Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mail Tags Received...

As promised this post is about the Snail Mail Tags I received in return after my mailing out some.  You can read my previous post here or merely scroll down.  I was thrilled with the returned tags I received.  This top photo shows the ripped open mail from Annie of FreezeFrame blog.  Don't you love her beautiful wax seal on the envelope?  I certainly do! 

Here are the contents of her ever creative mail.  Not only did Annie fill out my mail tag I sent her she in turn sent me a tag to fill out and send back to her (which I did but didn't keep any photo of).  I was quite impressed with her artsy style of answers.

This is Annie's returned tag she sent me .  I love how she cleverly used Washi tape and letters to answer.  It makes for a very fun read.  Thank you so very much for playing along Annie!

Now this beautiful butterfly card is from my friend Theresa P (with no blog).  I have shared lots of wonderful cards and goodies Theresa has created and gifted to me over the years.  I adore her attention to details and the many layers of texture she achieves. 

This is the tag I sent out to Theresa.  Not very creative but I like the cheerful yellow paint chip and the grape sticker just seemed to be the right size and look.

This is a terrible photo I does not hold my interest long enough to practice and learn the skills it requires!  At least you can see Theresa answered my questions and mailed it back to me.  She also included a new tag for me to answer.  I did so and mailed it without a photo.  Thank you so very much Theresa and you know how much I love your creative style. 
I suppose people could go on and on and mail tags back and forth forever but I am happy with my initial questions and answers.  This is a good way to get to know someone...maybe a pen pal.  I will definitely be ready for National Letter Writing Month this April and my newest pen pal.  Meanwhile I have mailed out several more of my Snail Mail Tags so we shall see if any come back to me.
The rain came and we got over six (6) inches in just two days!  We had a bit of hail this morning and are now awaiting the next storm tonight which is to have lots more rain and lower snow.  Our pond is full to the top and overflowing just the proper way Mr. C designed it to do.  No photo right now as it is also full of mud from the bogs that are flooded.  The annual frog convention should be really happy.  I think you can almost hear them from here.  I love to listen to the tunes they croak.  Ribbit...
I think I better get out my Easter decorations and enjoy them for a little while.  As fast as the days are zooming by, Easter will be over before I get my eggs boiled.   Wait for me Easter Bunny...
Embracing Creative Bliss each and every day...even if I don't have time to spend in my creative heaven I still get such bliss from everyday things...drops of rain, bulb flowers blooming, frogs singing, meeting interesting people and of course following each of you and what you are doing.


  1. What beautiful cards you've received!! Snail mail really is the best :) I'm glad you got some rain!! I can't believe how quickly Easter is approaching!! Have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. The mail tags are fun! I'm glad you're getting some rain. I hope it doesn't rain too much!

  3. such talented ladies have been busy here

  4. Fun project Sherry. Glad you are getting some tags back and that you like my cards. thanks as always for sharing.

  5. So happy the rains have come! What nice tags you've received. :-)

  6. The mail tag was quite the fun bit of out of the ordinary mail art. RAIN, OH GLORIOUS RAIN!...and snow too. So badly needed. We are so lucky to be getting as much as we are getting after the past 4 years of hardly nothing at all. We used to live on several acres with a huge natural pond and the froggies came every year and there were so many and they were so loud and went on and on and on with their "chatter" for two weeks straight. LoL

  7. Yay for rain - particularly when you need it as much as you do. Nice things arriving in your mailbox - so much better than junk mail and bills!

  8. The mail tags are wonderful that you rec'd back. Glad you got some much needed rain...but 6" is a lot!

  9. Dear Sherry ,you write so lovely, and I smile over your frogs, and unboiled eggs ,lol- But wonderful for you, with aLL the rain, so hopefully the wells will be ever so full for summer.
    So sweet and lovely tags send and others received , the questions also returned with answers, looks wonderful a great idea, dear.
    Evening hugs from Dorthe

  10. Hello!
    Thank you for coming by my long overdue post!!!
    What fun mail to send and receive!
    You are always so creative!
    ~ Violet

  11. What wonderful tags, we have had some much rain here I just look forward to a dry day.

    Hugs Diane

  12. Those snail mail tags with questions are such a great idea and getting a card from Annie is always a treat! Glad you're getting rain...yay!

  13. Dear Sherry, what fun your snail mail tags with questions. Love the darling tags you received. Such creativity and fun!! So glad you are having rain. It was so needed. We too have been raining all week. Hoping the flowers get a good start with all the moisture!! I hope you have a wonderful spring and Easter soon. Better get those eggs boiled ;) haha Best wishes always my creative friend!! Have a nice weekend xo

  14. Sherry, how fun it must be to go to the mail box! I love what you have received!

  15. Well finally you are getting rain...oops, to much? I'm with you on the photography, I do just enough to get by, but It doesn't hold any interest for me either. Love your mail tags, cute idea


  16. Such lovely tags! I remember using wax seals when I was younger...such fun to send my letters off to my grama and long ago! Happy St Patrick!s and happy almost spring!

  17. Hi Sherry. Its been a while since I have gone to any blogs. I have been crazy busy. Love the idea of mailing out tags with questions. A lot of crafters are making pocket letters and in one of the pockets they include info about themselves. Its a really cute idea. I did make one for a swap but it was Disney themed. Next month we are also swapping a pocket letter themed with Disney princesses. So fun.
    Glad you are getting rain. We have been super dry here in Florida. I bet it will rain this weekend. LOL. In a way I hope it does, we need it. Crafty hugs, Ana

  18. Lovely to view these pretties again my friend.
    Stopping by to say Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
    Have a nice weekend. xo


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