Saturday, February 11, 2017

Brynwood Needleworks Creations...

I don't often buy myself gifts, however I just could not resist some lovely creations my friend Donna of Brynwood Needleworks offered.  I am certain most of you follow Donna and her blog.  On Tuesday's you can read Tag's post there also.  Tag is Donna's Cute Corgi and I am in love with him.
If you have never touched and felt cork fabric you are really missing out.  This blue clutch is cork fabric and I honestly cannot stop caressing it.  This fabric is divine. 

Blue is my color and a little silver sparkle never made me sad so this fabric is perfect.  Donna's workmanship is perfection.  She even included a shiny new lucky penny.  Thank you dear...I forgot to thank you in my card I mailed you.  If you or anyone you know has a need for such a lovely clutch you need to check out her other fabrics and styles also.  I am already thinking of gifts I can have Donna create for my list. Her commissioned works are priority and she is so wonderful to work with.

This is my other much needed gift for myself.  Donna has this limited edition Acorn Wool Pincushion she created and I just knew I must have one.  I shall always look at her work and smile.  Every detail is perfection right down to the tiny acorn charm.  I love how realistic the hand-dyed wool makes the oak leaf come to life.  I am very blessed to be able to enjoy these items now.  Thank you Donna Dear for your amazing Works of HeArt. 
We have had non-stop drenching rain for days and the amount is way over 16 inches.  Our creeks are flooded and our highways (49 and 80) have had major closures due to erosion and mudslides.  Thankfully our trees have remained in the ground and upright.  High winds for a few days made us nervous with all the saturated red clay soil.  Today we are breathing a sigh of relief as the sun shines brightly.  Last night I was all excited to view the Full Snow Moon but clouds covered it and gave us another deluge of rain.  Mr. C is busy making certain all is well with the house and property.  You can find me shining and cleaning just in case someone...maybe the ONE special buyer...would like to see the house and fall in love with it like we did. 
Maybe tomorrow Mr. C and I can get out and about for a few hours.  I know he is wanting to get "his" baby out for a drive.  Enjoy every day...  


  1. Oh wow, what a gorgeous clutch!! I love the fabric...I've never felt cork fabric!! And the pincushion is beautiful!! Gosh, so much rain. We're having unseasonably warm the 60's today. It's making me want spring!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend!! Praying for the right buyer to come along!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. It's a great idea to buy yourself a gift sometimes! The weather does go from one extreme to the other, doesn't it? I hope the trees stay standing and you don't get washed away.

  3. That is a beautiful purse! I've never heard of cork fabric...interesting. Glad you've gotten some rain to moisten things up, but it sounds like you got a little to much. Take a ride and enjoy!

  4. 2 beautifully made creations you have here delightful

  5. Dear Cheryl, your clutch looks wonderful, and I have to admit I never heard of cork fabric, before :-( so thank you for brighten my mind, friend- I also love the pincushion, so very sweet and beautifully done, congratulations to you, for lovely gifts , sometimes we just need to gift ourselves a little Now I hope , as your wells ,must be filled, that the rain stops falling , enjoy :-) XoXo

  6. Love your new clutch. Cork fabric is a new one on me. It looks beautiful. Hugs, LJ

  7. It is a beautiful clutch - Donna's work is so meticulous and perfect - I am always so inspired by what she does... truly amazing...


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