Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dark to Light Transformation...

Nineteen years ago we purchased this house with this blue Axminster carpet throughout the living areas.  I personally really liked it.  Because it was/is extremely expensive well made carpet it was still like brand new. The only issue we had was in the hallway where the pad did not last and it became more of a washboard look. We had experts come look to see if there was a remedy but because of all the curves it could not be stretched or relaid with new pad. We were advised to merely give a carpet allowance.  Story condensed, we are listening to our new broker.  Lots of time and money later we have this...


A very pretty neutral beige/grey cashmere carpet.  We decided to do the entire upstairs living quarters.  Approximately 160 square yards.  Two installers for two ten hour days and that took care of all the flat surfaces.

The old hall carpet.  Bye-bye.

The master bedroom was a pinkish beige when we bought and along the way we upgraded to this soft green when we remodeled the master bath with Travertine and Verdi Gris Granite. Of course we also carpeted the master closets...his and hers.

Huge improvement with the new cashmere soft neutral carpet.  It runs from room to room and the separate master closets.  I love the continuity now.  Mr. C and I have selected what potential buyers will hopefully like but more importantly we went with a very good quality so we will enjoy it if we must stay here.

Ahhh...the gorgeous curved stairs in our entry way.  Now we have a third installer who is an expert in stairs and wood floors.  He spent another day and a half just doing fifteen stairs.  The previous carpet was not installed correctly and it caused a lot of issues. 

Mr. C and I did discuss just leaving the Oak stairs bare but that would have involved a lot more work to fill and refinish them.  Then we would have noisy wood to clomp on and the better chance of slipping and falling.  Carpet it is!

From the entry door going up.  So soft and cushy and beautiful.  Bright and fresh and clean looking!

From the downstairs going up to the foyer and front door.   Of course we also had to make certain we selected carpet that went well with our new downstairs Porcelain tile we remodeled a year ago.  Win-Win!
We are so happy with the new changes and the brightened home we now live in.  While sitting and admiring all our new décor, we ask ourselves "Why did we wait so long to treat ourselves?!" 
Bring on the buyers!!!  Just a few more upgrades to share with you soon.  Hopefully we will be re-listing early July.  Whew!  We are exhausted and beyond tired.
We have had Winter again with very cold temps and some rain and a huge hail storm.  It snowed about 6 inches over Donner Summit and at several ski resorts.  Now it is to warm up and be Summer once again.  Crazy weather for sure.
Busy editing and purging more stuff.  Last weekend I delivered hundreds of books to our local Friends of the Library monthly sale.  Now I must re-visit my fabrics and trims again and edit those even further.  Not knowing what the future truly holds makes it all the more difficult for me.  I just have to keep in mind I have more stuff than I will ever be able to use up. I am blessed. 
Happy Summer and enJOYing everything you love...<3


  1. The new carpet looks amazing but I loved the old carpet, too!! I guess neutral colors are the best to sell a house. I hope and pray this brings buyers to your door. Good luck with the purging...I need to do that in my craft room!! I hope you have a wonderful week, dear friend!! Happy Tuesday!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. carpet looks great. Maybe you should try Sharon from pintangle`s 2020 challenge if you have lots of fabrics and braids etc, she asks us to join in and make a quilt using 2020 different things fabric buttons ric rac etc not sure it I will take part but will love seeing her progress

  3. I very much like your new lighter more neutral look. Any accent furniture colors will fit right in there, I'm sure it will be more buyer friendly. Best of luck that your wishes come true.

  4. OMG Sherry, what a lot of work. It looks fab. Hope it helps sell your house. hugs to you. t...

  5. It's amazing how different it looks with the new carpet. So much brighter! Having emptied our house to install tile and paint, then emptying the condo to do flooring, I totally feel your pain and exhaustion. Won't it be fun to just sit and enjoy a bowl of soup together at Kneaders? LOL Fingers crossed! xo

  6. Wow ow it's looking so pretty
    Awesome xx

  7. I like the new carpet, it looks light and modern. Yes, I've often wondered why people make changes when they want to sell, rather than changes when they want to stay!

  8. Lighter and brighter. What a wonderful improvement!

  9. I really like the dark carpet too, but what a difference the change made! I just know your beautiful 'new' house is going to sell this time.

  10. Oh, Sherry,

    so much work once again, dear, and money spend, as well, I`m sure. But hopefully this will make your lovely home, more eatable for costumers, -even I have a lot of white myself, I will never understand that costumers, can`t see the possibilities themselves, but have to have it all done on forehand !! Your blue carpet was so beautiful !! Hugs to you ,and happy weekend, dear. xoxo

  11. We have been incredibly lucky when we have sold our houses in the past, so I can't think how stressful this whole process has been for you..They mostly sold First Open.Our first home had 5 contracts on it. I always had neutrals, and everything ready for people to move into.If people are paying top price for a value home like yours, they don't want to redecorate- at least not for a while. Dark carpets are house sale No No's. One lighter-toned carpet through-out makes for a spacious and uncluttered feel. Rooms flow more easily.I have (except for our last house) mostly remained detached from the our houses. I did put too much of myself in our last home though.Never again! After all a house is just a house.our " Home" is within. I often visit new homes for sale, so I keep up with trends. I once thought I'd like to be a Decorator, but Teaching won me! I'm glad it did.Home Decor for clients could be stressful I reckon. You are getting good advice, and I truly hope you are successful this next time. It's a real "bummer" that you'll have your house perfect and then have to leave it, but that's how it goes.Just think of the adventure ahead.

  12. Hello dear, your new carpet looks so happy, soft and beautiful. I'm sure it will help with the selling, because it gives the rooms a nice light and roomy look. Hopefully there will be a nice buyer soon. Wishing you a beautiful weekend and sending you hugs!

  13. Sherry, wow! I love both carpets to be honest. they give two totally different looks. I know how you are feeling in many ways. I sold last summer, moved in September and now am trying to move back again where I came from. It is a full time job and then some.

  14. I do love this lighter color so much better!! good job-

  15. Such a difference! Very pretty, too! I sure hope it makes a difference to potential buyers.

  16. Hi Sherry, WOW all your flooring upgrades look gorgeous. You sure got a beautiful coordinating look to go with the tile. Love it and I think it makes everything bright and fresh. I know the work of purging and going through all the stuff we seem to gather over the years. It really is a process that can be overwhelming.
    Hope you see summer again and warmer days. I would be happy to send you some of our heat!! It's been hot here but hey, it's Texas.
    Good luck with the relist. Prayers you sell fast and to a good family that will love your beautiful home!!
    Have a great day dear friend. xoxo

  17. You probably feel like you have a brand new home
    I liked your dark carpet also
    I am cleaning out small stuff,some giving away some selling

  18. Huge difference. It's up to date and a perfect neutral to sell the house. Love it!


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