Monday, September 8, 2008

Inspiration today...

Well, today was the best day in a long time for the Saucy Chicks and Createology. We spent all day in the studio and were creatively inspired. We made plans for what we want to make and accomplish the next few months. We inventoried some of our supplies. We began to finish some of our current projects. We cut fabric and sewed, sorted buttons, sorted charms, arranged beads and findings and discovered we need to place an order with our favorite gem supplier. We siliconed some glass pieces together so they can cure and adhere to one another. It felt so wonderful to get our hands and creative brains actively combining our thoughts and talents. We focused on what we do not want to do. This is very important so that we can spend our precious time doing what we want to do the most. We have some new ideas and are planning ahead about 15 months out. In the next few weeks we will complete several unfinished projects and gifts. We will prepare and complete lots of holiday gifts to check off our lists.
We also kept our thoughts open to our upcoming plans for expanding our sales. This is probably one of the most challenging topics we discuss. It is a big unknown and not in our comfort zone. However, we do know we can accomplish this if we work hard and continue to challenge ourselves as we travel along this Createology journey. Thank you for reading our blog and we welcome comments. In fact, is anyone out there reading this blog???

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