Friday, March 30, 2018

Granddaughter Amber's Wedding...

My Granddaughter Amber and her husband Steven at Laguna Beach CA for their beautiful wedding.

My beautiful Granddaughters Amber, the Bride, and Amy the Maid of Honor.

Amber and Steven combining their sand to become one and never to be split apart.

Cutting the cake.  And not making a mess of one another with their first bite.  The cake was super delicious and thank you Carol for your generous loving gift of baking, decorating and donating.

Their dance.  No photo of Adam the DJ who did a remarkable job and drove to Laguna Beach to play guitar for the wedding ceremony.  Thank you are the best!

Amber and Steven may you always be this happy together!  Congratulations and welcome to our family Steven. 
I was so fortunate to fly to Orange County for this wedding.  My daughter Jenifer took excellent care of me and treated me first class from landing to take-off.  I had my first Uber ride in the Executive Premier class to Laguna Beach.  I ate Sushi and discovered I like Eel Sauce.  My daughter replenished my Do-Terra Essential Oils supply.  I was treated to a murder mystery at the Modjeska Playhouse which I enjoyed very much.  I am truly grateful for the time I was able to spend with my girls.  We live 500 miles apart but it seems like a million.  Thank you for taking such good care of me!
On the home front we are having Showing #19 this afternoon.  No valid offers yet, however I must remember we are only listed for just over a month and Tonya, our agent extraordinaire, is doing a stellar job of marketing and being available.
The Sun is shining and the temps are mid-70F.  March is ending with a gorgeous Blue Moon.  Happy Hoppy Easter to those who celebrate.
Wedding Bliss Blessings...

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Camping Themed Pillowcase...

Earlier this year Mr. C nd I were invited to a fun grown up Camping Birthday Party.  It was held indoors due to weather concerns.  So, knowing the comforts we adults prefer, I thought of a pillow.

I found some fun camping themed fabrics and a nice coordinated solid to compliment the band of the pillowcase. 

I have made many of these in the past.  Mostly when I made them for children in the hospital.  This is referred to the "Burrito Pillowcase" and here is a link to a wonderful how to by Jenny Doan.  Very easy to sew.

And just like magic the burrito becomes...

Here are the three fabrics I used.  It is beginning to look like a pillowcase...

Viola!  A completed pillowcase.  All ready for an adult camping event.  Great gift idea for any occasion and you can make them any size from very small to very large.
We had Snowmagedden last week and for five days straight it snowed and we shoveled, broomed, snow blowed and bladed.  All total we had about 2 feet.  Now it is rain and helping to wash away the snow.  I hope our water table for Northern California is happier.  The ski resorts are certainly happy.  Tragically there were some avalanches and some people got saved, some got saved though injured and a couple people did not survive.  Always the danger when there is such a lot of fresh snow. Prayers for safety for all.
March came in like a Lion and the days are roaring quickly by.  Spring is closer every day!  Yay!!!