Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Needle Tatting Practice...

With daylight ending so much sooner as Fall is here and Summer is long gone, I am finding less time to actually spend creatively.  Days are filled with home and property chores and yes, we are still pimping the place for listing and selling.  I managed to spend a little time earlier in Summer practicing my Needle Tatting. 

Here is a yellow butterfly, a couple of simple flowers and an orange split ring chain.  Any of these can be used for embellishments on paper cards or fabric items or whatever your creative mind chooses. 

Since tatting is nothing more than rings and chains and picots it is important to be very comfortable with making them and being consistent in shape and size.  I can see where I have lots of room for improvement.  These can also be used as seam treatments in Crazy Quilting which is my other class I am still taking.  I shall share my progress in that very soon. 
Our Fall weather is exactly as expected...warm, windy and cool all mixed together days and nights and you never know what clothes to select from day to day.  This is also officially the beginning of our true fire season here in Northern California.  Due to the excruciating five years of drought we have had, our huge pine and cedar trees are suffering from bark beetles and dryness to the point of death.  There are hundreds just here around our community and when fire starts it explodes as it lights up these dead trees.  Property owners are supposed to have the dead trees removed but many do not do so.  I can only pray we survive another year with no major fire here.
Falling into Autumn Bliss...
I am seeing some lovely vignettes of Fall décor and I think my favorite touch this year is the addition of the color aqua amongst the oranges, yellows, burgundies and greens.  Here is a beautiful example shown by Celestina Marie of Southern Daydreams.  Click her link and enjoy visiting.
I know I have not been consistent in my blogging and I can only say I apologize but life is getting in the way.  Thank you for being true to following and visiting and leaving me your wonderful comments.  I am truly grateful for each and every one of you.  Embracing Creative Bliss...


  1. Ah, life. It does have a habit of interfering. Your tatting will be lovely on your crazy patches. A blissful and bountiful harvest, Mrs. C!

  2. Tatting is such a dieing art and so glad you are sticking with it! They look so delicate!!!! Did I miss a post??? "pimping the place for listing and selling"??? You're selling?? I have to get out of my 'cave' more!!!

  3. Your tatting looks great. The picots and chains look perfect. I'm going to have to check out the needle tatting. I have always enjoyed the shuttle tatting.

    I hear you about the fire season. We had the dry hot winds yesterday and today - a real fear for the firemen. Stay safe.

  4. good to see you have caught the needle tatting bug, Suzats helped me a lot with mine. Finges crossed you get a buyer soon for the ouse and you can find something you both love to move too

  5. I can definitely see you using bits of your pretty tatting on some crazy quilting. :)

  6. Those look so amazing and sweetly delicate...love them! Hopefully the dreaded drought effects don't hit close to your home. Maybe you should move. :O)

  7. Very impressed with your tatting! Well done.

  8. Hi Sherry, wow your tatting looks gorgeous. You are really doing an amazing job. Beautiful designs and so delicate. It has me so inspired. So glad your are beginning to see some fall days even with the warmth still there. I pray you are spared from any fires around your trees. So hope you receive some much needed rain.
    Thank you for the shout out and a link to my blog. You are so kind and always so thoughtful.
    Wishing you a great rest of the week and happy blissful creating!! xo

  9. Your tatting looks really good, well done! Yes, it will combine well with crazy quilting. We are waiting for summer rains here and also hoping that there are no fires.

  10. Your tatting is exquisite! It's a lost art! Years ago, my grandmother tried to teach me, but I was all thumbs. Now, I wish I had tried harder! Our trees are beginning to turn. There are little splashes of fall's splendor everywhere! Blog when you can! Your posts are worth waiting for! XO

  11. Dear Sherry,
    Oh you work so hard, in your home, but also find time to create a little. I know every little row of tatting takes hours, so I can see you spend quiet a lot of cozy time with your needles . I wish you from my heart a safe and more wet winter coming, and no close fires!!! Yes Celestina, creates wonderful vignettes in her beautiful home !!
    Here it is grey and colder today, I hope for a little rain, but whom knows !!!!
    Hugs to you my dear friend. xox

  12. Sherry,
    Thank you for leaving a comment when you stopped by Botanic Bleu on the second day of the Fall In Love With Texas blog tour. Since you know Celestina of Southern Daydreams, I'm guessing that's how you found the tour.

    I read through some of your older posts and love your sisters' get together. The tattoos must have been such fun, and all your goodies in the bags you gave everyone also look like fun. Sisters are the best! They know you, know all about you, and still love you.


  13. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It has been fun getting the Texas bloggers together for our tour. I wish I could do the type of needlework that you do. Gorgeous. I am following along with Google Connect. I hope you stop back by my place!

  14. Sherry, thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my fall decor post yesterday. So you are about to sell your home? It's an adventure for sure. Our two previous homes sold in a heartbeat but this one is taking awhile.

    Your tatting is beautiful and is a skill I've never even attempted. Time for creative things is so important and I'm thankful for your reminder. :)

  15. Love your tatting - it looks awfully consistent to me. The colour and pattern choices are so very pretty - you've done an amazing job with them Sherry,
    Stay warm and safe,


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