Monday, August 28, 2017

Summer is Waning...

I am shocked at myself for letting this month pass by without my attention to posting more regularly on this blog.  I LOVE blogging and do not want to lose you my faithful followers and friends.  Why is every day so busy and hectic?  This world is turning too fast for me.  In my ongoing efforts to downsize I realized I had an entire very full file cabinet drawer of papers.  If Mr. C had seen that drawer I would have a lot of explaining to do.  So I emptied it all onto my studio table.

I admit I have been hoarding my Jenny of elefantz Stitchery Club designs.  For more information just click the links for each.  I had to make a decision and this was what I did.  I sorted through all of the papers and kept the most critical pieces like photos and actual design drawings.  The rest I had to dispose of.  As this photo shows, my save pile is the same size as my throw pile.  YAY!!!  Mr. C should be much happier.  In fact I decided not to use the filing drawer any longer.  I put them in plastic sleeves but they are too many for a large three-ring binder and my shelf space is very limited.  Think Sherry Think!

I had an empty container that fits perfectly on my shelves.  Aha!  Now I am happy with my resolve to downsize and eliminate such a stack of paper.  For Mr. C is happy because it weighs a lot and when you move weight is what costs the big bucks!

Here is my container on the shelf and all I need to do is label it.  I now know exactly where my elefantz designs are...just in case I get the opportunity to stitch. 
An update on the house is that we did have two showings.  No offers!  One person wanted the pond closer to the house.  I asked Mr. C if he could move it.  LOL  Just cannot please everyone!!!
Summer is waning.  August is coming to a quick close,  We were having wonderful weather and Fall was in the air. Now we are back in triple digits for at least a week.  Looks like I will be doing a lot of extra watering.  I like to let the trees and plants and flowers and lawn know they can get through the heat with some extra TLC. 
Thank you all for the Happy Birthday wishes for both my daughter and myself.  We each survived our days.  I will continue to celebrate just because I feel like it.  After my age I can celebrate as much as I want!  Summer Sunshine Smiles...
Prayers for all affected by Harvey and the horrific flooding. 


  1. Yay for downsizing your papers!! I need to clear out the paper in my craft room that I'll never just takes up room and I know someone else could use it. And yay for two showings!! Praying that the right buyer comes along soon. Too bad Mr. C can't move the pond closer to the house ;) I hope you have a wonderful last few days of August!! Sending big hugs my friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. It's just so danged easy to save so much! And really in a very short amount of time. Even more over time. Two showings is start. Really, I don't see why the all-so-talented Mr. C couldn't get that pond moved. LoL. Such a funny thing to wish for. Good for you cleaning out all that heavy unwanted paper.

  3. another job sorted , shame a buyer did not come from the views but I am sure they are out there somewhere. I have become so lazy re my blog and the longer I leave it the harder it is to write a post but still check everyone I follow daily

  4. Downsizing is no easy task! Well done. Move the pond? That sounds like a silly excuse for not wanting the place. Imagine you moved it, the next person would say it was too close to the house!

  5. Are you feeling lighter yet? All this downsizing and dieting has to have to feeling lighter by a lot! Glad you had some lookers. All it takes is the right one. Glad you had a great birthday. Your daughter too. thanks as always for sharing.

  6. Ah P E O P L E! lol But good for you downsizing paper. I have been stalling a bit as my art room needs some major downsizing so I shall set your fine example before me and plunge in with the hopes of making a paper blizzard of my own! and yes, where has summer blogging gone!

  7. Always happy to see one of your interesting blog posts, Sherry! I sure can relate to the paper issue - wading through what seems like mountains of paper here! Two showings -- such good news! Hope the right buyer comes along soon! We are in the process of buying a house and can attest that house-hunting is a lot of work.Happy Birthday - late! Enjoy these last few days of August!

  8. Glad to hear you had a couple of showings. That person should just enlarge the pond, making it as close as she wants, maybe adding a little bridge to be able to walk across it. But let them do that after they buy it! You should only offer creative suggestions and tell them they can do whatever they want to once the house and property is theirs, lol!

    I know how papers can collect, so i save everything on my computer in folders that I label like I would if it were a file cabinet. If I need to print out the template, I only print the template and not the instructions and only when I know I am going to make that project, because while I might want to make them all I know I won't or can't. This way I can read the info on my computer and save a ton of paper and ink. I only have black and white ink, so I can see the color on the computer or tablet screen. I scan paper items into the computer like from magazines or if there is one or 2 things from a book I want, but the rest of the book is taking up space, then after scanning I can get rid of the book and the rest of what I save I get online is already pdf so easy to save.

  9. Hi dear Sherry, a great idea, to fill your plastic box, with what you can`t live without , :-)
    And wonderful it has started with people wanting to see your house, dear friend, it give an extra push to hold out , I can remember !!
    Have some lovely last days of August... Summer went far too quickly !!
    Hugs, Dorthe , xx

  10. hmmmm - I did a comment - and now am wondering, did it go through, or am I yet again plugging the hole in the ozone.....

  11. Showing = a good thing. Moving the pond closer? Sorry! Oh my, the paper piles. I try to do that kind of thing as well to keep ahead of the chaos. But even when I haul things out to donate, there is still a lot of stuff in here! I just keep chipping away. But your pile diminished by half and now fits neatly in the sleeves in a tote. Good progress!

  12. That looks so very organized, Sherry! I really need to clean up and put lots of stuff back in the boxes. Right now my studio is just a big mess, sigh.
    Good luck with your house sale! I keep my fingers crossed that you'll find a buyer soon.
    xo Julia
    Hopefully the temperatures will come down again soon.

  13. Thankyou for your kind comment on my blog about Dad. It was very much appreciated.
    I have never heard the pond used as an excuse before. I do hope the right buyer turns up for you.
    I really must have a tidy up and a good sort out. I know I have way too much stuff but it's a comfort thing and beats eating cakes and piling on the pounds. I'm doing my bit by keeping the weight down in my purse instead! Hugs Mrs A.


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