Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Needle Tatting Envy...

Here are some amazing gifts I received from my "Sister" blogging friend Suztats.  I am so in love with tatting...both needle and shuttle.  Some day I will learn how to tat.  Of course when my Grandma and her friends tatted I never took the time to learn and now I am even more determined to know how to do this wonderful craft.  Suz does Needle Tatting and she has ever so generously made some and gifted them to me.  This first photo shows a Gelli Tag Suz created.  And two fabric ATC's.

I am in complete awe of this fabulous piece.  It is a very small ring that has been tatted with an edging.  In the center is the most beautiful and amazing Tree of French Knots to form the flowers.

Do you see the fabulous tatted Seahorse Suz created for me?  It is so amazing and reminds me of the time I was able to actually pet real Seahorses.  Of course you already know how I love the color blue!

This ATC is very tactile with all the fiber background and then the tatted floral bouquet complete with beaded centers.  How will I ever learn to create such wonderful tattings myself?  I do have a recently found source for Needle Tatting lessons and they will hopefully happen in June.  Yes, I have tried to learn to tat from DVD's, Books, and YouTube and all with no good results.  I am the type of person who needs to have someone show me in person and then hopefully I get the idea of how to do it myself.  Please visit Suztats in the link above to see her Creative Bliss.  Thank you so very much Suz Dear.  I shall cherish these pieces forever.
I know I said I would share a little outing Mr. C and I took, however I have not uploaded or edited any of the photos and the outing was all about the photos of what we saw.  Maybe next time I will have my act together. 
May is upon us and time is not standing still.  The days are running together faster and faster.  My little jobette at the Chamber is done for now but may have a few more days of helping and training later this month.  I already miss not being there everyday. 
The Sun is shining and the flowers are blooming and life is good.  I am Embracing Creative Bliss even though I have spent zero time in my studio or sewing room.  Soon I hope. 
Prayers for the Canadian fires to go out and allow rebirth and healing to so many who have endured unimaginable devastation. 
Do today what you really want to do and never put it off...


  1. Thank you so much for the prayers - it seems like this might be an ongoing thing for the rest of the summer if there is not a great deal of rain. As for tatting - I tried numerous times (both needle and shuttle) and could not get the hang of it. I finally decided it was not something I can wrap my fingers around.

    1. Sherry, I'm so glad you like the wee tats. ;-) I hope you have fun and much success with your upcoming tatting lessons!

  2. Good luck with your lessons. Tatting is so admirable, and just look at the size of those pieces.

  3. My sister has done tating...never have...hope you do give it a go. These pieces are delightful!! I can't imagine losing everything to a fire...how awful for those poor people.

  4. Oh wow, the pieces you received are so gorgeous!! I especially love the beautiful seahorse!! Stunning!! I have no doubt you will master tatting soon!! I hope you have a wonderful week my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Oh, what beautiful gifts! I'm looking forward to the day when you show some tatting. I'm sure it will be fabulous!

  6. I have always loved tatting too. I do the shuttle type, but have never tried the needle tatting. Those pieces are lovely.

  7. WOW, are these wonderful. Our LYS recently began offering tatting classes...I know I don't need any other hobbies, by envy those that can!!! Happy Wednesday, Sherry! XOXO

  8. like you I admire Suzats tatting and do needle tatting myself sometimes you must try it it is much easier than the shuttle version yes time I did some more.Have some pieces that I learnt to do from Suszats instructions

  9. Yes prayers to all effected by those horried fires, dear Sherry.
    I never tried tatting, but what Suz, did and gifted you, are wonderful works , so beautifully done, and so fabulous - I wonder if you started your normal days again, ? Hope they are good days !!

  10. I have one of the 'littles' here today. Isn't that sea horse adorable!!!

  11. Everything Suz creates is just beautiful. I received some tatted pieces from blogger friend Briony in the UK. I love them but have a feeling it is something I probably would not get the hang of. Like you, I'd need to see someone actually doing it. The fires in Canada are terrible. Hope it's all under control soon. Take care, Tammy

  12. I share your admiration for tatting,, I have never done it either,,I found the tools for it in my Mum's sewing box after she died but never saw her do it,, her Mother must have been the one who did this craft, The examples here are beautiful,, just amazing,,I hope the fires soon go out as well but there is no rain in sight,,

  13. now I have not seen this for a long time..you inspired me again

  14. Hi Sweet friend, So nice to catch up with you after my return home from vacation. Love tatting too but do not know how to do it either. I would love to learn as I appreciate the beauty in this artform. Love the pretties you share here. The sea horse is adorable.
    Yes we pray the fires subside soon in Canada.
    Enjoy the season and all the joys in the gardens and taking fun outings. xo


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