Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December Snow...

Hello anyone out there reading this blog.

Here in Northern California we have finally gotten some snow. Our weather has been very dry so far this year and as everyone else knows we desperately need the rain and snow for the water table. We have over a foot of very beautiful white snow. Today it is very sunny so all of the snow has fallen off the trees and landed on any driveways or roads to then become ice as it is very very cold. So if driving (which I am not one to do in this weather) please be extra careful since ice makes a vehicle have a mind of its own!

I did decorate an outdoor Christmas tree this year and took this photo of it before the snow fell. So far my tree seems to be doing just fine as the snow falls off of it. Even the bows are popping back to shape. The CD's are twirling and catching all the light they can so they look very festive.

I will try to blog again very soon. Some holiday plans have changed due to life circumstances so we are adapting as well as possible.

Lots of Jolly to everyone!

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