Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Please Come Back Muse...

Hello Muse...have I frightened you away? Is it the seven (7) months of wet winter we have had? Are you hiding under a warm electric blanket? Don't you like cold concrete walls and floors that are the foundation of the studio? I have NEW supplies for you to play with...

Every winter my Saucy Chick Girlfriend travels to and stays in warmer climate. There are also a lot of stores and coupons where she spends those nice warm sunny dry days. So much shopping for her to do. For me here in the cold winter tiny town there is very little shopping and even fewer coupons. So...Saucy Chick Girlfriend is now my very own Personal Shopper. I merely tell her via phone or email what I am in need of and she takes her numerous coupons and visits the appropriate craft stores to find and purchase my requests. She loves to shop and is already going to get her own goodies so to add my lists isn't that tedius for her. Sometimes she will call me from aisle 10 (or where ever) and confirm exactly the item I want or maybe an alternative item. We laugh and joke about her being my personal shopper.

We might have gotten carried away this year. She had to mail 6 flat rate boxes of supplies home as her SUV was too fully loaded. When she brought over 4 giant tote bags of goodies it was just like Christmas in May! I did have to confess to Mr. C as I needed a hefty sum to pay for all of this.
So now my Muse has lots of new tools and supplies with which to be creative.

However, where are you Muse? Let's get busy! I've cleared the table, organized all the supplies and they are waiting in their places and I have time!

Until my Muse comes out to play I shall be here paying bills, filing paperwork and enjoying reading all my favorite blogs.

How do you entice your Muse to play and create?


  1. It looks like you have plenty to temp your muse! Just look at all those goodies! You are so blessed to have a friend who will shop for you (and I am sure she is blessed to have you too!).
    Sometimes, when I really want to get inspired, I have to do something totally not crafty, like go to the movies, or read a really good book I don't want to put down, or play music all day that I love. I never know what it is that might work : )
    I wish you the very best playtime with your new toys!

  2. When my muse has gone missing...I like to pull out books and magazines and start flipping through for inspiration. Also flipping through my sketchbooks will usually spark something. Good luck finding your muse!

  3. WOW! I'd come back! Again and again to play with all that neat stuff. My muse luv's to cruise blogs! 8^)

  4. With all this "stuff" you are sure to find that hidden muse....

  5. WOW! What a time for your Muse to disappear on you, with all that crafty craftiness lying in wait. Enjoy! keeleyxx


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