Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rain & Bead Podium...

First and foremost I wish to thank my little buddy Tag of Brynwood Needleworks.  Tag and Donna have been doing the rain dance and we finally got some rain this morning.  Thank you so much and Smooches.  We are so grateful for this moisture.  It is also helping to curb the raging King Fire. Today we have very clear clean air quality and that is truly a double blessing.  The rain has already stopped but any is better than none.

Way back in January I shared on this post about my friend Sylvia and her window shades that needed dyeing.  This is what Sylvia gifted me with for my efforts.  It doesn't look like much and its condition is less than excellent however I was thrilled.  When I brought it home Mr. C wanted to put it in the dump.  NO!  I have a "vision" for it and it will fit in MY studio where I can close the door.

Mr. C had to re-engineer and rebuild lots of it.  That is just how he functions.  I tried to teach him the term "Shabby Chic" but he just cannot embrace "junk".

He not only encouraged me to try Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I have wanted to use forever...he paid for it.  Note:  Waaaaay tooooo expensive for this project but at least I have tried it and now know more about it.  This color is Provence and I really like the subtle shade of aqua.

Here is the new and improved Bead Podium and a stool I painted.  This spot in my studio is custom fit for this purpose.  My vision may have just been a success. Have I shown you the best part?

The drawers are printer trays!  Oh Yes!!!  Perfect for beads.  I have wanted a cabinet like this for so long and my good deed paid off for me.

So I haven't been a slacker all year.  I have spent all my spare time working on this project.  Sorting beads and filling the finished cabinet has been an overwhelming job.  I used to keep my beads in lots of different places...including baggies, tubes, bottles, plastic storage bins and even little dishes.  I thought I had them organized...until now.  I did have to move beads many times over as I found more and they over-flowed the little compartments.  Mr. C suggested I get ALL my beads and then sort and place them into the drawers.  What?  This resulted in Mr. C realizing just how many beads I actually have.  Wait!  Some are from my Grandmother, my mother, friends, me, and of course shopping.  Of course Mr. C "suggested" I never buy any more beads.  I thankfully "negotiated and negated" that notion!  I LOVE BEADS.  And they love me.

Now I can honestly say I am so happy with my "new" bead podium and how organized the beads are. I have already been able to make some bracelets and charms for gift giving.  What a pleasure to select the proper drawer...yes, I labeled them...and be able to create in a very short amount of time. Even my tools are right there where I can access them.  Thank you to Mr. C and to my dear friend Sylvia.
How do you store your beads?  What are your favorite beads and what do you create with them?
Fall is in full swing here and the colors are beginning to turn stunning shades of crimson, orange, yellow and green.  I also see beautiful photos of Spring and blossoms our neighbors across the world are enjoying.  Creative Bliss and Making Lasting Memories...


  1. Yay - I'm glad you finally got some much-needed rain!! And I'm glad the air quality is better, too. Hopefully the fire will be out soon.

    Your bead podium is spectacular!! Wow!! What a fabulous piece this is!! You two did an amazing job transforming it!! And the color is so pretty!! Love, love, love it!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. That looks like the perfect piece to store your beads! It was like it was made for you! : ) Love the color. Did you like the chalk paint? I first tried it a few years ago and, after trying the newer ones, too, I have to say I still like the Annie Sloan the best.

  3. What a wonderful piece of 'junk'! NOT!!! This is great....a little vintage store in our town using that chalk paint to restore old furniture! I love it...never priced it. But your piece is WONDERFUL!!! I would love that organization BUT...hard to transport when I head south for the winter! :)

  4. Awesome bead podium! It's perfect for this function. Does your beading tray fit nicely on the top of this? What a good partner you have with Mr. C that he recognizes what makes your heart sing and assists with it. :-)

  5. What an awesome piece, repurposed to perfection! Your Mr. did a great job!

    Regarding The Pillowcase Project, I'm so glad you asked when the deadline is. I need to explain that better on my blog, too. The deadline is 20 December to receive them on Guam. We'll depart Guam 21 December.

    Thank you SEW much for asking. You're SEW sweet like that.

    Hugs and happy weekend,

  6. Sooooooooo happy you got some rain!!!
    Your bead podium project is wonderful! Good that Mr. C helped restore it even though he thought it should go to the dump. Nice to have someone handy around!
    I, a retired librarian, immediately thought it was a Map & Atlas Podium/Storage cabinet so I was VERY surprised when you showed the open drawers. Very clever of you to use it for your beads! It will certainly make it much easier for you to find just what you want for a particular project.
    Happy Friday!

  7. i'm so pleased that some rain has come your way. Hope you get lots more!
    Love your bead podium, and that shade of pale aqua is so pretty. Do you have enough beads to fill all those drawers? I store my beads in shoe totes--1 or 2 colours for each tote, and then I can stack the totes in my cupboards. I have a tote for my tools, too. The totes are clear so I can see which colour I want. Happy beading!

  8. So happy to hear you got some much needed rain. Your bead podium is gorgeous, makes me wish I did beading! ~Diane

  9. Hello my dear,
    Oh am I glad you got some rain Sherry , I hope there will be more, soon !
    And that beautiful bead podium, what a great gift , now looking so lovely in the soft aqua. What a treat to just open up the many drawers, and see the whole collection of pearls !!
    Enjoy ,enjoy !

  10. So glad you got some rain Sherry! we got some last night too. Wow what a great bead holding gizmo!

  11. This is so incredibly awesome! I love, love, love it - I can think of lots of uses for it if you ever want to gift it to someone. :) blessings, marlene

  12. I'm bead storage envious! What a perfect solution for storing all your beads. You had a vision for that beautiful old cabinet and now it's a reality. It's so much easier to work when you can see what you have. Love the color you chose.

  13. WOW! Your bead podium is amazing!! I love printers trays, I have one hanging on a wall. What a fabulous way to store your beads!!
    I'm glad it rained a little :)

  14. That is a wonderful place for beads. WOW, you will be so organized and to be able to see every bead at will be in creating heaven. Mr. C did a great job helping you to transform it.
    Happy dance for you with rain.

  15. Oh goodness, I did not know what this was in the first couple pictures then I realized it was a girls dream!!!! What a gift it is! I store all of my jewelry stuff here and there, hard to find and not organized.

    So glad you have a little rain, I shall join in the rain dance for you!


  16. Happy to hear that you finally received some much needed rain. I hope there is more in the near future!
    Your bead podium was a n awesome gift and I love the way you and Mr C finished it. You must be in heaven being able to have all of your findings in one spot. We have just (we, meaning David) have just finished painting a bunch of furniture pieces for our new home. I've posted pictures on Facebook but I need to blog about it. I love painted furniture. We're going to try to make our own chalk paint next.
    Happy Sunday dear Sherry!

  17. LOVE it!!!!! I am crazy over interesting storage cabinets, and yours is perfect in every way! Even better now in that gorgeous color!!!!!
    Those drawers?!?!?! Just right for beads. what a treasure!

    ~ Violet

  18. Oh Sherry you must be the luckiest girl in blogland at present receiving that awesome cabinet of tiny drawers. I think I might have to come and steal it during the night
    LOL! Mind you I think I could probably only fill 2-3 drawers at the most! I love little storage drawers.
    Love the rain perhaps more though!
    Sending hugs while you fill those drawers.
    x Suzy

  19. First of all, thank GOODNESS for that rain! My deepest thoughts of hope for more to you all, precious souls out there!

    OK, that Annie Sloan make-over is awesome. A great organizer for all your lovely works and isn't this paint amazing? I found a little French side table in the trash this summer and I slapped on some gold paint then gave it a last layer of Annie Sloan white - I wiped most of it off, leaving the gold patina to shine through with white in the crevices. MAGIC!

    Enjoy another lovely day of creating wonder my friend, and many thanks for your visit! Anita

  20. Hi Sherry, what a treasure your friend gave you. The transformation with paint is gorgeous. I love the aqua and just painted a box with this shade today. I find Decor American chalk paint less expensive and I like it very much.
    You can purchase 3 bottles or more for less then one AC quart!!

    You are now so organized with your beads and that is wonderful.
    Love it!!
    Happy beading~~

  21. Fabulous storage perfect for your bead collection... Love it...The colour is GORGEOUS.... Love the matching stool too... Hugs May x x

  22. It is beautiful - what a treasure chest you have. I absolutely love your new/old cabinet and the colour most especially - it's just perfect. I am sure it has been a labour of love all around!


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