Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sewing Card Holders...

This month of May is so busy.  Lots to do and very limited time to do it all.  I am posting this so I know I have done something with all those days and hours.
Beverlys is a craft and fabric store that I enjoy very much.  The closest one to me is in Rocklin and that is a 45 minute drive each way downhill and uphill.  I am on their mailing and email list.  I received an email a few weeks ago and it had a link to this fabric gift card holder.  It can also hold business or calling cards.  This is the link for instructions.  Thank you very much Beverlys.  I have made five here in this photo.  They are quick to sew and use very little fabric so perfect for scraps. As you can see, you can mix and match the fabrics if you like.  They are also very easy to mail and will fit nicely into a card.
Other than being busy inside and outside we have taken a couple of days to visit friends and enjoy time with them.  The boys spent Sunday at the British Car Show in Dixon.  We girls spent the day having High Tea at a lovely tea room.  No Photos!  I didn't have my camera and I have no smart phone with a camera. 
This post is short yet I just couldn't let any more days pass by.  I so admire all of you who continue to blog and post daily or at least regularly.  I am my own excuse!!!  Summer is here in all its triple digit heat glory.  I really must get busy now.  I hope to post sooner.
May you each be spending glorious time in Creative Bliss...


  1. This is a handy little wallet for so many uses - and even better that it can use up some scraps. High tea sounds wonderful....with iced tea in the heat!

  2. What beautiful gift card holders!! I love the fabrics you used!! They look amazing!! I hope the temps god down for you. We're a bit cooler here...temps in the low 70's. But lots and lots of rain. Praying that a buyer comes along very soon, my friend. Have a wonderful week!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Love your gift card holders Sherry! That is a great project for scraps! Thanks for the link. I definitely have plenty of scraps, lol!

  4. will pop over and check out the instructions as these card holders are both pretty and practical. Tea time sounds fun

  5. Wonderful fabrics! Good way to use them up.

  6. Your gift card holders are very cute. Glad you have found something to keep you busy. thanks as always for sharing.

  7. Those are cute and handy! And perfect for using scraps. There are always so many small pieces I just can't throw away. And it's always fun to do a little sewing. Like you, I don't post often on my blog but try to do so twice each month. Maybe it's because I don't sew or create that fast to have something to show!

  8. Wow it's so pretty ..I love it so much
    Big hugs and smiles x

  9. Sherry, well I think, we all get busy with so much in summer time- so excuse yourself, please. :-)
    Your gift card holders looks wonderful.
    I hope your summer is good, and that something happens soon, with your house !
    Hope also, you soon receive an envelope from me, I feel I have send it for weeks ago !!!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  10. You always find the cutest things to make, Sherry!

  11. Hi Sherry, love these darling card holders. They are the perfect gift for sending in cards and also giving a gift card inside too.
    Glad you enjoyed some time with friends and girl time with high tea. It's really hot here now too and any rain we get is so appreciated. I'm blogging less these days since I am very busy in other directions but try to have a post at least once a week or so. IG has helped me stay in touch and given me less time on the computer. Wishing you a wonderful and Happy Memorial Day weekend. xo Blissful creating always dear friend!!!

  12. WOW these are so adorable ...Thank you so much for sharing the Tutorial link
    Dr Sonia

  13. Cute card holders! I have been negligent in writing and reading blogs...time just gets away from me. How fun to have high tea with the girls!

  14. These card holders look really cute! My blogging is also erratic as life is keeping me much too busy and I know I've been missing out on some great inspiration. I try to catch up when I can and leave a few comments along the way too. We get a few cool days as a break now. Enjoy!


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