Thursday, May 28, 2009

What do you get...

What do you get when you combine fabric, scissors, thread, ribbon, heart buttons, wiggle eyes, soft stuffing, swarovski crystals and lots of love and attention? Well you get the most adorable little companion doggies with a wrist "leash" that can keep you company. I recently made six of them and now have this more than cute litter of pups. Each one in shades of black, cream, white or red.
They are each a mere 4 inches tall and 5 inches wide with a wrist ribbon leash of 11 inches total. Never any barking or unnecessary noise and no cost of food or time spent cleaning up after them. Just lots of fun, companionship and smiles. Each one of the litter has their own personality and style even though they each resemble a scotty dog. I am trying not to name them or get too attached as I am hoping to share them with others through my etsy shop where they will be listed very soon. Please do not judge them by their photos alone as some were very shy and some just are not as photogenic as the others were. Please go and preview each of them in case you have the perfect recipient for such a cute companion doggie.
Many hours went into making each and every one of these adorable doggies. Please note that items are sewn on and could pose a possible hazard if removed and ingested or mishandled in any way.
I am so thrilled at how they each turned out that I will donate 10% of each sale to our local animal shelter in order to help other cuties who are not so fortunate. I will even match the 10% in order to ensure even more help to our furry friends. My fur-child Sasha (aka BooBoo Kitty) highly approves of this decision. She completely appreciates her life of love, care and food and hopes others will have the same for them. Thank you meowy much.
It feels so good to be creating and crafting and have such cute results.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

My dear friend Barbara sent me this flag pic today with well wishes and I wanted to share it with blogland. Thank you Barbara and I hope you will enjoy your American freedom as do I.
May each of you remember how soldiers fought for our American freedom so that we might all enjoy our lives to the fullest.
What a beautiful weather weekend this has been. Perfect mid-80s temperature wise. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Time to spend with family, friends and loved ones.
Happy Memorial Day and may this world be safe for everyone.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Weekend...

Meet Bella and Ginger who are the cutest Beagles ever. Very sweet and loving. I am posting this pic to show all of us how to relax and enjoy our holiday weekend. Bella and Ginger certainly know how to snuggle up in cozy style.
I have been working in the yard and it seems like I never make any progress. I have plants that don't belong at all (some would call them weeds) and need to be plucked and disposed of. I have plants that have struggled through the harsh winter and need lots of pampering and pruning. We now have lots of warm days and the watering system is not happy as of yet so lots of hand watering to do which I thoroughly enjoy. Mr. Hubby built all of the drip system irrigation and every year it is very labor intensive for him to turn it on and bleed it and get all the dirt and bugs and debris out of the lines. And of course Murphy is always making a recurring visit with his law so that things do not go well or smoothly. I just get the hose and hand sprinkler nozzles and spend time enjoying the beauty of it all. Of course I do not like bugs and for some reason this year have accumulated the most mosquito bites ever. I seem to be covered and of course they drive me crazy and keep me awake at night.
I wish a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend for everyone. Maybe some time to do your favorite activity, get together with friends, have a BBQ or just relax.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend work...

After an entire day of working in the yard this weekend we see very little improvement if you look at the overall areas that need attention. If you look at each small area and see the end result of our back-breaking work then there is a slight air of contentment. We live with such harsh winter environments, critters and especially deer, loads of oak, cedar and pine trees with their unique issues and various other elements that is it a huge job just to keep up with any kind of yard work or plant tending or preening in the landscape. Mr. Hubby and I bought this house with nothing more than construction ground surrounding it and spent the first year putting in the retaining walls and hardscape. We definitely supported the local economy with this massive undertaking. Then the second year we landscaped the entire 360 degrees around the house. When I say we I do mean hubby and I doing all the work with merely a helper now and then. Of course in hindsight we over-landscaped and now are letting areas go back natural as the deer and elements destroy our plants. We have lost more plants through the past few years than most people ever plant in their lifetimes. Flowers are the rarest item in our landscaping due to the voracious deer, chipmonks, moles and whatever else decide to eat or just pull up out of the ground, taste it and then spit it out in shreds. I of course wanted roses and we planted dozens of roses only to find out that those are the preferred caviar to deer. Needless to say we have very few rose plants left and the moment they bud the deer eat them until the plant eventually dies.

All in all I am thankful for the beautiful plants and surrounding beauty I get to enjoy each and everyday. With age and time we replant less and less since we are the groundskeepers and have plenty to take care of now.

I am looking into the bare rock wall at the top of the driveway to see if it has enough sun to plant some wonderful and happy sunflowers. Every year I just want sunflowers but so far have not found an area with enough sun. Hmmm...

I did have lots of daffodils this year and the deer do not eat them!!!

I have saved the pond to show and discuss in the future. It is my favorite item.

I wish everyone a wonderful week ahead and lots of creative time to enjoy your specialties.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wonderful week...

As you can see by the photos we are nearing the completion of the kitchen remodel. I know I am not a great photographer however I was so anxious to get these taken and post them that I couldn't wait for Mr. Hubby to take photos.
I am so in love with this new kitchen that is now in my home. I have always loved my home but now it is complete and ever so beautiful and functional.
Mr. Wolf cooktop is propane and I am convinced the food prepared on it tastes better than on the old stove. Mrs. Bosch is very quiet and does a superb job of washing and disinfecting the dishes. Their son Grohe is a very practical faucet, easy to use and very handsome I might add. Their daughter Kohler is beautiful and amazing with a double sink and the new split divider feature. Our granite is from Brazil and named Bianco Romano. It was actually very difficult to find a light colored granite that also had lots of interest with movement and colors. Mr. hubby was determined to find just the right stone and through exhaustive searching and miles of walking huge yards and warehouses of stone he indeed did find the perfect one (not one slab because we had to buy several slabs for this kitchen).
I am so grateful to my husband for working so hard and doing this renovation. I am so grateful to my soul sister Lorraine for spending countless days and hours to sort, organize and reload all of the cupboards and drawers with me. I could not have done this by myself.
So now I love to just come into the kitchen and gaze around the room. I love to clean the granite and polish the stainless steel pieces. I feel energized to cook and eat healthier than we were before the remodel.
Now I have quite a line of friends who want to come and dine and see the new space. I see dinner parties, brunches and tea luncheons in the near future.
I am truly blessed.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A new week...

A new week begins and I have lots to fill it with. We are continuing to work on the kitchen. There is progress...however so much to do. Today my girlfriend is coming over to help me sort, dispose of and organize the contents of the 24 drawers that are in my kitchen. She really has a special talent for organizing and for getting me to pare down. The last two weeks we spent working on the cabinets contents. We definitely have a truck load of items to deliver to the local thrift shop. Saturday was a food drive by the post office workers and that helped me empty out the pantry. I am so thankful for all that I have and therefore I was extra generous with my food donations.
I shall keep this short as I have lots to get busy with.
Maybe next week Lorraine and I will get back to making things and being creative.
Happy week to everyone.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...

I wish all mothers a very Happy Mother's day today. Mothers of children of all ages (including husbands), mothers of pets (otherwise known as fur-children), mothers of invention and mothers of creative spirit.
May you each enjoy your day and feel extra special.
Smiles ;o) and hugs ((((()))))
Saucy Chick Sherry

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Visit with family...

Well I just got back from a very short visit with my daughter and granddaughters. They all live in Southern California and have very busy lives. My daughter, Jenifer, picked me up at the airport and we had a day and a half together. It was so very nice to see her, talk with her, enjoy her and see what her daily life consists of. I really like the area she lives in. Her car is very comfortable and we even put the top down. We ate gelatto, bought lots of candy at the most amazing candy store (I think it is a destination playland for kids of all ages) and ate our way through our short visit. I got to see and visit with my two granddaughters which was a treat for sure. We even went to Amy's work and got to see her in action waiting on tables and taking care of everyone at the pool tables too.We went to Amber's place and saw her brand new baby chinchillas along with the mom, Ruby, and dad, Emilio. They are so soft and cute. Amber says they are the cutest $100 bills ever. That is how much a baby sells for. We got to enjoy an Asian buffet dinner with the girls and their boyfriends and that was fun.I wish my visit had been longer however Jenifer had to work and at least now we know we can get together. She and I met my hubby for dinner and then she drove home to prepare for her week of work. She is a notary and certified loan signer. Her info is here if you are interested. She has managed to survive the downturn and still support herself and I am very proud of her and her hard work. Hubby was working in another part of So Cal and I needed to be with him for evening engagements. We dined with friends and got to catch up on how everyone is doing. I am very grateful for the time I got to spend with my family. I love them very much.