Monday, August 29, 2016

Lovely Gifts Received...

I have recently received two gifts of the most amazing and beautiful hand crafted works of HeArt!
This CQ (Crazy Quilting) Postcard is from Mary Anne of Magpie's Mumblings. If you do not follow Mary Anne you may be missing out on not only beautiful hand crafting she does but also some very fun and informative links she shares.  There is also a daily quote.  I was so surprised to receive this.

Purple is such a Regal color.  The stitching on this is beautiful.  I was leaving on a long road trip...yes again!  So I wanted to enjoy it and took it along with me to relish in all the different stitches and techniques she has used.  I am taking my CQ online class from Kathy Shaw and need to study.  I am desperately behind in my CQ class but I am not giving up.  More on this later...

Lovely Mary Anne also included some "Ciggy's" for my future CQ projects.  I am so grateful.  Thank you very much Mary Anne for gifting me your gorgeous CQ Postcard and Ciggy's.  I shall treasure them and all the time and work you put into creating this CQ Postcard. 

This is a BLUEtiful hand crafted book that my friend and birthday twin Suz of Suztats gifted me.  Suz knows how much I love the color blue...every shade of blue...and she created this amazing work of HeArt.  Tags and Gelli printing and fabrics of velvet and brocade and a blue shoe charm!  Swoon!!

This is the inside and the white lace creates a pocket.  I believe Suz hand dyes her pieces she uses.  She also tats, knits, and gardens along with her amazing water color paintings.  I am in awe!

A lovely stenciled bird resides in this lace pocket on the back of the book.  There is also a tag with a lovely reference to blue.  It has hand dyed ribbon with bead ends.

This is the front of the BLUEtiful book and it has beaded fringe and another blue referenced quote.  Thank you so very much Suz.  I am feeling very special and spoiled. 
Now I better lie down for I feel the vapors coming on just from these enchanting pieces of true labors of love and talent. 
I will tell more about our latest long road trip on my next post.  Right now I am enjoying the last of August and Summer.  Someone very cleverly said that Summer is going too fast and should get a Speeding Ticket.  I agree!  Fall is in the air.  I must keep busy preparing for my September Sister's Swarm (one of my blog friends used this phrase and I really like it...thank you dear).  Mr. C has arranged to house-sit for a friend of his during this time.  This way he will be able to get some sleep. 
Enjoy every day and Embrace Creative Bliss...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Meeting a Blog Friend...

Hello and I am so happy to be home and able to use Mr. C's desktop computer.  We have been gone and I have lots to share in the next few posts.  If you follow Carol of Just Let Me Quilt you recognize her in this photo.  I was the lucky one to be able to meet Carol while we were away visiting her home town.  We are both smiling and we had such a wonderful visit.  I felt so comfortable with her and our time together was way too short.  Carol's husband and my husband came along and were able to enjoy chatting with one another.  I would have liked to spend a day shopping with Carol and she was more than willing...however our time was overrun with meetings and data gathering.

Carol was so sweet to bring me a gift of some DecoFoil for the cards I create and send each week for Random Acts of Mail.  Thank you Carol for the time you shared with me and the gift of creative fun.  Next time I will be certain to save lots of time for the two of us to explore all the many quilt shops and more. 
Home Sweet Home and lots to do to get caught up with unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping and general house and yard cleanup.  I am already seeing some Fall decorating from some of your blogs.  I still have some Summer to enjoy.  I have a niece and three sisters arriving the first week of September.  We will be having a multi night slumber party and general all around reunion.  I am so happy that I can be the hostess for this and that my home can accommodate us all.  Mr. C might want to run away and visit lots of his guy friends.  He likes my family however he likes peace and quiet even more.  Safe Labor Day holidays to everyone.  Embracing Creative Bliss...

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Happy Birthday Baby...

No photos as I am using my iPad.  Mr. C's laptop did not survive.  We believe it had extreme heat stroke and cannot recover.  He will take his time and "engineer" a replacement.  No ordinary off-the-shelf computer for him.  For now I shall be extremely happy I have my iPad in order to be able to see your blogs and what you are doing to enjoy this Last of Summer.
I always say August is my most favorite month and it definitely is.  Today is my daughter, Jenifer Michelle's, birthday.  She is a woman now and I am so proud to be her Mom.  Happy Birthday Honey!
As for me...I am enjoying a lazy summer and some new adventures.  I'll explain later.
Stay cool in a pool and sip some delicious fruit infused water while you make memories.
Embracing Creative Bliss...