Monday, March 20, 2017

Cards Need Envelopes...

Let me warn you there are lots of photos for this post.  I recently shared how I made lots of cards in preparation for all of my weekly and April's National Letter Writing mailings.  Well then I needed envelopes for all those cards.  I thought I would buy some but didn't get to the store. I couldn't find my envelopment maker due to it may be packed away.  So...what to do!

I got out my supplies and made it up as I went along.  Fun papers 12" x 12" I cut in half.

Then I scored the 6" x 12" strips at 4 3/8", 8 7/8" and 10 1/2".  This size will fit my 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" cards I created.

Next I clipped the flap corners off to give it some interest.  At this point I could have used any of my fancy paper scissors or my fancy edge punches. I merely was keeping it simple.

The flap I glue sticked. I will confess the glue stick did not stay stuck and I ended up having to redo all my flaps with Yes glue.  I always learn something each time I craft.

Here are envelopes in process.

Knowing my envelopes had no side space for stitching or gluing I decided to use my Washi tapes and let them seal the edges and add decoration to my papers.  I need to use my Washi tapes because I have learned they have a shelf life and some no longer peel cleanly and some no longer stick at all.

I had fun selecting decorative papers for my envelopes and matching them up to my cards.

Here are some cards paired with envelopes ready for personalizing and mailing.  Many of my papers can be addressed with a permanent Sharpie pen and some I prefer to use a separate label.

Thank you for following along with me.  I do hope recipients of my mail appreciate the time and effort I put into sending cheerful happy mail.  Mr. C thinks I am nuts to spend hours making them.
We are awaiting more rain.  It is overcast and gloomy.  Earlier today Mr. C and I washed his sports car so he could tuck it away for safe keeping until sunnier weather.  Even though today is officially Spring we know we are in for at least two more months of Winter.  May your flowers be blooming.
Now we are on to Easter and lots of fun ideas. This year one of my sister's has her birthday on Easter so we will be double celebrating. 
Discovering My Bliss in 2017...


  1. Oh wow, I love your handmade envelopes!! They look amazing!! What a special gift it would be to receive not only the card, but the envelope, too!! Happy first day of Spring, my friend!! Have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. what colourful envelopes you have created for your lovey cards you will brighten many hearts when people receive these. Like you we are still feeling cold after a couple of glorious sunny days last week, we have been warned we might get some snow today, first of the winter for us.

  3. Beautiful cards, beautiful envelopes... so much creativity!

  4. Mr. C sounds like a real keeper in all your posts, but we have to remember, he is a 'man'. There are just some things they don't ''get'', ;)! My daughter spends hours crafting her cards and it brings her so much satisfaction. Love your clever envelopes. I'll have to show her your pretties. XO

  5. It's the creating that gives you pleasure, so keep on creating! I am sure all those who receive your lovely creations will love them.

  6. I know exactly how much fun it is to make envelopes from scrapbook paper. And you've made a bunch of really happy mail here. There are going to be loads of happy mailboxes and recipients because of you! I love Washi Tape too!

  7. Putting the extra time into making special envies just makes the mail that much more exciting for the recipient. Definitely time well spent!

  8. Hello dear Sherry, what a beautiful and big work, you are doing for everyone, receiving a card and envelope from you. It really takes so long, and they are wonderful all paired with same tones in the cards. My husbond would be exactly as your Mr. C- also sometimes think I`m nuts, lol---
    Such beautiful work, Sherry, we will not listen to our men :-) xoxoXO

  9. I love your idea of using washi type to bind the edges of your envelopes and I certainly didn't know it had a sticky shelf life! We went out in my sports car in the rain yesterday and nowi it looks like it has been in an off toad rally. The Doc is itching to clean it . Hugs Mrs A.

  10. very very cool! I have thought of making envelopes for my cards but it sounded difficult to me--yours look like fun may need to try this

  11. Your envelopes are beautiful! what fun! I love how you made them and the patterns you selected. I am now going to Google "April's National Letter Writing" to learn more about it!

  12. Hi Sherry, you are one talented designer. I love the envelopes and the papers you used to go with the cards is the perfect touch. So nice to have a card arrive in a pretty envelope.
    Hope you see some springtime soon. We are into storm season now and while we were out of town a terrific one with a tornado came through. We had some minor damage with a few broken flower pots and overturned outdoor furniture but it could have been much worse.
    Wishing you May flowers soon. Enjoy the spring rains! Blessings and Happy Creating. xo


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