Sunday, November 29, 2015

As November Ends...

Last week is now a blur as November comes quickly to a close.  On Tuesday we had an inch of rain.  On Wednesday we got an inch of snow.  With the four year drastic drought we have been having here in California this was a huge blessing just in time for Thanksgiving.  We are predicted to have the most measurable El Nino in history this coming year.  I have now lived here in Northern California for 18 years after living my entire life before that in Southern California.  I never have embraced "Seasons" or Winter and especially snow...until now.  Experiencing living semi rural and on our own well has taught me a lot about the need for snowpack and water table levels.  I shall be much more tolerant than in past years.  It is also a lot less scary to experience ice and snow now that I am not working and having to drive in it.  So...Mother Nature I am embracing Winter this year!

Here is an adorable snowman that I embroidered.  It is part of my Jenny of elefantz stitchery club.  I don't always stitch each pattern each month but I definitely save them for times when needle and thread call to me.  Thank you Jenny for your inspiration. 
This year I am going to also embrace "Christmas Calm"!  This will be quite the challenge for me as I am a champion worrier and stressor.  After all the sleep I have lost and knowing I cannot change a thing by worrying or stressing this will be my gift to myself...and Mr. C this December.  My lists are made and I know I can adapt or change them as needed.  Not everything for everyone must be done.  My health and sanity are far more least to me and my family.  May you also find your "Christmas Calm" in this hectic time of year.  With Continued Creative Bliss...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fabric Snowflake...

This is such a simple, yet spectacular, project that I really must share it with you.  And in time for you to make some for yourself or gifts.  My friend and fellow blogger, Robbie of Robbie's Paw Prints shared she had made some and I was smitten.  Thankfully Robbie shared the link with me and I am sharing it with you.  This is a NO sew project using fabric and a few other simple steps.

If you would like to make some merely go to this link on YouTube for the complete easy instructions.  Jennifer Bosworth of Shabby Fabrics will walk you through the entire process.  I am sew excited with the outcome of this one that I am planning a few others for my family gift list.  If I need to mail one I will put it in a clean pizza box and that should get it safely to its destination.
I do hope you share photos if you make any snowflakes.  Thank you Robbie for introducing me.  Thank you Jennifer of Shabby Fabrics for sharing your amazing talents with us.
It is pouring rain here today.  Actually only this morning through lunchtime.  Now it is chilling right down for the predicted snow we are supposed to get here.  It has been snowing in the mountain ski resorts all day.  You won't hear me complaining due to our four year drought and this rain and snow is exactly what we need.  Lots of it!
For all of my stateside friends we are preparing for Thanksgiving and our many Blessings we are so very grateful for.  For anyone in our entire world, may you stay safe and be thankful for all we are so lucky to enjoy.  Health and Happiness mixed with Creative Bliss my friends...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Needle and Pin Books...

May I first begin by saying, "I am not me!".  I feel like Alice who fell down the rabbit hole and drank from the bottle.  Do you ever watch a pharmaceutical commercial for a prescription drug and say, "Good Grief, I would rather have the illness than all those side effects!"?  Well I have now experienced this for myself and I feel like I have lost an entire month of my life.  Suffice to say I am now weaning off the horrid drug and hopefully will be back to myself in time to enjoy the holidays.
Mr. C always says, "it is the PRACTICE of medicine and doctors are not experts".  Thank you for indulging me dear followers.
At least in my fog I was able to create some little Needle/Pin Books.  I wanted to hand embroider each one however time ran out and I am pleased with my results.  I hand stitched the butterflies with couched sparkle yarn to embellish each one. 

A nice wool felt for the pages and a sweet butterfly pin completes these little books.

Here I have done the same couched sparkle yarn treatment to a couple of cute doggy appliques.

Some red felt for the pages completes these books.  No fun little pin here.  I think these will make a sweet little gift for someone.
The holiday season is upon us and I see lots of activity happening on your blogs.  If I haven't visited yet please bear with me while I get back to being myself.  I am inspired by all the Creative Bliss you all are sharing.  Thank you very much. 
I also thank you for the thoughts and prayers for my Granddaughter's boyfriend.  He is home from hospital and recovering.  It will be a long slow road but thankfully he has survived a real scare.  Sepsis is a blood infection and very scary.  This Thanksgiving will be extra special with Grateful Appreciation for life and all of our many blessings.  I am still in shock over Paris and Pray for Peace!
May you and your entire family and friends be ever so grateful this season...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Calendar Gift Pockets...

 I know I have shared this idea before however I feel it is very appropriate to share it here and now once again.  If you want to add just that extra special smile to your gift giving then this is for you and it takes just a wee bit of time and only pennies from your gift giving fund.  Who can resist this?

Each monthly calendar page has a wonderful Norman Rockwell image and a coordinating quote.  I simply tear out each page.  I don't even trim off my torn edges as I like the resulting look however you could cut them with a clean edge. 

Next I simply fold the page so that the image is front and the quote is on the back with just a bit of overlap to seal the pocket.  Your calendar page might be a different fold than mine.  I have had them with a center fold down the back.  It merely depends on your picture you are showing.

Now that my page is folded and I know what I am showcasing I can put my adhesive on for sealing.  I like to use a tape runner roll that is two sided adhesive.  I lay down the tape and then peel off when I am ready to seal my folded pocket together.  Just a note:  I have used glue sticks only to have them unseal after a short time.  I think the gloss of the paper doesn't allow for proper adhesion.   After you try a few of these I am certain you will get a style of your own.  You can also use magazine pages.

Here is the December calendar page with a very jolly Santa image.  I now have a great gift pocket ready to add my ornament or gift inside and either seal with tape or tie with ribbon after punching a couple of holes at the top of the pocket.  I do wrap my gift in tissue paper just to add that extra layer of suspense as to what is inside.  So with very little time and very easy to obtain supplies you have a great gift ready for giving.  Will you be making any gift pockets?  I hope you share your photos.
I am so happy to report we have just had two days and nights of wonderful rain!  Yes!!  We have had rain and it is definitely measurable.  We got about 2 inches right here.  The ski resorts higher up got a really good base of snow and with the cold temperatures are able to add man made snow.   A couple of resorts were able to open for business and the smiles of happy clients and owners are seen far and wide.  It has been four years of drought and no business so this is a very happy occasion for all. 
I am making my lists and getting organized for the quickly upcoming holiday season.  Every year I try to pare down my list however I am just not good at doing so.  At least I am making a list!!!
For now I am extra Thankful for so much this November.  My granddaughter's boyfriend is still in the hospital however he is now in recovery fight mode and being moved out of ICU.  It was touch and go for a very long week.  My family stayed strong and helped one another with love and being there for each other.  I am so blessed to have such a brave family.  Prayers are Powerful!
Creative Bliss to each of you and may you find JOY in making and giving..

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"She Who Sews"...

I cannot express how happy I am with my latest projects and the time I spent accomplishing them.  Quite some time ago Madamm Samm of Sew we Stitch held a blog hop for projects using this amazing fabric titled "She Who Sews" by Janet Wecker Frisch.   I am unable to link to the actual post of the blog hop however I have linked to Madamm Samm and a Google search of this fabric.
Now of course I wish I had purchased bolts of this as I love it sew very much.  I had wanted to make dust covers for my sewing and serger machines.  Finally I have finished and I am ecstatic with the results.  Thank you Madamm Samm and Janet Wecker Frisch for all the inspiration.

This is my disgusting Quilter's Cut 'n Press and I needed to make a new cover for it as I had ruined it to the point of even having yellow embossing ink that I accidently ironed onto it from a paper project. Long ago Jill of The Quilt Rat blog made a cover for hers and shared it.  I knew I needed to make one but then it just sat.

Now it is covered and clean and fits right in with my sewing room dust covers.  Thank you Jill.  My cover is nothing more than a simple slip on sleeve of fabric.

Here I am beginning my Pfaff cover.  I didn't use a pattern.  I merely used my own measurements and trial and error.  I found it best to use quilted fabric under the decorative fabric to give it more stability.  And, I put large pockets on each end for holding a pattern or such.

As a crafter I love items that make any job easier and I knew I needed these Clover Wonder Clips, so a while back when I saw them on super sale I bought them.  Thankfully I bought 100 and not just 10 because it takes a lot to hold what I needed.  I made binding and hand sewed it to the bottom to give the cover just the best drape possible.

Here is my completed cover.  As you can see in the first photo I made a cover for my Pfaff, my old Singer that I use to sew paper, like cards and tags, and my Vintage Baby Loc Serger.  I love how they all turned out and I am sew pleased with how they look and work.  Finally a project for me is finished and checked off my want/to do list.  Do you always put yourself last? 
We had two glorious days and nights of soft rain.  It did snow at the higher level ski resorts so a small base is down.  The temperatures are very cold so I feel Winter is near.  Yesterday mid-morning I was cold.  Really cold!  Inside my own home.  I had lots of warm clothes on but I was shivering to the bone (truthfully it doesn't take much to make me cold!).  Mr. C checked the thermostat and saw it was 60 degrees F inside upstairs.  Thankfully he turned on the heater. It was the first time in many months we have used the heater.  Last Winter was so mild we hardly used it or the fireplace much.
The days are evaporating so quickly I really do need to begin making lists to get me through this holiday season and into the new year.  I am not good at list making however I know they help so very much.  Now that November is here we are all feeling extra grateful.  Are you doing anything special to record your daily things that you are grateful for?  Last year I made a small tag book and recorded one very special item each day.  This year I am keeping all of my grateful things close to me and I am electing not to record them in any special way.  Less Stress is what I am focusing on this year! 
May you each have a November of many grateful moments/things/items etcetera.
I am off to work on some projects and enjoy Creative Bliss...