Monday, February 20, 2017

Hand Stitching Love...

I belong to Jenny of monthly Stitchery Club and have been a member for over two years.  With all good intentions I meant to stitch my monthly designs...well at least some of them.  However as the months flew by and I wasn't doing anything with my pages of designs but store them away in a file drawer (the 3-ring binder overflowed), I became very aware that there would never be any time and in fact I had too many excuses.  Well here it is 2017 and "If not Now, When?" leapt into my brain!  I was no longer going to make excuses.  So I brought out my selected design and coordinating fabrics and got to work.

I had purchased the proper Hanky Linen this time and what a wonderful difference it makes in the ease of tracing and stitching.  Here is my beginning.  I purposefully selected a design that included applique pieces.  Jenny always shares the reverse tracing design so once I had read her instructions it was easy to accomplish.

My prepared and fused design ready to begin stitching.  I already have a feeling of accomplishment because I can see how cute this design will be. The fabrics really make it come alive even before any needle and threads are added. 

Here I am doing blanket stitch with regular sewing thread. I admit I had to YouTube blanket stitch as it has always eluded me on how to begin.  Once I get going it is quite easy.
I will share the finished stitchery with you very soon...I hope. 
Life is busy for us all and we merely need to make time for ourselves and what gives us JOY.  Thank You very much Jenny for always keeping your designs sweet, simple and filled with LOVE. I am sew grateful for giving myself this monthly Stitchery Club.  Magazines that offer "little" costs more than this and Jenny is always here for us with any help we may need. is raining here. is pouring again.  We remain safe here and truly grateful.  Prayers for all those, especially in Southern California, who are having Mother Nature nightmare conditions.
Mr. C and I took a day trip to Blackhawk Museum yesterday to enjoy a special Speaker Series and meet and listen to David Hobbs.  Automotive racer and commentator extraordinaire.  He was funny and humble and entertaining. The automobiles on display are some of the world's finest.  I took no photos but you can click the link I added.  The weather was raining and traffic was dismal and took forever at stop and crawl pace most of the way home.  Danville is about a 3 hour drive each way.  It took closer to 4+hours to get home. Thankfully Mr. Hobbs was well worth our day and Mr. C got us home safely.
February must have wings for it is flying along.  Creative Bliss and enjoy your passion.


  1. I can't wait to see the finished project!! I know it will be amazing!! So glad you aren't affected by the rain...praying for those that are. Have a great week, my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. It is a good time to sit home and hand stitch with all the rain you are getting. I have that same iron. Does it beep and drive you crazy if you don't use it and keep it plugged in? I bought another iron when that one drove me nuts beeping. I still have it and use it if I am ironing nonstop, but if I sew and then iron every few minutes, I cannot use the nagging iron, LOL!!!! Happy stitching.

  3. It's good to get on with a project that has been in the to-do file for too long. Raining here too.

  4. I love seeing all the projects available, and this stitchery project is fantastic. I think I will have to check it out, although I know I already have too much going on. I sincerely hope the rain is helpful for the drought conditions without causing problems. It's too bad we can't call for the rain when we want it, and turn off the spigot when we've had enough.

  5. I love Jenny's pieces to, but life can be so busy for sure-that's what I told myself with my hexagon project-I needed to put it away a year ago-but it is out now in clear view to work on.
    I haven't been to a museum in a very long time-we live so rural and don't travel much-glad you had a good say

  6. February is flying by way to fast. I joined a stitching class and have nately been able to gather my supplies. There are a couple more things happening in February and some may feel compelled to continue on in March nut I plan on throwing away my car keyd snd staying home. No Marching for me. This will be cute. We aren't experiencing rain but the winter festival was a water festival as the weather is so warm. Stay safe and stitch away the rest of February.

  7. Oh dear Cheryl, I think, that every month has wings , now a days..... but we should all make as you say a little joyfilled time, each day, doing something fun, like you handstiching this lovely piece, now. It really quiets one down, and gives a relaxed mind, I think. Stay safe in the rain, hugs from me. Xx

  8. So glad you are finding time to do something creative - and something that looks amazing already. What fun! I have thought of joining the club and then I look at my to do list and think better of it. Hoping for a break in the rain for you and those around you.

  9. such a talented lady Jenny is have all her postcards from Heaven downloaded and on the to do list. Your piece is coming along so well hope to see it completed soon

  10. Jenny's patterns are such fun. I made several, years ago, some individual projects, one a whole quilt's worth of blocks. They still haven't been sewn together, though! One of my forgotten UFOs! I don't sit long enough these days to accomplish very much handwork. I haven't even been taking time to read blogs lately. But I have a whole month of travel coming up, with no sewing machine, so I'd better find a few good projects that involve handwork! XO

  11. That is the cutest block! I love Jenny's designs, too. Where do you find hanky linen? Is it like those hanky's our grandmother's made us carry when we were little? I had some very pretty ones, but never blew my nose on them. LOL Glad you have rain, but don't get washed away!

  12. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.
    also happy to hear your safe. I thought about you when I heard about the flooding so happy your alright.
    Hugs Lynn


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