Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday today.
I shall celebrate this day with my dear hubby and then friends. I have already celebrated with girlfriends for several days. You know as we get older we get to celebrate our birthdays for many days before on and after.
On Tuesday five of us ladies enjoyed our local tea house for lunch and desserts and presents. It is always such a treat and I just love going there. A very special and relaxing day indeed.
Wednesday four of us ladies spent the day enjoying delicious Popeye Pizza, chatting and laughter which is always yummy and fun. Then we headed over to our local Ben Franklin and did some serious shopping. Since it was the last Wednesday of the month we loaded our "tote bag" full and enjoyed 20% savings on everything we bought. Such a deal.
This coming Sunday I will be enjoying my birthday with my sister Marie and two of our friends. We always have a really fun time because we all shop for incredible bargains that Marie finds as she utilizes her "special radar" to locate just the perfect item at just the best possible price. Then we must fuel our energy with lunch and birthday cake. We will do just that at Buca di Beppo . This restaurant knows us and we always have such a great time there.
So Happy Birthday to me and to all my August family and friends who celebrate birthdays this month. Where were each of you when I was little? No body had August birthdays and school was out for summer so I never got a cupcake party with my classmates. Boo hoo hoo...
However I am not sad any longer as I have wonderful birthdays now and they last for so many days of celebration. Hooray!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beading a little fun...

Do you know what this beaded item is?
It is a small leash for your scissors so you can find them easily amongst your work in progress.
They are actually very quick and simple to make.

Using a "lanyard" normally for cell phone charms you simply select the beads and/or charms you wish to dangle from your scissors.
My stork scissors I use while beading have a heart theme with a blue glass heart focal bead.
I just assembled beads for the newest one. Shades of purple. A glass focal bead, some glass flower beads, a purple glass heart bead and a silver plated "Made with Love" heart charm. Stack the beads on an eye pin and form a top loop that attaches to the lanyard. The newly completed lanyard is shown here without being attached to anything as of yet.
My friend Bev showed my one she had purchased for $7.99 and I made her one for quite a bit less than that price. It was my thank you for her sharing such a great idea.

Now you can give this a try if you like to bead. I think they will make great gifts and stocking stuffers this holiday season.
P.S. It felt so great to be creative and bead today. Even for only a very few minutes. :o)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fabrics with themes...

Hello and no I have not skipped two months this year and yes I am aware of how fast time is passing.

I have been thinking of how fabrics can direct a project with it's themes. I gathered my Halloween fabrics from their holiday bin and set them out on the studio table. I am hoping they give me some inspiration and direction as to what to make with them this year for Halloween gifts.

Each year I usually make my Halloween cards that I mail to family and friends. This year I bought some cute simple cards but that is not enough for me. My creativity gene is begging me to make something in the spirit of pumpkins, ghosts, witches and all things Halloween.

So here I sit blogging while my brain is thinking of what to make. I have some ideas in my head so maybe tomorrow I will see what comes from fabric and thread and mmmmmmmmmmm

I am not into scary or freaky Halloweens so maybe something cute or practical. I like to let ideas spin around for a while before I put them into action. I shall post whatever it is when I have something created and take some pics to share.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Studio time beading...

Today I spent time in my studio and it felt great. I have been promising myself to complete an old task before starting a new one. Doesn't that sound familiar? Well today I did just that. I restrung a necklace that was very old and fraying.
About fifteen years ago my daughter hand beaded these lovely earrings for me. So I beaded a very simple necklace to go with them. Long ago when I would bead it was popular to use dental floss to string with as it was affordable and very strong. In fact it did last for at least a dozen years before becoming frayed.
I got out the supplies: needle, nymo beading thread, pliers, spare beads (for the ones I drop and can't find on the floor lol), scissors and bead threader/cutter. I can't imagine why I kept putting this task off as it was very simple and didn't take long to complete at all.
Now I have kept my promise to myself and completed an old task that was just always hanging over me. I feel so much better for having finished this. I am ready to wear these earrings and necklace and due to the beautiful pastel colors they will be very nice during the hot weather we will still have this summer.
Thank you daughter for continuing our family legacy of being creative and making beautiful things with your hands and heart.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lucky Charm...

Here is a perfect chance to follow a wonderful blog...
I have been following this lady and her most interesting blog for quite some time now.
Well, Pat is very generous and offering a beautiful giveaway that I secretly want to win and therefore really shouldn't share with anyone but I feel it only fair to share not only this opportunity to win but for everyone to begin following her amazing blog journey.
Pat actually offered some of these beautiful bird nest charms for sale and I missed them due to being gone. Maybe some more will appear again one day. Until then I really love this one with the little "sprout" charm attached.
I found Pat Winter through her Comfort Doll blog which you should also check out and donate to.
Happy bird nest lucky charm giveaway to all...
Thank you Pat.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Progress is being made...

Well this is progress for me. I have avoided using an actual photo of myself for all the obvious reasons...I hate how I look. In reality I am very aware of my age and my girth but that doesn't make it any more pleasant. I certainly do not want to show everyone, however in my wisdom of age I realize that I am who I am and I have earned every wrinkle and pound from experiencing life. At this stage of age I am actually enjoying being who I am and find it very comfortable. So on that note I say hello to anyone in blog land who is kind enough to read or follow what I have to say.
As for another bit of progress I am making...I am doing the steps to make my blog and my etsy online store and my facebook and my new twitter all reflect the same photo and name of createology so as to be consistent. In setting goals and reviewing them I find I need to update and create an image of continuity towards being successful with my business growth. I am no longer playing and having a hobby as now I am seriously pursuing a valid business of making and selling my lines of products. I will expand on this in future posts.
Thank you to my friend Margaret who is spending her valuable time coaching me.
Thank you to my dear hubby who is trying to be patient with my progress.

P.S. This photo looks like I could be looking in a mirror and I am seeing my mother. lol

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today begins our annual county fair. We have lovely pine tree fairgrounds and people seem to come from all over California to enjoy our local doings.
This picture of we "Saucy Chicks" Lorraine and Sherry was taken several years ago. The fair had a chicken theme that year. We were already making and selling saucy chickens so we fit right into the theme quite well.
This year we are not participating due to time constraints and being on our road trip. I am certain everyone will have a wonderful time visiting and enjoying the fair.
Meantime, I have been working on some new thoughts and plans for this blog and for my etsy shop. It is time for a revamp and a new spark of creativity. I will be addressing my profile and updating it. I will also be making and posting some new lines of items for purchase.
Please stay tuned and see what is in store.
Enjoy your days and savor the wonder of it all.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Working on blogging better...

How ironic that I am working every day on how to blog better and as a result I have absolutely nothing to blog on my blog.

I will try to have something new this week.

How hard it is to think right now.

Maybe I am experiencing "writers block" like in the old fashioned days of actually hand writing or typing for a story or book. Now days I think people merely "google" and their block is gone. lol

How do each of you find worthy content to blog about from day to day?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

August already???

I am so not proud of myself and need to express it to blog readers. I have not worked hard enough towards my goals of selling my handmade items on Etsy.
My etsy shop is not what I would have hoped it to be. I have not made nearly enough effort on promoting my shop nor have I been listing items like I was planning on doing. Somehow I thought it would be the catalyst for having the public see my lovely items I make and that they just could not resist owning a "Saucy Chick Sherry" creation. My dear husband really believes in my beautiful boas so much that he has spent countless hours traveling and finding just the right specialty shops for beads or fibers or ribbons and he invested a lot of money to buy those specialty components for each boa. Alas, no sales from etsy. I really feel like I am letting him down as well as myself. So...
I have a very dear friend who is going to teach me how to do a better job than I have been doing of marketing my etsy shop. Of course I am blogging about this as a way of making myself commit to working hard and learning a lot. Since blogging is partly a journal of where and how we are progressing then what better way to put myself on notice.
I am hoping to begin making progress very soon.