Thursday, April 28, 2016

Friendship Quilt Block...

I have always been in love with fabrics and I have sewn for many many years.  What I do not do is quilt.  I find it too precise and exacting and I am not so good at math.  However, I do attempt making blocks from time to time.  In the past I learned how to sew a "Friendship Star" block.  When some of us were invited to create a quilt block for our friend Lindsay of LindsayOstrom blog, I knew exactly what I would sew.   I dug out some of my fabrics and the traveling images were just right.  Lindsay loves a good road trip. I sewed my block and delivered it to our local Ben Franklin so that Francis could put them all together and make a quilt for Lindsay.  When I turned it in they gave me a fabric pen to sign my name so Sherry is printed on one of the little girl's suitcases.  I took this photo before I added my name.

Lindsay has been going through a rough patch with her ailing mother and taking care of both her parents way out of area.  I am so grateful for being included in this Friendship Quilt project.  Linnea actually took this photo and was instrumental in helping create this quilt.  Here you see Lindsay hugging the quilt while some of her friends honor her and lend support.  My block doesn't show in the photo but I know it is in there. 
Nothing creative going on here as I just finished my six week jobette at the Chamber.  Six weeks turned into ten weeks as the bookkeeper resigned.  I would have loved to stay on permanently however Mr. C and I have some plans that are already set in motion and working did not fit into those plans.  I am happy to say the Chamber has hired someone I like and I have done some training with her.   She will fit into the Chamber family quite nicely. 
Our weather has been all over the spectrum from Spring Sunny and gorgeous to rain and hail and very cold temperatures.  Winter never leaves completely until well into May and sometimes even into June. 
Next time I hope to share some lovely photos I captured on a little local trip Mr. C and I took.
May you be rejoicing in your Creative Bliss.  Hopefully I shall get back to my beloved blogging and creating now that my schedule is more open.  Spring Sunshine and Smiles...

Monday, April 18, 2016

Celebrating April Birthdays...

Happy Birthday to my younger sister Marie.  On Saturday we got to spend part of the day together to celebrate.  We always love to shop the craft stores and Michaels did not disappoint.  We are too funny selecting what we love and then telling one another how we really don't need said item/s.  Finally we have our selections and can move along to other adventures.

I had a very special place I wanted to share with Marie.  These Demoiselle Cranes are my favorites at the Auburn CA Bird Sanctuary.  Marie said they look very Art Deco and I completely agree.  I just knew she would appreciate this beautiful gem just minutes from the hustle and bustle of traffic and shopping crowds.

Mr. C and I stop here quite often when traveling up and down "the hill".  We have watched it grow and become very popular through the years.  I never tire of stopping and enjoying the calm and beauty of it all.

I was very happy to see my beautiful sister enjoying it as much as I enjoy it.  Here we are sitting on a bench just soaking in the amazing exotic birds and koi fish.  Then it was off to lunch and lots of chatting and laughter.  I treasure my times spent with Marie.  I have lots of sisters.  She lives the closet to me so I get to see her more often.  We live an hour and a half apart so usually meet in the middle.  The weather was perfect and the company was perfect.  Hug your loved ones and let them know you love them...often.
Spring is in full bloom and pollen sharing.  I will share what Mr. C and I did on Sunday very soon.  Not much crafty going on here except my mailings in April.  I keep forgetting to take photos however you can believe I am making and mailing lots of postcards, cards and pocket letters this month.
I hope you are enjoying a beautiful Spring.  Embracing Spring Sunshine Bliss...

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Stemmed Glass Cozies...

When I see something that intrigues me I just have to try to figure out how to make it.  This happened to me with Stemmed Glass Cozies.  My blog friend Robbie at Robbie's Paw Prints shared them and then found a great simple tutorial she shared for how to make them.  Thank you Robbie. 

As you can see, these are addictive and making them is very quick and simple.  I will be filling my gift cupboard with sets for hostess and thank you gifts.  I already gave these to our weekend host and hostess.

If you choose not to cover the stemmed glass with them you can also use them just like regular coasters.  Aren't these Giraffe Wine Glasses fun?  My Granddaughter gave them to Mr. C one year because he loves Giraffes.  Very thoughtful gift.

Here is a fun summer combination of yellow and lime green and I am showing them with a stemmed glass I like to serve lemonade in the shade on a hot Summer day.
I think a set of these Stemmed Glass Cozies and a bottle of wine will make a wonderful hostess gift.  A set of these with some fun stemmed glasses and maybe some lemonade mix will also make a great gift.  I am busy cutting out the next batches.  Kind of like potato chips and not eating only one.  Do you think you will make any of these?
Our weather is glorious and sunny and in the low 70's...however we are to get some rain the end of this week possibly.  Flowers are blooming and trees and bushes are leafing out.  Birds are showing their wonderful feathers and tweeting songs. 
Embracing Spring and Creative Bliss...
P.S.  Thank you to Diane of Lace-lovin Librarian for her suggestion on my iPad posting question.  I think I still need to download an app for it to work.  Like I said, I am not good with technology!