sisters. 
I was probably about nine or ten here as that is how my hair was at that age.  This photo is blurry but you can still see the incredible detail that exists in this silhouette.  I was so entranced with the man and his little scissors that I could hardly sit still for him.  I wanted to watch him cut that black paper.  When he was all done with the three of us girls I still wanted to watch him cut with his small scissors and his nimble hands.  So...
Just for me he took a very small piece of his special black paper and cut this tiny little bug.  To this day I am amazed at the details he achieved by just free-hand cutting with those ordinary looking small scissors.  I was over the moon when he generously gave me the little bug.  Ordinarily I would not want to be close to any bugs even if they are made of paper. 
Come to think of it...I have a passion for small scissors and cannot get enough pairs.  No...sadly I cannot cut paper into any silhouettes or bugs or anything else. 
It makes me happy to have my Silhouette by Nemo even in the sad condition it is in...frame and all.  You know that it is quite old as I am decades from nine or ten now. 
Thank you Donna for hosting Memory Lane Mondays.  I love reading stories that are shared from the heart. 
Happy Week of Productivity to all in this busy season.  Jingle Bell Joys...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Blogging Friends Mean So Much...

 Do you recognize this handsome fellow?  He is Taggart of Glencoe.  Corgi of Cuteness!  You can follow his antics Tuesdays with Tag.  I was very happy to retrieve my mail one day last week and find Tag had sent me his photo.  Now I can smile each and every time I see that adorable face.  Actually Tag didn't send me the package...his loving mum sent it to me.  Now I know you all follow this gifted lady...Donna of Brynwood Needleworks.  I am so happy to call her my friend here in Blogland. 
This lovely ATC is what Donna created and sent to me.  Thank you dear friend.  Donna makes the most elegant and graceful stitched things.  Her signature logo is acorns so every detail in this ATC has acorns.  The fabric she quilted so beautifully, the focal bubble with the acorn lad, ruched seam binding ending with a lovely silver acorn charm and the sentiment to Count Your Blessings.  This is such a beautiful work of art and I cherish it.  So much kindness and love all in the size of a playing card is truly amazing. I am so very grateful and I am counting my blessings to share Donna as my friend. 
Here in America we are full of or Thanksgiving feast yet I shall continue to be thankful for all that I am able to, friends and so much more.  
Are you a "Black Friday" shopper?  Do you wait in long lines for a special deal?  Are you a marathon shopper with a list of places and items?  Not me.  I prefer to shop when it is less crowded.  I also do my shopping and creating all year long for the gifts I give.  I like to put lots of thought and time into what I give and therefore enjoy it anytime of the year as I see and put together ideas for the people on my lists.  Yes, I do have those last minute things I must get but I still don't like crowds so I prefer to shop anytime (other than) to avoid "Black Friday".  "Shop til you drop" is not for me...
Lots of boutiques this weekend...I may try to attend some of my favorites. 
Stay warm and safe as you rush quickly into this busy hectic time of year...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Counting My Blessings...

This is the time of year that so many of us here in the US have much to be thankful for. 
We celebrate Thanksgiving with copious amounts of turkey, gravy, rolls, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberry relishes, pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie and lots of whipped topping...just to name a few dishes. 
We spend time with family and friends around large tables and in front of televisions watching the Macy's Day Parade and yards of football.  Sometimes a nap is in order...too much food I'm sure.
This is a great time to reflect on all that we are thankful for.  My list is long and I am truly grateful for so much.  I will keep my thoughts to myself at this time and know that I am sincerely fortunate for so many things and people in my life. 
A very Happy Thanksgiving to all my US blogging friends...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Off to the Studio...

 Is this my studio?  Did I leave it in this condition?  I know I have been busy but who made this mess and where is my worktable surface?  Let me walk around to the other side...
 Well this is quite the crowded space.  Where ever shall I work?
Oh here is a small spot I can work in.  I need to wrap some gifts for mailing.  Wow...this table is over 4 feet by 8 feet large and here I am trying to work in about a 1 foot space.  Elves?  No, I see nothing accomplished by elves.  Well, let me work on another project that I might have enough space for...
Printing some business cards for an upcoming boutique sale.  I punched each card with a heart and tied some red ribbon so each card is uniquely mine and maybe the person taking it will remember me and need some gifts in the future. 
Maybe I should tackle the studio worktable and put things away and clear a larger space in which to work.  Hmmm...maybe later as I have much more pressing things on my list to work on and complete.  There is something about horizontal surfaces and me.  They never stay empty.  I always manage to fill them up and pile too much stuff on them.  Hmmm...maybe I will work on this in 2012.
Right now I am so thankful for having my spaces and being able to create gifts.  I am thankful for my family and I am thankful for each of blogging friends. 
Please take time to enjoy the moments and the joys of all we have during this busy season. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

ATC Beauties Received...

 Do you enjoy ATCs?  I enjoy making them, giving them and receiving them.  Even better I love a little surprise Random Act of Kindness in my mail.  This lovely French themed card I recieved from the equally lovely and very talented Dorthe of Den Lille Lade.  The bits of lace and the wooden button really add such detail.  Thank you dear Dorthe.
These little gems came to me from Australia.  Judy of Judy's Fabrications is another lovely lady with lots of talents.  She created this adorable little fabric stocking ornament with beads sewn on.  I adore it and the card with the 3D candle and holly.  Thank you dear Judy.
 Look at this lovely pear.  This ATC is made with napkin applique and enhanced with some beautiful gold leafing which does not show up well in this photo.  Meet Daniella of Layers of Creativity.  I am certain we will be swapping ATCs on a regular basis as Daniella loves making these little works of art.
 This very Thanksgiving Autumn ATC is made by my friend Joy.  She does not have a blog...yet.  Joy is uber creative and has the most beautiful gardens surrounding her home.  I had sent her an ATC just because and that introduced her to this little bit of art and creativity.  Joy is now making beautiful ATCs and teaching her mother, Eva, to make them as well.  They are now looking to swap with others.  I am linking Joy to all the best people I know.  Under the little brown scalloped flap she has stamped swirls and written "Family and Friends" in the most fluid perfect cursive writing.  Thank you Joy...your little ATC brings me much "joy".
And here is Eva's (Joy's mother) gorgeous ATC that she also sent me last week.  I believe Eva fussy-cut the roses.  Remember years ago when we sat with tiny manicure scissors and fussy-cut tiny little scenes and then made framed 3 dimensional pictures?  I loved those.  That is when I learned to turn the paper not the scissors.  I am thrilled that our little creative world shares and allows us to spread all the happinesses that come from such wonderful talented artisans.  Thank you Eva for this little piece of art.  No link here as Eva has no blog, however she does want to swap ATCs with others.
I would be happy to pass along any swap info to Joy and Eva if you just let me know here in comments or via email. 
Blessings and peace as you enter this busy week of holiday preparations...Thanksgiving here in the US.
I am truly blessed and so grateful for the gift of blogging friends and gracious giving.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Gratitude and Peace...

Thank you for your wonderful heartfelt comments on the loss of my Sasha BooBoo kitty.  I am filled with gratitude for such caring and compassionate friends and family.  Mr. C is also comforted with the love of people who understand such a huge loss. 
 So today we are surrounding ourselves with peace and the little things.  Nature is amazing in all its wonder.  I have set out some of my favorite things from nature...moss, bark, rocks, twigs, sea glass.  Each gathered on a simple walk or from our property.  Moments of silence enjoyed with a smile. 
Here I set out some candles just to feel the cozy warmth of the flickering flame.
I am getting back to my daily routines...slowly.   My heart is still shattered and the void will not be filled.  Mr. C and I are closer than ever as we share in our traumotional state of being.
I am continuing to make my lists and check them twice.  I'll be in the studio today and hopefully make something with beads just because I can.   I will try to remember to take some photos to share with you as it may be a creative gift idea for this busy season.
Once again, thank you each for your loving comments and huge hugs of caring.  I am so very grateful. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goodnight Sweet Sasha...

 It is with the heaviest of shattered hearts that Mr. C and I say Goodnight to our beloved fur-child Sasha BooBoo kitty.  After 18 years of being together there is a void larger than we ever expected to experience.
These beautiful flowers were sent from a very dear friend who understands loss.  Thank you Sandy.  We love you.
 I had time to say good-bye.  It is never easy or pleasant. 
 Mr. C spent lots of time bonding and absorbing her as well.  He coined a word to describe the state of being we are feeling..."Traumotional".  Yes, this is traumatic and very emotional.
Thank you dear Mr. C for all you have done for this little girl over the past 18 years.  She was very lucky to have you give her the very best home possible. 
 Her favorite little shelf in the island where she enjoyed her daily fresh shrimp...cut into tiny little pieces please.
Here she is sleeping peacefully on her winter heated blanket. 
I have no words and my tears are flowing.
I love this little girl with all my heart and soul. 
Goodnight Sweet Sasha.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Gifts...

Happy Birthday Sisty.  Mr. C's sister is celebrating a milestone birthday in just a few days and we won't be together to celebrate it.  We live quite a distance apart and this is such a busy time of year.  Independent of Mr. C honoring her day I made Sisty this Origami Pouch in some beautiful fall fabrics with golden highlights shimmering throughout. 
I also put together this necklace and earrings set which utilizes the new acrylic beads that are super lightweight and very popular right now.  I am showing these because Sisty has received them and no surprises will be spoiled. 
My little studio has been quite busy lately as I am certain each of you have been.  This time of year can get so overloaded so easily and so quickly that it is important to stop and take a break from the hectic and just be grateful for even the smallest of things.  I am grateful for having my wonderful sister-in-law in my life.  I am also grateful for my family and my youngest granddaughter who is having a birthday this month.  Happy Birthday Amy.  I have so much to be grateful for and I feel very blessed. 
Now we interrupt this calm to get back to being busy and productive. 
Wonderful week ahead...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bottlecaps and Baking...

 This is a simple and easy gift item I have been making.  Bottlecap necklaces.  Unfortunately I did not contain my making to the studio and therefore I have glittered my entire kitchen table and subsequent wood flooring.  A tablecloth on the table hides the telltale glitter but what about the floor?  I have tried everything to clean it up.  Well at least it is pretty. 
I made a bunch of these for the upcoming elementary school sale.  My time and supplies are merely my donation as the sale price of the item gets donated to the school for expenses to help the kids. 
 Meanwhile this is my front yard.  A huge irrigation project the county is doing.  There is a 1920s water canal system from the gold rush days and current technology is replacing the old metal water pipe with larger concrete carriers that are dug down deep and tunneled under our road.  This is a very controversial project and my neighbors are mostly against it and make it difficult for the workers.  My husband and I realize progress must happen and we have been very helpful even though it impacts us the most as it is on our property.  Of course the NID (Nevada Irrigation District) does have easements to the canals.  We the property owners really have no say so in the matter.  Some have sued and gotten monetary settlement but that merely delays the project and increases the costs to all of us. 
So I spent a day this week baking four dozen cookies to give to the work crew.  You should have seen their eyes light up when they saw the cookies.  One of the concrete truck drivers took a big bite and immediately said, "These are Snickerdoodles!" and took another bite.  Why yes they are!  My very favorite cookie which I learned to bake when I was very young and visiting a relative in a lovely old two story farm house.  I had given the box to the foreman and he was eating one and all the other work crew were way on the opposite side of a huge dug out hole.  When they saw the cookies they literally came running around the huge hole and all the equipment to get to the cookies all while saying, "Thank you!" to me with big smiles on their faces.  Oh it felt so good to have spent a day baking and making the boys happy. 
I continue to make my lists and check them twice.  It seems that for each item I check off I am adding several more that need attention.  Why is this the way it goes? 
Blissfulling sewing, beading, glittering, gluing and getting ready for the holidays...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Surprise Mail...

 Don't you just love to go to your mail box and find a wonderful surprise?  No, I don't mean the spider that scares you who is just trying to get warm inside a safe place.  Certainly not the bills that come way too often!  I am speaking of a package from a friend who sends you something out of the blue.  I love it!
 This is wrapped so cleverly in a sewing pattern tissue.  With a fabric strip tied in twine and a cute little stamped card.  I am totally intrigued...
 There was also a handmade card with a stamped bird design.  Beautiful.  Thoughtful.  Serene.
 I open to find a bundle of joyful fabric pieces.  All random sizes and prints.  Hmmm...
Here you can see the array of fabrics.  What a fun bundle this is.  Thank you Cory Dogwood.  You are the best blog pal a girl ever had.  Please visit Cory at her blog and see what she is up to.  Maybe I will need to find out how she makes her "ticker tape" quilts and use these fabrics to make one for myself. 
Even though Cory has a residence just a few miles from me and we must be shopping at the exact same local crafting store (Ben Franklin) I have never met her and yet we have been blog pals for two years.  I rather like the mystique of being a blog pal...kind of like years ago when I had a pen pal I never met. 
I adore your card and sweet bundle of fabric joy Cory Dogwood and I thank you sincerely. 
My ideas are beginning to churn on what I will do with all of these pieces.  What would each of you create?
Happy week to all...our weather is quite chilly and yet the sun is shining.  Rain is forecasted for the long holiday weekend.  Skiers will be headed up to the resorts and I will be staying home, warm and cozy sipping tea or cocoa.  Maybe stitching something...beading something...gluing papers...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tutorial tried and loved...

 So many times I see some wonderful inspiration and tutorials while blog hopping and I always want to try so many of them that I save them in a "tutorial folder".  Do I ever get back to them and actually try the technique?  Well...honestly...very seldom.  All good intentions and time or laziness or busy or whatever and I just never seem to get back to that folder to really try such wonderful ideas and techniques.  Well...this one was so simple and doable that I actually dropped everything and did it.  Let me link you to Lori of elvie studio whom most of you already follow.
This is my completed piece and I am so thrilled with it.  This really is a "hand drawn look".  Thank you Lori.  You are quite an inspiration to me!
I will definitely be doing this technique again.  Maybe now I will go take a look into my elusive "tutorial folder" and see what else I can accomplish.  It is such a great feeling to actually make and finish something. 
I am busy making my lists.  The holiday season is upon us and I want to at least keep up this year.  I was hoping to be ahead of the game this year but somehow November is here all too fast and I wasn't prepared like I thought I would be.  November is also a busy birthday month in our family.   Not to worry...I will get it all done and what I don't get done I suppose was not really necessary.  This is my coping story and I am sticking with it.  ;o)
Now lets go make something and maybe try a new technique from the amazing array of tutorials available to us here in Blogland.  There are such generous sharing souls here.  Thank you each and every one of you.
May you have a week of serenity and checking off your lists...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ghastlie Blog Hop Winner...

Oh how Ghastlie...I won! 
Have you been following Madame Samm and her Ghastlie Blog Hop the past ten days?  I have and I wouldn't miss a moment of all the action in this Super Ghastlie Party. 
There were 54 participants and each one of them made the most amazing creations with some Alexander Henry fabric collection titled Ghastlie.  No two items were alike and it was amazing.  I got so inspired that I will have to order some Ghastlie fabrics and get sewing. 
Thank you Madame Samm and all participants for sharing your fabulous creations.  I certainly enjoyed this Ghastlie Blog Hop Super Party. 
Okay...I know you are in a hurry to go check out all the Ghastlie items.  See you later...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ATC Swap...

 This is my second swap ever.  The first was for charms and now this one for ATCs.  What an amazing joy to be part of such great gifts.  Thank you Roni and "mom" for hosting this swap.  I am so thrilled with all I received.  This swap since it was before Halloween was two fold...Halloween theme and General theme.
 Here are the Halloween themed ATCs I received.  Each one so amazing and fabulous.
These are the General themed ATCs and what an array of ideas and creativity here.  I know the photos do not do justice and therefore you really must join a swap and be the lucky recipient of tiny little works of art in person.  I wish to say thank you to everyone who submitted and shared so generously.  I will be visiting each of you that I have info for.  Some ATCs did not include any email or blog address so I thank you here. 
I know for certain that when Roni does any kind of swap again I will definitely be participating...after the busy holidays that is. 
Thank you again Roni and "mom" for hosting this swap and doing all of the logisitics and work involved. 
If any of you have not been smitten with the ATC bug then you may want to be.  Quick and easy and ever so much fun. 
Our weather is chilly but beautiful.  I pray for all the Northeast to be back to power and warmth. 
Blissfully creating...