Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Finally Moving Forward...

If Blogger is working correctly...I shall try to post this on my blog.  So many of my followers have been very patient with me over the last three years as Mr. C and I have struggled to move out of California and I am very grateful for each of you.  Here is our previous home in Northern CA.

In late June we were finally able to realize our dream and move out of CA to St. George Utah.  We have changed our entire environment and lifestyle.  From the forest to the desert.  Think Zion National Park and you will understand our amazing views...directly from our new-to-us home.

We traded our beautiful pond that Mr. C went to Pond College and built from scratch for this water feature right in our own backyard.  Of course Mr. C is having to rebuild most of it due to a lack of TLC.  In fact, our home is in need of lots of TLC.  It has been a second home with very few visits from the owners who live in Park City Utah. They bought a larger home in this same development as their family has grown over the past seven years.  Our fortunate chance to now own this home.

Our previous view in the forest of Northern CA.  We pray for all of CA and the many fires that affect so many people and animals. 

This is our current view right from our courtyard.  This photo does not do justice to the beauty of Mother Nature and her Wonders.  The Red Cliffs are spectacular.  I feel at peace here.

This is the development Mr. C wanted to be in and through his diligence we are finally here and loving it.  Thank you for following along.  I shall continue to blog if Blogger will cooperate.
Summer is waning and August is passing all too quickly.  Schools are back in session.  Life is Good and we are Blessed. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Moving Update...

I have been missing visiting your blogs.  Life has gotten very busy of late.  After 3 1/2 years we are finally feeling like our home will close escrow the end of this month.  So...we are packing and trying to sell stuff.  Our new home is half the size of this one so not much will fit.  And we are going from our old staid traditional furniture to a new style for us.  It will be exciting to have an entire change of environment and state.

It seems no one wants to buy furniture.  This is a Vintage Gooseneck Platform Rocker that I have owned 50 years.  I have had it recovered twice and it is super comfortable.  No room for it so it must go to a new home.

Mr. C is also selling items that will no longer be needed and that we will not have room for.  This Generator hasn't found a new home yet.

Fortunately this Radial Arm Saw did find a new home.  It took Mr. C and the new owner over an hour just to load it into his truck.  HEAVY is an understatement.  They finally used the car lift to hoist it up enough to get to tailgate height which helped a little.  Mr. C's time was worth far more than the $100 bill he got.

And this weekend we are having the dreaded Moving Sale.  I detest having a sale where people steal and try to get my ten cent on the dollar item for a penny.  Oh well, at least I have purged a lot so the moving truck can roll on down the road.  And this doesn't even reflect the 7 truckloads and 3 carloads I have donated to Hospice, Women of Worth and Cancer Society.  I will be glad when all this is over.
I shall be missing from the computer for a while but I am thinking of each of you and hoping you are enjoying the Summer weather.
Blessings and Creative Bliss...<3

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Lotus Club Breakfast...

On the Saturday before Mother's Day Mr. C and I hosted our Sacramento Lotus Car Club at our home for Breakfast before they continued on their day of cruising to Malakoff Diggins and Downieville for late lunch at the St. Charles.  It was a gorgeous day in the Sierras.

Of course I neglected to take any before photos of the foods offered.  I made several different quiches and a hash brown cheese ham casserole and orange French Vanilla and Chocolate muffins.  We also had fresh fruit, croissants and bagels with fixings.  Of course I forgot to put out the deviled eggs I prepared.  I don't believe anyone left hungry. I also had waters and home baked chocolate chip and oatmeal craisin cookies bagged for their drive.

It was a wonderful get together and all seemed to be very comfortable and grateful for the food and surroundings.

Mr. C and I did not go on the drive as we had a day of critical appointments to deal with.

I love seeing all the amazing cars in our driveway.  Lotus Elises, Evoras, and an Exige along with a Miata, Acura NSX and of course Clara our vintage Rambler.

Here they are heading off to Malakoff Diggins and Downieville.  The reports were all very positive and everyone enjoyed their day of play.
Spring is here in all her blooming glory.  Last night we had quite the thunder rain storm.  So nice to have fresh rain water to give the plants a much needed drink.
I hope each of you are enjoying your Spring.  Blessings and JOY...<3

Monday, May 14, 2018

Crazy Quilt ATC Swap...

Some time ago I participated in a Crazy Quilt (CQ) ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap through Pam Kellogg and her Kitty and Me Designs blog.  Pam also creates a wonderful CQ magazine.  Please check her link for full information.  I am new to CQ and this tiny size (2.5" x 3.5") was daunting at first.  This "Key to Anywhere" ATC I received from Denise Waterfield, Ohio.  Thank you Denise...I love it.

When I was stuck on how to begin, my blog friend Renee Younger, Oregon blogged tutorials which were so very helpful and took the fear out of beginning.  This "Spring Tree" ATC is actually created by Renee and I feel so fortunate to have received this in the swap.  Thank you Renee...I love it.  Renee's blog is http://monkeyandmutt.blogspot.com/

I submitted two ATCs and unfortunately I cannot find my pictures.  Pam notified me that I had a winning entry and therefore I received this bonus CQ ATC from Mary Anne Richardson of Ontario Canada.  Mary Anne is an amazing CQ artist and her blog is http://magpiesmumblings.blogspot.com/
Mary Anne was very helpful and encouraging in my CQ ATC journey.  Thank you Mary Anne...I love it. 
This CQ ATC swap was sew much fun and I hope to participate in the future when the opportunity comes again.  Thank you Pam for hostessing and organizing this.
On a personal note, I can only say California is the most difficult state to experience an escrow to sell a home.  May I merely say I almost wish I had not announced anything because every day is a trial in patience and perseverance on our part.  I need sleep and peace of mind...Please!
Our weather is glorious and Mother Nature is showing her best growing and blooming trees and flowers.  The sun is shining and the sky is blue.  I am grateful for this.  Creative Bliss My Friends...<3

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Merry Month of May...

My oh my the days, weeks and months are quickly passing.  We are now in full Spring season and the flowers and trees are in glorious growth and buds.  As many of you know Mr. C and I have been trying to sell our home and move out of California.  Well...if you all promise to cross your fingers and send good positive thoughts I can say we are in escrow.  Our buyer however has the right to cancel clear up to her 60th day of escrow and not forfeit any of her deposit.  We have lived here and built our dream home with lots of blood, sweat, tears and money however it is time to move on.

It is time for us to change our lifestyle and minimize our workload.  Our Sunset years are upon us and we wish to enjoy them fully.  These last 20 years we have enjoyed living in the forest and being close to Lake Tahoe and the beauty it offers.

Now, with God willing, we are wanting to live here in Southern Utah very close to Zion National Park.  The surroundings are stunning and we will have amazing days of exploring all the wonders of Nature.  I have linked Zion for you to see what I am talking about.

This might be our view.  We both love this and really hope and pray our home will close escrow and allow us to stop living in limbo for the past three years.  And none of you faithful friends and followers will have to listen to me moan about selling woes.  I am so grateful to each of you who have been so supportive and encouraging.  Blessings and enjoy every day with Creative Bliss...<3

Friday, April 20, 2018

Sunny Outdoor Vignettes...

It is a gorgeous Sunny Friday here in Nor Cal at our Home For Sale.  As part of the staging process for showings, I set some vignettes outdoors...when the sun is shining.  This is the table setup for the kitchen and great room deck.  There are 2 sets of double French doors leading out to this deck and it is perfect for entertaining.  As you can see, I am not fancy.  Melamine plates and plastic ware.  Lovely fabric napkins courtesy of my dear friend Donna of Brynwood Needleworks.  I feel like Spring is finally here.  The lemons are brown wooden ones I painted and I am loving them and the money I am saving from not buying fresh ones each week.

Same deck with my tea cart and some beverage glasses.  Nothing matches and that is because we are going for color to draw people outside the house.

This patio is directly outside my Studio French door.  I love the simplicity of this vignette.  The bench is hand made by Mr. C and very sturdy.  You might say I have a bird theme going on with the pillows and another set of fabric napkins from Dear Donna.  Thank you my friend.  I smile every time I set out these vignettes.

A simple Mason Jar for a cool beverage break while out gathering weeds or pine needles or maybe reading a book.  Now that will be refreshing!

Down at the Pond, which Mr. C built after he went to Pond College, I have another simple vignette.  There used to be two lovely teak benches but time and weather were not kind to them and they fell apart.  So I merely bought the dreaded plastic Adirondack chairs and we actually love them for ease of moving, cleaning and sitting in.  More bird themed pillows.

I have a piece of granite sitting on a large vase and it makes a handy table.  More of Donna's bird themed napkins and a pitcher to fill glasses.  Sipping away the afternoon while enjoying the froggies and the birds serenade us.  Life is Good and we are Blessed.
I shall close for now as I am busy with household chores like laundry.
May each of you begin to have Spring and enJOY the most glorious green leaves and colorful flowers and birds, butterflies and froggies.  We also have hundreds of caterpillars doing whatever they are doing...crawling, climbing and just being everywhere.  Spring Smiles...<3

Monday, April 9, 2018

Sears Point Sonoma

This past weekend we left the deluge of rain and drove to Sonoma California to enjoy the CSRG Vintage Auto Races at Sears Point Raceway. Our weather was gorgeous and the rain stayed away.  The track gets very windy so it was cool and we bundled up.

Mr. C was enjoying his weekend watching the club racers drive this historic track.  In fact in his racing days he drove this track and it is one of his favorites.  I know he is wanting to get back into racing and this group of folks is very friendly and enjoy racing their vintage automobiles.  However for us the logistics of buying a car and all of the equipment necessary is not feasible at this time while we are hoping to sell our home and move out of state.  And a big Happy Birthday to Mr. C this April 12th as he turns 75.  Another reason this CSRG club is right due to many others who are this age.

If we could wave a magic wand this is the car Mr. C would like to own and drive.  An amazing Chevron that is wicked fast.  Danny Baker owns and drives it very well.  It is always good to have a dream and a goal.

My pictures are not good but I at least got the cars in the frame.  We were way up on the top of a hill at the back of the track.  The views were awesome.  And you can see the hills are emerald green.

Yes, I was there and bundled up.  The wind really blows up on the hills.  Gorgeous days and we enjoyed visiting with friends who are drivers and meeting and chatting with so many of the club members. 
What hobbies do you enjoy?  We love Formula 1, Indy, Club Racing and so many others.
I am enjoying the longer sunshine each day.  We still have rain predicted for a couple days this week. All the new Spring growth will be very happy.  Flowers blooming and trees budding.
I would like to share something creative however I haven't done anything worthy of sharing.  I barely have time to keep up with all the Random Acts of Mail, Love Notes Fairy mail and this month of April that is National Letter Writing Month.  This year I am only participating in NLWM unofficially. Last year it got too crazy for me and I mailed about 300 pieces across this world.  No time or extra money for that this year. 
Happy Birthdays to my Sisters Joyce,  Marie, lots of friends and my dear husband.  Let us Celebrate and eat CAKE!!!  <3

Friday, March 30, 2018

Granddaughter Amber's Wedding...

My Granddaughter Amber and her husband Steven at Laguna Beach CA for their beautiful wedding.

My beautiful Granddaughters Amber, the Bride, and Amy the Maid of Honor.

Amber and Steven combining their sand to become one and never to be split apart.

Cutting the cake.  And not making a mess of one another with their first bite.  The cake was super delicious and thank you Carol for your generous loving gift of baking, decorating and donating.

Their dance.  No photo of Adam the DJ who did a remarkable job and drove to Laguna Beach to play guitar for the wedding ceremony.  Thank you Adam...you are the best!

Amber and Steven may you always be this happy together!  Congratulations and welcome to our family Steven. 
I was so fortunate to fly to Orange County for this wedding.  My daughter Jenifer took excellent care of me and treated me first class from landing to take-off.  I had my first Uber ride in the Executive Premier class to Laguna Beach.  I ate Sushi and discovered I like Eel Sauce.  My daughter replenished my Do-Terra Essential Oils supply.  I was treated to a murder mystery at the Modjeska Playhouse which I enjoyed very much.  I am truly grateful for the time I was able to spend with my girls.  We live 500 miles apart but it seems like a million.  Thank you for taking such good care of me!
On the home front we are having Showing #19 this afternoon.  No valid offers yet, however I must remember we are only listed for just over a month and Tonya, our agent extraordinaire, is doing a stellar job of marketing and being available.
The Sun is shining and the temps are mid-70F.  March is ending with a gorgeous Blue Moon.  Happy Hoppy Easter to those who celebrate.
Wedding Bliss Blessings...

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Camping Themed Pillowcase...

Earlier this year Mr. C nd I were invited to a fun grown up Camping Birthday Party.  It was held indoors due to weather concerns.  So, knowing the comforts we adults prefer, I thought of a pillow.

I found some fun camping themed fabrics and a nice coordinated solid to compliment the band of the pillowcase. 

I have made many of these in the past.  Mostly when I made them for children in the hospital.  This is referred to the "Burrito Pillowcase" and here is a link to a wonderful how to by Jenny Doan.  Very easy to sew.

And just like magic the burrito becomes...

Here are the three fabrics I used.  It is beginning to look like a pillowcase...

Viola!  A completed pillowcase.  All ready for an adult camping event.  Great gift idea for any occasion and you can make them any size from very small to very large.
We had Snowmagedden last week and for five days straight it snowed and we shoveled, broomed, snow blowed and bladed.  All total we had about 2 feet.  Now it is rain and helping to wash away the snow.  I hope our water table for Northern California is happier.  The ski resorts are certainly happy.  Tragically there were some avalanches and some people got saved, some got saved though injured and a couple people did not survive.  Always the danger when there is such a lot of fresh snow. Prayers for safety for all.
March came in like a Lion and the days are roaring quickly by.  Spring is closer every day!  Yay!!! 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Black Cork Treats...

On this last day of February I am sharing Black Cork with you.  My blog friend Donna of Brynwood Needleworks sews the most wonderful creations.  I decided it was time to treat myself to this gorgeous Grab and Go Crossbody Clutch.  I actually had a special need for it at an annual high end car collection meeting and dinner.  I wanted my hands free and I wanted no chance of touching any priceless vintage automobiles with any purse.

These are the accessories I added to my request.  I put mints in the small case shown on the left.  The larger case on the right is what I put my Driver's License and credit cards into.  It works beautifully.

This Wristlet Clutch is another treat and I wanted it to use for those times when I just need a few items.  Phone and ID and lipstick.  I love the handy size and convenience of this.

Donna also sewed a new larger card case for my Blue Cork Clutch I already own. It works perfectly.  Thank you sew very much Donna for accommodating my wishes and creating exactly what I wanted.  Your workmanship is perfection.  I highly recommend anyone to click her link and see the amazing things she creates.  Yes, it is quite okay to treat yourselves!
February has just a few hours left.  We have had mild and gorgeous weather...until...Sunday night. It snowed and iced and made a mess of everything.  Two showings had to be canceled for Monday.  And our Open House on Tuesday had to be canceled due to the weather.  Heartbreak for us and for our lovely broker who worked very diligently towards this Open House including mailing out 260 personal invitations.   Mother Nature is due to dump more snow and ice on us tonight and right on through Saturday.  Mr. C worked so hard to shovel and snowblow and broom everything to no avail.  He fell several times on the ice and I am grateful he didn't hit his head or break anything when he fell on the slate steps.  No complaining here about the weather because we need the water table so badly.  Northern California had a five year drought and we do not need to experience that again any time soon.  So we put our planning on hold and stay positive and continue to work towards our goal.
Safe and Warm at least we have a roof overhead.  Prayers for all affected by bad weather.
March will come in like a Lion and hopefully leave like a lamb.  Blessings and Love to each of you...