Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mug Mat Swap...

This is the package of goodies I mailed to my Mug Mat swap partner.  I had fun creating these for Terry.  Thank you Donna of Brynwood Needleworks for organizing and hostessing this fun swap.

I have always loved fabrics.  I like to feel them.  I am pretty careful when I select fabrics for colors and coordination.  But...I must be dyslexic when it comes to sewing them together.  Oops...upside down does not do it for me.

Here I am frogging.  It must be right or I cannot continue.

Okay now.  All going in the proper direction.  I do really like the fabrics and colors in this selection.

I actually made Terry two mug mats just in case she wants to sit with a friend and enjoy a cuppa and a snack.

Here is another set I sewed for Donna our hostess.  She and her husband really enjoy music so I selected music themed fabrics.

I am very grateful I entered this swap for it challenged me and I learned how to sew binding on like a tiny miniature quilt.  Donna liked her surprise mats.  This will be the year of mug mats as gifts I am thinking.  It meets my happy factor of sewing and fabrics and fun. 
It is amazing to me that this is already the first week of April.  Mr. C and I spent a few days in Sonoma and Novato to enjoy some CSRG (Classic Sports Racing Group) auto racing. There were so many priceless fabulous cars and everyone was very friendly.  The weather was beautiful...except the wind!  Allergies and sinus infection not so much fun now. 
Lots of birthdays to celebrate in April...family and friends. 
You will find me busy cleaning house and Mr. C outside cleaning and mowing and blowing.  We are hoping to have a Broker Open House and find a buyer for our newly reduced pricing.  We remain optimistic.  We have been excellent stewards of this home and property for almost 20 years and it is time for us to move along and let someone else enjoy our labors here.
Prayers for all affected by horrific weather conditions across our nation and world. 
I'll take short breaks and try to visit each of you.  Happy Spring and Birdies Singing...


  1. Wow, the mug mats are so gorgeous!! I love the fabrics you used on each one!! They coordinate perfectly!! Good luck with the Open House. I hope it goes well and you get the perfect buyer!! Have a great day, my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. I am glad you got some time to sew those mug mats before you have your open house. Sending good house vibes your way Sherry! Enjoy making those sweet mug mat projects this year. They are fun to make and use up scraps or small amounts of fabric and best of all you can get them finished too!!!

  3. Great mug mats, Sherry! I like the fabrics and designs in all three of them. That much less to move. Tiny amounts eventually add up to large amounts. Good luck with your open house.

  4. My goodness, your swap partner is going to be overjoyed with all the goodies along with your beautiful mug mat! Lovely work! Good luck with the Open House! We finally have another contract on our property here so I must get really serious with my clearing out now! Happy Spring!

  5. Mug Mats make perfect gifts! It's so much fun to individualize each gift package. I hope an open house is just the ticket! I know you are ready. Stay well! Enjoy each day! XO

  6. Your mug rugs are fabulous. Sewing is a great happy place. Blissful sharing- mugs, sewing, racing, friends and property. Happy spring

  7. That's a good swap! Always good to learn something new when you make something too.

  8. A nice swap! Love the mug mats. Weather has been pretty frightful for some states. Sure have been a lot of tornadoes lately. Good luck with the cleaning. Praying that a buyer will come along very soon.

  9. These are such a cool swap and you did a beautiful job! I am sending prayers for your house sale. I had to do this last year (not by choice) and still am not settled where I am. Debating on moving back to the area I lived in for 52 years. Anyhow, stay safe with the weather as well!

  10. I'll bet your swap partner was pretty happy when she opened your parcel! I made a mug rug for my partner too - first time I've made one. Looking forward to the big reveal day for the swap.

  11. They are so beautiful Sherry, I too, love the first set you made, with those very pretty fabrics- but they are all beautifully made, for your swap partner and Donna.
    I read you have gone down in price on your home- as you know ,we did it too - and a lot- about 100.000 dollars down from our first price!!!! My husband still think they got it far too cheap, but we would not wait for another costumer and maybe another year ,before selling. I really hope this does the trick for you and Mr. C. Hugs, Dorthe


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