Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prayers for Fire Relief...

California is such a beautiful state...when conditions and Mother Nature cooporate.  I live among these amazing forest trees.  What you aren't able to see in this photo is the fire that broke out just one mile from my home several days ago.  Very frightening and really makes you stop and think.  I honestly can say I would not be the least bit prepared for evacuation.  I shall work on that.

Thankfully all resources were deployed to this fire and we remained safe.  Three giant tankers, two very big water  bucket helicopters, ground crews and bulldozers worked non-stop to put out the fire. They all flew right over our home and the noise was loud but I was so thankful we are in their path. I cannot express how very grateful I am to all who fight fires.

While Mr. C and I were recently away this was another fire we experienced far too closely for comfort.  There were several fires in Southern California while we were there.  With the horrific dry drought conditions everything is tinder-box just waiting to explode.

Then there is this fire in Northern California along Highway 50 which is a major link to Lake Tahoe. Today we learned this is a suspected arson fire and growing over 71,000 acres.  I pray for all to stay safe from this and its devastation.  The pyro-cumulous clouds are spectacular to see however they represent the most destructive and raging fire that is not contained to date.  With winds, heat and lack of water this is such a tragedy for so many.  My heart is heavy for all affected.

"Letters from Africa" is explained on Vicki's blog 2BagsFull.  If you wish to do something special please read her post and see if you are called to action.  I know I was.  Just click on the link and you will find the information.  Vicki does amazing charity projects and I was fortunate enough to participate in her "Pink Scarf" project last year.

I haven't spent time being creative or doing much other than chores and visiting family and friends. Mr. C and I have been away a lot and really just want to stay home and relax some.  I have plans to tackle this vintage fabric wrapped bowl my aunt made for me decades ago.  I have been cramming bits and bobs into it and it will be fun to discover my treasures buried within.  I also am making a promise to myself to sort, organize and purge my sewing room.  I want it to be free of piles and projects begun but never acted upon or completed.  I am looking forward to some sewing as our days become shorter from Summer to Autumn.  I like to make most of my gifts for family and friends and that means I better get busy very soon.  Right now I can't even see my sewing machine for all the stuff I have setting on every horizontal surface.  Recently I did manage to do some good in my studio but that just means some of it migrated into the sewing room.  That never happens to you...does it? Please say I am not will make me feel so much better.
I am happy to report we had a tiny sprinkle of rain this morning.  Nothing measurable but ever so much appreciated.  Maybe we will be able to get some real rain very soon.
I am truly enjoying catching up on your blogs and the lovely Autumn decorating you are doing.  I reward myself with blog time upon each chore I complete...well maybe just make progress on.
Creative Bliss and Prayers for Fire and Drought Relief...


  1. how very frightening to have a fire so near but thank God for your fire fighters they certainly take grat risks saving others. Yes I pray for rain for you and all California. Good to see you plan to tackle UFO`s, that is what I am doing nothing new till I have finished 4 quilts, one I just need to bind, the other 3 need quilting!

  2. Oh we can empathise with the awfulness that are wild fires! Our Southern Australia has the same climate as you, but we have had rains these past 5 years, which is a relief, but alas rain has not come your way.So sorry to hear about the fires.
    Better get your Survival Plan into action.We have radio and tv blitzes urging people to have a plan over Summer.
    Thinking of you.

  3. I've been thinking of you every time I read or hear about more fires in California! Praying for rain! We've had lots of rain this summer(after several years of drought conditions) & I saw something about the wettest August in many years nationwide - except for CA.
    Way behind with everything here, including email, blogs, etc. due to some family illnesses & other issues. Hope to "catch up" (!) soon! xo Jane

  4. As Jane said, I think of you with every report of the fires. The one in Northern California seems to be the focus right now. To think of the fires being that close is certainly scary. Much like when we have tornadoes here you have to think of what you want to take with you to your safe place. Praying for rain.

  5. How frightening to be so close to the fire. Whenever the tornado siren goes off here, I'm not prepared. I know there should be things I take to the basement with me but I never plan ahead. Praying that they are all contained and that you get the rain you need soon. Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. I keep hoping the rain Gods smile on your part of this great big world, fire is such a terrifying demon, no escaping , it seems some areas are drowning in rain and others have none, whats happening to our earth! I would love to ave a sewing room and a studio to have overflow with untidyness lol, we have moved to a bit bigger nest but still its small, no room for either here, but I suppose we don't miss what we never had, isn't that th saying, I just love that fabric bowl, what an interesting object,

  7. Dear Sherry,
    Oh this is so awfull, and I must say I`m happy you stayed safe this time. What terribly situations for you if you would have to evacuate..I hope it will never be real for you.
    The huge fires around in your state, seems horryfying, and I feel so much with the people living in those areas.
    I have read about dear Vicki`s new project, she is a fantastic lady !!
    I hope you will soon have place and time for creating again :-)

  8. Fire is a scary thing! Even when I was in Oregon in July there were fires there because it has been so dry. Hope you get some rain my friend and soon.

  9. That really is too close for comfort but am glad to hear that you and your neighbours are safe.
    I have been going through my stash and purging along the way. How is it though that when I put the remaining stash back it is still overflowing and in need of more purging! Stay safe. hugs Mrs A.

  10. I just can't imagine the impact of the fires and the mayhem it causes...I feel so bad for those who have lost everything...and one of the fires being caused by someone on purpose! safe my friend. Here's hoping for rain for you! And the rest of California!

  11. So awful about the fires, especially to know that someone would purposely set one and do so much damage to the environment. Horrible! I've been creating but haven't been finding the time to blog or do everything that I want. Cleaning and organizing gets pushed aside though it needs to be done. School wears me out. I want this year to be over. It's my last. But it's only September. Ugh! Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  12. Stay safe, my friend! Have been thinking of you this past Mom has been here from CO, and just left this afternoon. We are covered with HUGE rainclouds this afternoon - they will blow on out without dropping any moisture, I'm afraid. Just stay safe - XOXO

  13. Oh, we have been following your fires! Stay safe what a helpless feeling. I don't know if you can ever really prepare for evacuations. Our threat here in Florida is always the hurricanes, so I have a check list in my mind , but that is about it. How great to have a sewing room AND a studio, mine is just ONE bug cluttered room. Praying for rain for you


  14. Oh I'm so glad that your home is safe. We have friends who're 15 miles down the road from the fire that devastated the town of Weed. It's been a bad year for fires and sadly fire season isn't anywhere close to being over yet. Thank goodness for all the brave firefighters! Stay safe friend and have fun with your basket of treasures.

  15. Dear Sherry, I think of you whenever I hear anything on the news about California's scary fires. Thank goodness you're safe. Bless those brave firefighters! I keep praying you'll get the rain you so need! xoxo

  16. I do hope the fires are out by now and you didn't suffer any damage. How frightening!

  17. What an awful feeling to have a fire so close to your home! Thankfully, it was all put out and you, Mr. C, and your home are safe. I'm so glad you had a sprinkle of rain, and I hope lots more has arrived since then.
    as you can see I am running late on blog reading.....Hugs

  18. I will certainly keep you in my prayers! ~Diane


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