Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell 2011...Hello 2012...

 As I bid farewell to 2011 I am reminded of all that transpired this past year.  All in all it was a pretty good year for me.  I am grateful for my husband who supports me in all my endeavors even when I don't follow through like I thought I would do.  I am grateful for my daughter and granddaughters who always keep me on my toes as a mother and grandmother...a lifelong challenge I wouldn't trade.  I am thankful for discovering this blogging medium that I embrace and the wonderful friends I have made and for all they share so generously of their talents and handmade treasures.  Life is good and I am blessed.  Even the trials of this past year have been weathered.  Getting sick on vacation and for the holidays is not fun but I will get well.  Saying goodbye to my beloved Sasha BooBoo kitty after 18 years was the hardest and worst experience and I still miss her every moment, however I know she is in a better place and not suffering.
So in my reflecting over this past year and preparing for the new year to come in a few short hours I was thinking of how I will grow and experience all that is possible.  In 2010 I chose to have a word that helped me be a better person..."FOCUS". I still use that as a learning tool and it has definitely made me aware of so much more each day.  In 2011 I chose the word..."NOW".  As in don't put off til it now.  I can honestly say that this has really been extremely helpful to me this year.  Such a little word but so powerful!
Now as I enter into 2012 I wanted to select a word that would once again mean more to me and help me be that much better everyday.  Hmmm...
 Calm is one of the words I pondered.  I could really benefit from learning to remain calm in situations I cannot change.  Somehow this little word just wasn't what I was really looking for to guide me through an entire year. 
 Magic is a favorite word of mine.  I believe in all things (including Santa and such) and feel that if one has a touch of magic in their lives then they live with a sparkle of happiness over and above the normal.  After all I am a Disneyland child.
And then my word appeared...PLAY.  I am always so responsible and cautious and afraid of everything and mothering everyone to take care of them.  I need to give myself permission to PLAY.  When I looked in my dictionary...yes I still have a print dictionary that I refer to many new word has quite the coverage in the pages of words.  Well!  I like this word and feel it will serve me well through 2012.   
Do you still have a printed actual dictionary in your home?  I was thrilled for my 13th birthday when I received my gift and opened it to find a real Webster's dictionary.  I would read it for hours on end at night when I should have been sleeping.  You see my mother would play Scrabble with me and my sisters and of course she would always win...we were only 8-13 years old after all.  So you can see why I was so happy to get my own dictionary and study it to learn words I could PLAY on that Scrabble board. 
Hmmm...FOCUS - NOW - PLAY.  Sounds like a reward after two years of learning to improve myself.  Hello 2012 and all that you offer for me to experience and learn and achieve.
On a global note...I wish for world peace...why can't people just get along and be happy!  Oops...sounds like my Disneyland fairy tale world I love.
Healthy and Happy and Blissful and Creative New Year to each and everyone...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year Ending Memories...

This is the week between Christmas and New Years and it has always been the week that brings these childhood memories back to my mind.  I have no vintage photos for this post however I am showing current time photos.  My laundry room as it looks right now, including me in the mirror taking this photo.  Lots of clothes to wash and then iron and fold and put away or hang in the closet.  Please note my new little rug that my girlfriend gave me for Christmas because it is so perfect for this room and it mimics my little hanging clothesline Mr. C put up.
 For the memories, my Grandma would never begin a new year with any laundry or ironing piled up.  So, every year before New Year's I make very certain that I have all of our clothes clean and ironed.  This little bottle stopper is actually from my mother who used it on a Coca Cola bottle to sprinkle the wrinkled clothes that she then would roll and place in the freezer to iron later.  When she did her ironing I remember her sitting on a chair in the closet door opening and ironing all the clothes on a mangle iron that sat in the closet.  I have never used one but I think it would be great for linens and flat things.  Fortunately I have always liked to iron.  Thank you Mom and Grandma for that. 
Looks like my supplies are all here and ready for my marathon week of laundry and ironing before New Years.  Midnight comes very quickly some years and I am still frantically ironing.  This year I hope to be finished and relaxing when midnight strikes bringing in 2012. 
Thank you Donna for hosting Memory Lane Mondays (which can last all week since I am late).
I am very thankful for this childhood memory.  I can only imagine how much would pile up and never get done if I didn't follow tradition and complete my laundry before the new year.
Gentle week to all...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear Santa...

 Please define "good".  All year long good is what I thought I was being...doing...achieving...hmmm...
I have checked my lists, mailed my cards and worked ahead so Mr. C and I could take one week before Christmas as a well earned vacation.  Go someplace we had never gone.  Some place warm...
 Here we are.  Warm, tropical and a place to relax and let the year's pressures and exhaustion fade away.  A place to renew our spirits and strength...
 Lush tropical destination.  Oh yes!  Here we are in Maui.  We arrived in a rain storm with wind that never let up the entire week.  The rain did give way to sunshine.  Everyone said just take shorts and flip-flops.  Glad I packed for the North Pole as I was cold at all times.  Please turn off the wind machine. 
 Day two of our eight day tropical paradise vacation.  We had been told we would find our very own "special" place together.  Little did I dream it would be the Maui Urgent Care center.  Mr. C getting a breathing treatment.  He doesn't have Asthma but he does get Asthmatic Bronchitis and it is miserable.  We have been through this many times over our years together. 
Now we visit the local pharmacy to retrieve three prescriptions for Mr. C.  Did I mention it is the week before Christmas?  Even the pharmacy is in the spirit.  We certainly helped the local economy with our visits. 
One day later here I am on vacation in Maui.  I would end up at Urgent Care two more times for me.  Also visited the local pharmacy twice more for a total of 9 prescriptions.  Upper respiratory with ear and sinus infections.  Bronchitis that racks the body and leaves you gasping for a breath...any breath so you can continue to cough.  This is how my week in Maui continued.  Flying home was long and painful.  The doctor said, "No swimming"...good as I don't do water.  He also said, "No wind"...bad as it was some freak weather storm all week long with miserable wind everywhere.  Going outside was not good for me.  But to go to Maui and stay in bed was not the vacation I had envisioned!
We arrived in Maui with rain and then from our balcony we saw this rainbow which was beautiful.  I did enjoy watching the world pass along.  I did see at least a partial rainbow every afternoon. 
So Santa...please define, "good".   I need to do a better job beginning NOW! 
Who would have thought chocolate brown would look so elegant on a Christmas tree.  In person this was stunning.  Just green, gold and chocolate brown.  Delicious!  Merry Maui Christmas!!!
Mr. C and I are home.  We are both recuperating.  We are opening our mail and enjoying cards and letters from so many friends and family.  May you each have a wonderful holiday weekend...
Presents to wrap...friends to get together with...daily chores...oh yeah!  I am thankful to be on the road to recovery. 
Please take time to sip some tea, enjoy what you are doing and most of all stay healthy...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dashing December...

December is certainly dashing along...thankfully not in the snow.  This month has been very disconnected for me as Mr. C has been out of town helping a friend.  The last two weeks I was with him and staying in strange hotels, on the road and eating all the wrong foods in restaurants.  The very first week his computer battery charger died and that was bad as he needed it for the daytime and I was going to use it for the evenings to stay in touch with my blogging friends.  I am here to contest to the fact that Murphy's law has not been repealed!
Fortunately while sitting in my hotel room day after day after day I was able to prepare my Christmas cards and get them mailed.  Luckily I had begun in August and made my little gifties I was mailing.  The top photo is of some fabric I purchased and knew exactly what I would make with it.  Postcards.  I did add some red glitter bling before mailing them. 
This is one way that I like to send a gift.  Attached to a card and then wrapped in tissue for mailing.  I can show these now because I know the recipient received them and really likes the pink hearts. 
 I made a couple more Origami bags out of this fun girly fabric that jumped into my cart one day at the store. 
 I lined one with this fun zebra fabric.
The other one with the cheetah fabric.  Both turned out pretty with the red ribbon and button accents.  Filled with some little items and some moolah my granddaughters each liked them.  They are young adults but still girly after all.
I was feeling very disconnected while gone because I never seemed to accomplish anything...especially creative.  Even shopping can fill a void for only so long.  And believe me the shopping where I was...well let me just be polite and say it lacked a lot! 
No settling in by the fire for me.  Mr. C has come down with a bug and he is trying to share it with me.  There were tons of people sick everywhere we went and I really tried to stay on top of the sleep and pre-meds. 
I am doing my best to stay current with each of you and the beautiful things you are making and decorating your homes with.  I have lots of mail to get through and I feel so fortunate because I can see some really interesting envelopes addressed to me. 
Thank you to each and every one for your patience with me this December.  I can positively say that January 2012 will be a very good beginning to a wonderful new year. 
Jingle Bell Hugs to each and every fabulous friend in blogland...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


No internet...missing everyone! DRAT!!!