Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shoe picture...

Funny...I love to read other blogs and it seems to be the uniform norm to take a picture of your own feet/shoes and then post it so here is mine. Too cute snowmen socks from my soul sister saucy chickie and my snowflake glitter shoes from me to me. I think they are a match made in shoe heaven. I love all types of shoes. I actually would consider myself to have a shoe fettish. When I was a young girl and going to elementary school most of the girls wore their very cute mary jane shoes and I had to wear saddle oxfords every day so that is when and where I think I caught the shoe fettish disease. Now I cannot have too many shoes. I even have bought shoes that I can't even wear but that I have displayed in my dressing room just to gaze at them. And everytime I see them I smile. I especially love red mary janes and think every female should own a pair. I still have one (not the pair) of my daughter's little red mary jane shoes from when she was very little and wore a tiny infant size 5. My grandmother had the mate but through the years and several generations passing on the other shoe has lost it's way. I know this is not very holiday minded but I seriously love shoes.

Jolly on to all...

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