Friday, June 23, 2017

Phase 3 Complete...

 In just one very short and hectic month we have interviewed new Brokers, selected the one for us and worked his suggestions.  This is the new look.  No more blue!  We now have a very elegant and stately home that we will be relisting beginning July.  What is your first impression?  The real estate market here in rural small town Northern California is done mostly on the internet and we understand we have a mere 20-30 seconds to attract and keep a potential buyer interested enough to continue to view our photos and then come here to see in person what an excellent value this is.

This is the before.  Now there is no more blue.  This photo was one of the listing "professional" images.  More on this story later.  All the other photos in this post are my simple Canon Powershot SD880 IS digital Elph that I have had for many years now and still love.  I am not a professional photographer nor do I study photography like Mr. C does.  It is all too technical for me.  But I digress...

Here we are testing white and we know it will take some serious primer and two coats of paint to cover my beloved blue.  Mr. C hired a "colorist" and she helped us select the proper shades of colors.

She also helped us with where to end the white and begin the darker grey.  We always buy Benjamin Moore paint in the highest quality of product.  We selected Cloud White #OC-130 for the house trim.  Our house body is Cobblestone Path #1606.  The new decks and railings color is Englewood Cliffs #1607.  I love the new colors. No more blue and when I was whining to my daughter that I will never live down the blue and what we must spend to cover it up, she merely said, "Mother you still have the sky!".  Bless you my child! 

We are on such a short timeline and just a few days into painting our painter got sick.  Very sick with the Norovirus that is going around in the schools mostly.  Six days and I was worried our home would have this split personality...half blue and half white.  Thankfully Mr. Painter and his helpers were able to complete the job in record time.

No more blue...not even on outbuildings.  Make them all the body color to in essence disappear.

Even my bell tower got painted grey.

So this is once again the finished view.  We love the changes...yes even I love the new look.  After all I still have my blue sky!  New professional photography is next in order to re-list with our new Broker.  I'll share those with you as well.
We have been in triple digit heat for 8 days now and I can honestly say it is hot.  Mr. C and I had to work in the yards yesterday and it was miserable.  We both drank gallons of liquids and still had no relief.  Today we are doing indoor chores with the AC set at 80 and it never shuts off.
I do love Summer and hope to enjoy it once this home and property are once again offered to the perfect buyer we believe is out there.  Bring on the offers...
May you each be safe and doing what you love.  <3


  1. Oh wow, the new colors make you house really pop!! I loved the blue, but these colors really brighten it up. I know the perfect buyer is just around the corner for you!! Gosh, triple digits. We are in the 70's all week with storms. I hope it cools down for you!! Have a great weekend, my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. That paint job created quite a dramatic effect for the exterior of your home. Best of luck for a quick sale!!

  3. I would have loved the blue I know, but the new colours are very modern and I love them even more. Your house is a showpiece and there just has to be an anxious buyer that will take one look and fall in love. What an amazing amount of work you and your dear Mr. C have undertaken and I hope that you will soon be able to sit back and just relax (esp. when it's so hot!!). Fingers are very firmly crossed for a quick sale this time around!

  4. this is the first time I have seen photos of your home, wow you really have a lovely place the white and grey work so well together I am sure it will get a buyer soon as it is a wonderful home. It looks so big, hoping you can find another home but no doubt you will want to downsize a little

  5. You folks were wise!

    Prayers for a quick-sell!


  6. Your house looks great. I am so hoping that the right people find their way to your listing and fall in love. We've been having one storm after another here. Lightening hit our building. I lost an Otte lamp, apt #4 lost her modem, but the biggest loss was for apt #3 when her 60" tv blew. I haven't hear what happened on the other side of the building. Then yesterday we has a three hour power outage for WPS could replace equipment. Without music, that is a long 3 hours. xoxo t.....

  7. LOVE!!!!!! It's fabulous!!!!!!!!!
    Hope your weather gets cooler. We can't believe the heat y'all have been having.

  8. That really is a transformation. I like it, very eye catching. I hope it catches the eye of the perfect buyer, some day soon!

  9. Oh, how beautiful! The color changes really make a statement! For sure, that will attract a potential buyer's eye!

  10. I love the new look. With the blue, the house just kind of disappeared, but the gray and white make it really stand out. Good luck with the new listing.

  11. The white trim on the gray is a fabulous change that makes your house "pop" in nature's setting. Best of luck for a quick sale, and a break in your heat!

  12. Well done! Somehow the house has more "presence" which makes it look larger, more substantial. That should catch a buyer's eye!

  13. I love, love, love the new look! It makes your house even more beautiful nested in those trees.

  14. My dear Sherry,
    feeling a bit sad for you, with all these changes, you have to do, but from my heart I love your new look on the outside house . It is beautiful in white and grey my friend, so elegant ,really. And beautiful that the details are now popping !,I`M glad you even love it, too, after seeing it finished ,sweet friend.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  15. Hi Sherry! I love the gray! We need to paint our house and are thinking of gray too. I know it's sad to have to do things with the thought of what someone else will like but that seems to be the way of it these days, huh? I had to update the interior of my dads house to lease it after he passed away - it was in the 1960's natural colors and had never been changed. I was so overwhelmed, I knew it had to be neutrals to offend the least amount of rental candidates but there were so many neutrals. ARGH. We hired a stylist and she was wonderful helping us find (hopefully, ACK!) timeless and subdued colors. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the perfect buyer will come along very soon for you! Sally xo

  16. Hi Sherry. Omg, what a beautiful home. Great transformation. Hope you are able to sell soon. Crafty hugs, Ana

  17. It looks beautiful and inviting. I loved the blue (because I love blue). And I do love neutrals too, but I can imagine that living in a neutral world is, well, lacking colour! I really hope the house will sell soon. Hugs xx

  18. Hi Sherry, Love the new color with the white trim. It really is striking and I know will bring you the perfect buyer for your home. It is truly beautiful. Hope you cool down a bit there. We are hot here now too and today predicted to be triple digits with the heat index. We hit 107 last week. Outside in the garden is miserable!! Staying hydrated is so important as you know. Have a great weekend and stay comfy in the AC. Hugs xo

  19. Oh, Sherry!
    I love all the changes! Your home is beautiful and inviting...and I'm in love with your kitchen! I'm just sure it will sell quickly and you'll be on to your next adventure! Prayers that you find that perfect buyer very soon.


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