Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beautiful fabric roses...

I opened my mail yesterday and these beautiful fabric roses appeared. I had been notified that I won these "Dior" handmade beauties from Lilla in Hawaii. Well, you must go to her blog and see for yourself. She even has a tutorial on there of how to make these roses. What a talented and very nice lady Lilla is. I have been following her blog for some time now and I am constantly inspired by her. Not only did I receive these three Dior roses Lilla also included one of her handmade tags. What a lot of work and very special indeed.
Thank you so very much Lilla. I will continue to be inspired by your talents and generous sharing of the wonderful things you make. I feel so fortunate.
Now be sure to go on over and check it out as you just might be inspired too.
As for my beautiful Dior roses from Lilla...hmmmmmmmmm. Maybe these soft feminine roses will work their way into a lovely bag I shall make. Or maybe an embellishment on a fancy top
or...we shall have to wait and see what results I am inspired to create.

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  1. I love Lilla too and follow her blog - she is such an inspiration isn't she - what wonderful roses she makes - well wonderful everything! I read that she has been doing so for over 50 years! I have not chance of catching up LOL


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