Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve...

A very Merry Christmas Eve to everyone. Here in Northern California it is raining and pretty much washing away the beautiful white snow we had. I think we are down from 1 1/2 feet to about 4 inches on the decks and ground. It was snowing this morning but the rain has taken over. It is very cold and we are thankful to be inside our cozy home with power to run the lights and heater and oven.

I just baked a smothered pumpkin cake for dessert tonight so it smells heavenly. A little whipped cream on top and yummy in my tummy! We will be spending this evening with friends and sharing good hot soup and dessert all around. Of course some presents will be opened also.

I feel a small sense of accomplishment for finishing a lovely purple scarf for a friend. She doesn't know it is finished and hasn't gotten it yet due to the traveling conditions we have had with snow and ice. I know she will love it because she actually bought the beautiful soft, fuzzy, double strand yarn so that she could learn to knit or crochet. I tried to help her however my knitting skills are not so good and we both had struggles. Therefore we tried crocheting and there is where I excell. So, I volunteered to "start" her scarf for her and she could finish making it. :-) Well, after I worked with the yarn I realized how difficult it is with the separation of the two different strands wound together and the ability of the fat strand to split on it's own I just knew she would have way too much stuggling so I just kept on crocheting and getting more skeins of her yarn from her (I think the count is five) and finished it. I did let her see it to ask if she wanted fringe or not and decided she did but not real long. Lindsay if you are reading this and see the picture I hope you love your scarf!

A very Merry Christmas to all.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shoe picture...

Funny...I love to read other blogs and it seems to be the uniform norm to take a picture of your own feet/shoes and then post it so here is mine. Too cute snowmen socks from my soul sister saucy chickie and my snowflake glitter shoes from me to me. I think they are a match made in shoe heaven. I love all types of shoes. I actually would consider myself to have a shoe fettish. When I was a young girl and going to elementary school most of the girls wore their very cute mary jane shoes and I had to wear saddle oxfords every day so that is when and where I think I caught the shoe fettish disease. Now I cannot have too many shoes. I even have bought shoes that I can't even wear but that I have displayed in my dressing room just to gaze at them. And everytime I see them I smile. I especially love red mary janes and think every female should own a pair. I still have one (not the pair) of my daughter's little red mary jane shoes from when she was very little and wore a tiny infant size 5. My grandmother had the mate but through the years and several generations passing on the other shoe has lost it's way. I know this is not very holiday minded but I seriously love shoes.

Jolly on to all...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow pictures...

Here are some pictures of the snow we have just gotten this week.

December Snow...

Hello anyone out there reading this blog.

Here in Northern California we have finally gotten some snow. Our weather has been very dry so far this year and as everyone else knows we desperately need the rain and snow for the water table. We have over a foot of very beautiful white snow. Today it is very sunny so all of the snow has fallen off the trees and landed on any driveways or roads to then become ice as it is very very cold. So if driving (which I am not one to do in this weather) please be extra careful since ice makes a vehicle have a mind of its own!

I did decorate an outdoor Christmas tree this year and took this photo of it before the snow fell. So far my tree seems to be doing just fine as the snow falls off of it. Even the bows are popping back to shape. The CD's are twirling and catching all the light they can so they look very festive.

I will try to blog again very soon. Some holiday plans have changed due to life circumstances so we are adapting as well as possible.

Lots of Jolly to everyone!