Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Keep trying...

Okay creative souls out in blogland. I shall aproach this blog with the attitude that this is fun and easy even after a very long day of frustrating W2 work which is not fun nor easy. I am feeling creative but too tired to actually produce anything. Please understand only one of us Saucy Chicks is writing this blog tonight. I did purchase my brand new 24 box of Crayola crayons this past week. I also bought some new butterfly themed fabric. My mind is thinking creative but my body is not reacting to the creative juices that are trying to flow through my veins. I have heard that it is not productive to force creativity but to just let it find it's own way. Well, I am waiting...
I just love the smell of brand new Crayola crayons. Some day I will buy myself the biggest box that is made. Not that I ever really use my crayons but I do love to have them in my studio. I also love colored pencils and have lots of them in all sorts of brands, choices of styles and colors. It seems that my studio is very well stocked. I am always buying supplies and telling my husband I need them for when I retire. He says retire now and use my stuff. Now that would be just fine except that I do feel the need to work and provide benefits since I never planned ahead when I was much younger.
Thank you blog readers for letting me put this out there and therefore making myself aware of the invalid reasons why I am not spending time in the studio being creative. I do have lots of ideas to work on...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who knew???

"Count Your Buttons Day, October 21
If you’ve been out and about shopping recently, you’ve probably noticed a preponderance of small packaged candy lining the shelves. That’s right, we’re gearing up for Halloween! But before you start counting your sacks of sweets, get ready to count something else…your buttons!That’s right, October 21 is Count Your Buttons Day according to holidayinsights.com. While the origins of this holiday appear to be unknown, the implications are clear to button collectors everyone – take some time to take stock of your collection! If you’d rather not count your buttons (or have too many to do so), why not reorganize them? Purchase a few new storage containers or display cases? Or maybe set a few aside to distribute in lieu of Halloween candy? You never know – maybe a future collector will be trick-or-treating at your door!"

This was found in the Button and Bead emails that we receive.

Oh too bad the picture of lots of buttons in bright cheery colors did not copy through.

What a fun idea…to have an entire day to just count your buttons. We already have days to count our blessings but now we have a day to count our buttons. Actually we Saucy Chicks just had occasion to need and use our buttons and thought how nice it would be to organize them better and really know what we have.

Shall we Saucy Chicks count our buttons? We certainly count our blessings for being creative!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Please stay with us...

This is all so new to us. We haven't committed enough time to truly get this blog up and running. One of us works full time and one of us volunteers full time therefore leaving very little time to learn and utilize the wonderful land of blogging.
It is our goal to become part of a very talented and creative world of bloggers and artisans who appreciate and share similar pursuits. We feel very confident that we will succeed and expand our creative horizons. We both have grown young adults but unfortunately none of them live close by or we would easily learn so much faster and be so much more adept at this blogging.
So for now...please check back and see what progress we do make.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Well...now it begins!

The world of blogging is taking us on it's journey.
Hello to anyone who is taking the time to read this. We are thrilled to share our adventure with you.
This will be quite an adventure as neither of us is truly computer savvy especially when it comes to things like this. We will be doing some construction as we learn and get through the process of what to do and how to do it. We welcome suggestions and help.
Please stay with us on this journey that will take us to new ventures. We spend our time together talking, laughing, sharing and being very creative. We finish our words together, think alike and have wonderful ideas that work very well together. As a result the only conclusion and progression is to form Createology and share with the world.
This is such an exciting time and we thank you for being a part of it with us.