Monday, March 13, 2017

Making NLWM Cards...

I NEED a lot of cards.  So I walked into my studio last week and with all good intentions of sorting and purging and downsizing...I instead found myself making cards.  April is National Letter Writing Month and I always participate.  Lindsay Ostrom, Miss Creator of Cuteness, is our fearless cheerleader/organizer for this FB group.  Thank you very much Lindsay dear.  In years past I have mailed to everyone but that got a little too carried away for me.  So now I will have one pen pal and then of course send to others at my discretion and time allowances. 

I have lots of supplies and have vowed to use what I have and not run to the store for more stuff!  Here you can see I am going old school and stamping and embossing cards.  Mr. C has been the only user of my vintage purple heat tool in his car building garage the past few years.  Not now!  I was in my glory with embossing those fine beautiful powders onto card stock.

Here you see I didn't just make one. I wanted to make lots so I have a good supply in my stash.

I also use catalog and magazine cut outs, along with card fronts from received cards and of course my Lindsay designed coloring images.

I am in no way any type of artist however I do have the supplies necessary.  I buy them with the hopes that I shall become an artist via osmosis.  LOL  I did stamp this and then embellish it with my colored pencils.  I wanted a very serene scape.  Yes, I am the one who colors a sun in the top corner of my paper...ever since I was old enough to color.  I still need a lot more cards. 
Our weather has been perfect with sunshine and blue skies.  Mr. C and I have gotten out to take a walk several days now.  Yesterday we drove a few hours north and schmoozed with lots of auto racers at Thunderhill Racetrack in Willows, CA.  The day was so beautiful and we were in no hurry.  We had spent the week previous cleaning and keeping up with this home and property in hopes that the sunshine would bring perspective buyers.  No one...not even one.  We will be having another meeting with our Broker.
I see Easter crafting and decorating is on!  I love what you all are doing.  My Easter decorating will stay hidden in the cupboard this year so as not to offend any potential buyers.  Make it look like no one lives here! 
Spring Flowers and Butterflies are showing themselves to many.  My daffodils are blooming and I love them.  Pollen season will be quite intense with all the rain we have finally gotten. 
Lovely days to all...<3


  1. Hi looks like a fun project-I am not real good with paper crafts but I do have allot of stamps and things to play with-so far the osmosis has not worked on me lol but I do find if relaxing, creaative and fun to make cards and send them out--enjoy

  2. Nice to see you crafting. You certainly can't stay in limbo trying to keep the house tidy at all times. Creative mess is necessary for one's sanity. Have fun making more cards.

  3. Hi Sherry,
    I received a beautiful ATC in the mail from you today. I love it, but my address has changed so I'm lucky it actually got to me.
    Thanks again.

  4. All of your cards look amazing!! I love the beautiful scene you created, too!! I need to follow your lead and use the stuff I have instead of continually buying more!! Love all of these, my friend!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Hi Sherry! Wow, a year has gone by already! It's always a great feeling to use the supplies we already have. I do that, but then somehow without notice something new comes home with me! Jeezelouise! Don't be thinking stamping and embossing is old school, I still do it and I still see lots of it in stamping art. Have fun with your NLWM.

  6. what a lovely selection you have made, I did years ago try embossing but never was a success so passed it all on to someone else.

  7. Good philosophy to use what you have instead of buying more. You're doing a great job there! Beautiful weather here too. I hope you get some house viewers soon!

  8. Your cards are fun, beautiful, and imaginative all rolled into one! Can never have enough cards! I'm lucky that my daughter is into papercrafting and keeps me well supplied. Glad you're getting out and enjoying the nice weather when you can. Now that spring is here, surely you'll get some potential buyers. Fingers crossed! XO

  9. Hi Sherry, you are on a card roll and they are beautiful. You are an artist my friend. So glad you are enjoying nice weather and pretty days. Hope the warmer days bring a potential buyer for your home.
    In the meantime, have fun and enjoy the start to spring. 6 more days!! Happy card creating! xo

  10. All creatives are artistic, Sherry. We aren't all famous but we are artists and if that sounds hard to say then I am a creative gal is just a different way to say I am an artist. Amdyoy, Miss prolific Creatology are an artist. We have all neen nlessed with your artistry. All good things come to those who wait!

  11. Beautiful cards...I always wanted to make my own, but never have tried anything but postcards, which I love to make.

  12. You have been a busy lady! I really love that Birthday Cake stamp, super cute and wonderful creations!

  13. Becoming an artist by osmosis - something I've aspired to for many years and so far am having no success. No blooming flowers here as yet - it's been too blooming cold!!

  14. Your cards looks beautiful and I had a good laugh at your comment about not being a artist but buying supplies to become one by osmosis! I do that too! Best of luck with the sale of your house.

  15. OOOHHH, Looks like I got lucky!
    Will look forward to getting to know you.
    I'm more of a postcarder than a writer, but I've started my letter to you:-)


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