Saturday, April 19, 2014

April Has Wings...

I feel somehow April has sprouted wings and is flying faster than I can keep up with on the calendar.  So many birthdays this month to celebrate.  Isn't this Angel of Blue lovely?  She flew to my home from Australia. My dear friend Judy (I know you follow her and all her amazing creative endeavors) knows just how to spoil me. This is a hand painted face that Judy does so well.   Thank you dear for allowing me to enjoy your beautiful work and this amazing little doll.

Here is her full length photo.  Beading, hand dyed lace and all created by Judy and her loving hands and spirit.  I feel blessed.

Judy also included this lovely large tag with lots of lace and beads and flowers.  This looks just like August to very favorite month.  Peridot and calm serenity.  I am so grateful for Judy's friendship and her generosity.

Now you all know I am participating in National Letter Writing Month (NLWM) this April.  My darling friend Daniella surprised me with all of these goodies.  Thank you dear.  Please say hello when you visit her link.  I adore the ATC and little card and will utilize all the card blanks and ephemera for making more goodies to mail out. Thank you very much Daniella for surprising me with "magic mail" in April.

As part of NLWM I received a surprise gift.  This little antique bottle with a message in it.  Thank you Debbie (I don't know if she has a blog).  Her card and envelope are very creative and show her passion of Paris.  This arrived from New York.

This postcard is very clever.  The sender actually went to an air and space museum to take a photo of a mail plane and create her postcards to send.  Thank you very much and I adore your clever creative style.
With my participation in NLWM I have kept myself overly busy.  I have mailed to Italy, UK, 8 Canada's, 30 States for a total of 126 pieces of mail to date.  And I am a long way from completing my list of 138+ participants this year.  Whew!  I may have to continue in May as April is "flying" right along.

Not much creating in my studio with all the mailings coming and going.  I did manage to make a few pendants just for fun and mail them.  Using ball chain in fun colors available at my local Ben Franklin's craft store, I included ribbon, lace, and buttons.  Just a few minutes to create and easy to mail.  I didn't get a photo of the others.

Here is a close up but the color is too dark.  I think you can see the idea.  What would you do to improve this look?  I thought they would be fun for Easter baskets.  Finding one inside a fun plastic egg would be a treat for lots of ages.

Speaking of Easter...this was some mail I sent out this past week.  I personally like the bunny foot so much I mailed one to myself.  lol  May you and your family enjoy a wonderful Easter with all that means the most to you and yours.  Mr. C and I will stay close to home this year.  Honoring the true meaning and somehow also eating boiled eggs (me only as Mr. C never eats them!) and chocolate...however not together. This month has gone so quickly I never even set out my favorite little Easter treasures.  Maybe next year...
Easter Blessings to each of you.  Creative Bliss...


  1. oh such goodies!!!! Happy Easter to you and your family!!

  2. Hi Sherry the goodies you received are just precious. What talent in blogland and the generosity of special friends to bless you with treasured gifts. Love your little bunny foot cards and you pendants are so creative.
    Wishing you and Mr. C a blessed Easter filled with memories.

    Sending hugs~~

  3. Happy Easter, Sherry! April is going super fast. It's unbelievable. Your gifts are beautiful! I look at your tote bag gift to me, everyday. It is so special, a treasure that i get to use and enjoy! I hope you and Mr. C have a wonderful, peaceful, blessed Easter.

  4. What beautiful gifts you've received!! The necklaces are fabulous!! I hope you have a happy and blessed Easter :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. So many wonderful gifts from dear friends. How blessed you are! Happy Easter, Sherry. Sending hugs across the miles.
    Donna and Tag

  6. What a fun and creative life you have, dear friend!!! All the goodies you receive show how much you mean to so many. I needed to thank you for the beautiful little ATC I received in the mail...a little piece of your heart to mine, that put a smile on my face, for sure. Happy Easter, Sherry - XOXOXO

  7. so many treasures you have received this month, thanks for sharing them with us

  8. What a treasure trove! Have a very Happy Easter.x

  9. Happy Easter Dear Sherry! Such special treasures you received in the mail. The girls in Blogland are just brimming with talent! Your letters look so pretty...I love that bunny foot, and your adorable pendent too! Choco-covered hugs to you! xoxo

  10. Lovely treasures you received and also made! A blessed Easter my friend to you and yours! xo

  11. Happy Easter Sherry,
    Your letter writing must be going strong! You are doing really well with it.
    Lovely gifts from Judy! That is an adorable angel! I am sharing a blue angel from Dorthe. Judy really blessed you with her thoughtful gifts!
    Your newest pendant is sweet in spring green!

  12. You all sure keep the post office busy! Such meticulous detail in all of your goodies.

  13. Happy Easter Sherry. Enjoy all the pretty little lovelies that you received.

  14. doesn't it though! Happy Easter, Sherry

  15. What an array of goodies! I am the lucky recipient of some of Judy's faces are they are gorgeous. Have fun with these.

  16. Hekko dear Sherry, and belated Happy Easter to you.
    What wonderful mail you recieved from friends, and members of the National Letter Writing Month , it must be fun, -but also a big kind of work, to send so many as you do.
    Your necklace of ribbon ,lace and a button looks great ,and is such a sweet piece to recieve for all ages, as you write.
    My grandkids are home again, and I have time to blog :-)

  17. What wonderful goodies the mailman has brought you ! I hope your having a blessed day.

  18. Lots of fun mail, coming and going! The necklace is really cute and a good way to use treasured bits of fabric,lace and special buttons. I am thinking about the boiled eggs and chocolate! You may have come up with a combination that would help me lose weight!

  19. Love the doll...and Debbie's gifts are wonderful. You are certainly a lucky lady for sure...but deserve the 'gifts' from give so much of yourself!!! Enjoy what's left of April! We'll be in Michigan in 3 weeks!!!

  20. Lovely gifts, you are blessed with talented friends. ~Diane

  21. I always love visiting your blog. So many cute things and ideas. Hope you Easter was nice. We actually had a sun filled day. I was so glad as all the children had nice dry grass to search for those eggs that rascally bunny left.

  22. Goodness what fun you are having going to the mail box everyday.....Did you really mail the bunny foot to yourself lol! Hope you had a great Easter!



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