Friday, June 28, 2013

Grateful Prayers & Recovering...

Thank you each and every one of you for your prayers, concern and comforting comments.  Mr. C did not allow any photos until these two after 4 days.  This left arm and his left ankle were crushed by the quad yet did not get broken.  Severely swollen and bruised and multiple abrasions yet nothing broken.  A miracle.  The doctors all said it is fortunate that he is so strong and tough.

This photo does not do justice to the actual Technicolors of these bruises.  Each day I find more as I see more of his entire body.  Literally from the neck to the toes he is covered with cuts, scrapes, bruises and soreness.  Amazingly he is doing much better than expected.  His broken ribs are excruciatingly painful and he has a little pillow "buddy" that he keeps close to his side.  His lung is better and he is able to carry on a conversation for a couple of minutes before running out of breath and being exhausted.
Today is just one week since the accident.  I am baffled at how time has flown by when each minute, hour and day was extremely long not knowing how he would fare.  How can time stand still yet race so quickly?  We both very much appreciate all of your well wishes.  Our friends have all been very supportive.  I will say that his really good close friends who know him so well don't spare him any slack when it comes to the words quad and vacation one week apart.  This weekend will be really rough for him as we would have been on that big jet plane heading to adventure which is what this man lives for.
I have not been creative as my "nursing" style is more like my mothering style.  Yes, I am the type of mother/wife who puts the mirror to your face if I can't see or hear you breathing.  I have always been an extreme worry-wart and that is what I do best...worry.  I suppose I would be labeled a "helicopter" care-giver now days.  "One who hovers too much."  I could take offense however I believe I am merely being a good conscious care-taker.  Ready to serve and tend to every need.  I am so very grateful and thankful and pleased that he is doing so well.  We still have a long journey but nothing like it could have been.  When the doctors told us that many many times when it is a quad rollover accident there is paralyzation involved.  Thank you God and Angels for watching over my husband.  I do believe in miracles!
We are in for triple digit heat spell days for the next week.  Perfect for July 4th FIREworks.  Yes, I can be sarcastic and I usually try not to be however why do they sell fireworks to people who carelessly set them off.  Now I will get off my soapbox and pray for no fires this coming holiday.
My Heart is Happy and my Creativity will return.  Thank you once again each and every one of you.  I really appreciate how wonderful my blog friends are.  Blessings...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Life's Unexpected Changes...

This post is not about photos or fabulous creative endeavors.  It is about life and thankfully LIFE!
Mr. C and I live a good life and will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary very soon.  We are do-overs and feel very fortunate to have found one another to be together for the rest of our lives.  In a flash things can change.
Mr. C and his good buddy Brad were off enjoying a lovely First Day of Summer riding their quads in the remote forest we are surrounded by.  Then I got the call no wife wants to hear.  It is also the call I got years ago no mother wants to hear.  My husband had a roll-over quad accident and had no recollection of what happened.  He was lying in the 4X4 dirt road for over an hour when I got to him.  Under all the dirt he was ashen and white lipped.  My heart just sank.  I can not imagine my life without him.  Thank goodness he was conscious.  I drove 2 hours on another 4X4 dirt gravel road to get him to the hospital.  No ambulance could get to us.  No life-flight could land near us.  I never thought to call Cal Fire for help.  Poor Brad was beside himself over this.  Did I mention that Brad is paralyzed from the chest down for the last 12 years?  He is very active and capable but this was more than he could manage physically and that is why he called me.  I cannot handle anything but somehow managed to maintain until I was alone about 3 am that night.  We spent 7 hours in our local ER and then they transferred my husband via ambulance to a trauma unit down the hill about 75 miles away.  Fortunately no surgery was required.
I was able to bring Mr. C home Sunday night.  He will recover but it will be quite a journey.  The doctor said thankfully he is very strong and tough and that is why his injuries weren't worse.  Yes, he was wearing his very sturdy race car helmet which now has a large divot in it.  He has a concussion, crushed but not broken left arm and ankle, contusions and abrasions from the neck down.  Swelling and bruising like I have seen once before.  Three badly broken ribs, a punctured lung and some sort of bleeding above his heart from the force of the damaged lung.
What is really devastating to him?  We must cancel our special trip we have been planning for the past two years.  We were to leave this coming Saturday however he is not allowed to fly for fear of collapsing his lung and getting blood clots.  He is heartbroken.  Our fifteenth anniversary was to be celebrated in Monaco.  Lots of touring the South of France and the French Riviera.  Then it was on to England for the 30th Anniversary of Goodwood Festival of Speed.  This is the nirvana for "gear-heads"!  Every fast car, motorcycle, airplane and more happens at Lord March's Estate each year.  Being the 30th year there are even more special events.
We will plan again for 2014 and enjoy it then.
Just having my husband is all I need.  I am truly thankful.
May I know that each of you will keep good prayers and healing hugs for his speedy and complete recovery?  He does not do well at holding still.  He accomplishes more in each day than I do in a week.
I shall be doing my best to tend to his every need.  I won't be leaving his side for anything for a while.
May you each enjoy every minute of every day as we never know what will be...
Oh we got some rain...thank you!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Harden the Hare...

This adorable wool bunny is one I purchased from Shell of the Rasberry Rabbits blog.  However Donna of Brynwood Needleworks actually created and stitched this bunny.  Much to my surprise Donna has recently announced the availability of her pattern to make such cute bunnies.  I immediately purchased my pattern from her link to Craftsy.  I had my pattern faster than I could imagine.

Sew...I went searching for some appropriate wool.  I don't have a huge selection (this is only a shoebox sized container) but I have some very small pieces from making flower pins.

I selected my favorite blue and a soft pink to line the ears with.  The British themed scissors and felt flag tag that I am using as my pin holder I purchased from Donna also.  She has a lovely shop on her blog.

In no time at all I had my little bunny all cut out and ready to assemble.  I must say Donna's pattern is excellent with photos and precise directions.

Here I have blanket stitched the pocket top and then machine stitched the pocket to the body back.  I cannot tell you how exciting this is to be making one after purchasing one.  I absolutely love handmade!

Taking shape with the proper stuffing and crushed walnut shells which are recommended for sharpening pins and needles.  The back pocket holds a small pair of scissors.  How clever is that?

Here I am stitching the lining to the ear.  Sew easy and the result is quite nice.

The finished bunny side profile.  I love his fluffy cotton tail!

I am pleased to introduce Harden the Hare.  Harden actually means "from the valley of the hares".  This was such a fun and quick and easy bunny to create.  Thank you Donna for such a superb pattern.  I believe there are more bunnies in my future.  In fact I was certain I had some brown wool but didn't see it in my little stash.  So I went searching and of course it was in a "special" pile that was on the sewing table.  I also have some other ideas but need to work out some logistics.  Even Mr. C likes this bunny.  Harden makes me happy.
Today is the first official day of Summer and yet it is very cool here with the Delta Breeze.  This year we have had more wind (oops I should say breeze) than I can ever remember.  I am still hoping for rain to keep the fire danger down.  The days are longer and I love the sunlight as it gives me more energy and time to enjoy my days.
Creative Joy to each of you...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Mayhem, Sorting, Purging...

I love love love beads!  However, when I am in the studio and I am supposed to be cleaning and organizing which for some unknown reason is very hard for me to do as I get going down memory lane, I seem to have clumsy fingers.  I dropped this little open snack baggie of pearls (not precious) and my oh my how they bounce on a linoleum over concrete floor.  That really set me back a bit.  I will be finding beads for as long as I live here.  Of course I found a few tiny buttons from who knows when I dropped them while picking up beads.  Mayhem...   Of all the commercials on TV those are a few I like.  Mayhem cleaning the house as I can relate to that completely.

As for the I am sorting some little animal beads purchased long ago in a wonderful little antique curiosity shop that was very eclectic.  The shop is no longer in business.  I believe they are fetish beads.  I certainly do hope so for the price paid.

These are hard to see in the baggies but I don't want to expose them to the air too much.  They are antique coins that have been embellished and made into pendants.  Very pricey just to have sitting around...yet not so pricey for the work involved to create them.  I purchased these from a local woman who made them.

Here is purging of fabrics, punches, paper products and other assorted items.  It is all going to a good home.  It seems no matter how much I purge and eliminate I still have an entire studio overflowing with supplies and goods.  I shall continue to practice my mantra..."Use what I have!"

Mr. C looking dapper!  Or should I say, Mr. C looking fop!  A new word I have learned from Annie while she is doing her altered dictionary.  Check out her wonderful blog freezeframe.  I am always so happy when I am inspired by other's creative talents.
I am in full Summer lazy mode now.  I love Summer the best.  Our weather has been intermittent...warm, cool, yet dry.  Very dry with no rain at all.  I would totally welcome a good drenching.  My prayers are in full replay for no forest fires.  I am terribly saddened for Colorado Springs and all they have endured.  Healing Hugs for everyone affected.
I haven't been very creative of late.  However I am completing something that I will share very soon.  What are you working on?  Are you trying new crafts or sticking with your favorite tried and trues?
Thank you very much for the lovely comments you leave.  They really brighten my days and motivate me to continue creating.  Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

Monday, June 10, 2013

Scarves & Pond Bears...

As I have blogged before I am participating in the Pink Scarf Project that Vicki is so generously hostessing.  You can read and see gorgeous scarves on her blog 2 bags Full.  This seems like a huge success so far.  If you would like to participate you still have time.  The ending date is September 15, 2013 (I believe).  To be certain my scarves arrive in time I am mailing them this week.  I like to be prepared ahead of time.

I didn't just want to wrap them in tissue and send them off.  So I purchased some lovely pink tulle and ribbon.  Then I stitched up individual bags for each scarf.  I also made a special hand written tag for each scarf and attached it with ribbon.

Here I am ready to mail off the five scarves I have.  I made four of them and a dear friend hand knit one of them with the most beautiful soft pale pink and white yarn.  It reminds me of cotton candy.  Thank you Bev.
Vicki will post photos of them when she does her next showing on her blog.  I cannot even imagine the time involved with coordinating this project.  Thank you very much Vicki.

 A few weeks ago these beautiful purple Iris's were blooming at our pond.  I really look forward to them each year.  We also have yellow Iris that bloom however they are not my favorites.

Here is a side view of one end of the pond with the Iris's.  A few weeks ago a large pond rock was missing. Mr. C and I upon inspection found some deep impressions in the gravel walkway.  We also found the rock at the bottom of the pond where it will stay until we get some strong helper to lift it out and back into place.  Damage was also done to the new retaining bender board that Mr. C just repaired earlier this year.  So we thought that this damage might have been done by a bear.  Deer do other damages.  Hmmm...

So about 8:15 pm last evening in the dusk I happened to look out the upstairs window and saw something.  I was so surprised I could barely tell Mr. C to quick come and look.  A very large brown bear was just getting out of the pond and sauntered off across our driveway and on down the lane.  From the wet trail I believe it was a mama and her cub.  I thought I saw a smaller one but wasn't sure.  This morning Mr. C and I took a walk to assess the damages this time.  Oh yeah!  Plants smashed down, pond plants ripped up and floating aimlessly, Lilly buds torn off and adrift, more edging broken and lots more large divots in the gravel walkway.  My green frog statues were tumbled into the pond.  And along the previously wet tracks across the driveway...dried muddy very large and smaller bear footprints walking side by side.  We have alerted the neighbors to be careful and keep track of their pets.  Life in the forest is certainly interesting.  We have had a bear for the last three years and know because it gets the trash and spreads it all over.  Our neighbor next to us had seen it and warned us.  I saw one run in front of my truck one day.  Somehow having them in the pond is very alarming.  I for certain will not be going down there to turn off the water or check the mail or whatever.  I like being inside with the doors locked.  Upstairs is even better.  I truly lost sleep last night for all the excitement.
Nighty Night and Sleep Tight my faithful followers...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shopping Bag Upcycle...

Besides this being my favorite store which I drive one hour each way in order to shop this wonderful store, they have nice sturdy brown paper bags which are free with your groceries.

Even the artwork on the bags is fun. our eternal strive to be more earth friendly and environment sensitive we are buying reuseable shopping bags that are rather boring and plain.

Here is a fabric version made for me by my friend Catherine.  Thank you dear!  It has approximately the same dimensions as the paper bag but so much more personality.  And it is hard to see that there is a long pocket on the side for that bottle of Perrier or wine.

Inside is also a pocket which can be handy for a shopping list and glasses or the quick wallet to pay for shopped items.  These bags are very light weight and fold up pretty flat.  Easy to store.

 When I attempted to make a bag, the bottom was a little lax in strength and support.  So I turned to my very old standby...plastic canvas.  It has the right amount of strength and support without adding weight or bulk.

Here is the bag inside bottom that I have covered in vinyl cloth so it can be cleaned off...somehow milk always dribbles.  I added the ribbon tab so it is easy to lift out and replace down in the bag bottom.

Here is my fabric version I made.  I used two different fabrics from my wonderful stash.  Thank you to my best ever Sister-In-Law Joanne I have many home decor fabrics to select from.  Lots of them are sample pieces and not yardage but they work perfectly for these types of projects.  I really love this cheerful floral.

Here is the side view with a pocket.  I added the ribbon ties that keep the sides in check much better.  When  needed just untie or loosen the ribbon for more room.  I did line this with plain muslin however I neglected to add the inside pocket/s.  I made this bag with a soft yellow floral for Catherine to celebrate her birthday tomorrow.  Happy Birthday my friend!

While I was cutting and sewing I also made this bag for myself.  My floral fabric has a very pale blue background and we all know how I love blue.  Now to go shopping...
It felt good to be sewing yet I found I made some frustrating mistakes.  This means I need to sew a lot more to keep up my skills.
Still weeding outdoors.  I seem to have a permanent job as the weeds keep growing and reproducing in the thousands.  Soon Mr. C will need to get out the power equipment and really weed whack the major areas.  I don't do that and don't want to do that.  I am more of the detail weed removal system on my hands and knees to really get the job done.  Tedious but then again it gives me time to really thank Nature for all her beauty.  I have heard it said, "Weeds are merely plants that no one wants!"  I actually enjoy many of them with their tiny little flowers and perfect little stems and leaves.
Summer is here and I hope you are enjoying all it brings with so much to do and all the family and friends who get together for picnics, reunions, graduations, weddings etcetera.
Blissful Creativity to each of you...