Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Calendar Gift Pockets...

 I know I have shared this idea before however I feel it is very appropriate to share it here and now once again.  If you want to add just that extra special smile to your gift giving then this is for you and it takes just a wee bit of time and only pennies from your gift giving fund.  Who can resist this?

Each monthly calendar page has a wonderful Norman Rockwell image and a coordinating quote.  I simply tear out each page.  I don't even trim off my torn edges as I like the resulting look however you could cut them with a clean edge. 

Next I simply fold the page so that the image is front and the quote is on the back with just a bit of overlap to seal the pocket.  Your calendar page might be a different fold than mine.  I have had them with a center fold down the back.  It merely depends on your picture you are showing.

Now that my page is folded and I know what I am showcasing I can put my adhesive on for sealing.  I like to use a tape runner roll that is two sided adhesive.  I lay down the tape and then peel off when I am ready to seal my folded pocket together.  Just a note:  I have used glue sticks only to have them unseal after a short time.  I think the gloss of the paper doesn't allow for proper adhesion.   After you try a few of these I am certain you will get a style of your own.  You can also use magazine pages.

Here is the December calendar page with a very jolly Santa image.  I now have a great gift pocket ready to add my ornament or gift inside and either seal with tape or tie with ribbon after punching a couple of holes at the top of the pocket.  I do wrap my gift in tissue paper just to add that extra layer of suspense as to what is inside.  So with very little time and very easy to obtain supplies you have a great gift ready for giving.  Will you be making any gift pockets?  I hope you share your photos.
I am so happy to report we have just had two days and nights of wonderful rain!  Yes!!  We have had rain and it is definitely measurable.  We got about 2 inches right here.  The ski resorts higher up got a really good base of snow and with the cold temperatures are able to add man made snow.   A couple of resorts were able to open for business and the smiles of happy clients and owners are seen far and wide.  It has been four years of drought and no business so this is a very happy occasion for all. 
I am making my lists and getting organized for the quickly upcoming holiday season.  Every year I try to pare down my list however I am just not good at doing so.  At least I am making a list!!!
For now I am extra Thankful for so much this November.  My granddaughter's boyfriend is still in the hospital however he is now in recovery fight mode and being moved out of ICU.  It was touch and go for a very long week.  My family stayed strong and helped one another with love and being there for each other.  I am so blessed to have such a brave family.  Prayers are Powerful!
Creative Bliss to each of you and may you find JOY in making and giving..


  1. HI Sherry, What a fabulous idea to create this wonderful calendar gift pockets. Love your Santa pocket. Thank you for sharing the how to!
    So thrilled you had rain for 2 days. What a blessing and so needed after the long drought. Glad the ski resort will have a better season.
    I'm making my lists for the season too. It is very hard to cut down. Each year I do try but not very well.
    Happy Creating my friend.

  2. Thanks for the gift pocket idea! Now all I need to do is collect some calendars. ;-)

    I'm so glad it's raining! I'm sure 2" seems luxurious to you right now.

  3. Cute SAnta pocket!
    Oh how joyous to get rain!We are a dry place too, so we know only too well what it means to be without rain for a long time. I'm so glad it has come your way! How sweet the air must smell!

  4. Gift pocket is adorable!!! And clever!! Did I miss the story about your grand daughter's boyfriend?? so sorry to hear...hope all is well or at least getting better.

  5. what a good way to use old calenders. Delighted to read you have had plenty of rain, the well will hopefully soon be full again. I have been away from blogland sometimes and must have missed about the poor boy in hospital, glad to read his recovery is going well.

  6. Great gift pockets, upcycling as well as thoughtful. So glad to hear you've had rain!! I hope our turn will come soon too.

  7. Hi Sherry
    Cute gift pocket idea. I usually give cash and these pockets would be cute hanging on the tree with the cash inside. Glad you got rain!! And glad your granddaughter's boyfriend has lots of fight and prayers. Lots to be thankful for each and every day.
    xx, Carol

  8. Rain at last!!! Yay! Thankful for you and your area! Also happy that your GD's boyfriend is getting better. Cute idea for the calendar pages! I've been trying very hard to find uses for things like that so always love another good idea. It's time for some serious list-making for sure! xo Jane

  9. Pretty and clever! Yay for the rain.

  10. That is darling and such a great idea.

    Glad to hear that your granddaughter's boyfriend is moving out of ICU and beginning that long road of recovery. I hope it goes well for all.

  11. so glad to hear that young man is improving! Finally, RAIN, so happy for you and your gift pockets are adorable


  12. What a great idea this is!! I love the look!! You are so creative!! Yay for rain!! I'm glad you granddaughter's boyfriend is doing better. Praying for a quick recovery. Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. Rain and an improvement in health for your family member...wonderful news! Prayers are indeed powerful.

  14. Hello Sherry, your December calendar pocket is adorable! What a project! You really are the most creative person.
    I am sorry to hear about your granddaughter's boyfriend. I hope for his full recovery!

  15. Sherry,
    Your calendar pocket is such a great idea. I love reusing used/old into making new. I save my holiday cards and pick them up at garage sales and such whenever I can. I have used these beautiful images in altered art and I have used my tag punch to make gift tags, this is such a wonderful way to reuse.
    Thanks for sharing your pockets.
    I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my "fall ribbon doll" post.
    It is always so nice to have you stop by.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. I'm so sorry to hear your granddaughter's boyfriend has been so ill. I hope he quickly recovers and yes prayers are powerful! As for those cards...what a great idea for using old or new calendars. I love it!

  17. Hi Sherry, I'm sorry I'm so behind with commenting - I'm so sorry to hear your GD's boyfriend has been so frighteningly ill. Hoping he has turned the corner now and feeling improved.
    YOU LUCKY! You got two days of rain! We got, let me see, maybe two minutes of drizzle/dew ... WAH! (I'm just kidding you about my frustration, I live in a concrete jungle down here and you live in the forest).
    Your gift pockets are so darling! You are quite the crafty dynamo, you are always creating. I need to get off my lazy rumpus and follow your example! (I have gotten my 11th and 12th samplers finished HOORAY.)
    Happy rain showers and happy creating!
    Sally xo

  18. A beautiful and great idea dear Sherry! I'm so sorry to hear about your granddaughter's boyfriend. I hope he will be better soon. Sending prayers and love.

  19. What have happened since I have not seen this post untill now, I don`t know Sherry, I`m sorry dear- also sorry for your granddaughters boyfriend, and hope he will soon be better.
    Your gift pocket idea is wonderful, and so sweet, and I`m so happy you had rain at last.
    Hugs to you, Dorthe


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