Thursday, March 3, 2016

Snail Mail Tags...

I recently read an interesting blog by Pam entitled The Lost Art of Letter Writing.  Because this is right up my alley of weekly Random Acts of Mail and my quarterly Love Notes and my annual National Letter Writing participation I just had to read more of her posts.  I found this one  on Snail Mail Tags to be fun.  I created a Snail Mail Tag and mailed it out to someone who was willing to play along. 

I kept my questions to a simple number of five (5).  I didn't want to overwhelm anyone and make this a chore to complete.

And because when I find something I like I cannot stop at just one I made another to mail out to yet another willing partner.

A simple tag in a simple card.  I realize in this photo I forgot to write Mail Tag on the yellow strip.

Here are my paint chips I seem to collect and use for wonderful crafty things.  Mr. C about called the police to arrest me for stealing when he saw my collection.  I have since pared it down to a few that I am keeping for fun things.  I don't consider these stolen because we have spent about $50,000 dollars in paint and primer just for this house and out buildings alone.  Mr. C only buys the best paint and never the cheap inferior brands or big box paints.  I feel I have paid for these many times over! Now go ahead and get out your paint chips (What? You don't have any?  How can that be!) and have some Snail Mail Tag fun for yourself.  Of course you don't have to use paint can use card stock or whatever suits your creative fancy. 
Next I will share the Mail Tag fun I received in the mail. 
What are you busy creating?  I am beginning to see lots of Easter and Spring goodies. 
We have been having Spring weather and just as I suspected it is turning cold and nasty with lots of rain and snow predicted for days.  Just when my daffodils are looking beautiful they will get pounded down into the mud.  It happens every year.  I will be grateful for more rain here and snow in the higher country.  El Nino so far has not helped our drought like it was expected to do. 
Enjoy your days with things that make you happy and fulfilled.
Embracing Creative Bliss...


  1. What a clever idea! and of course, you made it just so special.

  2. Your snail mail tags are so awesome!! What a fun idea!! I do have some paint chips but I have no idea where they are in my craft room :/ I hope your daffodils survive and bloom beautifully!! Have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Hi Sherry, your snail mail is divine. Anyone would be so happy to receive this in their mailbox. Love what you do with the paint chips. I kind of collect them too but have never done a design using them. You have inspired me.
    Hope you see some spring days again soon.
    Have a nice weekend ahead. Creative bliss my friend. xo

  4. I know first hand how fun mail tag is with you. You are so creative with it. Our Tulips have begun blooming and now will get pounded too. Guess what I don't have any of --- paint chips. You can have my share. LoL

  5. Great and you made it so special x

  6. Boo Hoo, we still have snow on the ground and in the forecast for today. No spring flowers popping through yet. Cute idea...mail tags and art.
    xx, Carol

  7. I have some paint chips, but my pile is a lot smaller than yours! We've been having ice and snow storms, but we expect a milder, kinder weekend. Too cold and snowy for anything to pop through the ground yet. Fun mail. Hugs

  8. Dear Sherry, I love this idea, of keeping the snail mail going, and your tags and cards are beautiful, I especially love the lime green one. I also love your stach of paint chips, and would never call it a steal..... I have a tiny collection compared with you, though, so I better look out, next time I`m looking for paint and such !! Have a lovely weekend, dear.
    Hug of friendship

  9. Such a sweet idea to get some letter writing the purple butterfly in the card! Great idea for paint samples!

  10. Mickey Mouse paint chips? I've never seen those before. I've always felt a little guilty taking too many from the store just in case I got accused of stealing so I understand how your husband feels. No spring creations here but there are some baby things in the works.

  11. What a wonderful idea, the purple butterfly with the red paper is just stunning.

    Hugs Diane

  12. It has been a lovely spring day here today and we had lunch out in the garden for the first time this year. Spotted two butterflies sunning themselves on the rockery and we were only saying that the frogs would be starting to get active as well. I think your mail tags are a lovely idea and if your want to send me one I will do one with you too. Hugs Mrs A.


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