Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Finally Moving Forward...

If Blogger is working correctly...I shall try to post this on my blog.  So many of my followers have been very patient with me over the last three years as Mr. C and I have struggled to move out of California and I am very grateful for each of you.  Here is our previous home in Northern CA.

In late June we were finally able to realize our dream and move out of CA to St. George Utah.  We have changed our entire environment and lifestyle.  From the forest to the desert.  Think Zion National Park and you will understand our amazing views...directly from our new-to-us home.

We traded our beautiful pond that Mr. C went to Pond College and built from scratch for this water feature right in our own backyard.  Of course Mr. C is having to rebuild most of it due to a lack of TLC.  In fact, our home is in need of lots of TLC.  It has been a second home with very few visits from the owners who live in Park City Utah. They bought a larger home in this same development as their family has grown over the past seven years.  Our fortunate chance to now own this home.

Our previous view in the forest of Northern CA.  We pray for all of CA and the many fires that affect so many people and animals. 

This is our current view right from our courtyard.  This photo does not do justice to the beauty of Mother Nature and her Wonders.  The Red Cliffs are spectacular.  I feel at peace here.

This is the development Mr. C wanted to be in and through his diligence we are finally here and loving it.  Thank you for following along.  I shall continue to blog if Blogger will cooperate.
Summer is waning and August is passing all too quickly.  Schools are back in session.  Life is Good and we are Blessed. 

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