Monday, February 28, 2011

Grateful for Electricity Power...

How grateful I am for electricity.
Without power the house got down to 41 degrees indoors...upstairs.
Without power my beloved 17 year old kitty shivers until I hold her in my arms.
Without power it is very dark.
Without power is how many people must live.
I am so very grateful for the power I have and that it is restored.
Four days and nights without...yet I am fortunate.
I have a home.
I have warm clothes.
I have food.
I have so much to be thankful for.
You can be certain I will be donating many items of need to those without.
I am grateful.
Thank you for each of your well wishes.
I am blessed.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Magic Pink Project Completed...

This will be a very quick and short post as we are snowed in with about 5 feet of snow and zero power. We have a generator however with power out everywhere the fuel stations are either out of fuel or not able to pump without power.
I finished my Texture Magic super pink fabric trial. I did make a purse out of the small piece I had textured. This first photo shows the fabric plain under the fun flower button and also the magic "smocked" fabric. I love this fabric and product.
This side of my purse is for the little girl in me.

This side of the purse if for the adult in me.

Fun and flirty side.

Fun and flirty side. Yes, I believe both sides are fun and flirty.
Texture Magic is made by Superior Threads and can be purchased in fabric and craft stores. I have no affiliation with this company or product except as a successful consumer.
I finished this purse this past week just before the huge storm hit.
Just a note: I always unplug my sewing machine due to power issues so the computer part does not get fried. Just like turning off all computers in the house.
Now I must sign off and I am truly missing reading all of the blogs I so love to follow. We must conserve our generator and fuel.
All in all I feel very blessed as we do have a generator for heat and lights. There were many years when we moved here that we didn't have this luxury and survived power outages for on average five days at a time.
Yes, the chain saws, shovels, brooms, axe, hoe and lots of physical muscle has been in force the past two days. I can get really creative about shoveling and brooming and chopping ice from our very steep (16% grade) driveway.
Stay warm and well everyone.
Happy creating...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sewing with Texture Magic...

Last week I did what I said I was going to do. Sew with Texture Magic. I had purchased a package several years ago when it first came out and there it sat in the drawer. Hmmm...
Then I saw it actually sewn and finished on some sample pieces in the fabric store and I purchased another package. I was so enamored with the product I just knew I must try it.
This first photo is my fabric (Fairy Frost) sewn with the grid lines I drew.

This photo is the back of my "fabric" which is actually the texture magic that I drew the grid lines on in order to sew them. Not very exciting yet!

Hmmm...something is happening to my texture magic side of the fabric. It is shriveling and getting all lumpy. Lets turn this over and see the correct side and the result...

It truly is magic! This is the same fabric as in the first photo that has now been steamed. The Texture Magic has done it's job and my fabric has lots of dimension and texture. It appears to have been smocked.
Now to decide what I shall make with this piece. It isn't very large so I am pondering my options. I have some ideas and will soon decide what it shall become. My studio cutting table and I are auditioning some fabrics and patterns. We will make our decision soon and then post the finished product once it is completed. Please don't hold your breath as there is no deadline for this project. It will happen when it happens. I do not know where my time goes however it certainly disappears quickly.
What would you make with this textured fabric?
It is bright pink but then that is the little girl in me who loves pink everything and Mary Jane shoes. Hmmm...princess?
Happy creating...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Aubergine and Lace...

I have always loved the word aubergine. It just sounds so regal. And regal is just what purple has always represented. My mother's favorite color was purple. I never really cared much for it one way or another. However as I "mature" I find I am drawn more and more to the colors of purple and it's many hues. I created this necklace from beads I had picked up in Rome Italy and several other much more local places.
I am realizing that I like working with the asymmetrical rather than the completely balanced matching ways of style. I did make matching pierced earrings using the amethyst beads. Actually amethyst is the gemstone for February so this is quite fitting.
I might list this set in my etsy shop. I have spent several hours recently lowering my prices in my etsy shop so as to allow everyone the opportunity to acquire their favorite pieces. Please do take a look just in case you find a gift for yourself or for someone dear to you.
We are having lots of snow here in Northern California. Awoke to a good sized oak tree crashed down over the driveway. Mr. C and I spent the day outside shoveling, brooming, clearing, chain-sawing and hauling debris off the driveway just so we can get out if need be. However it is snowing as fast as we can shovel. Time for warm tea and homebaked peanut butter cookies.
May you enjoy your weekend and make something wonderful.
Happy creating...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inspiration Purchases...

This is something I purchased while in La Quinta/Palm Springs recently. It hangs on the wall and has hooks for jewelry or such. The idea is really very simple yet it makes a great statement. The entire piece is approximately 24 inches in length. It would be very easy to create these out of lightweight foam core board or one of those ceiling tiles that can be used for a bulletin board. Cover with some fun fabric and ribbon and netting. Very girlie and I love it.
This is what I purchased from my favorite fabric store in Palm Desert...Monica's. Now for me to utilize these items and not just add them to the closet of a thousand projects.

Some new fabrics too. Very fun teacups and celebration girlie fabrics in pinks. An Easter themed panel and another panel I had to buy because I just love the little scenes on it.

This is just one of the many scenes on the panel. I didn't even iron it for this photo. If only I knew what I will make with these. These scenes are just like pictures I have in a very old tiny little book from my childhood. Name unknown as the cover is missing forever. It even has my crayon scribbles on some of the pages but I totally treasure this little book.

While at Monica's every lady in the shop was buying these polymer buttons as fast as they could get their hands on them. Lots of different shapes and colors and textures.
All of these purchases are such inspiration for me. I just need to let the ideas happen as they will and not force them.
What would you make using these fabric panels? I would love to hear your ideas.
May you be inspired beyond your dreams...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts...

Happy Hearts to everyone.
Aren't surprises just the most fun when they bring such creative joy and happiness? I certainly think so. In my mail was this super cute Birdie Valentine card and the little burlap package held closed with an adorable heart pin.
It held a beautiful charm domino necklace made by Sheila of Blessed and Distressed blog. I aplogize that my scan does not do justice to the glitter and beauty of this sweet little girl that Sheila made from a simple domino. Please visit her and see all that she does.
Thank you so very much Sheila. You are one of the wonderful and generous friends I have found here in blogland.

Heart Strings.
This scan definitely does not do justice to this lovely sewn string of hearts and butterflies and love that Miss Cory "Dogwood" handmade and sent to me. I adore it and its fluid movement as it hangs near my desk to inspire me. Thank you very much Dogwood of Pink Dogwood Blossoms blog. Cory and I actually live right near one another and have never met in person. We were matched up in last year's April Letter Writing challenge and have been corresponding ever since. Some day soon we shall meet especially since we both shop at the same Ben Franklin local craft supply store.

Creative Handmade Cards.
These are some Valentine cards I received from family and friends that are ever so cute and special as they are handmade. I must not scan so badly! I do cherish all of my Valentine goodies and the fact that they were created with love.
Oh no lack of that. Just no photos or scans as I have eaten all of it. I did share a tiny bit with Mr. C since he likes chocolate also.
May you each celebrate this wonderful day and enjoy the love that surrounds us all.
Happy Hearts...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Shoes...

I recently bought some new shoes at a wonderful sale price. Calvin Klein gray shoes that I can wear comfortably. Did I spend the full price of $80? No, never! I spent the grand total sum of $11.98 after sale percentage discount.
However, I did not like the industrial looking white soles on these shoes. But for the price I would buy them anyway. At first I thought of taking a black Sharpie marker to color the soles black. Hmmm...maybe too harsh for these pretty gray skimmers.
So off to the studio for ideas. Aha...paint! I have gray. I have silver. I have...perfect...

Liquid silver leaf! That is what I painted on the white sole of my new gray shoes. Silver leaf and it looks just right. A proper color befitting the shiny gray of my shoes.

Here they are completed and ready for me to wear. Oh how I love new shoes! Any color, any style. As long as they are new and cute. Oh and super affordable as I love a bargain the most!
Have you ever painted your shoes? What else have you done to make your bargain the perfect item for your wardrobe? Do tell...
Once a crafter always a crafter.

Delicious Colors and Tastes...

This might look like Springtime.
Bright colors.
Simple foods.
Delicious tastes.
Here are the things I am trying to eat.
Healthy and delicious.
Oh and the unphotographed pounds of chocolate.
Sunshine and Warmth ahead...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Road Trip Continues...

Our destination was Scottsdale Arizona for the Barrett Jackson Auto Auctions. This is the mecca of collector cars. About 200 acres filled with giant white tents and hundreds of amazing cars and other collectible items. Mr. C had this as one of his top ten bucket list items so we had to see it in person. We have watched it on TV however you can multiply that by 100 and still not get the true dynamics until you experience it in person. Overload would be quite an understatement!
Just on Saturday over 160,000 people attended. This gorgeous 1956 De Soto convertible auctioned off at $340,000 plus commission fees of 10% paid by the buyer. Who would have thought an orphaned De Soto would bring such money?!! It was so beautiful in person and every detail was perfect.

Silly me thought I wanted a Smart Car when I was traveling in Europe and saw them everywhere. Now that I have sat in one I cannot imagine driving 70 mph on the freeway in traffic with merely my a$$ being the bumper. Yes it has heated seats because the engine is directly behind your seat so you could also bake dinner on your way home from the market. :o) Too cute but not for me.
I did take a side trip to do some shopping. No photos of this so as not to incriminate myself. I visited a bead store in Scottsdale. This is a beautiful store with fabulous finds. However for me it was super intimidating. I have never gone in a bead store where you must put your purse in a locker and then you have an attendant hovering over you every minute. Who can relax and shop in that environment. Needless to say I bought very little especially after I saw the prices! One short strand of copper curved caps was $175. Ouch!

Let's continue our drive up to Sedona Arizona. This is the sacred place of red rocks and lots of lore. It is truly beautiful. Mr. C and I used to stay in Sedona several times a year until we moved north. We had not been back in about 14 years and lots had changed. Growth, commercialism and generally a sad depleted economy has taken its toll. Oh the beauty is still here however the ambiance has changed.
We managed to visit our old haunts, galleries, restraurants and the scenic rocks. The photo below is the famous Eagle rock which presides over the chapel built in the hills.
This entire area is said to be very sacred.
Enough road trip for now.
How many of you have ever been to either Barrett Jackson or to Sedona? Each is unique and well worth the trip if you like the venues.
Now I am off to the studio to finish some Valentines which must get into the mail today. I am only sending to family this time since I was gone so much.
Happy Hearts to all...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Grateful for Gifted Friends...

So many of you know and adore Paulette of Beedeebabee. She is a very gifted artist with felt, beads, needle and thread. Please visit her blog to see some of her newest offerings.
I was so fortunate to open my mail one day recently and this is the fabulous treasure I received. I am truly grateful as I cherish her handwork. Now I am able to also cherish her friendship. Once again blogland has brought the best people and their creative talents to my circle of inspiration. Thank you so very dearly Paulette. I am very grateful.
Today is the beginning of a new week of opportunity and I shall try to rise to meet the challenge. I have lots of things in mind and now all I need to do is get to them...NOW!
Happy February Hearts to each of you.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Road Trip Experiences...Part 1

Recently Mr. C and I departed on a road trip. We had some places we wanted to visit and some things we wanted to experience and some people we wanted to spend some time with. So we arranged for in home kitty care. Sasha BooBoo is an aging cat who is not the least bit spoiled however she does know what she likes and what she will not tolerate. Home is her best option as it is comfortable and complete. My dear friend Margaret became the daily caregiver. Thank you so much Margaret. Actually Sasha's 17th birthday will be celebrated this Super Bowl Sunday! Next Mr. C and I packed up the car and headed out. We traveled in tandem with another couple in their vehicle which was interesting. One very long drive the first day we stopped for an overnight sleep and met another couple for dinner and a business meeting Mr. C required. The next day we drove another distance and then our friends called another couple to meet us at our first excursion. Have you ever been to Quartzsite Arizona? Now I can say I have! This photo above really does not do justice to the experience. Beginning 5 miles outside of Quartzsite are encampments of hundreds of all types of vans, buses, trailers and motor homes just pulled off the side of the highway and into the desert beyond. We happened to visit just at the high time of Snow Bird season.
This is a typical vendor booth at one of the many many "swap meets". Quartzsite has been a favorite spot for rockhounds since the 1960's. Now it is kind of a cult spot for all types of people wanting to escape their snowy homes and spend a few months basking in the sun. Hmmm... While we were there for one day it was windy and freezing cold! Not my idea of warm and sunny. And of course I was not prepared for this with hiking boots and grunge clothing. I had my little black leather flat sandals with the light beige straw walk the cactus, rocks and dirt grounds. Please remember this was an unscheduled stop. Mr. C is making up his "bucket list" as he goes along.

This is a typical layout of what the rockhounds display and offer for sale. Luckily we knew our traveling friends friends and spent about 4 hours exploring. Our car is so not a desert and gravel kind of car so that was not happy time but we managed to traverse enough to get the ambiance of Quartzsite.
While going through the open air stalls I did find something I wanted and bought. A very nice lady was selling all types of things including cheesy glass bead pendants I think were from China however she also was selling some of her personal treasures. I bought these wooden spools from her. She seemed very pleased that they would be going to a good home and that I was really smitten with them as I sew and would be displaying them in my sewing room. I do have ideas for them that I will be doing later. Mr. C found the marble egg in another large indoor building and showed it to me and of course then I had to have it also.
I was shocked at the amount of sales tax you must pay in Quartzsite...10.1% Ouch as that really adds up quickly when you are spending your money. Our sales tax here at home in California is 8.875% and that is considered high. Makes shopping in Oregon all the more inviting. They charge 0% sales tax. Oh dear I have gotten off topic. But that is exactly how this trip seemed to go...rather off course for a while.
Later I will share more highlights of this road trip that became about 2500 miles in 13 days. Luckily I packed most of my closet (I tend to always take way too much especially when I am not flying and paying for luggage I must be able to lift and carry) and of course took some food and water along just in case we got hungry. :o) Sadly I gained 3 pounds along the trip and now must work really hard to get it off...again! I have spent the past solid year shedding 10 pounds via Weight Watchers so to gain 1/3 back in such a short time is very disheartening. The good news is that I know exactly how I gained and now will make much smarter choices and get some much needed activity/exercise back into my daily routine.
So for now I shall continue unpacking and doing laundry and errands like grocery shopping.
I shall allow myself great breaks to catch up on all the blogs I so enjoy and missed while gone.
My beloved BooBoo is very needy and will not let me out of her sight or touch so I am enjoying re-bonding with her. I cherish my little fur-child and know my time with her is limited.
I also have lots of plans to be creative and will need to work that into my days.
For now I shall be grateful for each of you who stayed patient and faithful to my blog.
I do understand why Mr. C kept telling me I was addicted to blogging...I really am addicted! It is a great addiction to have and I shall continue to follow and read all the blogs I can as you each inspire me and fill my daily world with joy. Thank You!
Smiles and Happy February Heart Hugs...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Please Stay Tuned...

...for the rest of the story.

I have been missing from blogland but not from lots of interesting experiences.

I will be posting some tales very soon.
Thank you for hopefully returning.