Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Soft Preemie Hearts...

A short while back I shared about sewing fabric hearts for The Preemie Project and you can see my post here.  I have now sewn more hearts and mailed them to the foundation.  I used the softest vintage fabrics I owned that were appropriate.  This time I only made the 8 inch size. 

Here you can see the hearts I just mailed along with a hand written post card I received for the last batch of hearts.  Linda, the President took the time to let me know she got the hearts and how grateful the project is.  I have also heard from Linda via email that these hearts pictured have been received safe and sound.  She also let me know that they have had an overwhelming response and are well stocked with fabric hearts.  I can now put this project on the completed list as they are not in need of any additional hearts for a long time to come. 
As this is the very last day of September I am happy to report that we have just had a slight sprinkle of rain.  Nothing measurable once again and not even enough to wet all the ground.  However it shows that we are not forgotten by the rain gods.  Hopefully they are testing us before El Nino is released soon.  We are ready and able to soak up tons of rain water so let the heavens pour down on us.  Not Ark proportions but at least lakes and dams amounts.  Thank you Mother Nature.
Mr. C and I continue to slowly put the downstairs back in order which also involves the upstairs due to my loading up the Library with stuff.  We are tackling the bare walls down the freshly painted hall on the lower level.  Pictures are tricky.  I have decided all the orphan oil paintings I owned previously will not go back up as they really do date back to the 1970's and my lack of income and apartment living.  It will be interesting to see what we decide as we muddle through.  Our home is very traditional and we rather like it that way.  We are not chic or uber hip and definitely not trendy!
I think I see another large donation truck being called for pickup again.
With October 1st almost here I am feeling like I need to make a list and get busy prioritizing what needs to get accomplished.  From now right on through the end of the year time seems to go faster and faster like a run-a-way train.  I am already seeing count-downs to each holiday and it makes me feel rattled.  This year I would like to remain calm and carry on with my best ability put forward.  Creative Bliss My Friends.  P.S.  I do try to reply to each of your comments however many of you are "no reply" and I find it difficult to track down an email for you.  I am truly grateful for each of your visits and the time you take to leave me a comment.  Blessings and Sweet October Days...

Monday, September 28, 2015

Treasures From Denmark...

I am going to focus on some lovely hand crafted treasures I have received lately from friends.  If you follow Dorthe and her lovely blog denlillelade you will recognize her wonderful style she creates in.
If you are like me you love to get fun packages in the mail to offset all those bills and junk pieces.
The wrapping was fun with this floral wallpaper band and soft aqua ribbon.  Delicious!

This is a really fun ornament Dorthe created with a wooden heart and a metal piece she embellished with a lovely image and some lace.  The crystal dangle and S charm are perfect.

This tag is so Pretty in Pink.  The textures and dimension are amazing.  Dorthe's love of Nature is perfect with the bird.  Inspire is exactly what these treasures are for me...inspiration and gratitude.  Thank you so very much Dorthe Dear.  I am truly thankful for these treasures and for our friendship.
I have not been blogging very much due to still having learning issues with using Mr. C's laptop and my iPad.  Both are not the same and my programs and contents are not the same even though they should be the same.  I will try to catch up with sharing lots of beautiful treasures both received and given.  Thank you for indulging me and my slow learning curves with technology.  If only my granddaughters lived closer I would be able to learn so much from them with all the technology they use and know so well.  I have no smart phone...I have never texted...I have never used emojis...what ever is an old woman to do?!!
Enjoying our lovely Fall weather.  The Oak leaves are Falling and as they are drifting down to earth they seem to be swaying as if to some unheard music.  The Grey Squirrels are enjoying special Black Sunflower Seeds we put out for them.  And we seem to have an abundance of Praying Mantis this year.  Everywhere we look we see some...some green and some greyish brown.  They don't scare me however I certainly do not want one to land on me or near me. 
Creative Bliss to you all and I am enjoying everything you are creating.  Thank you so much for sharing so we can all enjoy Fall décor and Pumpkin Pleasures...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Coloring Can Calm...

Some days a girl just needs to color.  Whether you color inside the lines or outside the lines or all over the lines it is just such a calming way to spend a little time.  My friend Lindsay Ostrom created this drawing and if you check out her blog you will find a free page and lots more information on her wonderful artwork.  I feel blessed to be able to sit for a few minutes and just put color on paper.  Here I have used lots of colored pencils...different brands and types from the cheapest to expensive.
Now I am mailing this as a Random Act of Mail to someone as a surprise. 
Fires are still burning and rain is still NOT falling but for now containments are rising and the skies are blue once again. 
On this First Day of Autumn I feel a new sense of calm.  Watching the leaves and pine needles dropping from the trees and grey squirrels forage for acorns I am enjoying Mother Nature.  What are you enjoying on this first day of Fall?  Mr. C and I are going for a walk.  We need to do this more often and not let the demands of daily life get in our way.  I also recognize it is Spring for my friends across the ocean and how fresh and clean everything is after Winter has come and gone for you.
Creative Bliss and I do hope you do something that makes your heart happy...

Friday, September 18, 2015

New Chairs and Winning...

Mr. C and I are "do-overs".  We have each been married before to others and now we are married to one another.  Why am I telling you this? might know how it works to combine lives and other stuff.  For many years I have graciously shared Mr. C's former kitchen table and chairs in our home together.  Some say it is "bad karma" and would never use anything from the former wife.  I say being frugal and responsible is better for a marriage.   Now with all that being said, here are the four chairs awaiting the donation truck for pick up.  I admit I am not all!  These chairs and I have never gotten along well but we certainly have tried.

A couple of weeks ago Mr. C in a weak and rare moment said we could get new chairs.  Now he has said this a few times in the past however it always meant driving and searching furniture stores and agreeing on a style and budget.  That never worked for us.  I showed him a few styles online and he offered if I liked a chair we would buy it.  WAIT a minute!  Who is this person ready to buy online without seeing and sitting and qualifying this chair???  He says, "Do you want these chairs?" with his finger ready to click "buy".  I say, "yes...BUT...what if you don't like them or they aren't comfortable or the quality isn't what you like" and on and on I went.  "Do you want these chairs?"  "YES!!!" they are and without boring you even more we are both very happy with them and they are very comfortable.   Now the old table looks rather bleak to us.  Oh No!  That table is just fine!!!  Thank you Mr. C very much for our new chairs.  Good-Bye Bad Karma!

During this waiting period of a few days for old chair removal and new chair delivery I WON these beautiful hand quilted placemats and table topper from Connie at Freemotion by the River.  I have followed her blog for a long time and I always adore what she creates.  Her quilting skills and ability to put fabrics together are amazing.  If you don't already follow Connie you will want to click the link and see what she is up to.   Last year she and her husband rescued a Pelican and the stories were wonderful to read.  Pelly is doing wonderfully well.

Thank you sew very much Connie for sharing your beautiful creations with me.  As you can see they look so gorgeous on the table...with the new chairs.  I am truly grateful.
This Wednesday we actually had a drizzle of rain.  It wasn't enough to measure on the official rain gauges but it was enough to freshen our plants and to help the fire fighters have a slight break from the triple digit heat and horrific out-of-control fires burning so many places here on the West Coast.  Thank you all for your continued prayers for rain and no more fires. 
Falling into Autumn here with leaves turning and acorns dropping.  The grey squirrels are beginning their foraging for stocking up their winter supplies.  One little guy came right up on the upstairs deck begging for a handout.  I think he found an old Dorito chip under the patio furniture. 
Loving all the gorgeous Fall Décor and creative ideas you are sharing here on blogland.  Creative Bliss and enJOY all that Fall has to offer...

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sewing Table Toppers...

In having my sewing machine returned and in good sewing repair and in sorting and purging fabrics from my enormous stash I made a decree that I would finish and sew some table toppers I have needed for a very long time.  It turned out to be a grand idea and took very little time.

This dresser topper looks the same as it has for many years however now it is sewn and not just folded along the edges.  And now it is reversible for another pretty look.  This is in our guest bedroom and is one of my very favorite rooms.  It is all antiques and sentimental pieces everywhere. In fact some day I want to be a guest in my home.

I only sewed three toppers but they are the most needed and used that I have been waiting a very long time to actually make.  The Rooster topper is on my kitchen desk top that is currently our laptop station and it is keeping the granite counter safe from scratches.

This little table is next to the guest bed and I am shocked at how guests put water glasses and other stuff right on the wood of this antique cherry table.  Now it is a little bit protected by the fancy cloth topper.  I am continuing my organizing of my sewing room but at least stopping to be creative along the way.  I can't go overboard and make toppers for every surface in the house for Mr. C would not like that.  However these are not disturbing his peace for now. 
As California continues to burn with raging fires we remain safe for now.  We are staying indoors due to all the smoke and really bad air quality.  We were out for a few hours on Saturday and my throat became craggly again so home for me and more apple cider vinegar gargling.  The past few days have been so horrific with the fires that now hundreds of homes and vehicles have burned.  The devastation is beyond belief.  And still no rain is falling to help the fire fighters.  Thank you my friends for all of your prayers and well wishes.
I am keeping this brief as I really do need to complete some of my planned indoor chores.  And I am continuing to participate in Random Acts of Mail so I have lots of cards to prepare and send out. 
Falling into Autumn Bliss...

Monday, September 7, 2015

Sorting & Organizing Fabrics...

Now that new carpet is completed I can put my sewing room back together and hopefully sew soon.  I am not a fan of the new beige carpet however the choice was made with resale in mind.  I already dropped a pin and spent five minutes finding it.  I personally would not have carpet in a sewing room however this is technically a bedroom.

Mr. C having seen my supplies has determined I need to purge my fabrics due to the fact that I will never use them all.  Because he is right (he is always right) I decided to sort and organize my fabrics a little differently this time.  Here you can see the shelving units which hold my fabrics in the closet.  How can I possibly eliminate fabric when I love them all.  Hmmm...I decided that all fabrics which are too thick for my machine to sew would be good to pass along.  After all my sewing machine has just returned from a long stay at the repair shop.

This was a very time consuming project and partly how I abused my back.  I went through each and every category of fabric and selected just the ones that I would be keeping.  Then just those got to go back on each labeled shelf.  Shhh...we won't discuss all the fabrics that are in tubs currently stacked under a desk and table in the studio.  I figure those weren't part of the shelving overload that Mr. C encountered when we moved things for the carpet installation.  I will deal with them another time.

So after days of sorting and purging I have a pretty good sized stack of fabrics that will be leaving my room.  Right now they are stacked on the sofa bed in the sewing room as I honestly have no other place to put them.  They are too heavy to lift and they are too heavy to mail.  I am thinking of donating them to a local group here.  Now my shelves are not groaning and I can easily see all that I have to work with.  The good news is that I found a lot more fabric for sewing dresses for Dress a Girl Around the World. 
Thank each of you for your well wishes for my health.  It has taken a few weeks but I am finally feeling ever so much better.  My voice has returned...much to Mr. C's dislike (I am always too loud for him).  My strength is returning and my leg and back are trying to get better.  I have rested and taken all my meds.  Yesterday I ventured outside to water my Wooley Thyme and that was enough exertion for me.  Our weather has been glorious but dry.  This week we are to return to triple digit heat and still no rain in any forecast.  Fall is in the air as the nights and mornings are much cooler.  I saw acorns that have fallen to the ground and lots of oak leaves dropping.  September is marching right along.  I am enjoying your blogs and seeing lots of creative fall décor, custom pumpkins and wreaths that you are making.  I won't be decorating for fall this year.  My daughter and granddaughters are already decorating for her epic Halloween party.  This will be her third year in a row and she picks a theme and then goes all out over her entire home and grounds.  I am thankful I am not able to attend...I don't do scary or spooky or blood-curdling! 
I just want to say how very grateful I am for being able to live here in America and have all the spoils of life that I am very thankful for.  My heart breaks for those less fortunate around the world.  God Bless America.  I am so grateful for all the years I was able to "labor" and work for my living.