Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Send Some Smiles...

I am so enthralled with blogland. The most amazing people blog. I meet them by reading and following their blogs. Many of us have similar creative and artisitic ideas. Some of us have never stretched our talents and become encouraged to do so by our blog friends. We do become friends even though we have never met in person. We feel a connection. We form bonds.

These tags were inspired by a wonderful lady named Diane Knott and you can see her blog here: http://dianeknottsmusings.blogspot.com/ which I highly recommend. Diane makes the most beautiful cards, tags and other items. I have put my spin on some tags that she made using lavender and making sachets for the recipient to use in drawers or wherever. I feel so blessed to be able to make something and know exactly who I am sending it to. The tag in the middle with the word imagine on it is going to be mailed to St. Louis to a wonderful lady named Colette. Keep reading please...

I found out about Colette through a beautiful blog that Sherry (yes her name is spelled exactly the same as mine and that is very fun) has and I have been following. Please visit her blog to read about Colette:

This post of Sherry's is so heartwarming as it is requesting anyone send mail to Colette to cheer her while she is battling breast and bone cancer. Now this is the part of blogland and new friends that I truly cherish. We have such big hearts and want to help others so we come together and have a purpose bigger than just one of us could achieve on our own. I am now sending little cards and cheerful things that I think will brighten the day and bring a smile to Colette's beautiful face. I sent a butterfly because it represents 10,000 happinesses. I sent a heart shaped fabric yo-yo. I am sending this lavender sachet tag. Oh I have lot of ideas that I am preparing and will send every few days. Sherry at Country Wings is a lovely lady and so giving that now she is putting together a scrapbook for Colette. Please read about her ideas in her posts. Maybe you will want to help out and send some cheer and get Colette in the Pink.

I am truly blessed as I am able to enjoy every day and spend it doing whatever makes me happy. Truthfully making others happy is the most rewarding for me and makes me the happiest.

So please visit Diane and Sherry and send some cheer to Colette. Prayers are always excellent.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Having fun...

These are my newest shoes and socks. My SS (Soul Sister) Lorraine gave me these super fun socks in my Christmas stocking and I saved them for just the right time to wear. As for my shoes well my Sister Marie has the best shopping radar on the planet. We were at Nordstroms Rack and I was so overloaded I gave up looking when Marie said, "Sherry what about these they look like you?". Needless to say I put them on and wore them out of the store after paying for them of course. They are super comfortable and very much me! Thank you Lorraine and Marie. I feel like Alice in Wonderland with this look. LOL
Here is my Week #12 Creative Cue. The word of the week was RICH. I had lots of things come to mind however I wanted to wait until I processed each of them for a few days. Money is of course one thought...not for me as I am not rich and do not think I shall ever be so in this lifetime. I am a visual and touchy-feely person so I kept coming back to the colors and texures that I love and use in my daily creative endeavors. However, the most important RICH any of us can have is family and friends (with health coming close behind). I did not want to print pictures of these numerous persons and share them so I merely gave mention. In my heart and soul I know how incredibly RICH I am for all of my wonderful family and my numerous friends I am fortunate enough to have.
What is something you would classify as RICH? Maybe your favorite flavor or taste of something?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Gift Given...

Now I can show you another project I worked on, have given and has been received. My very sweet cousin has been having some difficult life issues and recently had her husband pass away while she is dealing with her ailing mother and father whom live with her. Her father, my uncle, is with hospice care so time is short. I wanted to give her something she could wear and that would bring a smile to her day. So as you can see in the above photo I got out the supplies to make her a pair of earrings. Very simple and sedate as that is what she would like.
Then I thought I would stamp and color a tag to mail them with. The roses are done with a packing tape transfer that is so simple and fun to do. I purposefully made the colors bright and intense as it was still gray and dreary winter when I sent these. She and I both have similar weather even though we live in two different states. She likes the snow and we all know I like the hot sun. LOL
A small coin envelope on the back side of the tag to hold the earrings for safe journey through the mail. Of course I also wrapped these in pattern tissue which is my new favorite and tied them with ribbon and sent the package in a card and padded envelope.

And here we have the finished earrings. Turquoise nuggets and beads. My cousin loves them. What a great feeling it gives me to know that she is wearing them and that she really does love them. She even got a new blouse that matches perfectly.
I am so happy that you like these my sweet cousin.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Saucy Chicks Story...

Hello followers of my blog and any new readers who might be checking in today. I will tell you a little story of the Saucy Chicks. The store bought journal contains the beginnings of my story. I have recently finished updating this journal with tons of photos and memorabilia so as to have one place of reference. At least five years ago my dear friend Lorraine (the pretty lady on the right in the photo below) was out and about and she called me to tell me her excitement. "Sherry, we are going to make chickens!" WHAT? I am thinking how a chicken really looks and worrying about how to make their skinny legs and wrinkled feet. My imagination just wasn't cooperating at all.
As you can see in this photo above we went all out and really got into the spirit of the chicken theme. Our aprons, pins, displays all screamed chickens. We decided we were Saucy Chicks who make Saucy Chick chickens. We spent countless hours in the studio, or I should say "chicken coop" as it became known, designing, cutting fabrics, sewing and sewing and sewing our Saucy Chick chickens.

If we ever made one we made a six-pack or a dozen or more at a time. We had chickens everywhere. My house, her house, the cars, places of business and restaurants. We had so much fun making them 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and never realized how many we were accumulating. We even named each and every one of our little chickens. We also had each and every one of them do a photo shoot to document how special they were. No two were ever alike and no duplicate names. Our little chickens have been delivered all over these states as they were purchased and found new owners and homes. We made so many we lost count.

We also donated them by the dozens to local homes for the elderly, to convalescent hospitals and the oncology department of our local hospital. They always brought smiles to every face that saw them.
Now we only make them upon special request.
We now spend the majority of our time focusing on our jewelry design and sales. As you can see in the photo above even our little chicks wore jewelry on occasion.
But...you never know when someone will say, "Hey Saucy Chicks! What are you up to?" I suppose we shall forever be the Saucy Chicks. We certainly had a ton of fun and brightened a lot of "peeps" with our adorable little chickens.
So now you know the story.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Gift given...

I shared a photo of a gift wrapped in vintage pattern tissue and a butterfly sticker on it. I was going to mail it in a birthday card and I like to keep mailing items light weight and flat. Well then I found out I was giving it in person so no need to mail it. Hmmm...
I had made this simple Swarovski crystal bracelet as the real gift. Once I realized I would not be mailing it I didn't want to give it in the simple wrapping I had done. So...or I should say, sew...

I went to the sewing room and got out some vintage fabric, some lace, a button and ribbon. I wanted the gift pouch to have some cushion and softness so I got a piece of wool felt and sandwiched it between the decorator fabric. Very simple rectangle and serging of all the edges. I folded it and sewed the sides. A short flap with lace is a perfect fold over. But it wanted to keep popping open so a little ribbon and a button is all it needed to hold it closed and give it the right touch.

I will say that this gift pouch was very well received and well liked. Shhh...I will be making more of these for some more gifts I am giving.
I already have some interesting thoughts on some of my fabrics and colors. I am trying to use what I have and not keep buying more things to store. It is rather fun to actually use combinations from my stash and see what the end results are.
This is like a gift within a gift. I love that. Usually I wrap and package things in several layers just for the fun of watching people open their gifts.
Are you the type of gift giver that likes to see the recipient open their gift? For me it is part of the satisfaction of knowing if they like their gift I have made especially for them.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Catching up on projects...

Oh My! This is what every horizontal surface looks like for me right now. My desk, my counter tops, my studio table, my sewing machine cabinet and even the kitchen counters. This is too much unorganized mess...even for me. So, in keeping with Finish It Fridays I have been busy cleaning up, putting away and organizing. Then I got busy finishing some projects I got behind on. I can't show some of them as they are gifts that haven't been given yet so after I will show pictures and let you see what I have been doing more than just this.
Here is the weekly Creative Cue I have been doing since the new year. Check it out at www.threecreativestudios.com/blog to see how fun and easy it is to participate. I find it to be a good inspiration each week. I try to think of something super simple yet out of the ordinary. So in keeping with the cue "clip" here is my take.

I found myself intrigued with paper clips while I was working. Some unusual ones would come across my desk and I would set them aside (yes, that could be considered pack rat collecting LOL). I also had fun using my lunch time to go to the local stationary stores and see what fun clips they were selling. With the advent of scrapbooking the shapes and types really got more fun and available. Some are plastic, some are metal and some are plastic coated metal. Cue #10 completed.

Cue #11 (as this is a weekly cue) is "tip". I wasn't as creative as I would have liked however I didn't quite have the materials I needed. My grandparents were avid Quarter Horse race followers (before followers on blog and facebook and twitter LOL). Many times I went along and loved the experience of seeing all the action. This was their hobby and they loved it so much. They followed all the tracks in Southern California from Santa Anita, Los Alamitos, Del Mar, and others I can't even think of. And it is true that someone would say Pssst...here's a tip...
Now betters probably text this info. :o) I have such fond memories of my Grandparents and this wonderful hobby they enjoyed so many years. Right down to the special way they would fold a section of the newspaper and fit it in the slats of their seats so the "regulars" knew that Dot and Phil were sitting there.
I hope my family members remember me for my hobby of creating hand made things. (I also got this talent from both my grandparents and parents who were very hands on creative!)
What fun memory of something you did with family do you have?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finishing with the greens...

Yes that is me in green head to toe for St. Patrick's Day. I know I do go over-the-top. But I like to have fun and be in the spirit. So I am putting away the green clothes and moving on to...
Here is a very simple and quick idea for dressing up your favorite chocolate bar and presenting it to your friends for a little "Thinking of you gift". Take some scrapbook paper - scraps are perfect for this - and cut a width to fit around the bar like a band. Embellish it with any additional papers, stickers or such. Wrap the completed band of paper around the bar and affix with some double stick tape. This is also a fun way to personalize each bar and you can go as detailed or as simple as you like or have time to do.
Now back to my jewelry making. I am working on several pieces at the moment. I shall post pictures when appropriate. I have two commissioned pieces I am doing. I am also working on designing and making a necklace that is very intriguing and will be listed when completed. Another piece that I am finally finishing up after spending way too much time on but it will be so worth it when completed. So that is what I have been working on along with lots of other daily doings.
The days are sunny and not so dreary which really helps me get some work done. I do have deadlines that also help me get things completed. Otherwise you might find me out listening to the frogs in the pond and gazing at the blue sky. Or watching the birdies flit from tree to tree. Hmmm even counting how many daffodils are blooming. What a glorious day this is.
What might you be doing now that Spring has sprung?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who Moved My Focus?

Here it is March and the sun is shining for more than a few hours, the rain has subsided for the time being, Daffodils are blooming and we have Daylight Savings Time in effect which gives us longer days by staying light later. Personally I love all of this. Unfortunately I lose my New Year resolve and my FOCUS gets distracted and I go in way too many directions and start way too many projects. I am just so excited that we will be done with dreary and cold winter (well for the most part).
So...Who Moved My Focus? Who me? Did I do that? (Can't you just hear Urkel saying that?!)
So luckily I caught myself and re-focused myself so that I can be on track to accomplish all of the wonderful things I plan on accomplishing this year.

Pictured at the top is the Tuscany countryside in Italy. I took that inspiration and made this necklace and earrings from some of the Murano glass beads I bought while visiting Italy.
Tuscany Gold Green is what I named this...Tuscan Oro Verde. I like the combination of glass beads and fabric heart yo-yos. Yes, I have listed it in my etsy shop. I feel like I am on my focus once again and it feels so excellent to accomplish something today.
I have been working on my Adorn-Me jewelry design line and I shall be able to post updates in the near future. For now I am just thrilled to be working in my studio and making what I love to do.
How are you doing on your own personal New Year "resolutions"?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Gifts to Give...

Good Morning. We have sunshine and I think we are having Spring. Shhh...we don't want to scare Spring away as we will still have Winter here in Nor Cal. We always get snow in April and/or May. So for now let's enjoy the sunshine, birds singing, flowers blooming and frogs chanting. It is a glorious day.
On the creative update I have been busy however I am not able to show much due to the gift recipients have not seen them as of yet. The little photo at the top is a gift I made and mailed to my cousin in Utah for her birthday coming very soon. The second photo is a birthday gift I made for a friend and will either mail or deliver in person. The two just above are for St. Patricks day. I am meeting a couple of friends for lunch and we will enjoy lots of laughter and food and friendship along with these very simple packages. I am smitten with using patterns from the thrift store for wrapping gifts, especially the ones I am mailing as it keeps the bulk down and the weight at a minimum. That is also why you don't see fancy ribbons and bows on the mailing packages. I prefer to use stickers and keep things flat and simple. For the two in person St. Patrick's packages I used simple twine and gathered the tissue to give it some dimension. On the back side I punched hearts from paint chip samples and used them for a shamrock shape to embellish the plain tissue. I think these are fun and certainly add to the conversation.
I have lots of projects I am working on so I better go and get to them. I will be able to share them in future posts.
May you enjoy your day and be as productive as you wish to be.
Happy creating...

Friday, March 12, 2010

DH Finish it Friday...

This week it turned out to be my Dear Husband's Finish it Friday...in my studio. It went something like this, "Can you clear a space on your table for me to work on something?" I cleared much more than he said he needed and it wasn't enough space so I kept clearing more. My table is over 4' X 8' and wonderful. We cut and taped poster board together to a nice large size. Being an engineer all his life everything must be very exact! Did I say we are Mars and Venus? Oh definitely! Total opposites in everything we do and say.
What is that black dirty thing you ask? His template. The current trunk liner that he must replace because he has been "engineering some improvements to his car" and needs a new one that is slightly different and will be custom made of aluminum.

Oh goody. Progress and the poster board for the most part is cooperating. Good news. This was a short project. Let's see, we have had a tea break and then a few more hours and we have had lunch. Back at the project. At least I was able to offer every type of scissors, ruler, rotary cutter, circle cutter and tool he might need. Who knew I could be so useful?! LOL

Uh Oh...furrowed brows. Not to worry. A minor adjustment, some more measuring, some cutting, some taping and good to go.
Oh my the evening news is on? Where did the time go today? We were just doing a minor making of a template for a pattern.
Well, lets see if it fits. (Me saying, "Oh let's not".) Out to the toybox...er...garage for the first fit.

Wow! One minor adjustment with the sharpest tiny scissors and eureka! We have a perfect fit. I said he is an engineer! Of course it was an all day project and we used every tool possible as happens with most projects.
Congratulations Dear Husband on Finish it Friday. You got it done and it is as wonderful as you.
As for me and my projects? Well, nothing got finished for me today but I did start a few more things which I shall share at another time. It was a much better feeling today to spend time in my studio observing and helping (?) my wonderful Dear Husband. If I ever need a template I will definitely have him help me...provided I have lots of time to spare. LOL
I hope you each had a productive Friday. It was perfect to be inside as the rain was non-stop all day. Our ground is so saturated and soggy and muddy. But the plants love it. Come on Spring.
May you each enjoy your weekend and do what makes you happiest.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday and beyond...

I would like to be here where this photo was taken however I am not. So I am thankful for where I am at this time. Today is sunny even though we have snow on the ground. I have beautiful Spring daffodils cheering me up even though they are so very confused and many of them are struggling to keep their happy blossoms from being mired in the wet soggy muddy ground.
I am thankful for finding and being a part of this blog community. I am thankful for the many friends I have found and follow and who follow me in this journey. We all share something and support one another no matter what our paths are...artistic mediums...or genres. We are all equal on this blog planet. No one is too old or too young to communicate and share. We support one another and encourage those who are struggling or doubting their abilities. We praise and applaud those who are radiant with success, internal or external. We learn from one another. We share with one another. We teach one another.
It truly is amazing the volume of knowledge and generosity there is here in blog land. People really give and give and give.
I feel so blessed to be a part of this journey in blogging and openly sharing my artistic adventures. It helps me to plan a project and then follow up with making my committments by putting it out there for others to read. The support from others is very helpful. Sometimes just a tiny push is all we need to complete something. Or sometimes just saying something is the impetus for doing something.
I am going to continue this wonderful journey and continue learning every day and continue to pursue my creative pursuits as long as possible.
My most sincere and heartfelt thank you to each of you for being a part of my journey.
Life is good and I am so very fortunate to be part of it.

P.S. What do you like about blogging?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wet Wednesday...

This is again a Wet Wednesday. We had about 6 inches of snow overnight. I would like to see sunshine however it is so sparse that the clouds are covering it over. The snow is trying to melt from the trees and that makes for a very wet day. Whether driving or walking you need a cover.
Here is a lovely farm scene and more colors of green. I love green and think it is so refreshing.
Years ago Wet Wednesday was the day of the week that my very young boss always left the office very early and went sailing. It was supposed to be a secret but you know how the rumor mill works, especially at work. There were several of us young women and we decided to surprise him one lovely summer evening after work. We bought hot pink tight fitting t-shirts and in bold black lettering had the front of the shirts printed, "WET WEDNESDAY". We all drove to the marina and met him sailing in. There we were standing on his dock and cheering. Boy was he surprised that we knew where to find him. Of course all was happy including Happy Hour which we all stayed and enjoyed. Oh those were the days so long ago. No more hot pink tight fitting tshirts or Wet Wednesdays.
May you have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy whatever you are doing. Me...I am off to a meeting of volunteers.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Momentum Monday...

Isn't is wonderful when things come together and you are able to accomplish some things you have begun?! I have had so many projects started that I just had to get some of them completed. So in keeping with my Friday last week and on through a beautiful sunny and relaxing weekend with DH here I am posting about keeping up the momentum and completing a few more projects.
The first photo is of Creative Cue that I have been participating in since inception. Three Creative Studios is hosting this. It is a no pressure very easy and inspiring weekly cue to be creative. Last week's cue was STEM. I will admit that I am not putting a ton of time into this nor am I trying to be super artistic on them but I am able to complete each week on time and it is a spark of creativity to come up with something that no one else is doing.
My second photo is a very simple bookmark. Yes, it is in the color green which for some reason is the entire beginning of March until St. Patrick's day has come and gone. I used one of my little heart yo-yos and handstitched some 6.0 seed beads to it. I handstitched it to a sheer ribbon which also has a strip of grosgrain for detail. The edges of the doubled sheer are a simple straight stitch which adds to the dimension of the overall bookmark yet keeping it very flat so as not to harm your book you are reading. Lots of time and handwork but the result is lots of love and care put into this for my chosen recipient.
And lastly but not least is the photo of five Comfort Dolls. This is a project I have blogged about before and I am passionate about this. People from all over the world make and donate small dolls that get coordinated and sent to Battered Women Shelters for them to have some "comfort" and know that many people are thinking of them and wishing them safe. Check out http://comfortdollproject.blogspot.com to see how you might want to help support this worthy cause. Pat Winter was the founder and has recently turned it over to Brenda Hutchings so let's all do whatever we can. My five little dolls are happy to spread cheer wherever they go. They will travel to Brenda, along with a few coins for mailing expenses, and then she will post where they get to go to give comfort. In the past I even had some of my dolls go to our local shelter. That was heartwarming. Thank you so much Pat and Brenda and all the people who contribute to this amazing and fun project. Bye bye comfort dolls and enjoy your new homes.
Well, my Monday is rushing along and I must get busy. I want to keep the momentum going. Can you believe I still have things to complete. Whew!
What are you working on and would like to complete?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Satisfaction Saturday & Sunday...

A very simple watercolor and stamped post card using my favorite inspirational stamp. Can you believe the adorable charm to match? I found those and knew I had a match. I shall be doing more creative things with these two in the future. For now I mailed my little post card minus the charm to my sister just to say hello. I will give her the charm in person. Sometimes the mail handling is a bit rough and things get lost or mutilated on the way to their destination.
So for Satisfaction Saturday & Sunday...
My Finish It Friday was a success. I completed all five of the top priority projects that were on my desk. Today I mailed two packages that were deadline critical and I feel so much better to have them on their way. Now I feel like I can enjoy my weekend and spend some time relaxing with my DH who has been going through a very troublesome root canal for almost a month now. It is so not like him to feel so poorly and exhausted. This morning with no rain we ventured into town (remember our quaint National Historic Town in the Gold Country) and not only got the mailings done at the post office we also did a little walking. We happened on the monthly book sale at the historic library and managed to pick up several good books. His for reading and mine for artistic endeavors. Our purchases will help the floundering library system here locally. I always knew about the monthly book sale but now that I have actually been to it I shall for certain be going again. What a wonderful way to purchase some interesting books for so little. Then we stopped in the local coffee house and had a window seat to sip our beverages. We watched lots of people coming and going. It is always good to see visitors come to our tiny town. Upon driving home we stopped at one of my favorite neighborhood parks and we walked a short trail they have there. It was invigorating and led us right up to lunchtime. So home we came. Now we are settling in for an afternoon of reading in front of the fire and for me some hand sewing in order to complete some more projects.
I hope you and yours enjoy and have a Satisfaction Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Finish It Friday...

Happy Friday and the sun is shining. I declare this to be "Finish It Friday". I must have at least five unfinished things/projects sitting here on my desk all at once. Yes I have a very large desk as it is at least 3 feet by 6 feet and I manage to fill up every flat surface space there is. So that is how I have so many projects and unfinished things around me all at once. No, that doesn't count the ones that are in the studio or in the sewing room. I don't think I could count that high or if I could I would drop from exhaustion. LOL
So getting back to "Finish It Friday" I am planning on completing at least the five projects I have right now on my desk surrounding me. None of these will take more than a few hours each so therefore I definitely have enough time in the 24 hour clock.
I have the right supplies to finish each of them so what can my excuse be? Lazy? Procrastinator? Undecided? Not Me! I merely begin more than I should all the time. Can anyone relate to doing this? I recently read that we don't finish things yet begin new ones because it is more exciting to start something new. Well, here I am declaring this to be "Finish It Friday" and before I go to bed tonight I will have completed these five projects. I know I will feel amazing after I am done. I know I will have renewed energy and excitement from such an accomplishment. I know I will feel good that I no longer have to worry about getting these done in time as some have critical deadlines I must meet.
So beginning with the picture above...I purchased these little canvas bags at the $1.29 store in town and embellished them for St. Patrick's with some green ribbon and one of my little green fabric heart yo-yo's I have been making. These are for my friends when we get together for lunch on St. Patrick's day. Of course I am putting a little surprise inside for the ladies but shhh I want to keep that a secret for now.
I will be sharing my other projects in future posts however for now they shall merely go on the endangered UFO list. I must get very busy as my clock is ticking away and I have very few hours left to complete my mission.
Would you like to join me in "Finish It Friday"? I know I will feel better and less overwhelmed.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello March...

Hello March and all that you bring us. The hope of Spring as the plants and trees begin to bud with new life. Daffodils are sprouting forth from the ground and the blossoms are unfurling to show their bright burst of beautiful yellow.
For us here in the United States we have St. Patrick's day to celebrate on March 17th. We eat and drink green colored food and beer. We color our rivers with green in honor of the day. We wear green clothing.
We look for Leprechauns and rainbows and the ever-elusive pot of gold.
We love four leaf clovers and shamrocks. I have made a shamrock-like pin to wear so that I don't get pinched that day. Okay, maybe no one would actually pinch me anymore but a girl can still pretend. I used a beautiful green fabric to make some heart shaped yo-yo's. I mounted them to green wool felt. I used a green dyed shell bead for the stem and some 6.0 seed beads to embellish my pin. I shall be wearing this when I meet my girlfriends for lunch on March 17th.
This month begins with a Monday and that is always a challenge for many. I endured the post office today and got some important things sent off to their destinations. It feels good to begin a new month with a list that I can actually check off as having completed.
I shall soon share another project I am working on.
What are you working on that you would like to complete this month?