Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sister's Birthday Celebration

My sister Marie recently celebrated her birthday which coincided with Easter this year.  We met the day before to celebrate and avoid the Easter crowds.  I always have such a wonderful time with Marie.  She is such a sweet soul and so grateful in life.  I love Marie! 

Because her birthday was shared with Easter this year I stitched this little egg themed booklet for her.  The cover is linen and includes a heart and beads along with my stitching of a Jenny of elefantz design. If you click this link you can visit Jenny and learn about her wonderful monthly Stitchery Club.

This is the little stitched booklet inside where I added a simple pin with an M for Marie and a Butterfly pin because Butterflies are the Bearers of 10,000 Happinesses.

And keeping with my new mug mat obsession I sewed these for Marie.  No photo but I also included a bird themed mug and a nice water bottle for her to stay hydrated.

Marie loves Nature and Birds so this fabric was perfect.

I am so grateful my sister is happy with simple handmade gifts.  I also gave her the blue tatted bookmark (in my previous blog post) and a new book.  She is beyond an avid reader.
I had a nice time with my sister and I am grateful we live close enough to be able to get together.
We are having more rain. There can be no progress made outdoors on spiffing curb appeal. Way too wet and muddy.  There will be enormous amounts of clean up and weed abatement when dry weather returns.  With all this wonderful rain the plants are growing and everything is blooming.  The blooms get destroyed by the pouring rain but we are so thankful for the water table.  Some ski resorts are planning on staying open right through the summer with over 700 inches of snow!  Quite the contrast to the last five years of "exceptional" drought.
Mr. C and I have lost a wonderful friend who lost his battle with cancer last evening.  Prayers for the entire family who are grieving.  His wife just passed less than three years ago after her years of battling cancer.  I continue to pray a cure be found for all cancers.  I just do not understand.
These days and weeks are flying by so fast I am missing my summer before it even gets here.  I choose to embrace each and every day and not rush any of them.  Blessings and Bliss...


  1. So sorry for your loss. It's so very sad that he and his wife both died from cancer. Belated wishes for your sister. You made her some very lovely gifts. It's nice when handmade is properly appreciated. :)

  2. So glad you had a nice birthday celebration for your sister. But sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Hugs to you!

  3. Happy birthday to Marie!! I love the gifts you made for her!! The stitched egg booklet is so thoughtful and amazing!! The mat mugs are gorgeous!! I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Sending hugs, my friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Beautiful gift for your precious sister.
    I'm so sorry about your friend...may the Lord comfort all who loved her and bring them peace. xxx

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet sister and your handmade gifts are so precious! I am sorry to hear about your friend losing his battle with cancer and like you I wish a cure would be found. I sure feel like the days fly by also!

  6. the nicest kind of present is something that is made with so much love and yours are lovely. So sad re your friend, my best friend I had known lost her life last month, 6 week after being diagnosed with cancer so sudden and quick so sad.

  7. Love the birds. Happy birthday to your sister Marie. And hugs to you for your loss my friend.

  8. wow very pretty gift..i love it so much.
    sending lots of love for you..sorry to hear about your friend.

  9. Dear Sherry, so happy for you, you could celebrate Birthday with your sister. Your gifts to her, were all wonderful, and so filled with life and happy colors. I`m sorry for your loss dear friend- like you I don`t understand, no cure is found... Hug to you.

  10. Your sister is lucky to receive hand made gifts! And clearly understands that.

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful sisterly visit - I envy you having a sibling. I'm sure she was thrilled with her gifts, but even happier to spend precious time with you. I'm so sorry about your friend - cancer is such a horrible disease and takes people far too young.

  12. Sisters! They are pretty wonderful! Mine likes little handmade gifties, too. It's a good thing because that's what I'm all about. Sorry for your loss. May your sweet memories soon replace your grief. XO

  13. Hi Sherry, Happy Birthday to your beautiful sister Marie. What a special time you girls had together. The gifts you created for her are so pretty along with the beautiful bookmark you tatted. There is nothing better then handmade gifts from the heart. So much love and planning goes into these treasured creations. So glad you enjoyed a special time with Marie.
    So sorry to read about the loss of your friend and his wife to cancer. May they be together again and rest in peace.
    Glad you had the much needed rain but I know you are ready for some drier days to be in the garden. We've had a good deal of rain already this spring and I'm sure more is on the way with our Texas storm season but today it's 90 degrees and we'll take it!!
    Wishing you a lovely last week of April. xo


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