Monday, November 29, 2010

Quick Christmas Doily...

This is a quick and easy Christmas doily.
Size is approximately 14 inches in diameter.
I used a fun Christmas fabric, felt for the backing, fusible fleece interfacing to give it substance and a fun flirty ribbon ruffle.
You can machine stitch all layers together.
I choose to handstitch the ruffle on just so the back stayed smooth.
This makes a nice protector for any holiday table.
This could be used for a centerpiece with a lovely clear glass vase or candlestick.
How would you use something like this?
Happy Holiday Creating...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fun Fabric Cuffs...

Here are some of my finished projects...Fabric Cuffs. I had fun making these. This one is black and light/white and has some adornment pearls sewn on each side.
This is a soft color combination of taupe, browns and off-white. I made these to self fasten with easy snaps. There are more photos of these online in my shop.

This is probably my favorite as it is black and a bit frilly. Romantic comes to mind when I see these fabric cuffs. Great wardrobe enhancer that looks wonderful with casual to dressy.
I have listed these in my etsy shop if you need an affordable gift for yourself or someone else. Please take a look and see if you think of anyone on your Christmas list to give one to.
I am making more of these to give as gifts to some on my Christmas list.
Thank you for indulging me with my self-promotion.
Have you worn any fun fabric cuffs? This is sort of like the prom flowers for your wrist so your dress or bare skin didn't get stuck with a pin.
Happy creating...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Button Bookmarks...

Button Bookmarks are very easy to make. I had made some and then discovered them in this button book.
I like to use grosgrain ribbon due to it's strength to hold up the weight of a button or two. You really could use any ribbon and either double it or sandwich it with some fusible interfacing. This bookmark actually has buttons on each side of the top. A plain side and a fancy side if you like. It isn't necessary to put buttons on both sides as it tends to make the bookmark too top heavy.

These fun pink bookmarks are merely folded over about an inch on the top and have a couple of fun buttons stacked and tied with twine or ribbon or crochet thread.

This one appears to be my favorite. I used some ribbon that my sister had wrapped my birthday present with. The fun flowers are perfect with this color combination.

I think once you get started you will find a ton of ideas just flood forth. The combinations are endless and the time is minimal for each bookmark. This would even be a good fundraiser item. Now I hope you will see your ribbons and buttons in an entirely new dimension.
Now back to the studio for more creative ideas. This is the season for lots and lots of gift giving and I am one who loves to give handmade gifts. Our family always believed those were the best gifts to give. Lots of time and thought and love put into each and every gift made.
What are you making?
Happy creating...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Warm & Plentiful Thanksgiving...

Do you see this wonderful wooden chair with all of it's character?
Well come sit down a spell.
I am certain you will enjoy your Thanksgiving so much more if you take a break, breathe and enjoy the sights and sounds and smells of this wonderful day of giving thanks for family, friends and food.
May each of you celebrate in your own special way and have a warm and plentiful Thanksgiving.
Happy eating...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Before Power & After Power...

First and foremost I wish to thank my wonderful blog family who all wished us safe and warm during the last storm. We finally got power Monday about 3 pm. Now we are having another storm warning however I am confidently using all the power I need. Computers are on, lights, heaters, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, and we are very content and happy.

Here are a few photos of what was on my work table when the power went out:
The red is a piece of white watercolor paper that I painted red for a project. In doing the two step paint process I used my handy Lysol cleaning cloths and therefore got some extra fun red to work with in future projects. I just let them dry completely which took a while.

On the opposite end of my huge table (Mr. C made it bigger than 4' x 8' and I love it!) are these wonderful wool fabric pieces. I am using them and will show finished projects soon. Working on Christmas gifts.

On one side of my work table is this fun jumble of items. Hardanger cloth, fabric scraps, dryer cloths, paper scraps, buttons, tape transfers, string, ribbon...all the things I love to use in my crafting. I think you can guess these will end up being tags. I will also machine stitch and hand stitch before they are completed.
For now I am trying to catch up on needed household chores before I get too much involved in the studio.
It is so wonderful to have power and water and conveniences we take for granted each and every day. I am truly grateful.
May each of you be safe, warm and happily creating your art.
P.S. I am trying to also sneak in time to catch up on all of your blogs I missed.
Happy creating...

Monday, November 22, 2010

So Very Grateful...

No photos today.
I am so very grateful for so much right now...
The generator that is keeping us warm and sane.
The giant 80 foot top of the Cedar tree that came crashing down just missing our home. Split and impailed itself across the lawn and the driveway.
Our chain saw to clear enough of the driveway to be able to get out in an emergency.
The snow which has quit for a few hours.
All of the trees we were able to unload the snow from and save from breaking off.
Most of all I am so very grateful for my wonderful husband who is such a hard worker and keeps us safe.
Hope everyone else is safe, warm and grateful for the little things in life.
Must go for now as we are without power for several days and must save our generator for sort periods of need. We are on our own well so without power there is no water which means a lot of withouts...
I look forward to getting back to reading all of your blogs and catching up when we get power in a few days (hopefully).
Too cold to create...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mailable Holiday Gifts...

Here is a very simple gift that is mailable and unique. It is also very affordable as most of the items were purchased at the local dollar (dollar twenty-nine) store. Items used:
flat canvas board, scrapbook paper, lots of glue or gel medium, felt or foam oversize flat ornaments, buttons and thread, ribbon, blank cards with envelope, paper punches if desired and more glue. Absolutely every piece of the 12" x 12" scrap book paper is used on this project.
Have fun with the colors and embellishments. This set I used pink buttons with green thread to enhance the colors in the paper. The card is adorned with the scraps of paper, the envelope is lined with the scrap of paper and a punched recycled Christmas card circle embellishes the card.

This set is soft in colors of white, green and light blue. All of this mails easily in a padded envelope. As you can see the choices of colors and style combinations are endless. The canvas is hung by a ribbon which is glued to the back and then covered with holiday stickers.

Here is another option and design. I love the punched out hearts on the card as they mimic the point on the felt ornament. The photos do not accurately show the glitter which is part of the paper. You could also add glitter to this project if desired.

One more to show. This paper and foam snowflake are so perfect together. Even the ribbon hanger has snowflakes printed on it. This set might be my favorite.
I hope this is something you try making. It is easy to do. You will need a lot of glue or gel medium and there will be drying time. I didn't rush this as I wanted to be certain nothing sticks during mailing.
As I select each set for mailing to family and friends I shall personalize the back with their names and the date.
Is this something you think you might like to make? Can you imagine other holidays or celebrations using this technique?
Happy Holiday Creating...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

In the Pink...

Do you love the color pink? Maybe you only like pink. I adore pink. It always cheers me up and puts a smile on my face.
So I really wanted some pink sheet music and some pink recipes. My method of dyeing these sheets pink:
I used the remaining beet juice from the can of beets I opened to eat. I have been wanting to use this beautiful dark burgundy juice for a really long time...maybe years. I love to eat the beets but only if they ARE NOT pickled. I put the liquid into a cookie sheet tray and then drenched the sheet music and recipe pages one at a time. Some of them I tore, some of them I crumpled and some of them I left perfectly smooth. After dripping them off into the utility sink I hung them on clothes pin hangers to dry. Hmmm...a really lovely pink hue on each of the papers. I was so happy.

Here is a card I made with some of the pink dyed music paper. The floral heart and envelope liner are some of my vintage wrapping paper. I added a piece of vintage soft pink lace to the corner of the card.
What would you do with some pink sheet music or recipe pages?
Now I am anxious to use more colors that maybe come from Easter Egg dyes or food coloring kits. Green, blue, yellow, red/pink for the primary colors. Then a mixture of colors to make more exotic hues of the rainbow. The possibilities are endless.
My head is just full of ideas. Need time to create...need time...need to create...time...create...
What are you making in your studio this week?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Treasury Feature...

I am so excited to be featured in this wonderful caramel treasury that Miss FancifulFluff has put together. Thank you so very much for including this Caramel Cameo Choker Necklace that I created.

How fun to be part of a treasury and this is a first for me. I am very grateful.

Please check out FancifulFluff and her wonderful etsy shop. There are lots of great gift items to be found there. Yes, in my etsy shop also you can find gifts for all occasions and just because you want it, need it, like it etcetera.

This is the beginning of a very busy weekend and I hope you enjoy every moment of your time.

Happy being grateful...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cheerful Grocery List Tablet...

I am posting this now because I had mailed it to England and Sherry has received it and it is on her blog today. Please visit Sherry to see all the wonderful things she creates and shares with us. This strip of fabric was wrapped around a wonderful gift of Greek Olive Oil soap and a magnet from Greece she sent me a while back. I knew I wanted to create something with this narrow strip of fabric but what would it be? The fabric is so soft and bright and cheery I kept thinking of grocery shopping. So this is what I made and sent to Sherry...
I cut the fabric in a long strip and folded it in the center. Then I cut two pieces of thin cardboard to make a front and back cover. Next was some black paper to cover the cardboard and then I stitched it all around. Inside I put text weight paper in the colors of white, yellow and green that can be written on. A piece of grosgrain ribbon along the top fold makes it sturdy. For a touch of decoration I added a cute orange flower button and a green suede leaf.
Now this is a cheery tablet for keeping a grocery list or whatever else needs jotting down.
Thank you Sherry for sending me this super fun fabric. It was inspirational.
Think of using some holiday fabric to make some note pads for quick gifts.
How would you use a narrow strip of fun fabric?
Happy creating...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Past Pink October...

October is gone for this year. It was a good month as so many of us honor the pink breast cancer awareness theme. I actually did get my girls squished and smooshed and now I have a clear report. Have you ever made a comment on someone's blog and then been notified that you won a giveaway? Miss Roni Johnson of Ink Stains did just that for me. Please do check out her blog and you will get lots of great ideas and techniques that are so easy to create.
This is the amazing priority box Roni sent me. Absolutely everything in it was pink and super fun. My favorite three items are the tag and business card she "inked" and the most wonderful item is the 2011 Planner.

Not only is it in the pink theme of "Supporting the Girls" the cover is completely handmade by Roni and very well done. I adore it and will see it everyday as I keep track of the days, weeks and months of our new year 2011. I am so very grateful for Roni selecting me to receive all of these wonderful pink items. Thank you Roni. You are the best with "ink stains".
No matter what month each of you honor your girls please be certain to do so for yourself and your family.
Once again this amazing land of blogging and friends worldwide is such a generous and giving lot. I am so fortunate for being able to participate.
Happy creating and being grateful for so much...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Being Blog Grateful...

Being Blog Grateful is saying I am grateful for the wonderful friends I have made through blogging. My friend Dorthe is across the world in Denmark. Many of my followers are also followers of Dorthe. Here is her blog link for you to check out if you are new to her.
Dorthe sent me this surprise package and I was thrilled to open it up and see what was inside. The wrapping is vintage wallpaper with a soft ribbon tied to hold it together.

Inside is this beautiful lavender sachet pillow with lovely embroidery and some lace and buttons. The smell is divine. Dorthe also included this amazing piece of driftwood she collects while on her beach walks. There is some black sequined trim wound around the driftwood. And a lovely piece of muslin ribbon that she has handstamped with a fancy bee design.

I am truly grateful for my blog friend Dorthe. She is not only a lovely lady she is also an extraordinary creative artist. When you visit her blog you will see the amazing dolls she makes and sells.
Thank you most sincerely Miss Dorthe. I am enchanted with my gifts you sent me. I treasure them as I treasure your blog friendship. The world is much smaller when we have such great communications via blogging and art in common.
Did you ever see driftwood as creative as this? Have you tried stamping on muslin fabric?
I am inspired by these generous gifts. I am inspired by Dorthe and her blogging.
Being grateful is so heartwarming.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quick Thankful Gift...

This is a very quick and simple thank you or thinking of you gift. I recycle the cardboard from sewing trim packages. Then cut wrapping paper to fit and glue to the cardboard.
Here they are glued and trimmed. I also punch a hole in the top center to add a ribbon or strip of fabric. At this point you could use them for tags or bookmarks.

Here I have stamped a message onto muslin strips and ripped them into squares with the edges left raggedy. I use very strong double stick tape to adhere the fabric to the backs of the "tags". I have left a little room for a pocket to fit in a colored pencil.

Here is the front of the tag which I have sewn a fun turkey button with sheer polka dot ribbon and a piece of wool felt together. Then I glue the entire piece to the tag. A strip of the torn muslin is added to the punched hole for additional embellishment.

Very quick and simple. Now I shall enclose these with a yummy See's chocolate bar which I purchased from the Chamber as a fund raiser and wrap them together in a cellophane bag. Tied with a piece of twine and a simple hand punched tag to add the recipient's name and your gift is complete.
Now that was quick and simple wasn't it?
I am very grateful for having the time to spend in my studio making things for my friends and family. Somehow this month of November brings out the theme of being grateful and I really do reflect on all of the many things I am thankful and grateful for in my life.
May you have a month of lovely thankful days.
Happy creating...