Friday, April 11, 2014

Pink, Black, Bling...

Another month has zoomed and gone by and with that I have received my wonderful surprise package from the lovely Kimberly of ArtJoyStuff blog.  The ATC swap theme was Pink, Black and Bling. This may have been my very favorite so far.  (What?  I say that all the time?)  This is the bonus wrapping Kimberly included and I love the tag with my S on it.  Thank you dear for always being the best and most organized hostess.

These are the three extraordinary ATCs I received.  Top left is from Wendy of Frog Princess blog.  Thank you very much.  Left bottom is from Manuela of Vintagesavonette blog.  Thank you so much.  On the right is from Amy who currently does not have her blog working.  Amy really went over-the-moon with her packaging and the back of her ATC.  Thank you bunches.  I am so thankful to be part of this swap.

These were my little ATCs.  I made each one different just to be fun.  I really enjoyed this Pink, Black, Bling!

I packaged them in a little Pink tulle bag I sewed and tied them with black thread with a butterfly stamped from the same striped paper.

For my readers who wanted to see the California Poppies!  I took a walk and brought my camera.  The sun was so bright I couldn't begin to see what was on the camera screen however this photo pretty much shows the gorgeous bright orange Poppy blossoms.  And to think these grow wild all over California...where there is land free from concrete and asphalt.  I had lots growing in my yard after planting some wildflower seeds many years ago...however they are no more.  Must have been pulled out as weeds when not in bloom.    I keep thinking I should buy some more and plant them.  They are truly beautiful and one of the few ways I enjoy the color orange.
This morning I got up extra early and saw the most beautiful sunrise.  The sky was layered in stripes of pinks and blues.  It looked at though an artist ran a giant paintbrush across the sky.  Of course I didn't get the camera.  Some sights are for our inner peace and I truly treasured that sunrise this morning.  It gave me time to reflect on how life gets too busy and overwhelming and it is up to us to reign it in and find the calm and peace in each day.  I hope you are finding your inner joy each day.  Creative Bliss Abounds...


  1. What a stunning parcel of black and pink gorgeousness!!Isn't it great to get something wonderful in the post?
    ADORE those poppies.I try and grow them, but never had any luck. Our climate is similar, I must be doing something wrong.probably over watering!
    Have a lovely weekend dear Sherry.

  2. All those pink, black and bling ATCs are gorgeous!
    But I liked the poppies the best. I just love finding clumps of them in the way back yard. I can see how they could be mistaken for a weed when they are young. The plants look an awful lot like that rolly-pulley sticker weed.

  3. what a wondderful swap, your package is full of beautiful creations, your creations you made are gorgeous!I love what you said about the sunset, I agree completely,

  4. Great swap colours. The poppies are great and even up here they will self seed with abandon although ours are red. After a few years they fade away and another wee package and the flush begins again. :)

  5. All of the pink and black ATC's are gorgeous!! I love the ones you created!! The recipients will love them!! And wow, the California Poppies are so beautiful!! What a fabulous picture!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. The poppies are so bright and cheerful. Definitely a California sight to behold. Do you remember when the artist Christo made the uber large poppy display along the 5? I never got to see it but I recall the hype behind it. Have a great weekend!

  7. the pink black and bling work so wonderfully together. Poppies are a delight, i have little yellow ones that spring up all over the place, seeing yours I have decided to plant mine in a very large clump at the top of the garden where privets have been removed and I now have a fence with quite a large area of bare soil, think they will look good there as they self seed

  8. Beautiful colors and designs for the exchange! Love the poppies, too! Thank you! xo

  9. The poppies are stunning! I am always so surprised at how fragile and tissue thin the petals are. I would love to have nail polish in that color..."A bottle of Poppy Orange, please"! The stamens with that tint of purple, can you tell I like poppies! We have them growing pretty much wild too, they are called Wood Poppies, I guess because you find them in the woods. A friend shared some of hers with me. They do appear to be weeds if you are not familiar with the leaves and I have had my DH spray them with weed killer on more than one occasion. A young man that helped me in the yard one day was quite proud of the fact he had weeded....right where my poppies were coming up! Somehow they have persevered and put on a show each spring. The friend that shared them with me said when the poppies bloom it means Winter is over. Bloom Poppies, Bloom!

  10. Your blog is always full of such lovely things! This morning I was up at 4 am to go on a Dawn Chorus bird walk and we too watched the sunrise, listening to the woodland filled with song - a fantastic start to the day!

  11. aren't sunrises just awesome? I love that too and they are different every day which makes them more special
    love those pinks and blacks

  12. The pink, black and bling is a fabulous swap. Lovely ATCs. Such a nice surprise in your mailbox. Those poppies are beautiful. I often just takes photos and hope they turn out. Sometimes the sun is just too bright to see a thing. Have a great day. Tammy

  13. hmmm... unable to leave a comment earlier, but now it's going to let me. You get the best mail! And your ATCs are delightful. I'm sure others were as happy to receive them as you were to get yours. What fun stuff.

  14. I've been enjoying playing "catch-up" on your blog this evening! Awesome, awesome times!

    Hugs and hafa adai from Guam,

  15. Pink and black and bling looks so fine! What nice ATC's all around.
    Those poppies are gorgeous!
    Hope this weekend and the week ahead find you enjoying lots of inner peace!

  16. love the pink/black ATC' wonderful and beautiful!!!! So are the poppies! What fun!!!

  17. OMG, your poppies are gorgeous. Thank you for taking a picture of them and sharing.
    Hope all is well with you and MR. C.

  18. Beautiful poppies, and I loved your gives and gets both! Loved how you packaged yours in the little tulle envelope too. ~Diane

  19. Beautiful atc's you made! And also the ones you received. Must have been a wonderful swap.
    The colour of the poppies... wow, never saw these, they're so beautiful! Would be wonderful to have them in the garden.
    You're so right about the importance of finding a bit of inner peace in each day. Wishing you a peaceful day dear. Hugs

  20. Hi Sherry, what a lovely swap using pink, black and bling. The goodies you received are so pretty and packaged so wonderful. Your creations are gorgeous too and how fun you did each one a bit different.

    Love the gorgeous poppies. You took a wonderful photo. The sunrise sounds like it was beautiful and yes, sometime meant to enjoy without a camera. The vision just remains in your heart.

    Thank you for sharing and wishing you a great rest of the week and Blessed Easter.
    Big hugs!!

  21. Oh my those poppies are just amazing - what a stunning color! blessings, marlene

  22. The ATC's are wonderful! Both the ones you received and the ones you made. The theme does sound fun!!
    Awesome Poppies!

  23. What precious ATCs and those flowers.....beautiful!!

  24. A truly lovely selection of ATC's. Those poppies are giving my dye palette ideas!!

  25. I love pink and black together, and bling is good anywhere, anytime! All of these ATC's are sooo pretty! The girls will love the ones you created Sherry, they're beautiful. ...Gosh, those poppies are so lovely. How wonderful to have such beauties growing wild!


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