Thursday, June 7, 2018

Moving Update...

I have been missing visiting your blogs.  Life has gotten very busy of late.  After 3 1/2 years we are finally feeling like our home will close escrow the end of this month.  So...we are packing and trying to sell stuff.  Our new home is half the size of this one so not much will fit.  And we are going from our old staid traditional furniture to a new style for us.  It will be exciting to have an entire change of environment and state.

It seems no one wants to buy furniture.  This is a Vintage Gooseneck Platform Rocker that I have owned 50 years.  I have had it recovered twice and it is super comfortable.  No room for it so it must go to a new home.

Mr. C is also selling items that will no longer be needed and that we will not have room for.  This Generator hasn't found a new home yet.

Fortunately this Radial Arm Saw did find a new home.  It took Mr. C and the new owner over an hour just to load it into his truck.  HEAVY is an understatement.  They finally used the car lift to hoist it up enough to get to tailgate height which helped a little.  Mr. C's time was worth far more than the $100 bill he got.

And this weekend we are having the dreaded Moving Sale.  I detest having a sale where people steal and try to get my ten cent on the dollar item for a penny.  Oh well, at least I have purged a lot so the moving truck can roll on down the road.  And this doesn't even reflect the 7 truckloads and 3 carloads I have donated to Hospice, Women of Worth and Cancer Society.  I will be glad when all this is over.
I shall be missing from the computer for a while but I am thinking of each of you and hoping you are enjoying the Summer weather.
Blessings and Creative Bliss...<3