Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thread Catcher Triangle...

 How fortunate are we to have such wonderful access to amazing tutorials shared on blogs we follow.  I must thank Tami of Lemon Tree Tales for sharing a beautiful little thread catcher she made.  I saw it and knew immediately I would make one.  So Tami shared the link and I followed it.  It took me to the tutorial and the directions were easy and simple and very doable.  Thank you Needling Things.  In all honesty it took me longer to take these photos than it did to make the little thread catcher.
I embellished one side flap with a little safety pin and bead.  
 This side flap has a heart shaped button for the love I sewed into this little gift.
And here is a fun flower button sewed on with some green crochet thread.  
Here is the little thread catcher laying flat to show how easy it is to take with you for those portable projects.  I am so thrilled with how easy this is to make.  It will be a favorite of mine to make for gifts and include with some fun sewing themed items...needles, thread, scissors, etcetera.  I also have plans to use a decorative stitch for the side seams that show.  
And on top of everything else it is super easy to mail this and that is important as the postal rates can be quite steep and timely delivery is rather uncertain.
Thank you to this wonderful blog community for continuing to share so generously.
Are you going to make one of these?  I already have pulled some more fabrics for sewing more of these.  This is a good use of those smaller scraps...10" square times two for the entire thread catcher.
Our weather continues to be Springlike and beautiful.  Our pollen is now lessening and being outside is much more pleasant.  I continue to weed.  It is a lifetime career and could be overwhelming if I look at the entirety of the project.  Instead I merely select a shady patch and begin there.  I move around following the shade.
May you have creative bliss and enjoy your passions...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Vintage Crocheted Clown...

 This is such a cute clown.  He is vintage now.  My Grandma crocheted him at least 40 years ago.  I was cleaning the guest room and found him up on the closet shelf.  I was so happy to find him I shed tears.  I remember Grandma crocheting him just for me (or was it for my daughter...her granddaughter?).  My favorite peacock colors of blues and greens variegated into one another.  For now I shall keep and claim him...after all possession is in my favor.  :o)
Grandma's stitches are each so precise.  She was always crocheting or knitting or sewing or beading something wonderful.  I learned how to crochet from her.  Grandma was left handed and I am right handed. She would have me sit across from her to watch and if looking in a mirror.  Very smart I would say.  I did learn to crochet and have never regretted knowing how.  This clown's head is yarn crocheted over a styrofoam ball.  His legs and arms are a twisted stitch I cannot remember how to do but as Grandma would crochet...all the spirals would magically fall into place.  His body is crocheted and stuffed with fiberfill.  Each little tuft of hair and his bright red nose is a pom-pom ball Grandma would make by wrapping yarn around a piece of cardboard just the right size for what she needed.  His eyes and smiley mouth are stitched onto the white face.  To top it all off is a tiny little crocheted hat sitting on his head.
This is a very happy clown and I just adore him.   It is always such a pleasure for me to have something Grandma handmade.  I am so very sentimental and I still miss her.  These silly little "toys" make me happy.
I am linking this to Donna's Memory Lane Monday on Brynwood Needleworks blog.  Thank you for sharing this memory with me.
May you each have a wonderful week ahead as we complete May.  I am hoping to find time to play...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Prayer Flag & Healing Hugs...

 I have been seeing lots of wonderful prayer flags made by very creative people here on the blog and Pinterest scene.  I wanted to make one however I just couldn't force myself to make one.  For me it cannot be trending and therefore I do it.  A prayer flag is so much more than that to me.  I had to have a very special reason to make one.  Sadly that reason and purpose came about.
My dear wonderful blog friend, Marilyn, (those of you who follow her blog will understand) is having a very difficult journey in her family.  I did not ask permission to post this so I am not going to share details.  You know if you are a follower of her blog.
So my prayer flag was begun.  I selected one of my favorite bits of fabric with the sweetest blue flowers.  Then I added lots of laces.  Some wool felt hearts for the love I am sewing into this flag.  A lace doily pocket to support notes of love and encouragement.  Heart buttons and a heart charm.
 It still needed my healing hugs.  I had these wonderful watercolor paper cards with words of hope and encouragement.  I made an ATC to include.  Also a small butterfly tag.  Butterflies are the bearers of 10,000 happinesses.
Here you can see my finished prayer flag with the special notes placed into the heart pockets.  I also added a little gold colored butterfly charm.  Whenever Marilyn sees this she will know that it is full of special prayers and healing hugs for her and her family.  
All wrapped up in pattern tissue and sealed with a lovely pink butterfly wall paper sticker that can be reused.  I included a hand written note you can see a corner sticking up.  Off it flew and has arrived safely to its new home.  May this simple prayer flag with its love and healing hugs help my friend be strong and keep her courage through this journey of uncertainty.
I know each of my followers will keep her and her family in their prayers also.  Prayers are very powerful!
As we approach this Memorial weekend may you all stay safe and enjoy time with family and friends.  I do not like to refer to Memorial day as a holiday.  Too many have suffered and lost their lives and none of it was a holiday for them.  Thank you to all those who continue to keep us safe and free.
Mr. C and I will spend some quiet time visiting with friends and enjoying a good old American BBQ picnic.  I will spend all day Saturday hosting the local Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center.  With the perfect Spring weather we have been experiencing I should have a record number of visitors and be super busy.  I do enjoy meeting people from all different places.  I am very proud of our little Gold Rush Victorian town that is on the National Historic Registry and I am happy to share it with others.
Blessings to all...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Drive...

Nothing creative out of me this weekend.  I am sharing these photos of a scrapbook frame idea that I got from Mr. C's sisty.  I have wanted to make these as gifts but just haven't done so yet.
 Here is credit to the maker.
 As you can see the photos can be swapped out and changed with the seasons or reasons.    I shall keep these on my to-make list.
Now for the Sunday Drive...
This is Mr. C and his beloved Super Car.  This photo is actually from last October when we attended the Lotus Owners Group Convention in Las Vegas.
So Mr. C is constantly rebuilding and tuning this car as that is what makes him happiest.  No horsepower increase is ever too much.  If the transmission becomes too weak for the extra horsepower then you merely rebuild the transmission to be able to take the horses when they gallop.  Same with the clutch.  So Mr. C had just put this engine back together and started the car for the first time on Sunday while I was grocery shopping.  When I came home he said, "let's go for a drive".  I said, "already?!!"  I am not one who enjoys any drama with vehicles.  I love cars but I loathe car troubles.   If there is even a tiny hiccup I freak out!  Always have and always will as far as I am concerned.  Yes, I must go along on the shake down run because I am holding the super heavy computer that is connected like an umbilical cord to the car's brains.
And there is a very special driving sequence that Mr. C must perform to get the car to re-map properly.  Okay now I know I have lost you...
Well, we went for a drive and about halfway Mr. C saw smoke and decided we would turn around and come home.  Then the throttle stuck wide open!  I am not amused.  Thank goodness Mr. C knows how to react and come safely to a the freeway.  We continue home and leave the car for another day.  NO!!!
After a couple of hours we are off again for another test drive.  Can't I please just stay home?  NO!!!
Mr. C has fixed the throttle and all seems really well.  The car is blindingly fast and I am holding the computer.  Smoke?  Mr. C says, "I see smoke" and then he says, "I see a lot of smoke".  I turn my head and  I see FIRE!  FLAMES!!  Big flames just behind my head and in the engine.  Again, Mr. C is able to safely get off the freeway and pull into a driveway of a Chevron station.  I run inside to ask for a fire extinguisher.  The woman is a complete panic and disappears and never returns with one.  Instead she called the fire department.  I see one on the wall and some guy from outside helps me get it.  The crowd has gathered.  I have no camera.  My wonderful Mr. C has gotten a hose and poured water on the fire and it is out.
The car is drawing lots of attention for its good looks and exotic stance.
Up roars the full size fire truck with sirens screaming.  Next the fire chief arrives.  A police car with officer arrives.  The fire is out so all the cute guys had to do was get our personal information and put out some kitty-litter drying material.  They did see that the fuel line had burned through and was leaking fuel so the fire chief got his vise grips to clamp it off.  Both the fire department and the police officer offered to call AAA for me as I had my card out in plain sight.  Unfortunately they are not able to do so because of some rule.  So I make the call and in about 20 minutes the flatbed tow truck arrives.  Getting such a low profile car onto the flatbed was quite the ordeal.  The truck driver was terribly grouchy as he had a horrible toothache and didn't feel well.  Fortunately the firemen were all able to help Mr. C lift the car's front end to clear the drag onto the bed of the truck.  Whew!  Goodbye adorable cute very young firemen.  Thank you for all of your help and care and concern.  Thank you Mr. Police officer for your help and concern.  A very special thank you to Mr. Fire Chief who drove me home the 2 miles and who had given me a bottle of cold water to drink.  Mr. C rode with grouchy.
It was a lovely Sunday and we met the nicest local guys who were so helpful and caring.
I feel really bad for  Mr. C, however the car is not super bad off.  He merely has to do a lot of rebuilding and fine tuning once again.  It will take a while as the special fuel lines are not available here in the states at this time.  This is his summer enjoyment car and it looks like no driving it for quite a while.  He so loves this car.
This has been a difficult year for us so far but we are both so fortunate and thankful that nothing major is in the mix.  Yesterday could have been a total disaster yet here we are to enjoy another day.
I will be baking some cookies later this week to deliver to the local fire station and headquarters.
It is good to be safe and secure at home.  May you each have a wonderful week of enjoyment...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stamp - Sew - Send...

Today I was able to use a great surprise gift I received from the lovely Lori of Pretty Things blog.   I had no idea what I was going to do with this handmade stamp but I adored it and the theme of it.  Handmade...that is what I do.  Sew...that is what I do.  Hearts...that is what I adore.  Thank you so very much Lori.
 I cut out some labels from scrapbook paper...the other side is quite pretty.  Then I stamped on the labels.  This stamp comes out exactly as it shows.  How cute is this?!!
Then I wrapped my little ATCs for the "Sew Many Flowers" swap in dressmaker pattern tissue.  Placed them into waxed baggies and went to my sewing machine.  I stitched the baggies closed and included my hand stamped labels.  The perfect combination.  Off they flew in the mail to Kimberly of artJOYstuff.
I have been able to spend some time in my studio lately and it feels so creative and fuels my soul.  Thank you  Merry Muse for not abandoning me while I was otherwise occupied.
Our weather is gorgeous even though the pollen continues at its worst.  I merely try not to breathe while I am outside.  Bahahaha...
I would like to thank and acknowledge my new followers.  Also thank you everyone for the wonderful comments you leave.  I am so blessed to have blogging friends!
May you each enjoy your weekend to the fullest...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Crochet, Knot, Finished...

 When I saw a similar necklace from my friend Elle of elleindacoop I knew I just had to make one.  Elle very kindly shared the how-to with me and off I went.  I have made several now as upcoming gifts.  This one I used a different type of ribbon yarn.  I love the vibrant colors.  This yarn is not as light and airy as the previous trellis or railroad yarn I had used.  However this necklace has more body to it.
From one ball of yarn/ribbon cut 3 strands each 76" long, 3 strands each 72" and 3 strands each 69".  On each of the strands you will begin about 12" from one end and single crochet a chain until you reach the other end with about 12" left untouched. Do this with each of the 9 strands.  Then take them all and tie a knot in one end just a couple of inches from the crocheting.  Drape them all together and tie another knot at the other end just a couple of inches from the crocheting.  Keeping the sides even.  You will have a nice drape from the different lengths that have been crocheted.
To finish off the necklace some people have merely tied a knot at the ends all together and then place it over their head to wear.  I prefer to use a magnetic clasp for ease of putting on and taking off.  I use ribbon crimp ends and split rings to attached to the clasp.  Experimenting with ending this type of necklace is the best for each person who is planning on making one.  Personal preferences always play a huge role in the finished result.  I already have lots of ideas for enhancing the next necklace I crochet.
Thank You Elle for sharing this technique with me.  I obviously like making them and seeing how the different yarns and ribbons turn out.  This is quite an easy and quick project.  I think mailing these will be very light and easy to send in a padded envelope.  Hmmm...checking my gift list.
What are you working on?  Any gifts to put into that holiday or birthday gift cupboard?  The one that is always too bare when the time is too short and we have to go buy something for someone.  I honestly prefer to make gifts with each recipient in mind.  I grew up in a family that made gifts and I believe the time and energy and love put into the gift is extra special when it is handmade.
Our pollen continues to cover everything in a yellow haze of toxic dust.  Today the weather was breezy, cooler and blue sky with white puffy favorite kind.  Mr. C and I worked in the backyard for the third day in a row and are nearing completion.  Oh dear...then it is the sides and front yards and pond repairs.
Wonderful weekend to each and everyone.  We have a fund-raiser to attend and it will be lots of run, cars and motorcycles show, spaghetti feed, live band, dancing and silent auctions.  All for someone who is in great need health wise with a young family to raise.   It warms my heart to have friends who drop everything to make this happen for someone else.  It will be quite the small community effort begun with just one wonderful kind and giving human soul.  May we all know the blessings bestowed by others...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 This is something so simple that I wish to share.  Sometimes sharing brings even better ideas and ways of doing something so simple and I welcome comments and techniques.  I had occasion to use some flower buttons and wanted to tie them with string before gluing them.  So I threaded a needle and "sewed" all of the buttons onto my string.
 Now when I tie the string the only waste I have is a tiny little piece from the cut side of the string.  The long side goes back to the spool as I move the buttons along and tie them off.  I used to do each button one at a  time and that was very time consuming and wasteful.  Henry Ford really knew best with his assembly line production.  Thank you Mr. Ford.
 Here is a sneak peak using my buttons on ATCs for the "Sew Many Flowers" May swap.
 We are in the height of pollen season with all the pine, cedar and oak trees that surround us in this beautiful country.  Here is a photo of a supposed to be black truck that sat out for the day.  Mr. C is a fuel injection and carburetor guru so we have an extra vehicle right now that he is working on for the owner. We normally fit 4 vehicles into our 3 garages but certainly 5 do not fit, especially when they are trucks.
 I am impressed with this artistic patterning that the flying spiders make all over the truck and walkways and trees and open spaces and then how the pollen attaches to the webbing and makes such a great look.   Mind you I have not really seen the flying spiders however they must be able to fly because some of their web strings are in mid air and span 30 feet.  Amazing.  Some of the web strings shine rainbow colors when hit with the sunshine.  The red web strings are the most beautiful.
If I were to get in my truck and drive there would literally be a giant cloud of pollen flying off all the way down the driveway and onto the road below for a mile or so.  The ground is covered with the pollen and I have learned the hard not sweep it as it rises right into my breathing path.  If you hose it off with water you get rivers of yellow that run deep.  This is a yearly occurrence however it is said that the pollen is worse this year due to the mild winter we had.
On a personal note:  I had my left kidney stone surgery yesterday and I am happy to say all is well.  No complications and no stent so I am very relieved.  Thank you to each and every one who wished me well and said prayers.  I believe in the power of prayers and I know they really helped me get through this.  The stone is being analyzed so I can find out if there is something I can change in my diet or lifestyle that will mitigate further stones including the larger one I have in my right kidney at this time.
Now I feel like I can get back to my normal life.  I had lost all energy due to the exhaustion of such intense pain.  I had no creative mojo at all due to the extreme tiredness I felt every day.  I wasn't walking or doing my beloved Zumba for the past 6 weeks.  It will be so good to get back in my groove next week.
My mind has been busy and I have been reading.  Now to get into the studio and sewing room.
Thank you my dear blog friends and followers.  I am truly grateful for each and every one of you.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

ATCs...Little Wonders

 I have now participated in two ATC (Artist Trading Cards) swaps through Kimberly of artJOYstuff.  The theme for May will be "Sew Many Flowers" and I am doing this one for certain.  With my love of flowers and sewing this will be a fun way to combine the two.  ATCs are very tiny...the size of a regular playing card.  2.5" x 3.5" and no larger or smaller.  They can never be sold...only traded.  The size is such a tiny venue yet there can be such detail and depth and creativity that I am totally amazed at the results.
This is the wonderful "surprise" package from the last swap.  The theme was "April in Paris".  It was a 6/6 swap.  Make and send in 6 ATCs and receive 6 ATCs in return.  Kimberly always adds a wonderful surprise element to the packages she sends out.
This is a tag that she made and it is fabulous.  The iconic Eiffel Tower denotes Paris, the flower sings April and Bonjour...Tres Chic.
Here are the six I received.  Each little ATC has such personality.  With the contact info on the back of each one I was able to thank each artist via blog or email.  I have even bookmarked new blogs so I can enjoy further creative endeavors from these talented ATC artists.
I would love to show you the ones I created, however I forgot to take photos of them.  I tend to make my batch all very similar rather than each one unique.  Somehow assembly line works better for me and I am able to get them done in a timely manner.  I know how many hours go into each little work of art and I simply adore them.  This tiny little venue is amazing.
I am in for the "Sew Many Flowers".  This time the swap is 3/3.  Please check out Kimberly's blog if you want to join in.  There is plenty of time still in May for making and sending 3 ATCs.  Note to self, I better get busy!
Spring is in full bloom.  The pollen is covering everything in a lovely pale yellow dusting.  Along with the Spring spider webs that drape and hang everywhere outside the pollen even decorates them into very interesting pieces of art.  Just don't breathe any of this soft yellow.  Clouds of pollen erupt when you walk or drive a black vehicle that has sat outside the garage even for a couple of hours.  This is an annual event however I hear the pollen is much worse this year due to our mild winter.  This too shall pass.  I merely pray Mr. C does not get his horrible pollen driven allergy that results in asthmatic bronchitis.   I also hope and pray I don't get my usual pollen driven sinus infection and bronchitis.  This is a very beautiful time of year but also a very dangerous time of year for breathing.  Sneezing and wheezing...
May you enjoy this Mother's Day weekend with family, friends and loved ones.  Anyone who nurtures another human or pet is special.  Celebrate them and yourself.
Creative Bliss to all...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Peace and Plenty...

I have been struggling with making my Farmer's Wife Quilt Along (FW QAL) blocks. I certainly do not need to make them all because my wall hanging is not the size of a king size quilt.  So now I am being very selective as to the actual blocks I am making.  First I select the block from my book.  Then I make certain I have the Marti Michell (MM) template for ease of cutting and sewing.  And my favorite part...selecting my fabrics.  Here I have chosen my focal floral which I love and my favorite blue which I love.  
 This is the template from MM Set A.  This is the only template needed for this block.  You can see it is small as it is sitting on a 4" x 6" canvas which is also the size of a standard postcard.  Very small. Sew to make a finished 6" square I cut 16 of my floral and 16 of my blue.  They are pretty easy to cut with a rotary cutter...just be very careful and do it slowly.  Accuracy is the key to this cutting and sewing of tiny little pieces.
Here is my finished but not yet trimmed block. I find great difficulty still in sewing the little pieces together to get the right finished arrangement.  I did have to un-stitch one part as my pyramids were upside down.  I also see I have a gap on one of the meeting of the points however I am electing to leave it as a reminder of my learning phase.  This block is titled Peace and Plenty.  I agree it took me lots of peace/patience and plenty of time but I am thrilled with the end result.
This FW QAL challenge is a good one for me.  I am realizing what I like and I am knowing that I have choices.  This is also a good lesson for life.  Hmmm...
One block at a time...
Our Spring is in full growth explosion and the pollen is raining yellow down on everything.  It is also raging allergies for those of us who are prone to be affected.  Funny thing is that Mr. C and I never had this allergy until 7 years of living here with the pollen.  That seems to be the magic gestation period.  Now we both have massive symptoms and misery with the pollen each year.  However living here in this beautiful land far outweighs the "short" pollen season.  At least that is what we choose to believe.
May you be creating to your heart's content...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Yes, I Have No Needles...

Have you ever wanted to begin a new project based on inspiration you see on other people's blogs?  Yes, I do.  I was seeing some beautiful embroidery and did not know the name.  Chikan embroidery.  Here is Anita's blog link to see her beautiful work.  I have always loved doing needlework.  I was a child of the sixties and there wasn't anything that didn't get some sort of peace symbol embroidery added to it.  
So I signed up for Anita's free Chikan embroidery lessons.  I printed out the instructions.  Fabric...check.  Hoop...check.  Thread...check.  Embroidery needles number 8 and 6...oops...nope.  I went shopping locally and found nothing.  So I searched my stash of needles.  My goodness is this box full of needles?  
 It is labeled as such and therefore it must be.  Meanwhile I bought this pack of needles as I was told it would work.  Do these people even know what I am asking for?  I think you know how I am feeling about shopping local these days.  They just don't have what I need and using an alternative might not be the best.
Now this is a fine assortment of needles and needle threaders.  I am quite in awe of the different types and sizes.  Some of these are from my grandmother's sewing days.  Some are from my mother's sewing days.  Some are from my days of pinching pennies and buying very cheap supplies.  Oh how I love to travel down memory lane.  I am so sentimental.  Focus.  Now what am I looking for?
 And when I was putting all the needles back into the box feeling sad that I didn't have exactly what I needed for my newest project Chikan embroidery Aha!  This tiny little package appeared.  This must be quite old by the price on it...19 cents.  Some of the needles are missing.  I don't know a 3/9 but at least 8 and 6 are between 3 and 9.  Will these work?
Then I went to the thread bin and oh yeah...lots of embroidery threads in lots of colors.  
So I gathered my supplies and that is as far as I got.  Why can't I start this project?  What is holding me back now?  Maybe I just lost my inspiration.  Anita is a wonderful teacher.  I have seen several of my blog friends complete their pieces of art.  How beautiful each of theirs turned out.  Maybe I shall wait until I get bitten again by the needle and thread urge to try something new.  Anita thank you for being so patient.
For now all my time is being utilized outdoors in the pollen pulling weeds.  This is an endless painting the Golden Gate Bridge.  Once you get to one end you turn around and begin painting all over again.  I certainly have no lack of wonderful weeds to keep me busy and entertained.  Other than getting up and down it is quite therapeutic and relaxing.
May your week be wonderful and filled with joyful endeavors...

Friday, May 4, 2012

Cars to Crocheting...

 Anyone who knows me or has been following my blog knows I LOVE cars.  The rarer the more I love them.  I can honestly say I am a car whore.  I always have been but only now that I am in my senior years is it okay to admit it.  This past Wednesday Mr. C and I drove to our little town about 10 am to see any cars that where to stop by on their way to Napa.  This is the California Millie Miglia and I was excited.
I did see two cars that I had never seen before in all the shows I have attended.  This top photo is a 1935 Lagonda and it was amazing.  Mr. C can be seen talking with the owner and I was surprised at his youthful age.  He was quite pleasant and willing to share the details of his unique car.
 This is another first for me to see.  A 1959 BMW 507.  Very rare indeed.  Did I say there were amazing cars and drivers who kindly stopped and talked with us?  These cars are very rare and very expensive.  We saw at least two dozen but I didn't take photos of them all.  Mostly I was standing with my mouth dropped open is awe...or I was waving to the drivers as they drove by either looking to park or leaving for their next destination.  The cars where unbelievable and it was a couple of hours of pure enjoyment.  The weather was perfect...sunny and light jacket cool.  
Someday you may find me as the town greeter just standing on a corner waving to anyone and everyone...kind of like the one you may have seen in Laguna Beach years ago.  He just beat to a different drum if you know what I mean.
Now for the crocheting...I have made a couple more of the crocheted necklaces.  I wore the first one I made and it was a dream...lightweight and just the right pop of color and interest.  I got lots of compliments.

My photo skills are truly lacking as the colors are not true.  The first necklace is more red and black.  This one is a beautiful grey and blue and silver.  These will be perfect gifts for mailing as they weigh nothing.  I finish mine with ribbon ends and magnetic clasps for ease of putting on.
Our weather turned back to cold, dreary, grey and rainy drizzly Thursday and today.  I like the rain for my plants but why is it so cold again?  I hear sunshine is in order for this weekend and next week.  Yay.
I am catching up with laundry and house chores after having company for eight days.
Now I shall find some time to play in my studio and sewing room.  After is my 2012 word.
Blissful Creating to each and everyone...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cherished Handsewn Doll...

This is Sherry Anne.  She is a handmade hand sewn doll that was made in my likeness.  When I was five years old my mother brushed and braided my hair before I was to walk to Kindergarten one day.  However my hair had gum tangled in it and of course my mother is trying to hurry and I am screaming and mother took the scissors and cut off my beautiful long blond braids right at the hair line so the rubber bands were still holding my braids together.  (Yes, to this day I am still traumatized by what she did to me.) This is my real hair on the doll. She is in this little keepsake frame but it really is too small so I think I should get her a proper fitting home.  
Here is Sherry Anne out of the frame.  Unfortunately she is very dirty and unkempt due to my younger sisters playing with her when I was not at home to keep her safe.  This doll is so cherished to me because not only is my real hair on her as I wore it but a wonderful elderly lady who was paraplegic and in a wheelchair hand sewed her from scratch.  I do not know her name and she is long gone by now but I do remember her kindness.  She lived across the street from us.  When my mother cut off my hair she gave it to this woman because she made dolls for the children who were in the local hospital.  I have no idea how many dolls she made with my hair but I can assure you there was a lot of it as I have very thick hair and it was down past my waist.
Here you can see a little better of how my braids looked when I was five.  
 Look at this tatting she did and put on the edges of the hat, dress and pantaloons.  I am in awe and must learn to tat just to honor this treasured skill.  None of the hand stitches are perfect but I love them because of the love I know this lady sewed into every part of my doll and every doll she made for the hospital children.
Yes, I did have blue eyes.  Through the years they have turned true hazel so sometimes blue, green, grey depending on how I am feeling or what I am wearing.  Look at this hand embroidery work.  So precious.
Here I have lifted her skirt, her slip with lovely lace and this stiffer petticoat layer to show you her pantaloons and her little tiny feet.  All hand stitched.  So much care and time and love in this little doll.  I cherish her!
I have always wished I could have thanked that wonderful lady who made Sherry Anne.  I do know in my heart she knew how happy she made me when she gave me this beautiful hand made and hand sewn doll in my likeness and wearing my long blond braids.  For all this doll has been through she is in amazingly good condition.
I am linking up with Donna of Brynwood Needleworks for Memory Lane Monday (week).
We are having beautiful Spring weather.  Lots of sunshine and blue skies.  Mr. C's grown son has just been here visiting for a week and it was so great to enjoy his company.
May you be enjoying your creative spirit and whatever makes you happiest...